Snippets from Bills training camp: Day 3

Several players spoke to Sal Capaccio and other reporters after practice on Saturday

Derek Kramer
July 27, 2019 - 2:32 pm

Day 3 of training camp wrapped up for the Buffalo Bills on Saturday at St. John Fisher College, and it was the first day with pads on in practice.

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For more on Sal Capaccio's observations from practice, check it out here.

Several Bills players joined Sal and other reporters after practice on Saturday, including 2019 first round defensive tackle Ed Oliver, free agent signings center Mitch Morse and cornerback Kevin Johnson, and undrafted rookie and former UB Bulls quarterback Tyree Jackson.

Here are some of their thoughts after practice on Saturday:


Ed Oliver:

On his first NFL practice with the pads on:

"Just came out to compete, no different than playing football on Saturdays. Just go out and compete and get better."


On the depth chart at defensive tackle and earning his snaps:

"When you've got two good guys in front of you in Jordan Phillips and Star [Lotulelei] just taking me in and coaching me up on everything possible, just giving me one little thing to work on today. That's mostly Jordan just giving me one thing every day, he asks me every day 'what's one thing you can get better at today?' and I'll tell him and go out here and most times I'll get better."


Mitch Morse:

On learning a new offense coming in from free agency:

"I think you've got to take every rep that comes, the install is coming you at quick but you have to kind of analyze it and then correlate it to the field when you see it. It comes with repetitions and that's what we're getting."


On getting cohesion on the line with so many new offensive linemen:

"It's immensely important, cohesion is a huge thing and we're going to get that through repetition."


On the coaching style of offensive line coach Bobby Johnson:

"The passion for the game really, it's second to none. He loves football and he loves portraying that information, he loves relaying it and wants to see us emulate that same passion, so kind of coming out with an intensity and a purpose."


Kevin Johnson:

On the impression he left at OTA's and training camp so far:

"I'm just trying to get better every day, I'm not really worried about what I did in the past. I took the good stuff from it and I've learned from it, and the bad things as well, but I'm just trying to improve every day."


About facing off with John Brown and Cole Beasley:

"They're great players, they're proven in the NFL. They all have different skill sets, so working against those guys every day will make me better."


Tyree Jackson:

On his first NFL practice with pads:

"It was awesome, it was fun to get out here with the guys and get better. Our motto is to get better each day and that's what we're trying to do."


On the difference in intensity compared to OTA's:

"If you love football, you'll love training camp. You're going through a grind and it's a lot of football and you're learning a lot, so I've really enjoyed it. Our quarterback room is really nice with Josh [Allen] and Matt [Barkley] in there and they've taught me a lot of ball so far."


On being able to remain in one city after college:

"It's awesome to be back in Buffalo, my time in college, the city and community was awesome. So, to be able to come back is amazing and I know the fans the area in general is awesome, so I got in a really lucky situation."


The Bills return to practice Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. at St. John Fisher College, but you need a ticket in order to attend that practice.

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