Sunday afternoon wasn't pretty as the Bills get dominated by the Saints at home

November 13, 2017 - 8:40 am

Photo: Mark Konezny - USA TODAY Sports


14 yards. 19 yards. 28 yards.

The New Orleans Saints pretty much seemed able to do whatever they wanted against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. They ripped off chunks of yards in the running game. Drew Brees, who wasn’t bothered by the Bills pass rush all day, was precise and this one felt like it was over barely five minutes into the third quarter.

The score at that point was 24-3 and the Bills hadn’t moved the ball in any meaningful way since their first possession of the game. Things went from bad to worse when Charles Clay bobbled a Tyrod Taylor pass and Sheldon Rankins intercepted it and ran it back to the Bills' three-yard line. You know it’s not exactly your day when a 305-pound defensive tackle is picking off your passes.

Frustration will run high with the Bills' lack of offense in this curb stomping by the Saints. They deserve the criticism. First downs were scarce. Mike Tolbert seemed like a third down go to guy. It was bad.

The scarier part of this one as I see it is the performance of the defense.

Back in September, it looked as though maybe the Bills under Sean McDermott had the makings of a pretty good defensive team. One that would give the still somewhat challenged offense a chance by keeping the score down and playing close games. Here we are in November and that has disappeared.

15 yards. 11 yards. 21 yards.

Things perhaps peaked late in the third quarter when Alvin Kamara tripped on his own, regained his feet and still ran for 11 yards. The Bills got run over for a second straight game and any notions of them getting it together before this two game losing streak develops into a full on spin out have to begin with them getting it together on defense.

Just how bad was it? When I got around to opening up the box score with about ten minutes left to play in the fourth quarter the yardage was 419 to 119 in favor of the Saints. First downs were 30-4.


New Orleans ended this game with 298 yards rushing.

298 yards! Rushing! In the NFL!

The holes were large right from the start of this game. Again, I’ve got issues on offense in the form of a starting quarterback who played most of this game and threw for, wait for it, 56 yards. But this thing is going to head south in a big hurry unless this defense figures out how to stop getting run over.

When this game was already out of hand 30-3 the Saints took over on their six-yard line. They handed the ball off nine plays in a row before finally calling a passing play from the Buffalo seven-yard line. Drew Brees scrambled rather than throw and New Orleans had a 10-play, 94-yard touchdown drive without throwing a pass.

That folks, is what getting dominated looks like.

So sure, Tyrod Taylor was horrendous and the play calling was uninspired and why don’t you throw it to the new guy and on and on we go when there’s a Bills loss this ugly.

That defense is in full on crisis mode right now and if they don’t get it together over there this team isn’t beating anyone.

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