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Wednesday, January 10th

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Head coach of the Buffalo Bills are just a day or two away from celebrating the one year anniversary of his employment here the Buffalo Bills a year ago this time you're probably. In a frenzy right union and is talking to the bills are your. Oh this time I was. I think flying back from from Florida after talking with. With ownership carrying him and and had been offered the job in and then had accepted the job and then it was just getting myself and my family. Organized to come up here for our our press stuff. There's a great day you know we we don't. Yesterday in the show shall we frequently due to the polls on Twitter and try to engage listeners an airport yesterday was what was the most important the most significant thing Sean McDermott did. In his first year as head coach we we offered a couple of suggestions one of them and the playoff drought. One of them was bill to start to lay the foundation for a new culture one of them was. Survived that three game losing streak if you get in I don't you're not reflective mode yet you've got work to do would begin that much thought or maybe your most significant accomplishment. Of your one on the job here in buffalo while working with. Our I think our economy you know you know. The time and I. I was certainly Perez and at that I think treatment for entering into the ground you and album. The I would just say. You know really just. I don't think there's anything specifically other changes. Two in and what we're doing is being a part of our great team here are building. And changes to get my family out here. And and situated now years and years you mentioned. Into the community. And their school's sports. I'm really looking forward to settling in a little bit as matches as much as we can. The drought had a life of its own. The delicate dragon Easley and the couple right it was like it like it's. And a Russ Brandon mentioned you know huge and been thrown into it and Lake Erie and that's it that's a heck in an analogy again. Which is just the energy around this vicinity. Over the last couple weeks just incredible. To see our fans. And see the reactions. On on Twitter different videos. That is just amazing you know. That's it used to be guys after you guys done for the playoffs and watch the video in the locker room everybody's. Everybody's going crazy. He turned around first it looked like he won agree that mean you turn around and just walked away right now. He's become Republican and it wasn't over you know it wasn't in it and that was the little bit tricky part was it. In the nation that we Austin there's still believe 44 segment after that they scored. When when an incredible. Life and now but it amazing moment and but as a head coach even when we entered the locker after argue. It could've gone either way it's one I had to be prepared to go with. One speech or other speech itself situation well it's hard at concession speech or victories at Oakland. We surprise that the depth of emotion that the company that moment not just your team. Now I really wasn't knowing or having gotten knows fan base and our football team. It's it's a group. That it takes things to heart they're passionate. And I hope our players played that way and that our fans saw our guys approached every week you know they played. To me it's important that we really resemble our community in rates. Bosnia talk a little bit about. We hear so much from you especially about the culture and changing the culture. Is it culture can you break that down to me is it a winning culture is that our work culture of the mixture of everything I mean what is the culture for you in your eyes. Well I think. You know at talked about this formula before but just in general when you can bring in their right types of people. Or keep the right types of people and some of that we did maintaining. And you can add. Or when you do that you have a chance to have culture right. The bigger part of of culture to me is is the chemistry to resolving chemistry that you have a chance to have if you have great culture. And we had that on our football team and and I think that's what gives a chance to be successful. Now Murphy is news yes your questions for you but we were just talking about I was hopeful that you have a chance to watch college football obviously with the draft coming up. How hard is it for you to when you watch college football and you see likes some talented dudes out deduce that it. Some dogs and if you would you like you know what he could truly help this this team. But he might have something in his background you know how hard is it to you to truly pass supplemented because of he might not really fit into what we're trying to do here. Welfare it is is huge. One of the things that you mentioned earlier what we've been able to do was establish. Some form of standards some form of culture. And you have to do that yet to do it every year because it's he changes because the teams change every year from music to the next. You know that said if you do have. Some form of cultural you do have some form of leadership Clare Jim in leadership you're able to to expand that window a little bit more. From when it to the next. That is the culture in place now or was it imported seventeen heard view but do you pick up where you left off Lester idea to restart next. In other areas that I believe where you can build off of what we did this past season that said. Firsthand experience and Caroline's going to Super Bowl one year. Weren't able to. Re signed certain players certain players were allowed to walk. For better or worse and great lesson I learned. Firsthand that. Cultures change from going it to the next so there is a here's an element of building upon what we did this year in a lot of ways culture mean a lot of them. That this but there's also an area where you're almost starting from scratch again. You you make UN Brandon. Excuse me had to make some. Are difficult decisions about the culture vs tail you'd you know you're treated waste in talent what what the factors are words were do you strike the balance between. We think this guy's a good fit. As opposed to we think this guy is religion play. Yet to find it's a fine balance as you mentioned there's a sweet spot in their somewhere and it starts with our our scouting department Brandon his staff. Do a phenomenal job date they worked their tails off the finest. Players that fit our DNA. And it doesn't mean they'll have to be as certain. Now we're look at certain way or act is certainly that's not what this would putting great team together is all about. It's it's really like putting together great recipe one addition affects another. Addition and once contraction affects who brought taste of things so he saw that through this year now. Hopefully. Next year we're not doing as much as we did this year but there's always that add subtract add subtract city get it just right. Which Sean McDermott the bills head coach in studio with a for a couple more minutes. Of the season just ended Sunday in in Hampshire very disappointing fashion how do you address how did you address your team. On Monday this week about. What we think yesterday's game as opposed to what we think this season in other words public sector was the disappointing loss and while our game and in your overall assessment of what the season. Well you know like it's never easy to lose the last game of the year and although one team is gonna do yet this season like every season so. It's stone and continues to sting you know price stinging him more a little bit I'll be reminded that this weekend and retro games on that we learned a lot of idle lessons in that experience and it was great to have our young players and that type of environment. At the playoff atmosphere. I would say were disappointed but not the scourge and prided vastly that I can describe it. It's a it's a continual pursuit bar of our vision and went back and rest until we get there as long ago. And so one of the things that came out of the fortunately came out of Sunday's loss was that accusation from the jaguars Yana Hancock weigh about Richie intact needle and hustler. On the field and you wouldn't remnants of the that's been investigated looked at by the league be heard anything back yet what are you know. Well I had not Brenden Morrow via the lead on that. And working with with Eric on that our our PR. Director you know overall just an unfortunate situation anytime things like this. Come up these are sensitive situations. Just very unfortunate overall and I would say. You know I've heard the reports also about that's what we were coaching or something along those lines and and in fact. And there are other real honest truth is what we coach that week was to be poised because we knew. Any time your playoff in a playoff game very intense situation and in fact going against their defense. They were a team that like to do champion. And we felt like it was important to address our players and say listen let's not beat ourselves and and so we talked a lot during the week about ways. In fact another thing to came out of the game which just three points on the scoreboard I wonder where to begin to address you know the offensive shortcomings not just in this game but. To the courts of the season is it scheme personnel Woodward even begin to look at it this year. Well you know there are some things we did well enough tents and and now I think you get a start there and say hey let's make sure we don't know what we do well and then address errors where we didn't. I'm meter expectations so that that means they'll team as well on offense defense and special teams. And that process has really already begun. And will meet as a staff on our roster tomorrow. And really the case found on each and every one of our players from. How they are on the field Al they are off the field medically. As well as strength and conditioning so. We are. Really maximizing. Our roster. Now players get to step away a little bit now for maybe a couple of weeks before they might get back into. Pilates or whatever they do in the offseason you don't necessarily get to step what you mean you go right into we got to evaluate our team then we're probably looking at the rest of the teams throughout the league to evaluate players who might be on the streets all of this though do you ever get a chance. But he don't want to step away before you have to dive fully into free agency and the draft. Yeah that's a great question and it you know like it's hard to step away but I have to step away a little bit too it to reset recharging. And now also need to reconnect with with my family murdered the husband be a father. A son and brother that's important to him in the proper balance in life so. You know they give me so much support during the years that I've got to also do my job on on that as well so. You know we do get away a little bit it's going to be hard for me to stay away because. Until the jobs on and it never really actually gets done totally. You know moment stadium aggressive in our pursuit of what we're trying to get done here to show what was the biggest surprise for you in your first years and it. Product is the media obligations with guys like you got there. I do people say that I you know what there's there's a lot of I don't know that there was a surprise had been asked that question before and I spent a lot of time preparing for this job through the years in and on a daily basis though. There's a lot of things that I that I knew would come up. Not knowing attempted to what extent but probably know that I think the biggest adjustment is just 24 hour. I gay. On call me if you will. Type of assignment it. That's what happens he calls them on the night because when in the middle of dinner with your famine on Friday night and you're hoping get a little bit of time. And analysts say it was a surprise that it's private biggest adjustment from from life on it like an appointment. That's what I signed up for I love it. And I'm ready for each count Nazis. How big do of a difference was it. Coming from being a defense that coordinator the head and she now on the play calls calling defense is that now you've gone through a full season as a head coach and no wind through the challenge flag and things like that you prepare for but it's not something you necessarily had to do in the past. Yet you know one of the things you learn in that situation until you're the guy having to do it. It's not as he sees it looks. That said you know there's some things we did well in those situations are some things that. Some valuable lessons that I learned only through the first year that only trying to be better at. In the second go around. So it's all about growth mindset and then. You know really trying to continuing to to improve. Every day every week every year and that's true of our entire football team as far as managing the game. Did you when you look at that what you might wanna change can you do more mean is it possible that put more on your plate or maybe you you'd look to do lesson to be back away from a couple of things and and focus on more yeah there's a fine line in there just like this with every if you Tryon. Over prepare sometimes you you know missing things that if you hold on to type in missing things they shouldn't have missed analyze things so. In I'm sure I'll find my sweet as we contain fours. And I get the experience that. That got this past season and move forward just like I did as a position coach that is a coordinator. You tend if you do things the right way and knowledge other right aptly. You know you talk about being a position goats a coordinator now as they take votes we had Jordan for your own. Andy was saying you know we were talking about how you go around all the different positions and aisles like what does it come. And mess with you guys a little bit bored as he plays safety you know do you is it hard for you now the have to step away from everything you find yourself on the defense to Saturday did in the TV room a little bit more. Well yes and now I think one extra state balance due to be equally balanced across all positions across all three phases is. It's impossible to. Alison don't wanna be noticed is that defense which I think is a coach. You act in some places he know over the entire unit so. I think that's important that I give my defense of prospective bosses to the other two phases that said I know much strengthened. And and that's. That I can do in terms of adding value to one side of the ball would be in defense so what if anything are you most proud of that your team did this year or something. Just the way the approach this year anything though I would say overall that just establish a standard of winning winning not just on the field but. The habits that equate to winning and habits that happened during the week in and the way we carry ourselves we we. The way we dress the way we travel and totally gains. You know we we had ourselves in the community I think it not that it wasn't there before. It's just developing consists of a consistent more consistent standard. And then and then it showed up on the field as well so I think. You know. Re energizing navy. This city about what we did. And knowing also that works not complete yet. When you look back at that three game losing streak in the middle of the season and then sole you know decision with the quarterbacks which analysts though. Now as you look back and you might have a two minutes to reflect the embassy's statement. As the low point in this news is going to be every seat you have ups and downs but that was. It was bad at that. I could figure out how to they come back from this this is pre yeah right now pre game. Can't get to see in whoever 26 morning we're six and they can. This is it this is the season isn't there a point and blustery grow went back tyra it was that was a tough spot your. Yeah I've been there before and that's that's only to prepare the right way and I've been fortunate enough to be around a couple great coaches in my. In my career to this point so. One of the great things any remodeled to me was never panic stay with the plan I just they were necessary. And get your team right back on track and if you ask me earlier what. Where some of the great moments of thought that was a great moment for us. And how our team stayed resilient and battled and it went tuna tough place to play you know one AFC west and and came out on top so a lot of title lessons a lot of foundation laid this year that our players now can share with the new players that we do bring in saying hey this is how we do it it's not that weighs how this is how we do it this is why. Probably like to hear this a cup of coffee that morning in Kansas City would Bill Polian to both of us and he basically was that William Becton don't worry. At. And you're now RT complexities that. Told him is going to be a threat is afraid to say I want to ask you a couple of weeks after that we had a great guest on the show Darryl Strawberry did former you know Major League all star generals Robert. Who you and your team brought in to speak to the team for the colts game respect your second week of December and know he worked a little bit with the temperament and Abbas. He gets up I want you to listen what he said he told us on the show that I found some remarkable is Darryl Strawberry back on October and several. Early like with the bills are doing here a room like the fact that the arm. Bring your spirituality into the guy's life into face to be under brings help help regards bill some type of character because he'd think about it. But I commodities 2122 years old. The storm a lot to learn okay are great you were in college and when you through this somewhat different. Darryl Strawberry back in December coach an avid media to ask you this debt is an important component seems to me from the outside looking in an important component of the type of program you're trying to build your spirituality. It is it absolutely isn't and you know as as we invest in our players money shall we invest in. Not only the physical part of our players but also the spiritual part of our players and their minds and we do we do I believe that the job with that those three areas and and should so that they don't not that this is a country club that sending that station. Want or need or lack for anything in terms of providing them with the resources and tearing into a phenomenal job. With his habit of investing and in giving them everything they need and so the spiritual side and it is is just one facet for us and you know I've heard it mentioned before and I believe in this set yes we are. We're process driven but we are also relationship treatment as well you know and relationship focus though. That's that's part of this there's a there's a personal side to each and every one of our players. I need to know that we care about them as men first and then. That we also care about them also on the field keep thinking it goes it's up to to do with. Use you when your team your players that we've Beckett training camp about laughter talk about loving each other and I told him back in August I. Never heard of football team talk about are you trying to save our analogy not me. Yeah and I are taking a car and I and I my god I'm right a little that's good good that's but that's what it should be a means this and spent a lot of time again right. And you hear you the safe family break it down famine will what does that mean in Allen. And my love for EU. Should be so great that I am currently chief counsel because of that. We don't mean a whole bunch of rules in this and at the here at this time it would get some of that two bit. I love you so much. From accountability standpoint and I'm not let you down or your family down. But what I do outside this building by Helen in my life and I'm going to be here on time because the my ethnic feelings for you. How much do you precede team its one thing for the guys in the locker room to to love each other we need you guys love it to other bond. But it's another thing you guys need to make sure that you are spending their time with your family spending the time with their wives or kids all of this up because. If you're not and that's now affecting you it's gonna affect his locker room as well because you're not focused because all you can think about it. You know something's going wrong at home or something like that well lets you. And mean I think that goes to a phenomenal job with allowing. Families to be involved and you know one of the things we did this year was have some of the coaches and and the football operations staff and their families come in on Tuesday night for dinner. I know what it's like as a position coach and not see my family for going on 34 days at a time and and and sometimes just being able to put eyes on Nick Kaczur put us on your wife significant other whatever it may be. Gives you a bit of boost from an energy standpoint so long season and having that you're right having that proper balance. Is important. And and also the energy that comes along with that at the end of the day I'm not out there playing it's the players that are out there playing and so when the players come in on Wednesday morning's. We have to have the proper amount of energy to get them going. Coach thanks to this would've spent a few I know that this the schedule is cab down a little bit for you in particular. We're always here Serbia extra couple Minnesotan. On you know and made regarding his dead love us now hello I'm in a vacuum that's really preach about ninety parity yet to be great job thanks thanks.