Your basement can look like this too!

Trust it to the professionals at Pro Squared Flooring Solutions!

Mike Schopp
January 07, 2019 - 10:51 am

Mike Schopp here and I know you've heard me talk about my home on Grand Island, and how I would love to turn my basement area into a more functional part of the house. So I met with the people from Pro Squared - The Flooring Solutions People - and decided to put in a super cool elite Crete Epoxy Flooring Sysetm! They just finished it and let me tell you... it has changed the entire look of my entertainment area! Check out the pictures below of them turning my basement area into the room I've always wanted!


It's called an Elite Crete Reflector System that has the look of Antiqued Copper! I just love it! They have tons of other options and looks for basements and garages, and think now that you've seen the transformation at my house, you'll want to talk to the Pro Squared too! Check them out at or call them at (716)810-0200!

Tell them Mike Schopp sent you!


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