Ranking The 10 Greatest Right-Handed Hitters in MLB History

Tim Kelly
July 08, 2020 - 10:21 am

Mike Trout is coming.

Not like Trout will maybe one day crack a list like this, like he has a very real chance to eventually be in the top three on this list. Through the first nine seasons of his illustrious career, Trout has slashed .305/.419/.581 with 285 home runs, 752 RBIs, a 1.000 OPS and a 71.4 offensive WAR. Despite being just 28 years old, Trout is already a three-time MVP and a pretty sure bet to one day be elected to Cooperstown.

Still, simply having a Hall of Fame resume wasn't enough to crack this list. Joe DiMaggio, Ricky Henderson, Frank Thomas, Nap Lajoie, Edgar Martinez and Craig Biggio were among the Hall of Famers that fell short of cracking this exclusive list. So, for now, so does Trout, even though he's probably only a year or two away from forcing his way onto the list, which will likely just be him scratching the surface.

Below are the 10 greatest right-handed hitters in MLB history, as determined by RADIO.COM Sports:

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