The 3-2-1

A lot of nice things to say after buzzing a bit on Thursday's Sabres game

Jeremy White
December 13, 2019 - 1:07 pm
Jack Eichel

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This is the 3-2-1, a quick collection of points to raise awareness for the NHL's need to go to a 3-2-1 point system. Points matter.

What a game last night, eh? Ok, three points.


1.) "Aud Night"

Kudos to the Buffalo Sabres and their game presentation team for putting together what has already been a great season of attending games. From Founders’ Night, to Aud Night/'80s night, the team is doing a nice job celebrating history, and not being boring about it. Sure, you can have the on-ice ceremony with some old-timers, and that’s a nice start... but the music, the graphics, the vibe... they’re nailing it. Aud Night was a draw, I’d bet. It was for me, and I never had the chance to see the Sabres play in the Aud.

Why was it a draw? Why did I get up and go to Founders’ Night? Why am I 100% going to be there for '90s Night when they celebrate some black and red goat heads?

Because it’s different.

Far too many Sabres games have blended together these last few seasons. While the product on the ice remains primarily important, treating these games as events is a big step. I know it’s not realistic to expect the Sabres to have 41 fantastically planned theme nights per-year, but can we ask for 10?  They’ve managed to dress up weekday games with the New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils, and Nashville Predators and make them into events worth talking about.

What we need going forward is more theme nights. Without going all the way to Minor League Baseball level, do something, anything.  

  • Pirate night
  • Star Wars night
  • Aliens night
  • Buffalo Bills night
  • Mighty Ducks night
  • Famous Steves night

Think long and hard and work that extra little bit that makes each and every game feel that little bit special. It’s what has been missing for so long.  

Great job all around this year. Can't wait for '90s night. Hoping we see more of it.


2.) A Good Bet

Walking around the arena last night, I bumped into a couple camper lot friends and we started talking sports betting. I said, “I bet one year from now we will be able to place bets on the game we are watching, in this building.” 

Now, I’m not totally sure of all the hurdles legally, and how much bureaucracy is going to factor in to this happening in that amount of time, but I am sure that it’s inevitable.

We will soon be wagering on the outcomes of hockey games at hockey games.  

Think of it like buying 50-50 tickets, but remembering to check if you’ve won. Still not sold on the idea? Well, think of the undeniable thrill we each get when one of Moe’s Hot Players scores for the Sabres! Now Moe, can pick his own players that night. If it’s anything like betting at English Premier League games, you fill out Quick Draw style sheets on who will score, when goals will be scored, final score, over/unders, and all that. It’s going to be fun, and if you don’t like it, then just hang out and hope you get a taco.  

I keep wondering if the inevitable uptick in sports betting on site leads to a bit of a decline in the price of a ticket. Sure, I know that every dollar is squeezed out of the consumer, but if there are different ways to get those dollars, perhaps there’s a happy medium where tickets to the game are a little cheaper because you’re encouraging those “players” to come get some action on the game. Maybe not likely, but possible. There are casinos that give you free money to come gamble. How will the sports world be changed once every venue becomes a source of gambling income? Will they borrow some of those tactics? $10 in free play with your $40 ticket? For someone planning on betting $10, that just became a $30 ticket. 

In any event, the possibilities are exciting for anyone wanting to get a little action on the game, and of course for those that will actually cash in.


1.) Quick hits

Buzzing about last night’s game so much over here that I just want to say a few more nice things about how things are going over there…

  • Ralph Krueger represents the organization well, and to this point, his patience and measured approach appears to be working well.
  • Victor Olofsson looks like the best diamond in the rough this team has had since... Ryan Miller?  
  • They’re managing Rasmus Ristolainen’s minutes well.
  • They're looking good without Rasmus Dahlin driving the bus, and at some point that'll probably get going,
  • A defenseman asked for a trade, and it’s one of the ones that you’d want to have ask.
  • The uniforms are glorious, and home whites has to keep happening.
  • The beer choices in the arena have improved, and their availability is a lot better.
  • Jack Eichel is amazing, and of course the tank worked.
  • The Sabres are currently 10th in the league in goals. The last four years they’ve finished 24th, 25th, 26th, and 30th.
  • Goals make everything feel better.


That’s it. Just a quick blast of Sabres stuff because I’m feeling good. 

On to the Islanders and the quest for a 16-game point streak.

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