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Friday, January 12th

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And. We always do so we're contracted best we can do and it. He knows a lot at stake and I think there was a lot into it so. There really wouldn't matter what happens outside of this facility in what we're trying to accomplish. That's obviously the voice of Tom Brady. I think after eighteen years you'd probably have become accustomed to hearing his voice even here in buffalo. South of I just hit him with you today I'll be in Monday and Tuesday as well during this time slot a lot happening today. About twenty minutes before I went on the air the bills announced they had. Fired offensive coordinator Rick Dennison not much of a surprise the after the press conference the other day at the end of the year press conference with. Rain and being Sean McDermott. Most came away thinking they were going to make a change at the position but now the changes officially turn our attention to who could be next in line. I get the sense they want a more experience play caller now after going the route of a guy who had never called plays before and Rick Dennison. Until this year Mike McCoy was. Sean McDermott's first choice last year he elected to go to Denver. He was since fired from Denver he's open he's available rob kids Hinske. Head coach topics according to play caller he's available Mike Shula Ken Dorsey bull to aspire to Carolina peril battle fired in Seattle. John the political quarterbacks coach denigrate did a great job with Carson once in Philadelphia. Lots of different names out there Brian Cabell. From New England OC in Alabama now Super Bowl national champion also from buffalo secrets as high schools still lives here owns a home your family is here. So a lot of different things to sort through when we talked about it we are gonna head up to Boston right now. And talk with my good man from WEEI our sister station on the Entercom dial up there. Alex Roemer now Alex. You have a lot to live up to here because I I I said something about you as they went to break I want you know what it is and you tell me if this is an accurate description erratic. I I said. Alex is a very young Boston sports fan however as opposed to most young Boston sports fans. He understands. That most other young Boston sports fans are very spoiled. And he will tell you that. You do not act like you are spoiled you understand the privilege it is Ben to VA Boston sports fan in your young life and you understand it. And you think that some others there do you not get exactly how good they haven't is that right. Absolutely I know how lucky we he never occurred almost every year but of course they have a correct the record I'm not a fan kind of a suspect. I'll okay well yeah right there you did grow up the Boston sports in right. Oh who now or never honored. Or they'll lose that. Hate now tell me on though the the sense this year though the sense this year around this team. Do most fans there think that this is just you know it. It's in their birthright they're gonna win another Super Bowls or is there a little apprehension this year after everything this team has gone through. What they everything that doctors were thirteen and three the pilot they now on the house right and there is. Out and go out there are no laughing at your court a lot of partners like around team that. After the eaten at the crop portray tractor look into that period circumstance surrounding and at the between radian ballot Jack over out Guerrero got in wiped out I court get the big. That particular story last week so yep wrecked the pipe is that a lot of crap. There but for the and that they're now needs putrid thirteen three number one he got their book and they're like Minneapolis. Let's talk about the story before we get into the game one of the reasons why I want to have you on I think you give us a good idea you're there at the BEI you're connected in the media. You talk to people you hear things obviously. Tom let's start with the baseline of the story first and then I'll get into the the blowback of it from some people up there. The actual facts the way you know as far as a rift between Kraft and Belichick and Brady how real is that how deep does ago. Why I think his grip between gradient Pallet Jack over the credit the box Guerrero greedy. Personal guru is it that partner in the hot spot at the wanted to dot their current I ever recorded. Your great times that Pallet Jack and Guerrero from the sidelines this year curtail is previously. I'm better act that you know you beat a lot to report not that. What that cricket wicket camera we had you written record this year talk about out. Cabrera began to caught the Dakotas and now in the cleaning out in particular. Telling players not squat. I'll be locked though yeah I think Belichick certainly enjoyed by Guerrero at present he doesn't buy it committee backed the restraint stop without court and is real art crap that Pallet Jack. And there was an anti. For ballot but it's great problem because now. It could be the period circumstances around according out of after your other elected not to record they have. The patriots all begun contact. Which won. The 49ers they did not stop Iraq while it did not look for the highest Creighton return. Did you tell me about what decree that was in May got a on board despite. Why would so hate that we put together as a make any sense. I agree with that in the fact that they could have gotten more for our for him last offseason and by all indications and tell me if I'm wrong. It never wanted to traded tree Jimmy problem at all whether it be last year or this year or into next year. But couldn't hear it out later right now look back all at the plant you know it one step at a everybody else but yeah. You're gonna Rick Rockwell was created in the op even when the pilot got an eight pack or. If you eat the rock well. You keep them earned that year and then print out of the op E*Trade. And certainly it. Rock for the Rockwell an opt eat it even with the Red Hat pack bottom and how to make sense her drop well. Eight games that the dispute you're if you're out on earth though it. The timing got it absolutely makes. You're dead that you're right it could point your reported this week the browser would have offered the number port in Africa Iraq while the pot that the patriot. Never carpet app. That's amazing out in blue we will also tie in vehicle we were second year because. Let's be Odyssey gets a quarterback that I think has played fairly well any look like he was. A guy that was at least workable and doable and maybe could be a starter in this league that also treated him right before that. It was that also may be the same sort of mandate or was that up more of a dollar check K you know what I got a guy here I don't ornament you with a type of thing. But went even further created the right here at the plant would not drop the but you're right you're gonna do it. Why wouldn't treat the other quarterback. On your doctor. That the PG battle that highly of brick that I disagree with you all think he would particularly. Impressive and indeed it here at LA got. That upper line art for but he could be all that practice but not. Yeah I get it back up birth occur I don't think bringing in the heat. We're in the cart that they Wear it if we knew they were possibly can get rid of about the deadline out like create yet their quarterback on your op there. So where does this leave the relationship between Bob Kraft and bill ballot check that. All those rumors circulating about the giants look like that's not really gonna happen Matt Patricia looks like he's going to be their bit. That does seem like Patricia mcdaniels or may be trying to get out now or do they know something is is there's something more and deeper here between. Kraft and Belichick they could resonate in the this year may be cause a split between the two. I definitely think you know like and I believe the crap on ballots yet I there optic Rob Lowe or we're not operate. But frankly that to me like it or not getting credit Tom Brady obviously eat properly and their. They're quiet the gap Ellis back. As noted that a lot of the air from the player personnel perspective in the crowd that then. You know in an end to hate the most important to sit in the stretch that it is in the on and Erik Erik Brady. Yeah I think that certainly cotton on patents in the. But you know in terms of twenty he'd. I think her ballot at the gate get over that spot you want or what way. The rate declined a little bit 41 there's big hop by quarterback in that we. And a pretty weak AFC. Part but certainly you know real quick I would. Who might be their actions I mean what aperture to adopt a lot like what evenly guarantee to kill her at copper. Great job while he you know I wouldn't buy what did he lack there at that Britain about that. Alex three or joining us here WEB I in Boston what we tell me about Ryan Babel I he's a Western New York native he's been on that staff. A couple of different times I think is different position coaches and assistance. He goes back to with Belichick actually wave back in the early 2009 came back. But now he's gone he's got some seasoning we have an offensive coordinator openings here in buffalo what do you know about rind able. Quite a but he came up to the ballot that bit he worked under a bend you know not. Harding played that Barry but it might hit it for me speculative standpoint. You're the guy on the block there at the ballot back lot experience better obviously L uncertainty could it be tethered we led. I think they're all back you know quite got quite hot. On their players you know talk with the media. I don't that there were both I could see it doesn't matter but they're going to coordinator role is now. Aren't they are a part of liquor Brian papal. Synthetic crack the whip like nick eat dinner go ballot that it doesn't whether they're CD it got are being nobody got hurt as a player but ordered back. I get I get the coordinator but with a deal that accurate about belly. But I want our like that you lot are really worked under ballot that is key that only David as well. Let's I don't have Brady specifically here in his performance this year still and the I mean in in in just watching him for myself to prepare for too late games in the year. I thought that he was just a little bit different so little bit off and and it started to meet. Really was rate around maybe that the bills game Marie before that he Tina that Miami Monday night game continued throughout the next bills game so. Do you think that he's just is are you show seeing Alex when you watch him may be that he's a little bit differ a little bit off may be that father time is starting to catch up to him. Al who briefed the plywood and you're making great as of Blackmon do in that game winning drive it very rocket at the productive. Got a credible but got. Over the last week. Randy Perkins and the not but on the same page. They're behind receivers out of habit connect on the and that I've 38 acting at the peak yesterday what it Brady last five games. 81 point the quarterback rating it number that the court Peyton Manning got a pretty fifteenth wherever a lot but we went fourteen remaining that way. Became end. Mediocre and the numbers are very similar forget that you'd like decline Brady o'clock last month I get. Alliger joining us here and the AT&T how Larry this game bomb. Or. I don't see the titans threatening the patriots at all. But you know you tell me or is there a weakness that could show up in the patriots to the titans might be able to exploit hang in there and maybe shock everybody. Know I can tell you ally have been on the airlock that we haven't spent one minute. Talking about the game and what they're at that. You know like they make it Kate. And thriller that it that I that meet the hatred is Tom Brady destroy it Dick what I eat that the court back to Denver. That the market might Malarkey. The opera like OK got it right there at 335 I'm. The beat the patriots. We got married audit terrible quarterback they've nor could it make it quite if they're down for edit 888. The cut in the game. I could have made better it a couple of the guys in the credit liquidity. I like that I think that's right I think that's right and unfortunately the bills didn't I get the job done in Jacksonville what about on the other side. Between the jags and the Steelers obviously we know that the Steelers have played the patriots tough sometimes but the page it's always seem to come on top on them. And the jaguars with that defense is there a worse match up be out of the two who would give the the patriots the better game and keep a closer. Fighting it the Steelers divert you have a great friend but and greater victory Parker or appoint forward all. It just go back yeah I can't see him when he got hurt quite a game. Or at least horrible I mean I just every last week watching him play I can't believe the bills and come away with that win. Keep stock on my arm. You know with the corporate debt they collapsed on the I couldn't patriot but my. And that but they work baker had blatantly cracking down on the page it gave when he got here remember early. Ott shot it with one of their linebackers at pre fall they are not prepared dark winter that than it would in Britain speculated that it. Eric Bedard would be entirely different forgot that Arnold rotted out. The app you'll be back they did not have even against the patriot. Yeah I. I can I could even directing it or they can hang with pat. I don't know how much you. Really pay attention you watch Tennessee football would just from a from LA you know standpoint of who might be able did. Give the patriots the best right at the patriots do get to the Super Bowl who would be the team that people in Boston just would not want to face because they think that that would be there. Biggest obstacle to winning another one. I mean you're greeted playing I believe we'll be right now I spent the better. You have to think I'm I'm I'm on there than black and. Altria were joining us here in the eighteenth yeah all right so. Year to the opening day 2018 Belichick still the Ku coach and Rachel the quarterback for the and the patriots yes right. Yeah well who who who is who's the operative coordinator is Josh McDaniels. Opening up next season. No I don't think you know that the got depth I think it'd be you know I think we're ever read in a clear and I didn't Eric. Your your mini series that EU I don't really get back to preside over that collapsing get rewarded with a stop battle. Quite a bit and that but it telling rightly or report the coal. Certainly he'll McDaniel the topic and opt out. He got away from property in ballot that it is not often think that what thirty. The coordinator of the rat I mean Bradford you know. No great mate but there are millions of Denver. At all it is that I rang rapist would go. In the first round but they don't but it out or don't work or don't but don't like you're hiring a guy who rain call them trapping people in her round. What they couldn't move like I heard order that would give a lot of pot. Yeah no doubt about I guy get it and down you know you made the point and we've all seen it just seems like whenever bella check assistance go somewhere become coaches they do not. The not farewell and is that because they try too hard out you think to try and be like Bill Belichick. And to pat Bradley yeah I don't like it that he got the guys got to keep on the earth ground and couldn't tell you how what did Doug Herbert and or like what it. Rape op Ed mcdaniels that didn't seem to have a yak I bet that the deep regret. Being the type with the media but I can accommodate the dive in the upper there where. The group occurred while I'm in the greatest quarterback of all time in Austria for upfront or annually ballot back without five or. I do we Fila jot here are excellent circle back to the assets wicker sham peace for second telling the reaction a local media it seems like some there are some up there obviously or. Trying to poke is many holes and as possible right there must be others you absolutely think that everything is pretty much true so what's been the reaction from the media I mean I know the fee and didn't like it and they're gonna. Go after sap the way what about the media. The patent you know people in my position where little mortar route from the top kill or combat dot. You don't have your cartel they altered the very bright guy we a lot of let a spot and you work out that the report not all. Some eat out. Our little murky but you know I find it sad that the soccer and the a lot of these letters the court you poke a hole into it. You know circling the whacking but it don't get up Aaron that the writers here in the court to unite a lot of service out pieces there yeah get a lot about the. Our buddy house arrest the sport seemed on their Celtics what second best team in the leave first best in the conference. Bruins got to feel pretty OK right now enemy at its books sports scene is pretty good and Boston as usual right. Yeah I have birds are all at a Red Sox but if he's. I mean aggregate principal who hot but yeah I felt the excitement now what are our partners are in your you know from the great here. I've buddy we have a good new year I appreciate you joining you'll catch up against him. Right now.