Week 6 was good to the Bills

Buffalo had a successful Sunday, despite being on the bye week

Louie DiBiase
October 14, 2019 - 2:00 am

Despite being on a Week 6 bye, the Buffalo Bills came out winners from Sunday's matchups around the National Football League. Of course, being three games above .500 at 4-1, with a week of rest should make them feel like winners, the results of Sunday's games only add on to that sentiment. 

The New England Patriots won on Thursday Night Football over the New York Giants to get to 6-0, but the AFC East is still a very realistic goal for Buffalo to push for. With that being said, if the Patriots continue to stay ahead of the Bills, grabbing one of two Wild Card spots is looking very promising. 

Things already opened up for the Bills when the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Indianapolis Colts lost their franchise quarterbacks before the 2019 season or early on in the season.

Now, the standings are starting to look like the Bills might not have much competition if they have to grab the fifth or sixth seed. 

That trend continued Sunday as multiple AFC teams expected to push for the playoffs suffered losses. 

The best part? They lost to teams either out of conference, or below them in the AFC. 

A popular Super Bowl pick in the offseason was the Los Angeles Chargers. However, they lost in a stunning upset at home against the Steelers on Sunday Night Football. The Steelers were on their third-string quarterback, and had only won once prior to Sunday's game. 

The Chargers were expected to have the fifth seed locked up if they couldn't beat out Kansas City for the AFC West crown. They are 2-4 after Sunday night. 

That is a win for the Bills. 

The Baltimore Ravens won their second straight game to get to 4-2, but they are the clear favorite to take the AFC North, which shouldn't impact Buffalo.

The more impactful news from that division Sunday was the Cleveland Browns' 32-28 loss against the Seattle Seahawks. Baker Mayfield and Cleveland's offense had an opportunity to win with a little over two minutes to go, but Mayfield threw, what would be, his 11th interception this year and the Browns fell to 2-4. 

A 3-3 Browns team coming off a win against one of the top NFC teams would certainly be a challenge to look out for in the early playoff race. 

Two wins for Buffalo on the day. 

Throw Jacksonville's home loss to the New Orleans Saints falling to 2-4 and Bills fans should have had a relaxing bye week of their own. 

What once was seen as a conference with 12 teams fighting for six spots now has just five teams outside the AFC East with records above .500. 

The Colts and Oakland Raiders are the only other teams above .500 that don't lead their division. 

It is only Week 6, but adding one of the league's easiest schedules to the table makes the Bills a very heavy favorite to continue playing into January.

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