01-01 Warloc's call on the Extra Point Show

Sal Capaccio
Monday, January 1st

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Few weeks ago I had a very very loyal Twitter follower of mine. Who's been following me in listening to me back in the day when I was doing the showdown mom's basement and Florida back on the Internet. Zain as LeSean. Goes by the name more locked on Twitter. And years and years ago even before I move back to. Florida I was doing a little Internet post game show on my own. Any called up one time and he was so mad and so emotional. About this team and all that it made the rounds kind of this is like one Twitter was just becoming what it was it made the rounds so he told me couple weeks ago. Heal itself. They do this I wanna be your first call on the Monday after the game. Since you got to deal body so worried do that right now. Warlock was Shawn welcome in man. The goal of the playoffs. Good morning coach go more on the mr. There are so right around your hurt cola that that I ordered that I gave you actually big musical. And I was it was so little right before I moved back here to buffalo I believe. Yeah it was an error this quarter of 2011. Back. It was so great after that then right after that that's right now I just so you know you're calling just tell me you don't even live in buffalo you're calling from Jersey I believe is that right. No none are actually now while at Ali okay I'm just moved out there. Three years ago I'm originally from Hampstead New York so I am I'm from Long Island New York he would. And I know you would you would fly to a lot of bills game this home or away back to an Arab you still do. You are. Impeccable but that's amazing. And hopefully your season killer in buffalo new living Charlotte. I'm a season ticket holder. For the bills and I live in Charlotte. That's amazing I listen okay enough for me let it flow let's go you got the floor. Gold that it goes beyond the sea the ticket holder are littered. Her X 133. Out of civil suit you know in the all the games and focus on Tom's I don't want it or not I'm not and I'll definitely yet to gain. And when I accidentally he always on my ticket away or so so much you know. Sweetener and you know it's brilliant step I mean certainly right about your first quote cult compound on the council is so much emotion. I'm gonna be all over the place last month old child Carly and I was crying although he and try. Not describe how you nick oh not to suite Google with a yacht in ways. I'm on I'm excited that I'm at how in the Leo I was in grade I was back. I'd ninth grade being junior high school now my great art school and I also was there ought to go. And I don't remember whether there that you're exit army and Colin you miracle outlook overlap. Can't tell me no matter what level or are still there but they elect yesterday. We we scored that touchdown on sale celebrating in a little. Bit and all of the apple broke our heart it is my veteran. Called me and I believe that their own hubris is. Always there and he'd let him message. The ball and without the bill see him go at them all now and Larry I'm Leo. Forward certainty you are are they happy they in my life go on shall we do this. Rolen and where I'm wrong you know it and from there aren't. Colonel Lou what you know of that article on the hot air I'm glad he will not work. Com that the bill apparently Trout like like people like this is all yeah. Like I couldn't it and it didn't lock screen and there are other bill Leo. I would actually argue with them. Well my heart is that he didn't know that. In just sitting at that picture of their playoff drought in 1990 aren't. He. Well at all and all we. Currently the playoff game end in a and RR a trot our struggle I heard it from it and most have coached conduct try I try to after the wolf. He entered into the democracy about all this it is a little bit bigger. There are facing her. Well we're we're sure it Nicole it was you know it ought to be. Wait and it is it as an advocate of excitement all my room they all about it I don't. They all look I don't watch it. On Iraq got a lot. Larry Pope and I'm a product on the market so that all I. Hear a lot of it was probably grow. But the rebel that it. Vatican rapidly now. Go to guy. 000. Mark at all into our own flat and what do we look back. Don't. Act or. Are. So old growth. I think. Pick a big bowl medical bills sort of yeah they are what they may be and you are a group that bill will probably have a bit. Right now rich. Right cold I think we have the right unit. Biblical has almost gone back to an industry and it's about the cool I love good ownership are I just wonder if there's ever. Perry Kim the hole but little offensive you've got a list but it and so much cheaper than bill and buffalo expecting it in the world. Ormat currently what's up for itself and if I had that it'll conference television appear to intimate. They'll look like an alcohol on him. Brown who made the bill now believe that I'm so happy that the pool with the bills entrapment buffalo looked at Gillette. If that you wouldn't let call would have been a role there are people go out there how much is he being given buffalo. Be avoided crop anything on a particular market order Olivea. He got out. Are in Buffalo Bill green most. Of my life. I'm I'm I'm I'm so excited I hit in and out you are please go so sorry. The Olympic coach McConnell could go to. You. Get. And you. Want. Oh and that. I don't know trigger it won't be he or. I'm like. Really quite a lot. So excited. It. According. Article are old and you know I don't know who ordered or water. Al pebble. And you're. Not really. And then all of me. Are. Important and outlook was quite good track record can you give him a little. You government report that. I'm glad a local weather O'Shea. We have the game operate it should. And can. Applause we. Agree that we. You. It. Do. You know. And well. How. Are. They bought bill outlook it's early in buffalo bill and it wouldn't comment. I'm William. May. About it I look for at least in the Arctic couple they'll try to Barbara and I love it rather eat you're. Their culture where are they ought to go. Got to limit what we traded him. Yeah and under. What it. The I thought this team of people enter. I don't tell everybody that they'll go Lebanon are and how shall we have now. They'll all of them that actually they. Think I would rank him right. Pop up bad in the count what. And all are in active. Apparel or. Perhaps aren't you don't know why don't. Rocked our world are. All either. Being. Very. Current and all of you. From my arm. Doesn't that. Who knows he can't. Mock at. A play. He I'm. Oh yeah well we got a whole load addressed. It may all correct and I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm excited. And it didn't we never. Yeah it. Would be no more. Old. I know and norm. Because. Of the candidates are I won't know at all. Off I look built in. How are out there and tell them all pretty well well. Hello all. Are. All of America what could. We. Are. Our government not all. Am a person on the owners. Are apparently can Google Garth who are our bigger or better mark what do I. That the government our arms and I know called wanna cup ball mark he looked pretty much what I don't know. All this and Nicole. Are you. Are kept they've. I doubt that they'll statements and I haven't spoke in equipment are not adequate or. An art out program from Europe. That would be below where I'm real or not how we aren't where you. Are. I. Warlock six on Twitter. Warlock six on Twitter. W a RL. OC. Number six. You okay buddy. He OK. Okay you go enjoy it be careful drive and I know it's gonna be tough play to those tears I'm happy for you I'm so happy for you. Yeah hey hey listen I I got lots of people line up wanna talk and I know a lot of people on Twitter gonna wanna talk with you when you're gonna have a lot of in depth this call you to be famous I think after this call to be honest with you so. I'm lets you go to that that barbershop and I'm gonna let you tell them how much your bills are in the playoffs okay. If it doesn't love you man would talk. What took so hopefully we thought we actually have to be careful out there with their. Okay LeSean we will do that thank you my man.