Sabres' Reinhart gets a birthday gift from him teammates

November 06, 2016 - 10:56 am
It’s Sam Reinhart’s 21st birthday and of course he got pranked in practice. Marcus Foligno got him with a shaving cream pie that he never saw coming, “That’s Marcus for you! I was wrestling with Moulson in the corner so I didn’t see it coming.”
Foligno knew he could get Reinhart with a sneak attack. He said, “He doesn’t know what’s going on around him most of the time, so it was pretty easy.” Dan Bylsma said Reinhart never should’ve been had, “It’s an old baseball trick, seldom seen and highly effective in hockey. I think he was caught off guard with a towel coming down the rink at him. In baseball, they would’ve seen that coming a mile away.”
Reinhart scored just his second goal of the season, but it was the game winner in Ottawa. Reinhart feels getting that goal may help the puck to start going in for him, “I’m hoping so, I mean the chances have been there and that’s been the biggest part.”
When players aren’t scoring, it can start playing with their heads. Reinhart said, “I think the biggest thing is not to get frustrated and I think with the amount of chances I’ve been having and playing with Enzo and Gussy, we’ve been creating a lot, so hopefully that sparks us a little bit.”
Bylsma has left that line together for a few games now and Reinhart feels they’re starting to develop a chemistry, “We’re starting to know each other’s tendencies, I think we’re all pretty different players, but I think that helps us out there.”
Ennis is quite a bit faster than his two linemates, but he doesn’t always use that speed to his advantage. Reinhart said, “Enzo is going to find us, he’s got a tremendous amount of skill, so if we put ourselves in the right positions, we can find each other and make some plays.”
Last year Reinhart was on a pace to score 24 goals and 44 points. This season he’s on a pace to score 15 goals with 45 points. He said, “I felt pretty comfortable coming in this year and pretty confident in my ability. I think in the off season I took another step in the right direction. I felt a lot better skating and I felt strong with the puck.”
The Sabres skated for about 55 minutes on Sunday. Both Tyler Ennis and Dmitry Kulikov missed practice on Sunday. Dan Bylsma said they had maintenance days and he said he would see for Monday’s game.
Buffalo goes into Monday’s game with the Bruins with four wins in five games. The Sabres are now in 13th overall in the NHL with a .545 points percentage.
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