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You Said It - 08/19

It's the best takes from the week that was in Buffalo sports!

August 19, 2018 - 8:57 am

The Buffalo Bills wrapped up the week with a win in the team's second preseason game over the Cleveland Browns! However, the team received some bad news as both quarterback A.J. McCarron and defensive tackle Kyle Williams suffered some significant injuries.

Now, things get interesting as the quarterback battle now comes down to Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen. How's your #WHOSDAQ stock looking now?

In addition to the injuries and the quarterback battle, this past week was filled with plenty of discussions on the air that we got your reaction to!

With that, here are some of the best takes from the week that was from you, our loyal listeners!


Are you sure about that?:

- We're not always perfect...


A blast from the past!:

- Hey Coach!


Nicknaming the Bills' secondary:

- Very creative names, but we think the popular vote still goes to "Chef Poyer's D"


Bills Collector's was a popular one until.....

- Nice catch, Daniel!



- He's had a good preseason, and we do need another quarterback...


Jeremy needs a new pair of shoes:

- What other use could he have for the other one?


Respect Mr. Moulds:

- We can't disagree!


New York geography lessons:

- So.... where's Central New York?


Don't panic!:

- Let's at least cut out a breathing hole in the bubble wrap!


Keep your takes coming and maybe you could be featured on our next edition of "You Said it!"  Be sure to text us at 550-550 or hit us up on Twitter, @WGR550.

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