Late night discussion: Most entertaining individual season

What NFL player had the most entertaining individual season according to fans?

August 28, 2019 - 3:23 am

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Each year it seems as if one player steals the attention of the NFL with unworldly, MVP-level play. Record-breaking seasons, rookies bursting on the scene, often it can be an unexpected player like Carson Wentz in 2017 or Patrick Mahomes in 2018 rise to elite play. 

Whether it is from a player on a favorite team or not, these seasons provide some of the best entertainment a football fan can find. 

Which individual season entertained people the most? 

Fans took to Twitter for Tuesady's late night discussion to give their two-cents:


Big seasons in our backyard:

Individual seasons with the Buffalo Bills were popular choices during the discussion. 

Thurman Thomas in 1991 is a great choice. The Hall of Fame running back had over 2,000 yards from scrimmage and 12 touchdowns. 

C.J. Spiller is considered one of the brutal whiffs of the drought draft classes, but the 2012 season was an exception for the Clemson-product. Spiller ran for a career-high 1,244 yards and also caught 43 passes for 459 yards. Add eight touchdowns to the year and you had a quick glimpse of the multi-dimensional running back Buffalo believed would be dangerous enough to justify taking in the first round, despite already having Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson in the backfield.

Bills running backs were popular selections. 


Outside choices:

Even as a fan of one team, it is hard not to be entertained when a player around the league takes over a season. 

51 passing touchdowns, no-look throws and opposite hand passes will do it. 

Tomlinson's record-setting 2006 season is a good one. Hard to believe Tomlinson ran for 28 touchdowns, finishing with 31 total and over 2,300 yards from scrimmage. That is a lot of fantasy points. 

"Tebowmania" had us all glued to the screen. It was the most unbelievable run you could ever find. 

That 1998 season was Moss' first in the NFL. He had 1,313 yards and 17 touchdowns. Unreal. 


Funny guy:

Our comedian of the night. 

Uncle Rico's 2014 season wasn't anything to ride home about, but it was one of the closest years the Bills got to ending the drought finishing 9-7.


Author's choice:

Cam Newton's 2015 MVP season, throwing to the likes of Ted Ginn Jr., Jerrico Cotchery, and Philly Brown is up there, but Michael Vick's Comeback Player of the Year 2010 season is the winner. 

Vick was a video game on the field for years in Atlanta before going to prison. He was the most explosive quarterback the NFL had ever seen, but many used to wonder what kind of player he could be if he put it all together in the passing game. 

While it was only for one season, we saw that complete player in 2010 with Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles. For one season, Vick broke the NFL. 

Mike gets it. 


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