What else is there to even say anymore?

November 05, 2018 - 8:47 am

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No, the three first half turnovers by the Buffalo Bills offense were not really the fault of Nathan Peterman. The first was a fumble by Jason Croom that was returned for a touchdown. The second was a pass that should have been caught by Terrelle Pryor but wasn’t. Instead, Pryor bobbled it and kept it alive just long enough for a Chicago Bears defender to catch it. The third was the most questionable as Peterman delivered an inaccurate pass just as a defender was arriving and that also ended up deflecting into the arms of the Bears, this time going for a pick-six.

28-0 at the half. The final play of the first half saw Peterman inexplicably trying to leg it to pay dirt on an un-timed down from almost 40 yards away, needing to out-run all but a few pass rushers, rather than throwing it up in the end zone to a pair of very tall wide receivers.

He didn’t make it.

So, other than that...

But hey, the Bills were getting the ball back to start the second half so you know, stay tuned or something. Don’t look now, it’s a field goal drive! That drive to open the third quarter that got the Bills on the board was their 35th consecutive offensive possession without a touchdown. That run of futility traces back to the fourth quarter of the Houston game.

This is just brutal to watch. An opponent scoring one touchdown seems like too much for these Bills to come back from, let alone four. With a half to play the only things worth watching for are how many more turnovers might Peterman be responsible for and whether or not he’ll actually have the opportunity to finish a start for the first time in his career.

I mean, what? This is not why we watch sports, for records of futility and ineptitude.

I swear to you that as I typed that sentence Colton Schmidt of the Bills just uncorked an 18-yard punt.

I would really like to have a way to wrap this up into some kind of meaningful statement about the direction the Bills are going but I really don’t know how. Maybe that’s because I’m as terrible at this as the Bills are at playing offense, or maybe it’s because what we’re all watching on these Sundays really is utterly meaningless. The Bills prized possession, seventh overall pick quarterback Josh Allen is hurt. In the meantime, whether it’s Derek Anderson, Peterman or Matt Barkley playing quarterback, the results and how they perform mean nothing.

It’s as if a giant pause button has been hit on Sean McDermott’s tenure as Bills coach. That’s not to say that McDermott should escape any criticism for what he and Brandon Beane have put on the field in 2018. The offensive skill positions, including LeSean McCoy, are flat out bad. It’s just that I don’t think any of it will really stick to McDermott in a way that ends up mattering when it comes time to evaluate the coach.

McDermott and Beane will be most likely be judged by whether or not Josh Allen can play. Yes, it’s simplistic and doesn’t have to absolutely be correct, but I think that’s how it will go. So we’ve got these games and there will be stuff to talk about because there always is but know this.

Largely all we’re doing is killing, if not flat out wasting time.

Sort of like spending what might be the last warm sunny day of fall watching the Bills get stomped by the Bears.

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