Tampa Tom

Should we want Tom Brady to do well with the Buccaneers?

Jeremy White
March 26, 2020 - 1:49 pm

He’s gone.

He’s finally gone.

No more will Buffalo Bills fans have to deal with you know who.

I won’t know how I feel about Tom Brady playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers until I see it on my television. Sometimes, that’s what it takes, right? You think you know the team, or player, you’re going to be rooting for, and then once the game starts you find out that your gut takes you in another direction. I’m no big Brady fan, but I do love the idea of the New England Patriots looking bad. I like it a lot. I mean, what is sports but rooting for your team, or someone else's to fall apart?

In a perfect sports world, the Patriots are bad this year and Brady is still good.

Hear me out. In a perfect world, New England is bad, but also has to face the fact that they moved on from the G.O.A.T. too soon. I’m not sure how likely the whole thing is, but just picture the Boston fans you’ve had to deal with for the last 20 years, but picture them having to deal with that reality.  

The Patriots have been 100% untouchable for 20 years. The best quarterback, the best coach. The coach gets all the credit for every move being utter genius. Team "X" signs a player, the reaction is, "Meh." The Patriots sign the player and the reaction: "GENIUS!"

We’ve lived through that world. We’ve had to endlessly suffer through the narrative that they’re just “different”. Well, one of the two things that made them so different, plays in Tampa Bay now. He can’t hurt the Bills. If the Bills play him this year, it’ll be in the Super Bowl.

I think we’d all take that, right?

You can root for Brady without any consequence. You don’t have to like it at all. Just know that every single time he looks good, New England looks bad. I think we all have to admit that we’re here for that.

I know, I know... They have their six Super Bowls and they won’t be worried about any of this, right? Please. Look no further than the billionaires that think the labor force should return to work and some should die off just because they’re facing the possibility of lost wealth. The Patriots will be the fans that can’t even comprehend what it is like to be 7-9. Imagine they’re 6-10 and Tampa Tom is 11-5. I MEAN, IT'S TAMPA BAY!

This really goes one of four ways:

  1. New England good - Brady good = The Patriot Way has survived without "Tom Terrific"
  2. New England good - Brady bad = The Patriots are MEGA SMAHT and we’re all living in their world.
  3. New England bad - Brady bad = The Patriots made a calculated decision and have a plan and are wicked SMAHT.
  4. New England bad - Brady good = ROFL LMAO OMG the Patriots are dunces and "the hoodie" blew it.

Come on... We all know the football media kneels at the alter of Pat the Patriots and credits them for anything close to a success. Only one outcome can’t be spun. Which looks best to you?

I can’t be sure how this will go, but I generally don’t care about the NFC South. I think once we’re at football season, whenever that is, I want Brady to hurt New England, and I think Brady wants that too. That means for the first time in the G.O.A.T.'s career, we might be on the same side.


Also, this is the best piece I’ve read about the coronavirus:

Stay safe.

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