01-12 Ben Goessling talks Vikings and QBs with Sal Capaccio

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Friday, January 12th

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Play like they're gonna report. For anybody but myself. You know that's you know not. You know more conservative let's conserve river you know either way I'm I'm going to be me. Vikings quarterback case keep them right there boy what a year he has had. I like the vikings coming into the year I thought they'd be good team actually picked them to win the NFC north but this season they've had has surpassed. In my expectation that I had good expectations for them. This year guys are able to cover them. All season long here and has then for awhile now from the star Tribune is then ghastly joins me now on the AT&T hotline to talk a little bit about the game this weekend. And the quarterback situation three guys all facing free agency that it's out of touch you here and of EGR thanks lover doing this. Apple itself they throw me. I so let's start with the game and then we'll get to the quarterback situation. On the and then I. I'm what I just said the expectations I thought this was a good team I really like Mike Zimmer did last year we knew they had defensive talent. I know they had some injuries that may be tempered some enthusiasm going into the year what were the expectations for the Minnesota Vikings. Well I mean the expectations that they were all over the port perk up calories that you have a lot of people that. But it of their defense and rightfully so how many guys they had to come back at our guys at the the bit about that deep sense but the thing that nobody knew woods. Probably operative wanted to hold up after all the injuries they have last year our running game was gonna look. Without any read Peterson in how the quarterback whatever at the time he ought to be a rapper that. A weekend and it does not look like it's going to be sent correctly so that mean that really added another clear that things but there were a lot of questions opera and whether it was going to be approaching an obstacle that defense get it into a company will hold an early to credit to pass term and a coordinator case genome. But that operative line that has been able to weather documentaries on like they were. Did they do want to look it's a blast here and in our running game be without doubt. In a lot of ways they have been at restore order and even the NFL and I think a lot of the reason they are the commissioner it is because of that. Is it because of Mike Zimmer weather so resourceful as the front office so why is this team failed to sustain all these injuries. I you know I think it. It's a couple things I think the the officer leaves. Murder I think they've worm problem from some of the potential in the past and I think they kind of open salt we need a plan B we need to have guys that. Can it and never a good spot to somebody goes down we need at running back they can auction speaker I mean certainly that was not the case. But Adrian Peterson the absolute they wanted guys to do that line that I expect could play a number different spots of what you down and you see them be able to. Do that shall rise around that but I also think some of it is. There's a mentality that my number one of the things that that he set when her apparent that are we stuck with me is that. His dad wrote the article coach in Illinois had an. Some years that run shoot some years or maybe a traditional art or whatever it is that I app used to win and based on what I have army over the use Synaptics. They've done that defensively in a lot of ways and I think that that true that lots that be as. Does your government often QB you know coordinator pat Burnett has been a chip Kelly's system in a West Coast opera but it aren't being a bit. They they really use a mix of everything they need base player I I think all of that is the beat up. Saints vikings Sunday at 4:40 eastern time. 340 local time over there in Minneapolis when Minneapolis such good sports city such a good football city. When they are going through there their problems at their stadium years ago when there was threatening to move we can identify with that year month low obviously we had a change in ownership then boy you tell me about just. The feeling of the city going from that what we're really see the darkest darkest depths of where the organization could be to the euphoria of today in an injured several years' time. Why it's funny because I mean you look at it at the stadium now getting into all they ever a brand new practice facility opening next year. 200 acre plot of land that they walk don't walk but airlines quarters so I mean really this is probably the first time. In the vikings history that you look at their facilities and say this state of the art sport you resented. In 1981 little practice facility opened 1982 of the metrodome opened that abdic a spokesman did they are at the time it's our goal and now it. I mean they really are kind of in this boom phase here now with with the building thing happened so with a team playing as well but the focus brought here. Prolonged eye and has been. We have all 27 team let's go try to be the first team to play don't want. In our home city in you know a lot of fans I think that are excited about that all agriculture. As you guys well Null. We've been burned in the past and it can we really. You know double click and you walk again if you burn out yet and can you go out they okay this seemed like it there there's trepidation and expect that it. It's a fascinating the current era and the weather's miserable. Is that Hillary well we get it I'm that's actually was sixty yesterday to be thirteen tomorrow so you know he is that's what you live with when you're around the. Parts of your right now. Now Milosevic got to be there then gasoline or probably yes. Yeah I Wii is actually bend gasoline joining me here from the on the apple a star Tribune covers the vikings what about this game though this is the toughest matchup running. The saints are really as good as any team in the league with all the different things they can do tough draw for the Minnesota Vikings but they are favored in this game because they are also. Many considered the best team in the field by many so tell me what they have to do to win this game going back to lead a team they played really early in the season obviously. Yeah and I think a lot of it is going to be containing the ways the saints have changed since we want their running game really need now as a lot of things go or they didn't adopt. They wanted to use Ella Camara that one out of work him into what Mark Ingram. In debt really wasn't something that is very well we want and I at all about it a lot great debt that it is starters you see them. Being a lot more active so you know I think a lot of for the vikings can you sit down running game can he continue to be as good on third downs they've been. They're the best third down concur depend to convert a percentage in the league Nike that he wanted to with all of that that you have going for you. Can you put that in that third down situations that Drew Brees but the stakes. Put pressure on him it's hard it's hard to get a breeze is one of the reached at quarterback we needed. They're able to get some pressure on and it will probably be because they've got to seventh birthday they know the cup. Why has case Keenan has so much success this year. You know I I think a lot of it has been they've found ways to use him. That other teams probably have a I think they have done a good job boats. Saying okay is that this is the strengths of your game is mobility is his willingness. In particular shot up you'll appliances willingness to work recording backs and I think all of those things. That a benefit or am I think it's done a nice job or work in or opt out what went pat from the guy. It's amber heard as they would that's firmer and loyalties there was anybody Sam Bradford has got so a lot of ways his ability to rework its cute benefit. As hell about it in you know think Wiki means he's not scared and he's been a starter in the past not to this degree but he. He's he's got god that I think a lot of competent. Then he's better than people realize that and I think. That has led him not tricky for the moment he hasn't been afraid it. Dick's got out feel that and be more than a game manager I don't think they'd be in the position he just said OK I got a broker. 210 yards and not making mistakes that he spoke he can't do it but I don't think that all that's quite dynamic enough. For him to it would be gotten into his credit into the liked to have been a little loose and attacked up that they're. What do you hear about this the window of opportunity for pet Shermer here with being in the playoffs obviously in the the rules that go along with that teams are already hiring her head coaches. On is a team missing out by not hire Yemen is there still a possibility he could still get. Yeah I think it's all possibilities and had to be Arizona Cardinals. Were a couple it's weaker are there I am I I've heard that. Did you but I heard. This that we're the most interest and pat server with the bears who obviously have hired. That Nagy gallon in the cardinals so I think if the cardinals wanna wait. I think he's a very good candidate there I'd bet that's going to be the question. Do people want awake talking and the second time a couple like things are done playing or until possibly. The off week with a suitable that that's really it was question would be I saw the 49ers wait. Last year when one Palestinian was their guy they knew that they wanted to and who wait for a if the cardinals a lot way. Well probably a little while pat server that you think the vikings went out they which obviously continues their heated to the point where did you know QE forty but he talk so. I pictured it and am I think their with the cardinals. There's probably interest and the idea that we get him we can maybe bring case in a little bit to protect going to create to beat so. I think he's still very strong candidates going to be questioned whether you want week. The vikings' season before that and against. You actually just answered what was going to be the next question Oscar Avila creative and how I asked and are we asked about the three quarterbacks when I was gonna ask you this. Let's say he does get the job and Arizona he can take any of those three with them is it Keenan he no matter what it is said. I think so I mean I I think expected Keenan has succeeded the way ES this year. And the fact that she. Probably April that benefit he still guys understand who works understands that he's been a back up that he's been guided. That got helped secure property epic they drafted. A young quarterback at some point double line I don't think he was all quite settled eat it at the guidance as well. No I'm not gonna help you you can armed army eighty watney but I'm not gonna help get ready I don't think he'd quit so. I think four or even that well he would make a lot of sent it certainly think. He probably makes more sense and you know it's gonna be Japanese he app wrapper off because. He's gonna have to answer a lot of questions about that needed. Albeit not the America somebody's. You know paying. I am a lot of money so I spoke to camp Ebert ordered the guy in Minnesota next year picket pat Herbert tired of where. Keep it could very well be going to that scene with him but obviously opposite of case you know take some like the Super Bowl. Well we are now you know thanks for our first Super Bowl forty years or possibly or probably got what are her ever now. Russell Mercer. Yeah. That that would be tough to do that so I know Zimmer has been very close relationship with Teddy Bridgewater is that you'll is that kind of maybe spearheading why you would say. Teddy there or is it really just because his ability why Teddy may be the guy staying in Minnesota. Why I think it's a few things I certainly think the relationship played much has coach art are about making decisions and in a whole week is passionate terms I do think that. Please into the in the part of it he's a popular battle locker room Zimmer. I don't say this but hyperbole Zimmer lots of like a son and you have to start the general manager Eric bill that trap that ambit. And kind of putting caps and a lot look at Hibbert what is so we want it to be right about secrets are missing of course potter years before so there are a lot of people here I think that believe it to be Kurt or. He's still only. 25. Years old record by November so minute that benefit as well and I think he's helped beat. But I am of the belief he's ready to play it I think they believe he's. At a point where you run sop to the had to do it he had at Charlotte which. You'd be projecting a little bit going into the future of whether this guy do it I still think there's a dot. Apparatus here Robert or big guy if they decided that it's cute but I I think. It's much smaller revert what are we got him brat Ergen minister question what is huge future. And a big Bridgewater at this point would be cheaper considering everything right I mean he comes gonna probably command more which is odd to say now we sit here at the offseason when he eighteen but is that the way you really look at contracts are all three of these guys look at that. Well I yeah I think we keep him the benefit he adds to see you all these guys are not or about. Ager rights issue in each he's been healthy one and that has them. I don't wanna get to the plate because they Hebert or wasn't there to take the job and rapper. Got hurt and instead of rapper wasn't ready to really come back and in ticket back to keep up so some of this sort of has been. Being healthy and being durable and he's certainly has shown he can get a shot to soak. You know I I think somebody and it all the money I think it's gonna be probably more fifty million a year and you know could be more than forty register what he's done but. It would hurt why aren't particularly keeper in the the question whether this contract with Ol this'll kind of an open date yet. You know there's a lot of different reads on that a literal war what they did yes it would be back. Bigger ebitda this year I think practicality. You'd. Pretty strong credence case that they'd have to deal with their hectic ultimately they decided they wanted to acted today. You know what I don't worry about all the politics here get a deal done. The spare ball outside the corporate back but certainly given the fact that he played. It'd mean people being really in two years now would bring him back on the. All right last one for me Super Bowl if that is played at Minnesota oh. This would be obviously unique as you know it's a goal there about what are we look at this car is tickets and crowd mean. It's just such a corporate event I mean would it be a true home field advantage for the vikings. You know I think will be a whole whole Bill Bennett in the Indiana well I ended up and ask people about this summer about a week or so ago he had a spell really. Actually 1998 when the vikings have occurred in the critical of the Super Bowl it was in Miami got here and the dolphins that it made it look like rattled out of the NFL resolution that your saying. We have to make sure that this better so that doesn't ultimately get more ticket state typically. The editor here at C champion to get seventeen and app at the tickets host to other so it's instead of that. It's sort of getting both the technical they would split being evil leader to try to do what they possibly can. To make a field control and yet. You'll corporate appeals not acquitted by a critical games I don't think you'd see them coming out the dragon ship. Plane coming up but now they're big gala or all the top would not be the same but they would have an. Edit in the sense that they can practice in hole facility obviously bad. He knew their own locker room and they know the stadium and in the dose of parity things would be their fourth of like I don't think it's gonna come out where you out. A true partisan environment US bank city of vehicle like enter. They'd actually be the road team right and even number Super Bowl it would yeah. It's true did they were bureau team but the NFL and set it. Yet they are. In the game they were stood accused of all the BA FC team is supposed to practice. At the vikings practice facility a lot of biking and gain and and it took so it. It really is uncharted territory mystical or we haven't beat it out but it it would be that they see how that plays out and what if he had to say about it given the fact that. Yeah however you slice it it's hard to not to that there would be solvent they had it like when they. No doubt about it Ben thank you do this I appreciate enjoy the playoff game enjoy the ride and then next year. The bill are scheduled to go to Minnesota I can't wait to see that new stadium and it's going to be pretty cool night for doing this today. Should be thought no probably now.