My next food bet, Housley's hot seat, and movie news...

Jeremy White
March 28, 2018 - 2:05 pm

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1.) (@RichardDynas) - Trade the farm this year for Beckham and second if Giants are interested?

Ok, ok… now I’m just coming off an “I’ll eat a flip-flop” level of certainty and I was wrong about that.  I was SURE that the Vegas Golden Knights would suck. For this one, let me get out a megaphone and say “IF THE BILLS TRADE FOR ODELL BECKHAM JR I WILL REGURGITATE THE (chocolate) FLIP FLOP BITE I ATE, BROIL IT WITH RICE, SERVE IT TO A MURDER OF CROWS, HUNT THE CROWS WITH A LONG GUN, AND UPON SHOOTING THEM, EAT THEIR LIVERS RAW AS THEY LIE DEAD*.

Too much?  

Guys… the Bills, these Bills, are not even considering Beckham. They won’t pay him. They might not even take him for free. There is no way that Odell Beckham Jr is the slightest consideration for this Bills front office. They thought Sammy Watkins was a diva and had a concern for injury. If they bring in Beckham that'd be great, but I'd never again want to hear about their "culture" and having the right type of guy. If Beckham is acquired, the Bills would no longer be practicing what they preach.


2.) Jim Vesterling (@jamesvesterling) - Is whomever the Bills draft at quarterback going to replace the tank debate that local sportswriters bring up to draw attention to themselves? Please tell me yes.

I can’t say I’m aware of a debate, just a few folks that still don’t understand it and I suppose never will. I wonder if those same results-based folks will change their tune if the Sabres are good next year? What would you say? The players acquired via the tank are still here, and will no doubt be a huge part of any upcoming success... so would it then have worked? Or do those that say it didn't get to pick a three-year period? Who knows. It worked. Now there's still work to do obviously.

Why won’t the quarterback replace it? There are too many sides. Once the Bills select a quarterback, it’ll be that guy versus the field. We haven’t seen anyone lining up on different sides yet, and almost everyone believes that they should and will take a quarterback.  

Perhaps a trade UP will bring about a new thing to fight about.


3.) Chris Ostrander (@2ITB_Buffalo) - Who did you have in the final four of your tank bracket?

Ah yes, I saw this here:

My final four for the tank would be:

  • Mike Weber - cause, ya know
  • Jaroslav Halak - Proof of how willing the Sabres were to deal UFAs, and proof how easy it is to just wheel and deal goaltenders (rather than trading 1st round picks for them)
  • Mark Pysyk - who the Sabres intentionally buried in the minors, had him come up and help them be respectable, and then traded him for a pending UFA because Murray thought Pysyk was soft or something.  
  • Steve Ott - Looking back I mean... holy cow right?  Their captain was out there licking the helmets of the opposition and no that's not a euphemism 


4.) Eric Schultz (@EWSchultzLaw) - How much time does Housley get? His team has been horrendous. I know it is hard to change coaches, but it is also hard to believe his team never showed any consistent competence over a full season.

I don’t know. This is a very tough question because the Sabres are so much worse than they should have been or should be. They were supposed to play an up-tempo style, and instead they are a slow team that basically suffocates all events in a given game. The Sabres are the new Florida Panthers (back when we hated them for that). I give him half of next year to show that it’s only due to the lack of speed in the lineup now. Christmas next year, the seat gets hot.


5.) Andrew Mills (@sllim_werdna) - Josh Allen said on PMT that he likes Bon Jovi. Do the Bills have an obligation to remove him from their draft board?

It’s… annoying. That said, wouldn’t we all sign up for Bon Jovi to be the new touchdown song if it meant having the best quarterback in the league? This isn’t to say that Josh Allen is going to become that but ya have to respect the guy and his tastes. Jack Eichel loves Tom Brady and we’d all say that’s worth it. Allen does too, so that’s two strikes against him. If he tries to talk wings and drops a ranch reference, take him off the draft board. Too many red flags.


6.) Andy Sheffield (@Andysheffield69) - Would it be panic mode if the bills don’t trade up or don’t end up with the “top-Tier” quarterback?

We would take to the streets, right? Through all of this madness that is pre-draft prognosticating and shuffling of the order there is one belief I think that most of us hold: They’re gonna get SOMEBODY. If this management group comes out of this draft with nothing at the position, then they’ll lose an awful lot of the fans. Even those of us that wanted the team to move on from Tyrod Taylor only wanted it in the interest of finding someone better. If Brandon Beane chooses to back down after spending an entire season prepping for this moment, it will seriously test fans faith.


7.) BillzNSabrez (@BSabrez) - Boogie Nights: just very good movie or like top-five movie?

It’s very high on the rewatchable scale. You have your reasons, I have mine. But it’s good yes. I don’t think it can crank it’s way into the top-five. Just doesn’t measure up ya know? It’s a little long too. This has been a series of puns about Mark Wahlberg’s prosthetic from the movie. It does have a great soundtrack, and Julianne Moore is awesome too.


8.) Joe Gudelsky (@joegud) - Is there a movie you’ve watched on your television that you wished you had seen in a movie theater instead?

Blade Runner 2049. It’s a great movie that I’ll probably have to watch again cause at home you get more distracted. Pauses… phone checks… dogs and stuff. I loved it, but regret not doing the movie theater instead. Speaking of which… do any of you guys have that MOVIEPASS thing? This is not an endorsement but more of a PSA. You can pay eight bucks a month to see as many movies as you want, one a day, for a full year. Google it. It’s awesome.


9.) Charlie Riley (@Charlieriley) - On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for the Karate Kid reboot?

Six. I’m much more likely to see that movie than I am the new Top Gun. Both have the same concept of the former protagonist now teaching. For my money the best movie ever to successfully reboot this is Creed. I’ve probably raved about Creed on here more than once but hell, it’s great. Michael B. Jordan is awesome in everything he does and Creed is awesome.


10.) Joe (@BuffaloWins) - Who ends up on the throne?

In this house we only talk Westworld, which is less than a month away. Time for the rest of you to catch up. That said... probably the Dragon Lady. (I didn't want to google the spelling)


Last thing... I got multiple Fortnite-based questions. I just can't do it. I can't. I watch a lot of Fortnite because we've had some family friends staying with us, and one of the boys plays relentlessly. So if anyone out there sees a handle that looks like me, it isn't. It's this kid who might just waste you.

For me watching Fortnite is watching him gather materials, chop wood and build platforms, jump relentlessly while looking for someone else to shoot. Five minutes of that and then like two minutes of fighting. This is my old man moment. I can't do it. I can't get into Fortnite. I'm sorry. I totally respect you loving it, and probably would have at some point myself. I just don't. I hope we can still be friends.   

Plus, I'm saving myself for Red Dead Redemption 2 which will no doubt be my next gaming obsession.  



Thanks for all the questions... 


*Possibly a chocolate version of this

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