Well, what did we learn?

Check out Bulldog's thoughts on the Bills win over the Jets in the season opener

September 11, 2017 - 7:45 am

It was never all that likely that we'd be learning too much about what the 2017 Buffalo Bills really are in the season opener. Their opponent, the New York Jets, saw to that when they gutted their roster this offseason and then fielded, what many observers think may be, the worst team in the NFL this season. Who knows, maybe the Jets of 2017 will have a look at being the worst team in history.

Either way, the Jets being on the other side of the field in the opener left the Bills in a pretty classic no-win type situation. Win the game, even comfortably, and all you've likely accomplished is beating a team that by choice has stripped itself of recognizable names and talent.

Lose? Are you familiar with the phrase raining fire? There might have been no saving us if the Bills had managed to lose to this Jets team.

Well, They didn't lose. In the end, the Bills never really managed to pull away from the Jets but did win 21-12.

It was, of course, the predictable outcome. Even if for most of three quarters the game was tighter than the Bills and their fans might have liked. How tight? Well the Jets had a chance to tie the game 14-14 with about five minutes to go in the third quarter, but misfired on a two point conversion.

From there, the Bills tacked on a third one-yard touchdown for a nine point lead and, I don't know, coasted maybe, to the win. Special thanks to the Jets for punting from their 44-yard line with just over four minutes to go while trailing by nine. Maybe Jets coach Todd Bowles is in on the tank after all. A couple of late interceptions, one by Jordan Poyer and the other from Micah Hyde, the new starting safety tandem helped the Bills ice it.

So what was good? Each of these points carry the disclaimer that it was a game against the Jets, but still.

The defense gave the Jets very little. 214 total yards. 38 rushing yards. A pair of picks. A good job against a flawed opponent to be sure but still, the defense was good.

LeSean McCoy is really good. We didn't learn that on Sunday of course because we already knew that. 22 carries for 110-yards and five receptions for 49 more yards. With the remaking of the wide receiver position McCoy is going to be the engine of the Bills offense even more than the previous two seasons.  

Tyrod Taylor had a good day. Hours of airtime have been devoted to talking about Taylor's hold on the job and surely that is something that will continue for much of the season. In the opener, Taylor was efficient, used the middle of the field, found tight end Charles Clay four times and was able to use his feet numerous times to either gain valuable yards or pass downfield while on the move. It was a good day for Taylor, period. Not a great day. A good day.

In the end the Bills did the only thing they could do in the opener. They won. Drawing conclusions after one of sixteen games is always dangerous. This time, it's even riskier because of the quality of the opponent. So if you want to to have your fun posting pictures of the standings on your social media pages, knock yourself out. Really, I'm not going to be a jerk to you about it. Being a Bills fans mostly means enjoying the good times when they come so have at it. I'll just be over in the corner waiting for New England to regain their typical form and bracing for the games the Bills will play against teams that haven't destroyed themselves.

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