You Said It - 08/11

Your takes on the Bills blockbuster trades!

August 11, 2017 - 3:49 pm

The Buffalo Bills opened up the preseason on Thursday, and followed that up with not one, but two blockbuster trades! Sammy Watkins: gone. Ronald Darby: gone. The Bills acquire receiver Jordan Matthews from the Eagles, and corner E.J. Gaines from the Rams. 

Watkins leaves the Bills after three years of controversies that started with the trade to draft him in the first place. There were also plenty of injuries over the years, and some questionable posts on social media. Watkins joins old friend Robert Woods in Los Angeles. 

The Bills also trade Ronald Darby to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Jordan Matthews and a 2018 third round pick. 

Darby was a second round pick of the Bills in 2015. He was the first pick of that draft for the Bills because of the Watkins trade the year before. After a phenomenal rookie year, Darby regressed in 2016. 

Also, lots of reaction to the Bachelorette, who was on with Schopp and the Bulldog on Wednesday.

It's now time to check out some of the best tweets and texts from you, the listeners!

Let's do this:


Fan of the trade:

-There likely is a downgrade in talent. 


Poor jersey purchaser: 

-You know who doesn't get traded? Retired players! Go for a Kelly or Thurman jersey. 


Unhappy texter:

-Watkins obviously hasn't reached this level, although he likely has the talent to do it in the right situation.



-It's 5:50 somewhere!


Mixed Reaction:

-Bulldog did in fact win the Bachelorette


Not a mixed reaction:

-Can't we just appreaciate some culture?


Winter is Coming to the Nightcap

-Game of Thrones talk coming to a radio near you


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