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Late night discussion: Who will be Mr. Clutch?

Who will Josh Allen target if the game is on the line?

July 19, 2019 - 2:32 am

Louie DiBiase
Twitter: @DiBiaseLOE


Hypothetical situation: The Buffalo Bills are trailing by four points with enough time for just one more play. Josh Allen and the offense are knocking on the door at the opposing 15-yard line. Buffalo needs a score to get the win. Who is the guy to target in the clutch? 

Bills general manager Brandon Beane made it a priority to surround his franchise quarterback with a plethora of talent at the skill positions. Buffalo signed veteran receivers in John Brown and Cole Beasley. Despite already having LeSean McCoy in the backfield, the Bills added three more weapons at running back in Frank Gore, T.J. Yeldon, and rookie Devin Singletary. They also drafted Ole Miss tight end Dawson Knox to seemingly replace Charles Clay.

Add Robert Foster and Zay Jones to the mix and the offense has a much deeper arsenal than they did in 2018. 

While Allen has the deep threats in Foster and Brown, as well as a premier slot receiver in Beasley to help with his accuracy issues, do the Bills have an option that can make a play in the clutch, regardless of circumstance? 

Fans took to Twitter for Thursday's "Late Night Discussion" to give their two-cents and it was a mixed result of who Allen would likely target:


The open man:

Many Bills fans agreed there isn't a bona fide "go to guy" Allen would target with the game on the line.

Without a Julio Jones or DeAndre Hopkins that could bring down a jump ball even with two or three defenders in on the coverage, some fans believe the open man is the way to go. 


Taking matters into his own hands: 

As he did repeatedly in 2018, Allen could look to play hero ball and run the game winner in himself. With the combination of size and speed that made him one of the most dangerous running signal callers last season, it could be one of Buffalo's best options.


 The veterans or the young guns? 

As for specific choices, there wasn't a majority opinion for one player. 

A mix of both the veteran and young receivers. 


Funny guys: 

Recognizing our comedians of the night. 

Can't prolong the game in this scenario. 


Poor Charles Clay. 


Author's choice: 

If there was one player to trust coming down with the ball in this scenario, Foster would be the choice. Beasley and Brown have the separation ability at the line of scrimmage, but if a defense were to play significantly off the line, are one of those two making a play in a crowded endzone?

Jones developed a nose for the endzone last year with seven touchdowns, all of which were within the opponent's 30-yard line. Are his hands to be trusted with the win hanging in the balance? 

Knox has the right build and catch radius to be a likely candidate, but Foster has the best collection of proven ability and physical traits. 

Foster has similar burst off the line and down the field as Brown does. The difference is a four-inch one that goes a long way in this scenario. In the final three weeks of the season, Foster had two touchdowns in the second half that took the lead for the Bills. It is a close call, but the second-year receiver is the safest bet to be Mr. Clutch.


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