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Monday, January 8th

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Buffalo Bills football Monday from the home of the deals WGR. Sports Radio 550. Oh I'm Eric would join shoulder in the and automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. Computer search payroll services Buffalo's payroll service with the buffalo prices. Part of Pressman western New York's traffic turned your ticket to justice dot com. This probably will sound naive but. When your team is. Out of it. Is the season is combing his drawing to a close you've got a few weeks or you know where the end is. And you know it ends ends. You pack your bags. The playoffs it's very abrupt. Yeah yesterday the 47 hours ago hi applies here we go like this suspect this is it. And then three hours later. That sit in the next day you're doing the other thing just like before you're packing your bags. Eric Wood joins us here on the AT&T hotline there accuse I'm headed out of town there's a baby due right. If we were very important to. Ought to use my daughter came ten days certainly had so I am although it back to mobile now considerate. Well hey they are all he. No. Oh sure you order you are well I hope that. It slowly slowly by the wall. All right good objective get settled and get all that could do it all that taking care of does Mike was just referring to all brought the end of the season isn't in office in. He heard you know throughout the drought mostly it's been. You know the end of the season we know when it's going to be defined you're going to that final game he'd you don't have a chance to even make the playoffs on like this year the support. For our own rules still apply then. Word gives the playoff loss sort of sick if you are now. Yeah I got you but you you're not thought about that. Ball so early. Just played yesterday. I had planned it out this week in. I. Don't know what good are. You know or for somebody it all those split. You don't went out earlier impact on the back ordering it. Packed house in at backbone so you don't eat raw. All week so deep so here are at home after the game out or not. New W that it will. All of this your. Are also I'll figure it out a very old or. And the staff all or what team it very well yeah. Winnable and yes. It is also. How much might you be inclined to beat yourself up or might guys especially on offense. Be inclined to do that about yesterday's game. Double ought to look a lot out there are. Not that we don't eat. Next are we don't party like early this year. It all the game at the site. But up about it. No you're not. What else. Brought. It back out yesterday it was a better. You know also religious. You know living it'll. Well or play those groups it oh. Yes well I don't. You have worked out there. That opportunity in the red zone. The pastors and interference penalty offensive interference penalty. I'm Kelvin Benjamin. Eric can you confirm LeSean McCoy he said as much after the gamers were about to hear from you I and it's kind of take us through what exactly happens on a play like that. He said it was a run pass option which I guess means it's Taylor's decision. To not run. McCoy on the plate instead try to throw to Benjamin in the corner of the end zone you guys all look to me on replay is like you were run blocking. So like how how common occurrences that. Go fairly common is it and all we don't want a one outside the ELE. Eight in a lot of air battle that goes a lot of those. Good all onstage you don't expect your yacht all down there and we got one and. We'll obviously look tougher or. Watch your back up to another level exploit. It in the settling for field goal. He gave the US. Those Brett I don't burn out or not so. Bert are. I think the point about the point is made about the penalty is the right point because fans eat goal line passes that don't work. It's just such and it's just a feeding frenzy when you when you see a team the wrong way down there it's first down to. And it did the game against New England the first game and is doing when he was intercepted Taylor was per cent to six and first goal. And so like there's a feeding frenzy when that happens but I mean the boy yesterday in your kind of I think saying the same thing that went on a running play you you're likely to get holding on a running play called the net interference. And emit you know your on the road home teams get more calls there Ramsey is so good Eric McCoy said after the game that. I think the one thing he said that he was surprised by about that decision to tailor made was that they would go against Ramsay beat McCoy thinks that when twenties on the field. You know that would be. That would make that's surprising so you have both there you have one on one mature also going against a top notch corner. So what sparked the preparation this week's. Obviously I thought about it at all. What bill Welker. Don't want the shot and let you know all of Wasilla certainly want one. Fortunately we now call it. You'll see pretty. Offer to appear stalled out there have been a lot of oil well this is there are so what's battling each at bat by our. Contact anyways there's not a whole lot coal. So in his situation like that just so unclear this animal someone could ask me someday I suppose it's not come up on the show but. On a play like that you guys just. You you our word blocking for a run play right. Yet because you know the closer it is it mostly. Out so good ol' I can't vote so early so you know or all brought walking. Suit up. Right does it look like like that's there for you if if McCoy ends up with the ball because it looked to me like that was there for touchdown McCourt got the ball there maybe that's part of why the fans Jerusalem and about it. But really I did a great job blocking on the play forums and. The about so by. Don't let up all week so well he owed that ultimately does get lost four. So almost well our sports. The scheme might have been very stressful the play and because. You're struggling offensively to do much but it's the whole game words like right there tantalizing your one play away from. Bet even right down to beat to the very end. Does that feel right. It. All. You know or order the book but all. Had a lot of specialty well. So it was all legal. What are your murder and you know they all Wear your party want Dalton. A little bit. Are so look like me yeah. The lack of extra belt like get this award winning this award I. Whatever maybe. You thought it would. And at juniper to allow the other went down jacks well why. And yet all. Of us that it just. I'll let the little. Also. Also felt terrible obviously a lot. I just the opposite the idiot or seven Tuesday it was built a lot of other. They did the bills the players are. Upper deck but it was cool. He checked out the videos searchers equal vote super delegates not us or you're. Screw it up. I Europe or. It's actually rally is this your. Fortunately. It. That does it. I mean you've been here long enough to know how much the team means but I'm wondering Garrick if it's the time that. Has gone by and watch and what it felt like and sounded like around here. From New Year's Eve worried too rude to you guys walking off that plane. In seeing again you know a couple of hundred at least people there to greet you after a playoff loss. Does it even open your rise wider to just Powell watch the team means to the fans here. Yes sure it and you know the eight years old. Horse boy and not at all about how much we need them that we haven't given up on BR about I give and so this year you know and Patrick. You don't look. While embodied although. It. Well well general order that the other a bigger head coach such as golf or death toll. He embodies what it. Pop goes all out rub off on C that there are like I brought it all war or actually I was. Or are. But what do. And we love it. Europe is. Whether it was it was yeah. The last couple weeks almost. Eric if this question really hasn't been asked yet what about your emotions as the game was about to start did you mean Europe you're guided your observance. Did you notice how you felt at the beginning of the game and how that compared with how you feel old normally before games. Truck or. All we seem well wrong actually get into that it would it would just be normal I'll eat peaking again I'm. Urgently whatever ER. Older a little more Fargo. You know. All warm up a little bit more about you all walk. Globally. I was on your. You don't bloody week we went out for you warm out there is a lot but it didn't air it out alt well. Those are. Literal tilt it. So that Wowwiki backed out of a bottle and looked around here there's not a lute thought it was also. Over our. It was it was sort of emotional atmosphere and they're just. Tell the brilliant he touches each word. Knows deal. Did your coach have any kind of a different. Message before this game. And then what he's given you have we don't before any of these other rom sixteen regular season games there. Talk over. Each generally. Also a loss when it was built up. You know we each kid that would that focus our loved her so well. What to expect that we don't just want to sit up is ill it. Our. Incredible. That he was that they are weak and oh you're that they let her out. But so note to reporter double their lead or all of the speech. Before we get our locker room and one of the reasons I'm most oak or black out back. And. Those are grown or something yeah but I'll keep you are nervous about speaking it's. Against each dessert. These highlight videos they're there inspirational. Yeah. Like it is curable eat while they were like. It's somebody teach. The public know the were ordered so. Will he or. Yes you're almost. Look at. So would you you're are you implying her just directly saying here you're in line to take over the locker in the speech if Kyle moves on because you're the senior member of the team. What Oracle's more seeing Ricky Moore senior league almost all Qualcomm. Their most vocal leader of this silly little opening Lorenzo or maybe it maybe eight season. In the world maybe Trout. Storm. Well. Off orchard. Our right cut and it and and he certainly didn't that to say the least dismiss the possibility. Of returning right in his comments after the game Eric Wood with us here on WGR. Eric the allegations against Bangkok meego. If you wouldn't mind repeating yourself from earlier today you said that you didn't hear them or like you didn't hear income you don't say anything offensive. Oh. Egypt there's a lot of art. Which is not great but it'll go cross are eager to be at work which is what you like Eton. Implied by this week. But yet there was there was a lot of what brought about an idea. It ER eight era do really well what it is not a well beyond the last eight. I'd be the first one the solemn mean you're out a lot this year and say so is it. Our I didn't do so or it urged. The source rare courage. You eat it all out. He didn't around your album that don't bet on sports. Unfortunately he broke eclipsing. You know in Iran that rookie wall. He punched out. You know not bode well he does gradual. And hopefully this'll be clear she. Yeah I mean is a hell of a thing to accuse someone of if it's around us. It. Ottawa much further he didn't talk all your. Well it until her you know I'd until all lighting completely get. That we did not work those. 10 yeah so ridiculously. You know terrible. It. It I thought about why I was. I was I was up about a. Ewing doggie door close friends we've talked about that his he denied this deal. I think that's what this what you're saying for a fact because strike you think maybe I'm guessing that that's because in doggie doors told you that if you don't mind me asking directly. Walton we're a little bit of the other game he wouldn't. Work. So it isn't all the way to the. So that's not the kind of thing that that like commonly happens on the football field anymore guesses what you're saying. That result was that it. Right Eric what bill senator on the AT&T hotline. When the us here on WGR. You mentioned it was a chippy game and I've I've I've read and seen reference to. More than one fan asserting. This and I've even heard some media talking about it that it it seemed Jacksonville. There was an inordinate number of hits to the head. In this game did you is that part of what made the game so chippy if that is a correct assertion to make. Yeah yeah. You know. I don't know quite recently the rest averted but our our. Applicable law. Just don't mow or. Not one. Both search out loot at quarterback still. You know especially to our. Yeah I don't dwell on it don't want it to Egypt Iran out of pocket. I doubt you know they're they're. So yeah that was for a bit and. Lawyers sort out all the all in a meal or did he or in days one and done gate. All of this is more than just it's unbelievable it. Did you know at Jacksonville had the this sort of reputation. Before the game I mean another tough defense. Men and highly ranked. But like the the the head shot partly due guys in the league talk about them being a team that has that wrapped. We talked before about a lot of talk on the people's other all the talk quietly. Delegates that they want off the golf. Chart it or or you don't even though. I don't. You know let go. So what you do aside from. Enjoy and celebrate the birth of your song hopefully in the coming days. Will we do in the next six months. Well. You are a lot. Although. You'll ask all oil Europe's additional upper go to war that. Immediately. You'd end all and Albert Hughes. Paul. Super Bowl yeah it all. I. And a couple of stops but we were charged if we are. Ala the war while I always thought. A whole lot AG GQ. And so you know it all worked out. But shop out back a little bit. Our. I'd do it up it's an all out I'll put my daughter's mouth without my want her to the war so. It or not. You don't need this and I know you didn't ask for you take the daughter of the global. Because you're tell your wife hate I'm sorry I got to go to Hawaii here for a arc a week and a half Orlando Orlando. Okay that's different I guess yeah that's probably. Easier to take it you're her. Do you take that maybe you take your daughter to can you do that at. You don't look at all. Jiabao on city about. It was noted that we. Remember a world while we saw a lot though not really. Sir what I would want her most well. All that you do well. Are. You know that is all of a lot more so it's see. Does it go that we're out. Yes why is daddy so excited for Pittsburgh. And doesn't. A really got to. Here's why. He because dogs are a return visit to the magic kingdom. How rides up rise in the balance here of this game. All right well. Bulldog I mean Eric take care good luck with your family and numb a man I don't know like a good summer for Pittsburgh now. Well whatever you want we want yet now won't you want to write the night. Yeah also face another thanks for another great season this man end you know. Good good thing you've got you've got your extension done so we can keep going with this could you will be around so that's good all of us do if you ever need sabres tickets are gonna total app. Are. Not all but I'll. Always look. You're much best of luck.