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Late night discussion: The worst, yet popular jerseys fans own

What are the worst Sabres and Bills jerseys that were popular sellers?

July 30, 2019 - 3:56 am

Louie DiBiase
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Purchasing jerseys isn't an exact science. Most fans have gone through a jersey bust at least once in their life. That feeling of offseason optimism in a newly signed free agent or a promising rookie that brings out the credit card. Then they dissapoint and you are left with a hanging black cloud in the closet. 

It isn't a matter of if this happened to you. It is a matter of who did this to you. 

What are the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills jerseys that are currently considered bad ones to own, but were popular sellers at the time?

Fans took to Twitter to give their two-cents in Monday's late night discussion: 


The drought era was not good to jersey owners:

There are some brutal, yet popular choices for the Bills. One jersey many fans purchased belongs to perhaps the biggest bust in franchise history. 

Aaron Maybin wasn't the only first round pick that left fans wanting their money back.

A lot of people purchased E.J. Manuel jerseys as he became the first quarterback taken in the first round by Buffalo since Jim Kelly.


One jersey that is still hard to understand its popularity got a shoutout in the discussion. 

The final Bills jersey mentioned in the discussion might be the winner of the entire group.


"Captain Checkdown" in the navy blue uniforms is the opposite of look good, play good. 


Sad set of Sabres sweaters:

Arguably the worst signing in Sabres history still resides in the closets of many fans. 


The next sweaters belong to players who were, at one point, believed to be the next face of the franchise. 


Best of the rest:

A look at the other unappealing jerseys fans unfortunately own.  

A little better than Edwards... right? 


Someone got a little excited at the trade deadline. 


"The Legend of Kiko" was a short, but wild ride.


Too soon. 


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