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Nate Geary goes through some of the best #TweetsFromSunday

Nate Geary
September 11, 2017 - 8:48 pm

If you didn’t know already, I’m a pretty big Twitter guy. If you’re a Twitter guy (or gal) too, then you know how great Bills Twitter can be.

There’s nothing quite like Bills game day Twitter though. It’s a cesspool of overreactions and scorching hot takes. It’s sort of like staring directly at the sun during a solar eclipse or eating someone else’s french fries on the way home to preserve your own stash. It’s just a guilty pleasure for the more boisterous members of #BillsMafia.

As much as I’d love to interact during peak Twitter time and provide my sick burns and witty commentary, it’s tough for me while I watch also watch the game. I just can’t interact with everyone like I’d like. So here’s your shot to get your tweet up at and also have me give you my thoughts on your tweet in more than 140 characters.

Oh, make sure to use #TweetsFromSunday.


I can’t disagree with you at all here. When the Bills top free agent target turned out to be Micah Hyde this offseason, I was pretty excited. He was fresh in my mind from big performances in the playoffs with the Packers. I loved what he could potentially bring, especially in McDermott’s defense. I really didn’t put much stock in the pick-up of Jordan Poyer. I just didn’t know what the Bills were getting in a guy that played sparingly for the Browns. No offense, but if the Browns weren’t interested, why on earth would the Bills be? Well so far, Poyer is forcing people to take notice. Like Jamal Adams, Poyer was flying around the ball. Looking forward to watching him and Hyde grow together this season.

As for Humber, boy did he have himself a game. It sort of seemed like all throughout Training Camp, everyone was expecting that Humber was the odd man out on the starting group. Like someone was going to beat him out, they were just putting him with the 1’s because he’s a veteran. Humber’s another guy who was all over the ball and seemingly always in the position to make a play. He’s another guy I’m looking forward to seeing play against a better opponent.

Mark, seems to me like batted balls are going to plague this offense all season long. Tyrod is every bit of six feet tall. That makes it difficult for him to take traditional three-step drops behind an NFL offensive line. I have thought since Training Camp that Tyrod's drops had been noticeably shallow. Which would compound the issue if he's not getting the proper depth on his drops. Having said that, there are ways Rick Dennison can and likely will deploy to help. Moving the pocket and tons of play action are the likely solutions but Tyrod can do things as well. I'm interested to see if teams start to back off and just look to get hands in passing lanes or designate a guy to do that at the line of scrimmage. It's definitely a concern, we'll see if it turns into an issue moving forward. 

Lukewarm Takes:

Alex, you’re in my man. But to your Bills point, I do find it interesting to see Marcell Dareus play just 59% of the defensive snaps Sunday. There was definitely a healthy rotation, but you saw it across the board. This was exclusive to Dareus. Their depth on the defensive line is impressive. It’s the one position group you can see great depth at. There were time Sean McDermott and Leslie Frazier had a sub for all four positions in at the same time. So the coaching staff is clearly looking for a healthy rotation at the position and in my opinion, I think it will get the most out of guys like Dareus and Kyle Williams.

I’ve been impressed with Ryan Davis as a run defender on the outside. When they brought him in during the offseason, I knew they were getting a pretty decent pass rusher (6.5 sacks with the Jaguars in 2014), but graded out well all preseason on Pro Football Focus and has done a really nice job setting the edge. Nothing to see here, the more depth, the more quality snaps you’ll get from Jerry Hughes, Dareus, Williams and Shaw Lawson.

Slight Overreaction:

Steve, although I thought Taylor played a pretty nice game, I think we saw his “peak” in week 16 of last season against the Miami Dolphins. That in my opinion, was the game he displayed the best footwork and pocket presence. But what I’ll say about this game is he seemed far more comfortable throwing over the middle of the field. He finished 8 for 9 on throws over the middle of the field. Obviously, the Jets aren’t a great team but there’s still talent on that defense. Although I don’t believe they played well as a unit, Leonard Williams, Mo Wilkerson and Jamal Adams are really nice players. I thought Adams made some rookie mistakes, but he was all over the field. Good start, but let’s see him against a far better defense this week. He’s absolutely going to have to get his wide receivers more involved against the Panthers in week two. Jordan Matthews and rookie Zay Jones combined for only three catches all game so they’ll need to play a bigger role the rest of the season for sustained success.

Power Take:

Although it wasn’t always sexy, the game plan offensively was just fine. If you watch one game and come to the conclusion that they’re a 6-10 football team I wonder where you’ve been this whole time. The passing game is a work-in-progress at best. But we certainly can’t dismiss the Jets defense because they aren’t bad. So they had a ton of success on the ground, which we sort of just figured but the pass game saw a ton of success through the air over the middle as I referenced earlier. I predicted 4-12, but I really have no clue how to project this team because it’s so new. Real back the flames until we see more football. 1-0, bruh.


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