WGR Seinfeld Draft

The afternoon crew on WGR looks back and drafts the greatest characters from Seinfeld

Schopp & Bulldog | Weekdays 3p-7p
May 15, 2020 - 1:23 pm

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Earlier in the week, the acting and comedy world lost Jerry Stiller, who died at the age of 92. Stiller was featured in a number of roles throughout his acting career, but, perhaps, his most notable role came when he portrayed Frank Costanza in the hit sitcom Seinfeld from 1989 to 1998.

In honor of Stiller and to reflect on, arguably, one of the most memorable sitcoms in television history, the afternoon crew of WGR Sports Radio 550 decided to conduct the WGR Seinfeld Draft on Friday!

This draft featured both Mike Schopp and "Sneaky Joe" DiBiase from the Dunn Tire Studios in Amherst, while Chris "Bulldog" Parker was broadcasting from his attic studios at home. In addition, the guys welcomed in one half of the Howard and Jeremy Show to make some picks and join in on the fun, Jeremy White!

Did we also mention that Howard Simon is first cousins with Jason Alexander, a.k.a. George Costanza?

If you remember from the summer of 2017, the afternoon crew held the WGR Sitcom Draft, where Seinfeld went second overall to Bulldog after Maryalice Demler from WGRZ-TV in Buffalo went with Cheers at the first overall selection.

The rules are simple: pick the best characters from the show and fill up the board.

Follow along with the festivities by using the hashtag #SeinfeldDraft on Twitter, or you can track all of the picks made below:

Tune in for the festivities beginning at 4 p.m. on WGR.


Round 1:

1.) Joe DiBiase (@SneakyJoeWGR): Cosmo Kramer

2.) Mike Schopp (@Schopptalk): Elaine Benes

3.) Bulldog (@Bulldogwgr): George Costanza

4.) Jeremy White (@JeremyWGR): Jerry Seinfeld


Round 2:

5.) White: Frank Costanza

6.) Bulldog: Newman

7.) Schopp: Estelle Costanza

8.) DiBiase: David Puddy


Round 3: 

9.) White: J. Peterman

10.) Bulldog: Uncle Leo

11.) Schopp: George Steinbrenner

12.) DiBiase: Morty Seinfeld


Round 4:

13.) DiBiase: Kenny Bania

14.) Schopp: Dr. Tim Whatley

15.) Bulldog: Sidra Holland

16.) White: Mickey Abbott



Round 5: 

17.) White: Joe Bookman

18.) Bulldog: Keith Hernandez

19.) Schopp: The Soup Nazi

20.) DiBiase: Jackie Chiles


Round 6: 

21.) DiBiase: Mr. Pitt

22.) Schopp: Mr. Lippman

23.) Bulldog: The Mohel

24.) White: The Doorman


Round 7:

25.) White: Rachel Goldstein

26.) Bulldog: Gennice Graham

27.) Schopp: Cartwright

28.) DiBiase: Sid Fields


Round 8:

29.) DiBiase: Babhu Bhat

30.) Schopp: Marisa Tomei

31.) Bulldog: Naked guy on the subway

32.) White: Dolores



Round 9:

33.) White: Alton Benes

34.) Bulldog: Helen Seinfeld

35.) Schopp: Jimmy

36.) DiBiase: Jean-Paul


Round 10: 

37.) DiBiase: Tony the Mechanic

38.) Schopp: Manya

39.) Bulldog: The "God Bless You" husband

40.) White: Izzy Mandelbaum


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