This is not a drill

Deep breaths everyone. Deep, deep breaths

April 27, 2018 - 2:12 pm

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Josh Allen is on the Buffalo Bills. They picked him. I know a very vocal portion of the fan base didn’t want this player and now you’ve got him. I say good luck to you, good luck to him and good luck to the Bills.

I don’t envy the kid. The fans who didn’t want any part of Josh Allen have plenty of reasons, and just about none of them have anything to do with a five-year-old homophobic and racist Twitter storm that cropped up the night before the draft.

That’s not to imply that lots of Bills fans aren’t offended by the horrible sentiments expressed by a, then, 15- or 16-year-old Allen. It’s just to say that prior to knowing anything about that there were plenty of football reasons that could have scared you off the idea of picking Allen.

The trouble lies in accuracy resulting in a poor completion percentage at Wyoming. It’s the video of him missing the net/target from close range at the Senior Bowl. It’s the majority of draft analysts we talked with telling you to beware of the college player who misses the mark as frequently as Allen does. It’s Brian Billick being quoted that the biggest mistake he and the Ravens made when they picked Kyle Boller in 2003 was attributing his poor completion percentage to a lack of talent around him.

And it might be largely about who the Bills didn’t pick instead. Josh Rosen was still on the board when the Bills moved up to grab Allen. Rosen, in many ways, is the opposite of Allen. Polished and, perhaps, the most pro ready of this quarterback class. Rosen is the child of Ivy Leaguers, is described as a free thinker and seems to express himself in a way that indicates a somewhat wide worldview.

Allen grew up on a farm in California. The Bills' own Twitter account sent out a one page bio of Allen where they referred to their new quarterback as a “no star recruit” coming out of high school.

No star. I had never heard that before.

Fans were going to freak out if the Bills picked Allen no matter what. Passing on Rosen to do it only enhances the angst. More people who have studied these quarterbacks lined up on our airwaves over the past few months to tell you Rosen was a better prospect, a more likely hit and described Allen as a huge risk.

Here’s to not really knowing. Yes, the evidence available leads you to think Rosen will be better than Allen, but the people who study this stuff get it wrong often enough that you never really know. Frankly, the evidence available might lead you to think Allen will be terrible. It’s a lot to get past.

Look, I can’t tell you Allen will be great. I’m already bracing to get sick of hearing about big hands and throwing it through the wicked winds of Orchard Park. The best I can do is tell you we don’t really know which of these guys will be great and which ones will hit the hospitality tents at training camp.

Good luck out there everyone. Head on a swivel.

Deep breaths.

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