Anonymous NFL Player Suing United Airlines for Sexual Assault, Harassment

Tim Kelly
May 20, 2020 - 1:07 pm

An anonymous NFL player is suing United Airlines after he says that he was harassed and sexually assaulted on a recent flight from Los Angeles to Newark.

Bleacher Report's Master Tesfatsion was the first to break this story, saying that the flight took place on Feb. 10, and the lawsuit was put forward by two unnamed "African American males," one of whom plays in the NFL. The woman accused of misconduct isn't identified either, but Tesfatsion notes that she is a "middle-aged Caucasian."

The allegations that the two men make against the United Airlines employee are shocking. Tesfatsion says that the anonymous NFL player believes that the woman was "intoxicated and taking prescription pills," and tried to tear off his facemask while she "grabbed his penis." Prior to attempting to grab his facemask, the woman allegedly asked why the NFL player was wearing a facemask, and referred to him as "frightening" with it on.

Perhaps the most damning part of the allegations is that the two men claim that they complained about the woman's behavior three different times before she allegedly followed through with the actions outlined in the prior paragraph. Finally, they say she was moved after they complained a fourth time.

Tesfatsion obtained a statement from Darren Drawish and Benji Azizian, the two attorneys that represent the unnamed men. In it, they discussed how they hope to end the stigma that makes it difficult for men to come forward with sexual assault claims.

"Our goal is to shine a light on how assaults can, and are, being made on men, and not just women. This is significant because assault is assault, regardless of the gender, race and physical attributes of the victim. Once these characteristics are added into the equation, the usual stigma and societal stereotypes associated with sexual assault are amplified."

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