Fear bunker construction update

Patrick Mahomes, Sam Darnold, and... next year's quarterbacks?

Jeremy White
September 12, 2018 - 2:17 pm

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When the Buffalo Bills decided to forge forward with Sean McDermott at the helm, they made plans to pick a quarterback for that mission. This choice is something that we all chimed in on, and the Bills ultimately landed on Josh Allen. This all happens in a world of 24 sports radio, Twitter, and completely insane draft coverage, so we're hyper-aware of what they've done, and what they decided to pass on.

So, as we wait for Josh Allen to make his first career start this Sunday, I'll update you on the guys that have fear bunkers... and where they stand. 


Patrick Mahomes

In his first start of the year, Patrick Mahomes tallied four touchdown passes on the way to being named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Mahomes has plenty going for him with Andy Reid, tons of weapons, and a good offensive line. Mahomes could probably lose his top-two weapons and still have a full stable of targets better than half the teams in the NFL.

Mahomes is one of the two big potential bunkers here. Mahomes, and Josh Rosen. As we track the quarterbacks the Bills actively passed over, there’s Mahomes, who the Bills effectively sent to the Chiefs on that draft day trade, and Rosen, who the Bills passed over at No. 7 in this past year's draft. To me, it's these two quarterbacks that fans were immediately the most nervous about. Leaving a guy on the board, and having him go very soon after, is the easiest way to identify it.

We’ve broken ground, there’s a information center to your left as you walk in... And you can find the pamphlets that show future exhibits near the Sbarro in the food court. 


Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson had a freakishly good rookie year, and is, perhaps, a beacon of hope when it comes to THIS Bills season. Watson came on in mop-up duty for Tom Savage, played poorly in his second start, and then proceeded to rack up 18 touchdowns in five games.  

18… in five games. This fear bunker was fully approved, but derailed due to some complications and should this year get back on track.


Sam Darnold

It might suck to say it, but Darnold is probably the guy that the Bills really wanted. Brandon Beane answered questions about whether or not Allen was their No. 1 in such a way that left some room… he didn’t say a definitive YES. That’s what you usually say, even when you don’t mean it.

Darnold COUNTS when it comes to building fear bunkers. It’s my belief that the Bills were all over Darnold and doing everything they could to get the ammunition to take him for an entire season. They did that while winning nine games and anchoring themselves in the draft at the 23rd overall pick. Could they have traded to the No. 3 spot instead of the Jets? Maybe. Could they have moved all the way to No. 2? Maybe.  

Could they have dumped Tyrod a year earlier, gone to the bottom, and given themselves a much better look at it? Yup.

They chose not to do that, and that’s ok… but that was a choice. Another general manager might have done more work to try to draft high and KEEP all those picks that had been acquired along the way.

Darnold is 1-0 with a two touchdown debut… We aren’t building yet, but developers have contacted the city to discuss possibilities.

Make no mistake though... Darnold counts. Just think, every time you hear the Bills taking credit for being better than expected last year with "so many saying we were tanking"... that's because an awful lot said that they SHOULD be. And they could have. But, they didn't.

Darnold counts.


Josh Rosen - Missed most of the preseason with a thumb injury. The Cardinals were awful against Washington and the rumblings have started.

Lamar Jackson - Flacco lit up the Bills so his starting job might be safe. That said, the Ravens are using Jackson as a regular part of their offense.

Mason Rudolph - Ben Roethlisberger threw three picks and played terribly so... eh.


And finally…. the really tough one.


Next year’s quarterbacks the Bills pass on:

I’m putting this here as a part of a column because, well, I want it in the written record: Josh Allen has 15 games to convince me to not talk about taking a quarterback at the top next year.

He has 15 games to take it off the table for me.

I cannot promise you that I will rule out taking a quarterback next year. I can tell you the Bills are not likely to even consider it, of course.

But if they pass on those guys for Allen… the fear bunker artist renderings will come soon  after.


Most importantly in all this, all these bunkers could be wiped out by Allen and the Bills if they get this thing right. It starts this week, and hopefully runs 15 games this year. Hopefully Allen does enough to shut us all up and show himself as a true talent for the future. I hope he does, cause we’re running out of space for all these bunkers.

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