Skinner and Movie Tweetbag!

Checking boxes on Jeff Skinner's wish list, and answering movie tweets...

Jeremy White
November 15, 2018 - 1:57 pm

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Before I drop this week’s Tweetbag! on you, I wanted to quickly recap our conversation with Buffalo Sabres winger Jeff Skinner.

Far be it from me to pat myself on the back, but, for those of you that think I’m wrong about everything… Booyah!


I gushed about this trade the moment it happened. I loved this trade. Most of us did, right? I love this trade even if it’s for just this season and Skinner decides he’d like to continue his career elsewhere. This is the move that, for me, made the offseason complete. The Dahlin lottery and the O’Reilly moves were both going to happen (the lottery an added bonus obviously), but this one was the big move. Toss some prospects and picks out the window to be better immediately. They didn’t give up too much. What did the Sabres get back?

13 goals… and counting.

So will Skinner re-sign here? It’s a burning question, and while we didn’t flat out ask him that, I’d say there’s good reason to think the Sabres have a look at this.

  1. The money - They’ll pay it
  2. His age - He’s got a lot of hockey left. He’s the same age that Danny Briere was in his first full season with the Sabres
  3. He chose Buffalo - Skinner waived a no-move clause and had Buffalo on the list because of…
  4. The young talent core - He says that matters to him, and that aint’ changing between now and July 1. Plus...
  5. It’s close to home - In our conversation, Skinner pointed out how he’s a big family guy and it’s something that means a lot to him.

After our conversation this morning I got a handful of texts and tweets that effectively said "He's staying" from Sabres hopefuls.

Judge for yourself if you missed it... 

Will the Sabres get this done? It’s impossible to believe they wouldn’t try to. It’s all up to Skinner. He liked the look of Buffalo enough to give a quick one-year trial run. What'll it take for several more? More goals, more wins, more buzz… that might do the trick.


OK, on to the Tweetbag! - Movie Questions

First we went through bar arguments, then I asked for you to toss me some questions while, perhaps, at the bar. 

This week, thanks to “Scooter”, I’ll roll through some of the best movie-based tweet-questions that came in, and we start off with a humdinger!


1.) Holiday Films

Ok, there’s a lot going on here.

I’ll answer the question first… no, it’s not a Thanksgiving movie. This is one scene in a movie where Thanksgiving is not a central theme. In Rocky IV and Die Hard, Christmas is a big part of the movie. In Die Hard, it’s a Christmas party. The terrorists wouldn’t even attack that day without all the hostages. John McClain is only coming home for Christmas. Darkened buildings in a business park and a low level of police enforcement where Reginald Val Johnson needs to be called upon… the santa hat. There’s MORE going on in that movie that this Rocky movie, so NO, this is not a Thanksgiving movie.

Now on to this scene:

So… did everyone’s grandmother’s house look like this? The scene is 1976, and I’ve been on Earth since 1979, so my formative years at the grandparents house were right around this era. The paneling on the walls… the endless barrage of pictures hanging. Heck, can’t you smell this scene out of the late 70s? It smells like the carpet. Is there a dish of tootsie rolls on the dining room table? You know, the dining room that only serves as a room to walk through and never sit on the fancy furniture? That was my grandma’s house... anyone else? I feel like that was required old person setup in the 70s and early 80s.  

Also, how did this relationship ever get off the ground?


2.) How You Do It

I like to go as far away from other people as possible. Granted, if it’s a crowded theater you can’t exactly do that. If I have my choice of where in the theater to sit… I’ll usually go about 2-4 seats off the middle so that you can get up and go to the bathroom a little easier, if need be.  

Feet up is a yes, but mainly that comes with the new fancy recliner theaters that we have. I am most definitely a previews guy. I tend to be on time with much that I do. I”m not someone to make people wait around, and if I’m ever going to be late I’ll let someone know. My least favorite thing in the entire world is when you expect someone to show up at, say 1 p.m., and at 1:05 p.m. they alert you that they’re “on their way” or “just leaving”. The moment you know you’re going to be late, give us a heads up, no? That’s a long way to say that I hate being late for movies. I’m always early. Very early. Love the previews.

My big beef with previews is often that they show too much. If I’m at home and a movie trailer comes on, I’ll sometimes mute it halfway through or try to leave the room/turnaway. Too many previews show you what is essentially the whole movie. In the theater, it’s hard to escape because you’re not about to leave, right?

I’m telling you I’ve done it before. Close eyes… plug ears. The movie looks good! You’ve sold me! Stop telling me how it ends!  

Have snuck food in. Haven’t ever had Chick-fil-A…


3.) Younger Years

Ok that was 1984. I’ve never heard of either of those movies, but yeah this is right around the wheelhouse of movies that I’ve never forgotten.

Of course anyone that’s my age, 39, is going to say The Goonies, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters. 1984-1986 is the prime window for the movies that I loved growing up. Both Top Gun and Rocky IV sit here. Ferris Bueller! (I’m googling and coming across them if you can’t tell).

Maybe you mean more of a kids movie, and for that I have two answers that come right to mind:

Flight of the Navigator and The Boy Who Could Fly. Quick googling tells me they're both in the Disney family and I can tell you that I watched each of them 50 times. FOTN is some next-level stuff for kids to be handling... the idea of going back home and your parents and life are completely gone? Then you... well I won't spoil it. And in the BWCF, Fred Savage's triumphant trip around the block on the big wheel... man that was inspiring stuff for a kid.

Oh, and Over the Top 1,000,000-percent.


4.) The Scaries

Creepy? Maybe. Scary? I think there’s worse… 

  • The flying monkeys
  • Critters
  • The Gremlins messed me up
  • Chucky

But the Oompah Loompahs did scare me as a kid. In fact, I’d say Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an answer for the previous question. Emotionally scarred as a child to see that fizzy drink lift Charlie and Grandpa up to the ceiling of what amounts to be some freaking giant food processor. Not cool.


5.) Mob Ties

Funny how that always works, right? Movies are about characters and even when they’re terrible people we somehow identify with them, or take their side. Maybe it comes down to the characters being cooler? Loving the villain is a key part of it though. In many cases, if you’ve got a good story, you want the villain to stick around.

Think about how good The Dark Knight was in doing this. Didn’t you want the Joker as much as you could possibly get? If Anthony Hopkins dies before the Silence of the Lambs, the story ends... and while the stories we love are sometimes twisted and dark... you need the bad guys to make it go. 

The book that I recommend that everyone read is “American Kingpin” and you will, I think, end up rooting for the bad guy. Perhaps if nothing else it will leave you conflicted. It’s the true story of Ross Ulbrecht, the guy that sold everything on the dark web (shortest way to say it), and the government’s pursuit of him. 


6.) “God is in the rain”

Ok, I’m going all in here and maybe giving TMI but whatever... We talked about V for Vendetta back on November 5 and I mentioned on the show that I cry every time that I watch it. I cry… every… time. And every time it’s the same scene. I think it’s an unbelievably powerful climax to a moment in the movie that is central to everything. Central to the plot, and to life, and to conflict.

My favorite scene in V for Vendetta, is when Evie is freaking out having realized that V had imprisoned her in order to break her down. She, of course, thought she’d been abucted and interrogated by the government, and chooses death, rather than give up any information on V’s whereabouts. She has the complete breakdown and asks for some air. They take the lift to the roof, and she walks out and says “God is in the rain”… then we see Evie’s breakthrough matched against V’s as we come to understand how someone could believe in something strong enough to give their life. It’s central to V’s movement that the power is in ideas… that man can die but an idea is forever. “Ideas are bulletproof” as the central theme.

It’s powerful, and it gets me every time.


7.) The Rundown

  1. Field of Dreams
  2. Hoosiers
  3. When We Were Kings, but Creed is great
  4. Friday Night Lights
  5. I haven’t seen it, but people seem to like Goon?  
  6. Greet Street Hooligans

Whichever Prefontaine movie has Billy Crudup… Without Limits?

I think I just go with Friday Night Lights… 


Rapid Fire!

Slapshot and all the Monty Pythons

It’s fine.  

Kill Bill 2 (which is more of a volume 2 than a sequel) so I’ll say… Terminator 2. I think I'm going to refuse to see Top Gun 2.

No, the most unrealistic sports thing in a movie, ever, is the final play in Remember the Titans.

Real talk - Boyhood was a cinematic accomplishment that did not get its due.

The Avengers (but I’ve only seen about five of the comic book movies)

May have left Dude Where’s My Car early… 

I don’t remember a single thing about The Godfather II. Does that count? I’m not even sure if I’ve seen it… absolutely no idea. That might be its own level of embarrassing.


If the third Matrix movie was any good it’d warrant consideration… The easy answers are Star Wars and LOTR right? Honorable mention to Mad Max. There’s my answer… the NEW Mad Max trilogy (I think they’re making four) with Tom Hardy. Fury Road is the start of the greatest trilogy film has ever seen.


Thanks all! See you next time!

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