Finding happy moments in the Bills drought

The #1 choice was easy for me

Howard Simon
July 12, 2017 - 10:45 am

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We've been spending some time on the morning show this week rehashing various moments over the Bills 17-year drought. We've turned it into what I think has been a fun "tournament" with eight different categories/brackets and eight moments in each bracket.

The tournament was the end result of a question Jeremy brought up on a recent show. Is there one moment that epitomizes the drought?

Dick Jauron emerged victorious in the coaching bracket and drafting Aaron Maybin came out on top in the moves/transactions field.

Today, we went through the hope bracket, the one moment where you felt the best about the Bills over the last 17 years.

There were a number of strong competitors in the final group of eight but the number one choice was EASY for me. I'll get to that in a moment.

There was the fast start in 2011 with Chan Gailey overseeing a Ryan Fitzpatrick offense that was humming. The Bills opened 4-1, including a streak breaking fabulous win over New England. They scored 144 points in the four victories.

How about the late season run in 2004 when the Bills ripped off six straight wins and scored at least 33 points in each game while putting themselves in position for a wild card playoff spot?

One of my favorite moments in the hope bracket was the 2006 win in Houston where J.P. Losman threw for 340 yards and a game winning touchdown pass to Peerless Price with 13-seconds left. That was my "light has gone on" moment for Losman.

I would also include the week two game in 2013 when E.J. Manuel led a game winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter to beat Carolina.

But none of those can touch 2008. The Bills, with Trent Edwards at quarterback, opened with four straight wins. Edwards would suffer a concussion in a week five loss at Arizona but would return for the next game, following their bye week.

Edwards and the Bills beat a San Diego team that was considered one of the best in the AFC to improve to 5-1. Many will remember that game for the power outage around the stadium and the TV feed being knocked off the air for a while.

I remember that day for the feeling I had while driving home from the stadium and listening to Schopp and Bulldog on the post game show.

I was ecstatic because I was 100% certain the Bills were going to the playoffs. But beyond that, I thought the Bills had finally found their man at quarterback after 10 years of searching and waiting.

Talk about a perfect storm. The Bills were 5-1, Trent Edwards was playing well and Tom Brady had been knocked out for the season in the Pats opener that year. In addition, the Bills were about to play 3 straight division games against the Dolphins, Jets and Patriots so they'd put themselves in the drivers seat for a division title.

I'll never forget the feeling I had going home from the stadium that day. It felt real as opposed to the many times I was using hope to convince myself.

Now, none of those stories worked out which is why the Bills are in this drought but it reminds you of how the Bills can make you feel good.

07-12 The Drought Bout - Hype and Hope.mp3

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