01-10 Bills general manager Brandon Beane with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, January 10th

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Really reaching out to our fan base and thanking them for their support off throughout the year incredible year and energy around this city. An energy around our fan base is just phenomenal throughout the season. Thought it helped us get through some of so the highs and lows of the season and it was great to see Angela Shelton Jackson go the way they did this has been an entirely. Team effort from the start. The entire building has been on board and also. Wanted to show our appreciation to tearing him for their support throughout this season. Coach Sean McDermott part of his comments from the season ending news coverage yesterday we've got it at WG reflector to dot com sitting alongside him yesterday and on our AT&T hotline right now it's bills GM. Brandon being Brandon it's Howard in Jeremy good morning welcome to the shouts are. Camara. Bread and I'm gonna make an offer OK are you ready. I have I have 32 dollars cash in my wallet and your credit cards. They are both yours all you need to do is figure out which quarterback you really love and go get him in the draft it's yours name it whatever you want. I. I appreciate I appreciate. And by if we do that I'll I'll give issue out. And there's airport mileage for the credit cards so you can fly for free eventually. It even better than what you know you and they're uncovered a couple of topic a number of topics just a but I wanted to ask you something first with your job Shawn was asked yesterday what he learned in year one is the head coach what did you learn in year one as the general manager of the bills. Well you know. Nothing. That I had not totally seen before from the position I've been in Carolina's assistant GM but you know every team is the new team every organization is different you learn a lot about the people in this organization. And you were this is a process here not only with the players and coaches and Sean talked about that that. I'm just go to our whole football operation from discounting and you know we re did. Proto part and college department and so there was a lot of you know areas along the way we're still doing that as we go through the draft. So just a lot of little things with the people that have been here how we are structuring things and you know and and still. You know it's long ordeal really your first year in a new position. You know the way the NFL cycle works. You know I got here in mesa until we get through this draft. It's you know we're adjusting and in building this thing you know guys ago. You got a lot of questions yesterday about the offense and understandably so. You you've talked a couple times now Brennan since you've got here about the importance of finding a franchise quarterback and it's not easy I get that but. How what kind of a priority is it for you and the staff. To get that get our quarterback I won't say draft because you can get him different ways. But what kind of priority this off season is identifying a quarterback you believe could be a franchise quarterback here at some point. Yeah I mean you definitely us that it I've spent over and over two quarterback Lee and until you know you have. You know the guy Richard definitely gonna build this you know this team around him and obviously the offense around. You know you're constantly searching you you know the teams that. You know make the runs in the playoffs. It consistently. Have a franchise guy that they Leno and hearing your Al and you know we're still we're still in the process you know getting them accomplished. So you say you're duffel EU are searching for someone to build around in one of the things that was at a gay consistent. Talking point for bills fans it didn't look like. The the offense as constructed this year was something that was built around the quarterback. Yeah you know it. Unity you know in today's the end result we learn you know Lou not happy with yours you can ask players coaches. Staff whoever. Everybody wanted to be better on offense but there were others as well and people are focused right now you know hot topic. To not you know people of blow off balance. And so we get that we understand that it's not just one person you know it's not just one player. There's a lot of that you know I have my own issues that you know I think I got to do better unit to help our offense help our defense counsel Sean and I honestly we are we're methodically going through it in we're gonna try Indian. Could do this thing this week and with our staff that you would like each of our own staffs. Together and world com news blitz and results to how we're gonna build this thing how to fix the issues we have. You've been a part of a step before the draft of the core meg very high Cam Newton and in Carolina. The do you feel like that process. Figuring out all the things that go with a interviewing the player and appearing. Coaches. May be teammates doing research on a guy like that before making this election is do you feel or you hope that that has you better prepared for it this time around a girls only gonna do it. Yes you know I think every time he goes through some like that helps you live and you learn you make your notes. What did you think we're well we're do you think you you know you condone that better so yes going through that process back in 2011. With Carolina was. And we did more research on cam and and the other quarterbacks. Then we had done on it any previous point in my time you know and Carolina so definitely helps. To have a plan and know how you're getting you know solve the problem and in answer your question when it's time to drafts. What does that involve with and there are six different guys that Michael in the first round this year may be even more pass that so. How much work is and how Powell how far down the trying to find out what motivates the guy or work out what drives the guy what kind of person he is. Think how far do you go with that. When you you know we've already started this processes and and it even goes young quarterbacks that. You know our guys. You know that are in the area their job as an area scout is to not only talked to the players' coach that talked to people that know the kid to have enough and they gained from an academic advisor. People Foreman is high school. You know try to ask other teammates when you're talking to men and that process will continue as we. We gain more access its limited access in the fall that you can really get too but. You know couple these guys he has some of these. Ironing guys you meet Senior Bowl get a chance to visit within their. More real talked to some of our friends or whoever coaches some of these guys its Senior Bowl go talk to other teammates we'll continue it wasn't for the week we'll talk to some of their. Teammate that world where women for several years in college. We'll talk to people back at our school do anything and everything to really know who this person is what makes him tick. As a person then obviously got to get into the act and I was does this guy does he work hard and don't really understand what he's seen. You know what he'd been through what what what the system he'd been and has the all will play could be called place. Has recalled played out in the huddle. You know the coming times you look on film this guy irritate you know snaps from center all those things. You know you gotta go through and you know that you're you're basically just building you know a library on each player. One thing we would ask your predecessor a lot his games he had gone to players he'd seen of the other quarterbacks that are coming out this year how many have you had a chance to see in person. I seen all along that matter. And carrying how many matter without the main San names how many matter. I don't wanna give you a number and cut the it's not a good there bit. I've seen every one of them that could potentially be in the first round. Would you care to share your opinion on baker mayfield not on the field Brandon but a lot of the stuff the flag planting the crotch grabbing in the stuff that happens off the field and how much you care or research that side of things. The old I'm not gonna really get into any of the players right now basis it's too early in the process but. Younger where you know of him in this stuff and but I'm gonna leave it. As is well you know my thoughts on. On at this commons I think it's best if if I don't go into. When you meet with these guys in person you said yesterday you know it's not just watching them on film what they do during the games you wanna sit down and meet these guys. What are you looking for when when you you know go wide eye and sit down and talk to these guys the quarterbacks is specifically because of the in importance of that position. You know how comfortable are they in their own skin. You know as they are the area are they do they care anything about the people there talk enters an all about them you just there's so many things you can pick up. And even at fifteen minute conversation in congress to spend way more than fifteen minutes were these guys that. You know. There's you're talking tome is the guy straightforward does he seem like he's holding some back to the open up. You know just like you're certain you know I don't bark some more relaxed. You know whatever the case may be you can pick up. Is the guy comparable. Is who he is or is he trying to hide something. We're with bills GM brand and be an honor AT&T hotline here one other thing you guys have you and Sean McDermott worked together before collaborative effort. When it comes to draft day. Is there. Is there you know like a board of idea of group of people because you might have differing opinions especially with five picks. In the first three rounds you might get to a spot where there's a split. Is there one person is it you win that that will pull tab as they say that will pull the name off the board. Like final decision rests with me I mean you you as the GM I think. A lot of structures from the NFL it's gonna come down to one person and that's going to be the GM maybe with summits the coach may be. I don't know why I ask who pulls the tab at the end of the day. You know it'll be collaborative deal at the end of the day it's my decision to make. But you know I don't. Take that lightly in the sense that it will be collaborate Sean and I'll talk canal. And we talk out a lot of things other you know every day stuff peer thing that happened in the week in the game. And we talk about those decisions and plan amount and we will go to a lot of those scenarios leading up to the draft but you do have to have one. Final voice to make that call you said and I'll do that again. Everything will be collaboration only very involved in the process. One of the things are curious about when your round with Murphy and Donald Jones and Steve task yesterday Brandon they talked about some of the trade you mating. You know you move up big name guys tell the guys like you know Sammy Watkins a Ronald Darby and Marcel Darius but you that you mentioned at the time. You make any move you make you believe that it's being done UN Sean believe it's being done in the best interest of the franchise. How do you balance all that out when you're putting your roster together. Chemistry culture but also talent level gimme you don't want a roster of like grinder and loggers and blue and lunch pail guys. Yep doesn't talents are how do you balance all that together when your figuring out what to do. Razali you know that there's no magic formula you just you're trying to figure out who these guys are what their motivation. What your plan with a won't forward. You know. You guys some of those guys who moved out than you are less spam or whatever. Going in the last year is still just a guy you have to answer your question is a guy you you want to resign as a guy you can you think that you have a good chance to resize. There's different factors. In different players you know Darby is Jack that your team really not there's there's so many different things you know we talk about Marcel. Ad nauseam but. At the end of the day each one has its own circumstance how they fit due date it is this guy you wanna keep going forward or is a guy we're better off moving on without. And that you know each one that has their own reasons behind those moves. How would you describe your your cap position what kind of cap shape as the French ice in this offseason going forward. You know I think it it's improving. We're not there. Were better off than this team was a year ago. But we're not where I want to be more wanna get to. Unfortunately I mention it in yesterday talking Smart all those you know away from the press conference was. You know we we got dead money and we're still working through that. And that happens when you have moves like some of the ones we did you know the big bigger contract like Marcel but. We wanna get away from that because the more money we have on the field. The veteran in the barrel going to be paying the players they're actually on the field. I think in nineteen you'll see it even better than what we're heading into this year so we're not a religion. Having said that free agency comes before the draft and you mentioned yesterday that you you know you guys know you have a lot of holes to fill. So what what's your approach to free agency what would you. How active do you we think you would be in terms of trying to fill some of the holes to make your draft process a little babies here there. Only would like to kill as many holes as we can't. You know I look at free agency it and it's a moving target because you know we're article on dude do you have faith that we know now that have not reached on their current teams. And world ranking those guys are scouts of America and down. We'll have meetings you know Amanda's east west and senior vote next week when I get back. Literally. Get back on the US base and by that point some of the guys may re signed. You know other things wolf on fallen to help us narrow down our you know our focus on who wanna get that we wanted to kill as many holes we can't that would value we don't wanna Disco. Chastened and spent you know overspending. For a certain position or certain player we're gonna go when there we have a lot of whole bill so. Will be strategic win it and we'll try and find as many guys that we think can help us. And it you know eliminate some of the things that we have to get done in the draft. One other philosophy questioner philosophical question if I could. When it comes to again if you're thinking about quarterback we're gonna wanna put words in your mouth but if you're thinking about quarterback. Whether it's free agency or draft. Do you select a quarterback based on who your offensive coordinator is and what your scheme is. Or do you get a quarterback you love and then have the OC work with that guy or how how does that all work. Normally get one that that I think is is the right guy for our team. After this organization. Skill set wise that we're looking for. You know good coaches. Walt take whatever this quarterback's strengths are and he'll work in the office. Because we all know you draft the guy. For certain coordinator turned system that guy goes on does well become the head coach and new guy comes in here has a different system that doesn't that the quarterback that doesn't make sense. So we'll cryptic guy with the skill set that we think. Fit and it'll be up to you know the operative coordinator and offensive staff to. You know. Accentuating yes we are or whatever his strengths are and how do weaknesses. I'm opera still stands Brandon 32 dollars and your credit cards and I think the Max limit is like maybe 5000 dollars on the credit cards. We met him up pretty quick and drop at all and Australia equipment that. I don't have debt cap space that's OK I'll deal yeah welcome our. Credit thanks appreciate you giving us some time we look forward to. Hear from you again later in the season our season. You gotta president thank Brendan Brendan being bill Chambliss eighteenth and.