Grandpa, tell me about when the Sabres were good

This season has gone from promising to unbearable

February 20, 2019 - 9:21 am

Photo: Marilyn Indahl - USA TODAY Sports


I could have easily titled this post "**** this” and probably received more views, but that likely would’ve gotten me fired and I, for some reason, want to hang onto this job where I talk about the hockey team on the radio for hours on end.

What an arduous season this has become. A respectable start. A 10-game winning streak through Thanksgiving and it sure did look like the playoffs were finally going to be back for the Buffalo Sabres.


We all know what has happened since. 11-18-5 in the 34 games since the streak ended and here we are.

Where exactly is here, you ask? Here is the coach repeatedly calling his team soft after a 6-2 loss last Friday left his team with a 3-3-1 record on a season-hinging seven-game homestand. Here is the team responding to that criticism, maybe the harshest criticism you can direct at hockey players, with a 4-1 loss at New Jersey. Here is backing that outing up with a first period in Florida that featured a whopping nine shot attempts by the desperate-for-their-playoff-lives Sabres.

Nine. Nueve.

Forgive me, but that’s a joke. Sure, the second period was better, but then came a third period, in which the Sabres, yet again, unraveled. Sound familiar?

Trailing 3-2 and pressing hard against the Rangers, 6-2 final. Trailing 2-1 late at New Jersey, 4-1 final. Then last night. How perfect was it that Sobotka scored for the first time in 40 games in the final seconds?

Feel the burn! Embrace the burn! Love the burn! We are the burn!

Oh, and Ryan O’Reilly scored in overtime to give the St. Louis Blues their 11th straight win.

Burn burn burn!

Make some trades. Fire the coach. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Burn burn burn.

It’s all so familiar and seemingly, endlessly frustrating.

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