This is what the Bills signed up for

Nathan Peterman continues to cost the Bills games in his second season

October 14, 2018 - 7:56 pm

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The trouble with playing low scoring games that depend on your excellent defense is that it leaves you very little margin for error. And yes, go figure with Nathan Peterman forced into action there ended up being errors, the most damning of which cost the Buffalo Bills, at worst, a chance at overtime. 

Pile on Peterman if you want, and I’ll bet you’ll have plenty of company, but this is on Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane for leaving Peterman in a position to, once again, be the goat. I’ve been saying it for too long now. The coach and the general manager have a blind spot when it comes to Peterman. You want to help Peterman not be defined by his five first half interceptions against the Los Angeles Chargers last season, fine. You had a competition to decide the starting quarterback for 2018 and Peterman won it. Also fine with me. However, after another epic disaster in Baltimore to open the season, McDermott and Beane should have moved on from Peterman. As it was, hanging onto Peterman had already forced them to play Josh Allen before they probably wanted to. Keeping Peterman around until you needed him again just cost them a game in which their defense put forth another stellar performance.

No, the Bills didn’t have to be putrid on offense. They could have kept Tyrod Taylor and tried to build on what they accomplished last season. They could have made a better effort to address the lack talent at the receiver position.

By a better effort, I guess I pretty much mean any effort.

They also could have made a different choice at quarterback and, perhaps, picked a player more ready to play right away or insulated the raw rookie with a more credible veteran at the position.

And while we’re at it, maybe the Bills could’ve done more to shore up an offensive line group that, for various reasons, lost three very good players in a single off season.

However, the Bills either didn’t want to or couldn’t do any of those things and here we are.

Make no mistake. Here is ugly. 53 yards at halftime is ugly. The Bills can’t throw it and they’re not all that much better at running it. They’re at a point where they have to hope for short fields after turnovers. That’s what happened to start the third quarter after Lorenzo Alexander made a great play to tip a Deshaun Watson pass into the air and then managed to come down with the interception.

Aside from Allen scrambling, the Bills offense could not threaten and settled for a field goal. Misfortune then struck as Allen suffered an elbow injury on his best play of the day. Another field goal followed but then, wait, what?

Nathan Peterman threw a perfect touchdown pass to Zay Jones?

Yes, that Nathan Peterman. And, to a lesser extent, I guess you could be surprised by Jones making a big play. Either way, the Bills had the lead early in the fourth quarter despite the poor performance of the offense.

But Peterman had to keep playing and we know how that turned out.

The question now becomes just how much McDermott’s trust in an obviously flawed quarterback shakes your faith in his judgment overall?

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