The mindset in drafting Allen over Rosen is still justified

The Bills were right to go with the ceiling over the floor

Louie DiBiase
November 14, 2019 - 3:08 am

Whether or not Josh Allen ends up becoming the quarterback the Buffalo Bills envisioned, the front office's reasoning behind taking him over Miami Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen in the 2018 NFL Draft remains justified.

The Bills head to Miami this Sunday to take on the 2-7 Dolphins, but the defense won't be facing Rosen under center. The second-year signal caller has been benched since Week 6 after throwing five interceptions to just one touchdown.

Although many parts of Allen's play has raised serious doubts about him as the Bills' face of the franchise, this week's matchup is still a reminder that between Allen and the fan-preferred Rosen, Buffalo made the right call.

They went with the potential. The upside rather than a safer prospect with, what appeared to be, a higher floor. 

It is hard to ever knock a team for taking a chance on a player that has raw abilities only a handful of quarterbacks have. Hard to blame them for wanting special over just good.

Of course, Rosen started his career in two of the worst situations a young quarterback could possibly find themselves in. Hard to blame him for not finding immediate success.

However, Rosen also hasn't elevated the play of anyone around him. He couldn't do it with the Arizona Cardinals - the same team that also chose a more talented player over him in Kyler Murray with the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Murray is a rookie of the year favorite, doing far more with the same offensive personnel that Rosen had a year ago.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has also done a lot more with the Dolphins offense that Rosen had abysmal completion percentages of 46%, 38%, and 33% with.

A majority of the time, quarterbacks with Rosen's limited physical gifts won't be able to carry a team regardless of circumstance. They will always need a strong offensive system, strong protection, and premier weapons.

That can't always be the case in a salary cap league.

It is difficult to rely on them to make a play even if things break down; to simply will a play into existence.

Just look at Jared Goff's struggles this year with the Los Angeles Rams as defenses have gotten more of a handle on Sean McVay's system.

For all his issues, Allen as a rookie elevated the play of a Bills offense that featured Robert Foster in the passing game.

Watch Nathan Peterman in 2018 and then watch Allen. Night and day.

Whether Allen was the right choice over Lamar Jackson doesn't look promising, but the Allen vs. Rosen decision still appears to be the right one.

The reasoning behind it will always be.

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