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Sabres Hockey
Friday, January 12th

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We reduce harder. You know we're quicker close obviously ugliness they're a heck of a job involved you know but I thought that we just committed to the battles and you know we felt we support each other really well on the defensive on a recent times are. This pressure of me. And we made some good plays break to talk golf I think that's can be really big thing first before. Palo pose so there after the sabres getting me. 31 last night and third wanna win last night over the Columbus Blue Jackets at home and keybank senator. And the sabres now heading into their one week by week. After winning their first game of the 20:18 counting here good morning everybody title for his time Briton Wilson here with you on WGR Sports Radio by fifty. No and see gators today Monday or Tuesday are they are off to getting a little bit of time off which is good for them. I will be on with you once again on Monday while then on Tuesday it'll be myself and trying gates also on the program here for you on WGR soleil. Andrew Gregor off. The hockey coverage here on WGR continues to roll along all the way through today Monday and Tuesday. And will be here will be talking hot you'll be taught in savers despite them being on the bye we sell Eagles real fight 51 Tripoli by fifty to fight fit the are the numbers if you wanna get a hold of those three here on WGR. Pretty much today I just wanted it but everything's on the table for today. Deathly wanna talk a little bit about last night's game in. The play of both lean it's all market branding Cooley talked about the future of the team. What's going on in Rochester right now and also just kind of wanna get everybody's gauge on where there rat with this team. Down on the road. Are you still buying into the hole. Yeah I don't know policy process but are you buying into the future are you buying into some of the assets that the sabres have. Who exactly do you wanna see up in buffalo whether it's this year or very. NHL draft coming up. I mean obviously the sabres in the second worst team in the NHL right now. And by the looks of the standings it they may be there for the rest of the year because both buffalo and Arizona are. Quite a ways away from the 29 place team which I believe right now is the Ottawa Senators self. Not a good site seat for the sabres however the NHL draft if you if you are the world juniors some of the top prospects in the draft for playing. At the world juniors and what was it fun to watch was that fun to see. Because there are some really good players that are going to be available. In the shares NHL draft so I'm open that I'm open to talk about the world junior Steele of course I was there was covering for nearly two weeks for WGR. And saw a lot of peace in middle that saw a lot of Alex knew Lander saw a lot of markets Davidson. VoIP tech Buddha can also. Who might forgetting how all applicable in and yeah opt for I can. I can't believe I forgot that but yeah I saw all of them I saw a lot of them. And you know I'd like to get some thoughts because it's bend over it's been a week now since the end of the turner network Canada won gold. Over Sweden. The United States beat the Czech Republic two in the bronze but I play. You know I didn't want to get my thoughts a little bit on it I've I've got a piece coming up the WGR 550 dot com kind of recapping it giving some some final thoughts heading into the the future here for the sabres and also heading into the NHL draft so I'll give my initial thoughts here on the air and then you go check my peace later on WGR 550. Dot com that EU three O 551 Tripoli. By fifty to fight fifties that the sabres last night to get a win. There back above thirty points down standings except that they're on the same pace that they are as of right now as the 201415. Season when the sabres. Were 31 points all through the end of December and all through January because they went on a fourteen game regulation losing streak. There were 31 points at this point. Three years ago in probably one of the worst losing streaks and NHL history I mean. Ira and I clearly remember that street is watching these games just not. Really having. Really any interest except the whole well they just keep losing and you know obviously we are all kind of excites dislike well obviously we all know what's at stake it's it's. Either one or two he really didn't make the motorcycle and happens to be that the sabres get too because they lose draft lottery and in a taking Michael but mean. Now three years later unfortunately for the sabres they're back in a similar situation where they are. Right at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings are murdered not quite at the bottom of the standings airs on is there right now 26 points buffalo. Is five points and had now with 31 point self. Arizona they are 43 games in so they played one less thing won the last game and the sabres. And the sabres of course now heading into their bye week currently 1124. And ninth certainly not the start receivers I think wanted to have to the season and and I certainly think that the expectations for buffalo this year was. Gonna be much better and it just hasn't happened but I mean last night's game. Buffalo gets outshot big time however. Linas hallmark was. Phenomenal in net he makes. Four we'll see here 44 saves on the night faced 45 shots from Columbus. Kyle polls open while Leon and Jack cycle getting goals for buffalo course like Google goes in the empty net. Jack Nichols then producing really well lately I mean he's he's back up to your point game. Great which is very good help also has seven goals on the air now he's starting to make is his way back a little bit he's got five points in the last two games. A bad awful that compact lineup last night and actually scores a goal. After being scratched and he knew he yes and playing well so good for bad wanna get back in and be able find the back of the net. But there's a lot of good things to take out of this game in the Columbus thirteen that is second place the metropolitan division they're very good. And Venus hallmark last night. At times stood on his head but other times you don't and I'll be honest. Watching the game I never once felt worried about Venus all mark I never felt worried about him. You know given up a goal or are making you don't move around the net not seeing anything while. Just because. Watching him this year he just looks so solid I mean he's a totally different goaltender from when he was here two years ago in his rookie year in North America. It's June now he's more established he's more confident he's gain. And he's becoming a pro he's becoming a better well rounded pro he's movement eases. They are and yeah he just looks more solid when he moves from side to side stop flopping around like a fish out of water anymore like he was doing in his rookie year. He just looks way more solid and he's playing on a team in Rochester this year that has been winning which is a an even bigger bonus for him. He's he's had confidence in Nat and you saw the confidence in that yesterday you saw how good he was he just didn't look nervous at all he didn't walk to be. Affected by anything that Columbus was throwing Adam. 44 up 45 shots they throwing up the good of a bunch of good chances and in our -- parent I know hits the post once I think the first period. Which was probably their best other chance aside from parent scoring laid around which is really nice highlight real goals cell. On for a for the sabres though with Linas hallmark. With the struggles that they've had a net. Being in its. And I've always said this I've always said that the sabres have been really good in net nave been lucky in that because they've had guys like. Ryan Miller they've had guys even the guys they came in in the tank years that. Everybody thought well hey you know. These guys really aren't that good these are playing really well here and it actually helping the sabres get some wins and and stay in some games and you know the sabres have never had a problem with goaltending that is that is just. This is one thing that you ever see you can look back as far as Dominic cashing keeping keep going back they had grant you're here they had. Some really other good players Tom Barrasso was here. Goaltending hasn't really been an issue for the sabres Alicia really wanna look at you know that that's not the time period between. Cashing in Miller where it was Marty Iran it was Mika nor an end. Trying to think of I think there's got to be at least another name in there than I can't remember in in Joseph if you if you know. One of those names feel pretty chime in but what years are between Ryan Miller and Marty beer on or not Marty you're on Donna cashing there's Iran there's nor and in trying to think if there's any other goalies that played during that time that. You know is that that was the year that Olson would have been in there who sat Roloson given the all roles and was earlier in Steve shields as earlier too on talking about like 2001 when. Hash it leaves after the playoffs. And then it's it's pure on in that there's nor an end. And that it's like Miller I think it's really those two but I feel like it's mostly those type it I think is also those guys but even that the sabres have never really had a problem in that. And you latch often to NC almost is a fan base for animals and you could say this is maybe why Robin latter. It's a lot of criticism as we are spoiled yes fan base and down the goaltender because we're used to having. Donna cash cost. By most people's opinion Mascoll tenor of all time and then you had Ryan Miller for a decade in both those guys were vast. Yeah and I think another reason that that rob a letter faces a lot of criticism to his because Tamarine acquired him. And traded a first round pick for him and that's nothing that Robin Lehner can really do about it it's just. That's that's how Marie valued him I think that's partially why memories not the GM anymore is because. I think he overvalued a lot of the people that he either eight drafted in Ottawa or be acquired or are CO RD and the system. I think he is is value of certain players was. Not that great I mean he thought mark has a couldn't relieved. Play all that well physically so we decide to trade him to Florida for Demetric cool coffin. You know obviously that the biggest piece out of that that trade is going to be arguably brass was asked planned because. You know. The sabres acquired him because they they moved up in the draft they took him he's played very well and Sweden I remember we had for speaker and a month ago talking about him and and Chris Baker's extremely high. I'm Rasmussen Aslan and I think a lot of people are high and Aslan as well and by the way if you don't follow Chris Baker on Twitter. Be sure go do that at sabres prospects on Twitter very good follow if you wanna if you wanna keep up to date on all of the latest sabres prospects out there but. With asked Lindell green. Hopefully he comes over next year I know that he's he's talked about it for a couple of times that he's been here since development camps. I think this past development camp he said he wants to get at least one more year over in Sweden before even thinking about coming over to North America. But I mean. All indications right now I mean the way that he's played in the way that people rave about him. I wouldn't be surprised if he does come over but I mean again it's his it's his choice if he wants to or not. So with the trade though with with with Marie over valuing an underbelly you mean he didn't. He was a got a didn't value mark has again not so he decides to trade him for cool cop and in the pick that was eventually asked when. In Florida it's physics who's still playing with the team and sales to get a decent prospecting at a mastering but. He's he's still playing in the OHL I believe in but probably not be in the panther system probably for at least another two years but. Anyway with with Marie. Over valuing undervalued I think that was a problem that he had he just I don't think he really understood. How to value some players in with Robin Lehner gone back to the goaltenders I think he overvalued infamous time in in in Ottawa Senators organization. Marie saw that as hate. You don't. I like him I'm gonna go get him but I'm gonna give a first Tropicana habits like what will wall way you treated for trumpet that you could use a twentieth I think overall pick her 21 overall pick to go to goalie that has been. Good at times I think Robin letters a decent goalie it's just. You know with the team surrounding him the defense surrounding him he he's just been put a lot of high pressure situations in everybody knows he shootout record is not good. He's he's not good in those high pressure situations. Yes that is kinda I I know but. With. With Lennar and with the goaltending the sabres have had over the years I still think. That we've kind of been spoiled and and Chris thanks Chris on Twitter he tweets and bother sends a was there a goalie for the series in 2002 went ON six. Going back to your question I mean you make a lot of good points on liner I like Robin liner but he's our fate the end of the year. And they're gonna have to come to a decision do they wanna pay him. Would it four million dollars now to keep probably gonna ask for a little bit more do you wanna pay Rodham latter for half the five million dollars on a long term deal. My answer to that would be. No ball for no brightly now now now right now now and that's why my answered your question. When we're talking about all mark out of focus on him a little bit here in an equally going forward to I want them with team after the bye week. All mark right now my answer is yes and the reason for that is I would like to see. And starting on a regular basis in the NHL this for a little bit because I do want him in Rochester. For the stretch run because I want Rochester right now should be like the primary focuses their playoff run. What's the sabres late season starts to dwindle yen. But I would see Omar can do. Policy vis India starting goaltender 'cause if they wanna move rotten latter he's been on the TS intrigue me less it's early as I think yesterday. I wanna see if they're able to Mubarak from and because Omar is ready to take the reins because if they move out from latter. All are probably starting goaltender next year that's a lot like. Money Payne yeah and I think that it with with liaison mark here and this is kind of what I wanted to discuss your were few and opening up the fault lines the tax line the tweets. Opening up to everybody eat with real fight if you want Tripoli by fifty to fight fifty once the break is over once the the bye week that is now in the NHL is completely or for the sabres have their bio they're back in action. On Thursday at keybank senator not cute excited there in Madison Square Garden pretty on the rangers' next Thursday but. When that the sabres come back and their bye week do you want to see guys like Brendan Lee in the Islam are back with the sabres or. You want them to go back to Rochester and keep. Winning the do you want them to keep. In that culture. That they've established down there of winning and I mean Rochester is the third best team in the NHL right now when was the last time we can say that about the earmarks the Merck's. Even before this this stretch here where they've been not good and they don't have the pieces that to establish a good team. Before word that I mean they were okay they were making the playoffs but they were like the seventh eighth seed going into the playoffs and they'd be out the first round. Rochester this year actually looks like a decent contender I think they're the second team. Not only in the in the north division. Behind the Marlys but I think they're also the second team in the Eastern Conference I think lean Manitoba in the Western Conference is ahead of both of those teams I think but I mean. Rochester right up there with one of the top teams in the east. They're right up there are in the top of the north division but I mean if they were playing in the other division in the Eastern Conference in the HL they beat obviously. On the top team and the top team by far and in Rochester I got to pull the HL stats excels looking at each else that's the other day. I'm kind of going off this and top I had so I apologize here. But. Looking at the HL standings and instill Rochester is right up there the one of the best teams and month. These computer here are itself the Rochester their currently right now 51 points they lost in overtime. On a Wednesday they lost. They're playing Belleville I keep thinking the senator's organization still has NHL team Binghamton it's not a Binghamton doubles. They're now in Belleville that are available senators but they lost in overtime to belt bill so the amateur in our 2284. And three. 51 point one point behind. The Toronto Marlys the Manitoba moose in the central division in the Western Conference they are. Up 55 point so they're the best team HL but. If the hammocks were in the Atlantic Division with teams like Providence Scranton Wilkes very. Lehigh Valley so on and so forth. They'd be on top a four points. They beat the top team up there. The Ericsson played 37 games it's the same money games they played us the Marley is the ever happening with the people we play the Marlys once this year. So they're setting themselves up like the sabres that the leaves are setting themselves up for you line of late season matchups with the Toronto organization. Which is going to be fun because the Toronto organization has a lot of good pieces there. A lot of pieces that arguably could be in the NHL but of course Toronto their their playing. Decent places to decent lately. They've been decent for the past two years. The outing and Toronto their organization seems steep to and the sabres right now obviously the NHL team is not there but. I mean the way that the ever seven plane that the culture that they've established it's very good it's very good deceit. Guys like CJ Smith coming into his rookie year and scoring in producing and making plays the way that he has I mean that's that's probably. The last parting gift were ever going to get. From Tim Murray. Is. That is the signing of CJ spent on the B Victor. Maybe victory into the bride Hammond. Joseph do not set me down this road I won't go down this road and I will never come back from this opened up a camp can yesterday yes you did please do not sending down that round table get into that later but. With. With CJ Smith though I mean. The way that he's produced in the NHL the way that he's putting up points in the way that he's playing. As a think he's 23 years old but I mean he's easy he's an older rookie. But the way he's playing down there is incredible. These he's been. Arguably the camera to best player throughout this entire run this season. Your your top three players down in Rochester arguably CJ Smith Linas hallmark and branding tool. All three players could have spots on this roster next year. I'm very confident that we this'll market's gonna be the starter next year. I think that and we and we heard from Jason bottle yesterday here and WGR Schobel like you missed that you find an on demand WGR by fifty dot com. Muse hallmark. Ease very high on Jason box rules. List I think he's extremely high I and and if it proves it because. All mark was protected. Kinda he was an officially protected in the expansion draft but. Jason by troll sent that gets an extra pick just to be sure that they would not take Linas hallmark and take William Perry hints that. Now carry eight in Vegas has been okay he has done really much I think it's because he's been curtain. He's been playing naming a fourth line role but I mean we know the type of player that William Carey was he's got to bring speed he can be. Physically. He can be physical nuisance out there. And he can still produce some offense at the same time but for for the sabres Bob trooper tax all marked by trading extra pick. And for good reason to because I think it I think if Omar was still. Quote unquote expose. I think that base would take him. I think that Vegas would have taken him and it would've been. Not a good situation for the sabres because and they BL without a good goalie prospect. But. For hallmark they'll. His game looks. Very well rounded compared to even last year and last year. He was still one of the top goalies in the HL. Last year he faced eight Honda. I'll shots because the emirates defense was just. Changing so much with. Being called up the buffalo going back to Rochester getting injured. And having to call guys in the ECH Allen and just a bunch of changes that went from you know point a to point B during the season. Linas hallmark at times faced forty shots a night like he did last night faced forty shots tonight. 35 shots a night at some at a point. I think he played 23 games started two straight games where he faced fifty plus shots a night. Which is just. How it's just. Sold that way when you see a defense allow that kind of pressure on your goaltender. But yet but yet in those games. Where he faced more than fifty shots I think he actually won one upon. But. These are the only given up maybe two goals in those games two or three goals. Have faced fifty shots give a point two or three goals is. Something else I mean he stood on his head a lot in Rochester last year this year they've got some guys down there that are. Accent each dollars or guys that are looking to make their mark in the NHL lecture I mean branding goalie was one of bomb. They've got guys like Casey Nelson down there who's had a couple of years now in this in the sabre system to a stab bush himself a little bit. They've got guys like Matt Tennyson down there. Taylor for dunes back in the lineup Zach Redmond is generally nice pick up for for the amor sin and even for the sabres if if he could figure out his game. In the NHL level at least. I mean I mean it's all marked down in Rochester has a blue line in front of him that he's extremely competent and it's given him confidence in his game and when he was here yesterday it didn't really matter to him if if he had that defense and he just looked so good so company's net. But it's it's that winning culture that is being established in Rochester right now it is great to see that it is great. So so again that's why I wanna bring up this topic and I wanna I wanna open everything up to you and I wanna hear from you. When the sabres come back from their bye week this week. Does Leno saw mark does spreading goalie. Do those guys that do those guys excuse me. Come up and play for the sabres again and gets a an extended period of time in the NHL getting some more games getting some more starts. It's it's difficult thing to. To discuss but I want it's difficult to comprehend because you won't you kind of are more here works just like I wanna see him up in the NHL because I think that they could help the sabres when now bought at this point the sabres season is already kind of a wash so let him go back to Rochester and keep winning down there and keep establishing that winning culture so the next year when they come to the NHL. They can bring that culture from the H Alter the NHL hopefully and help the sabres turn around and find some way to turn things around because the season has just been. Very very ugly for the sabres 8030551. Tripoli by fifty to 550 to get quick grateful we come back. We will talk more sabres will talk more. All mark Cooley wanna getting a little bit to him teaching middle set his plate the world juniors is because I was there I was able to watch all of his games watch a lot of ships. And just the future of the team also coming up 1130. Brian blessing former. Hockey media personality here in buffalo now in Las Vegas. He will be joining me at 1130 organ talks and sabres hockey worlds gonna talk some bag is golden knights hockey because. Yeah Vegas is a really good. Surprisingly enough I mean I and I know everybody knows that Jeremy made the bet that he's gonna he'd flip flop they made the playoffs cherries can eat a football because their. They would have to take a mega collapse of freedom in this plan to change that to what happens what what Jeremy do when all god. I don't think they're cut me it's their third right now I don't think they're a cup team yet I know I don't want Coleman cup team yet. I just don't think so so bright blessing will be joining us here at 1130 but fault lines are open for you Tex lines are open for you. Tweet you can tweet us at the show he can tweet me at PG Wilson WG I can tweet. The WG are not at WGR 550 all your opinions are welcome right here on WGR. Opportunities like talk about and he convection equity for a few more points but it's ridiculous but what I've really liked about it was we talked earlier about our team had Butler has finally to win games and when I've really liked about him as he listens to. And battle level and Verizon occasion when the game's on the line. Pilot of the term at his school in Slovakia that was his team was down 21 plane captain outdoor game somehow find a way to make three assists as you know the snowstorm and a great to see him it was a blow came from here to that in a couple of points he was leading the charge. Crucial situations. That's sabres GM Jason box throw with Mike show. And the bold blog yesterday. Live at 716 foods or could find that on demand at WGR. 550. Dot com talking there about Casey middle Staten his world junior championship here in ball below which. It's pretty impressive. If you didn't get chance to go down to keep banks that error. New airfield when they were here plane you know it at an Orchard Park. He didn't it's Chansi case in Millsap played where he did he gets chances seem played development camp. This the next time he gets back to buffalo the second he gets back to buffalo in some form some fashion. Go watch him play he is. Very. Very fun to watch it that the way that he can stick handle and the way that he can make plays and just take off and skeet. It's just still amazing to me how he felt eat the overall the sabres though I mean. I did I did the mock draft at WGR fight to the dot com leading up to leave. NHL draft this past year. And as I'm doing the mock. I keep thinking in my head hell he's a middle that's probably going to fall to the sabres and if he falls it's neighbors. They should run up to the podium with his name on that card. And take his name. And and take him and they dead. They did and there were some good players that went before him but still the fact is just. I do not at at first I did not think he's in doubles that was going to be. Anywhere. Close to. Being available for the sabres. Back in January of last year when he when he put up a really good and underage teen world championship in 26 team when I was in North Dakota. I watched that tournament and he was one of the best players on the ice the entire turner. I don't think he was picked as the player of the turn and I think that was Christian vessel line and from Finland but. Mean. I'm zero for it anyway. Jason middle stat that tournament though was one of the best players for teen USA team USA won bronze that year. So he plays extremely well from game one all the way till the bronze medal game and he does the exact same thing this year. Now I get it no in the last few games of the tournament in the quarterfinal semi final the bronze. Middle stat didn't put up as much production as he did in the preliminary round. But I think it's because that teams like Russia teams like Sweden they had to focus their defensive play on him because whenever he get the puck. He's trying to make a play he's trying to make a movie trying to get the puck on his. On his teammates sticks. And trying to get the offense going and you saw every time that he stepped on that ice. The level of play that the United States had went from. Let's say it was like a four or five and went up to like a nine. That's just how good he's middle that was in this tournament and it was just it's refreshing to see something like that it just makes you. Feel like. That this tournament or that this. Sabres the sabres future. Is looking bright. And watching Brendan Cooley play in the last two games here in buffalo I've watched him in Rochester this year and he's been very good before it was called up. He scored. Finds the loose puck along the boards streaks in from the Blue Line picks it up. Goes in on a two on L takes its than that beats the holy Bible. And the hammer one AB. Reach porting desperate for. And he comes here plays two games he urges his first career point last night congratulations to you Brendan. And the two games he played. He's showing his skating ability he's showing. What type of a player he can be joining the rush and being offensive and then when the offense breaks down heads back the other way he comes back. And he is part of the defense again he's back he's clobbering. He's buying he's getting back in he's a part of the defense and then he can go right back up the offense again this transitional game is incredible and use any it's. Does that so well all I'm using is the and as Phil Housley says his his stick work is good he plays the puck well. You know it was just really refreshing to see branding goalie do this with the sabres in. His second official stint with the team and last year he was called up on our emergency basis and even when he was playing from junior to go to the NHL. He didn't play well or even play that bad he was pretty good. And that's and that's fur kid that was nineteen years old playing in the western hockey league which I think of the three Canadian hockey league. Divisions I don't know how I wanna collect as are all leagues what they're all under one giant league in in Canada one junior giant lead. The western hockey league that leans more of a rough and tumble kind of lead it's not a scoring league like of the Quebec major junior and it's not like mix of the two like VOA Chela is the western hockey league's gonna be more. Toughen pollen and grind and eat you just gotta be yielded to play up there and be. He got to be able to be physically got to be able to ski you gotta be able to to have some muscle on branding goalie played well there. And coming to buffalo last year. He looked like a kid he was scrawny he was little but. He skated well he was make him play still and that the watching him the future looked bright he comes in here to Rochester. And plays really well he gets off to a rough start I mean he was still adjusting he still currently is adjusting its gonna take him a little while and in the mentally perfect his game. It's gonna take a little bit to adjust its gonna take him a little bit to keep working in and building his strength in building muscle and being more physical. But seeing what we've seen from goalie not only in Rochester but also in the two games here in buffalo. Seeing how well he's been able to adjust and play and state. It's really really promising. Or even any even. His work along the boards I think. One of his. Disadvantages. Are one of the areas that he needed work was playing along the end boards was playing. Down low and being more physical balance that it just getting your stick in their just trying to poke it free. He looked like yesterday at a couple of instances he was getting more. The body he was he was doing more to be a physical nuisance trying to pull the popped free and get the puck back and start that transition from defense offense. I thought it was doing more of that and that's. Even more promising to watch him do that. Because he was he he had the problems early on in Rochester and I think that again with the winning culture and just. Being successful and well and coming to work and enjoying your work. Like Cooley does. It's just. Making him that much of a better player and which isn't very fun and exciting to watch him grow and develop the way he has. And so I mean I'm getting a lot of reaction on Twitter right now dented the it to the question that I posted if you know once the sabres return from their bye week should all mark and goalie return to buffalo should they be back. In buffalo self Eagles real fight 51 Tripoli by 52 by fifty feel free call in feel free to give your take their. Dan says no keep him in Rochester and let them finish with the team and build confidence football below just. Kind of die out in this year and regroup fracture with them. Upping coming in the club. I mean I can totally understand. That reasoning I can totally understand. Why you would say Ari you know it was nice to see them play and we got a little taste Saddam. But at this point now let's just get them back in Rochester let's keep them playing and you know. Earlier in the year I kind of was saying that. You know with the enemy because everybody was saying. Walt you know the defense is banged up they're calling up these other guys why not call up raining cool idea that point it was not good for ruling I think that he was still developing his game you still working on it. And I think this was the the right opportunity because he's been playing really well he's he's been playing really well lately he's Ben. Playing. At the at a high level in the HL and a guy that compete. Of a decent NHL defensemen and even a twenty years old ninety ice when he is twice so. Dave Davis is weed this out this is this is really good about about goalie Bernie goalie was. Buffalo's best five on five possession offense and last night 54 point 55% course he four. With 58 point 2% of offensive sucked alpha zone starts. That's really. Really good he had an and you finished the night last night with an assistant to shots on goal in 1610. Cell breading goalie. Becomes the buffalo for two games and these are their best possession player even train then. I know that I know that possession stretch the stats and coarse sea in. All that stuff are they they serve a purpose. They definitely server purpose because he can tell who's controlling the offensive zone time who's holding the puck more and who's generating more chances and and really who's. More of a good contributor for team. That it's not everything and I know that some people who are in big analytics people live and die by analytics in the don't care about the offensive play for instance code Franzen. Is Cody Franzen just got waived by the Blackhawks and and the analysts people are like well why did he get waived this is not right. It's because tips they watch a game and watch that he can't state. He's just not ease. He skates with cinder blocks on its feet we saw Adam Opel for two years. And we bids that we are saying that even when they all the analytics people were saying only generate the most offense he possesses the puck more in the offensive zone. But the second the offense breaks down and he goes back into the defense and zone and the yacht and the opposition's offense comes back. Franzen has got to be able to get a step up on because if not he's gonna be left in the dust and they're gonna go and on and I don't really go off and the chance and it happened multiple times at the sabres. Cell site as my little rant there I apologize but it's just. It's just with with. Analytics I get it it based server great purpose I really do I I try to keep up on everything but. Paul Hamilton is kind of the same way I understand it I know what the purposes for but it doesn't tell the entire story someone people to say you know all this players good. Because of analytics. Albert. Watch the game he does. Some players are good on the icy don't. Do the necessary things on the ice to be able to help their team when yes sure there analytic look good but if they're not doing anything on the I stood to help their team win. Night in night out I mean. John generally think the player would fall somewhere in between. What you see in the eye test and what you see publicly like that they were Salina for example analytics hate Bristol yeah like his numbers have an awful. But I test would tell you. This kid's gonna be a top pair defenseman for like a decade where is he he's probably not. Where how bad is analytic people think but he's not probably as good baby is we think he's probably somewhere and bright and they thing with friends and friends and not. Second pair defenseman Alex with value. Re probably think especially since we saw in early in two entire seasons he belongs in the minors he's probably like. Some earth sticks like a six or fast and yeah yeah I mean. Analytics also don't necessarily tell the entire story of how much of players playing because the first line and it's just like. All well you know he's getting a lot of shots against. Yup that's because he's playing thirty minutes a night and sometimes. Against the other team against the other teams exactly if they he's going up against players like Sidney Crosby he's going up against players like Steven Stamkos Alex Ovechkin is because he has the play against those guys. He's the guy that's in front of that making things. Very difficult for them you can't just say like well you know he's he's got bad analytics. It's because he's playing all the time. I mean last night I've just wanna check how much you play because with the weighted sabres defense ever groupers right now. When he 8162860. Sparkles and actually played more minutes and rest his first one last night which is a complete surprise to me. The next highest offense and after that was. Angie McCabe was playing with critically. Sabres also dynamic power play time so maybe those numbers would have bench drew little bit but. They're playing a lot on the penalty or not a lot on the panel he'll they had eight penalty kill that they had but. Still if they were on the power play being polluted and on the nice little bit more I think that. Such ended that game respondents scandal played. Almost the entirety of that last five minutes yet and they probably will mean if it's like when. You don't. I know that Bristol line and said that the only concern I have about Mike on mega amounts of ice time is again players getting tired towards unity here because we saw with like. Risked the line in the last year early on he was getting 29 minutes twenty minutes thirty minutes a couple of times. And we all thought well you know he likes it he says he likes it sell. OK but by the end of the year. You saw how much of a difference playing all that time really made it I mean Salina and is a player that. Should be accustomed to it by now and hopefully Islam you know. On some of the best guys in the NHL are playing the sudden and it's an injury Doughty has led the league for a while in office in in ice time for defenseman. He plays regularly doubt 2720 minutes on average. But he still an all round good defense then. And his analytics are. Good like I mean he actually has good analytics. So so what would be like the magic number for you first line a perfect world how many minutes tonight he might or project 3.4. I mean. I'd be comfortable with him playing 2425. A deathly think 24 is that that perfect number every night and he's only he's only played under 25 minutes but that's I signs and 35 that's also playing on a team with a good defensive group. Like let's say that. Drew doubt current restless for Salina was playing with a defensive group like the Blackhawks had when they won the Stanley Cup I mean yes you sure had. Duncan Keith and currency Burke playing a pairing on the top pairing and probably playing 26 minutes tonight. But at the same time you could certainly rely and the other defenseman on that team to step in mean last year you saw the top forward defenseman for Nashville. Analysts Ryan Ellis thank you. Those are top four defensemen their bottom two defenseman word Braden Irwin and John Webber. However those two guys were playing at least sixteen minutes a night while the other guys really played. Those minutes the you know the the the top four played those top minutes and they all played. Really well when you have a deep defensive group you don't have to rely on guys like personal line in the play thirty minutes tonight 28 minutes tonight 29 minutes tonight. And the sabres don't have that right now because injuries don't help and and I don't think the plenary personnel. Quickly before because early to break I don't always like to break and baby on this program maybe that's another argument for why you'd need to keep Cooley here a little bit longer because. Think about it at last night I remembered. There's there's a couple plays where offenses don't starts to leak was getting a ton of starts there are guys that Davis pointed out 50% of it is these stats were in the also would you want a takes him quite a little bit ice time away for a sly and the lessen the burden on him who. Think about how how's the house wants a puck moving defenseman that can provide offense on his blue line. Bristol lions one of the few guys that can do that so if you got globally in the line up. Cooley maybe can take away a little bit of ice time from Bristol and provides more office there's a plea last night where Michael is skating up on the wing and it's just him. And cool we flies up on the wing with and and Michael is he's probably had to do. Slows up a little bit because he's expecting that nobody's gonna be able to Russia with an eagle beats flying into actually goes ahead of him and they go off sites so it plays like that where. You could have a defensemen joining the rush or a defense and providing offense that can take away some of the burden on Bristol line at some BB. If you wanted to get his minutes down at 24 point five media keep Lee Miller. Yeah just for more offensive of those offensive the. That again you don't wanna rush anything with coolly easily twenty years old you wanna keep them in a winning culture and you wanna keep him getting. Value place how many HL which will hopefully later transition into valuable ice time in the NHL so I relate the forget a real fight if you want truly 550 to 550. More beer thoughts coming back up when we come back from breaker listening to WH ER. You know it's funny because he's got a smile on his face he comes of the rink he's happy to be here he wanted to contribute in the worst way and there and it's good on him that he's used the confidence that is being done in Rochester. Here. Sabre tech coach Phil Housley on bringing goalie in the way that he's played over the past two games which is. Very it's been very impressive to watch him play about a right. I mentioned to Joseph I was watching the champions hockey league which is currently NHL network right now. The champions hockey league is just the some of the best teams from all of Europe in hockey come together and play in this league for a legally. Two months that's all the do they just they go back to their lead in the come back they go back to leave and come back I think. But Glover Ron was the head coach of the tricks team. That's playing right now and assume let's chuck I'll yes that's the Czech Republic team but club brought as there had coach. That's that's something that I didn't know which is kind of cool but. Pomp and went back to the topic here main topic is what the sabres return from their bye week and or running close to a break here but will's will try and squeeze and Allen here. When they come back from their bye week who should the sabres bring back if anybody who should they bring back all mark should they bring back Cooley should they bring up both of them. Or should they just let him stay in Rochester keep playing keep. Keep in that winning culture. That's the topic today I was wanna get a little bit in the world juniors and talk about for the future we got a little bit and that I want to get more in depth with that. Now with a little bit of a world juniors recap on some thoughts and so the sabres prospects of playing eagle 30551 Tripoli. 552 by fifty let's head out to the phone lines here and let's go to Allen and car Alan you are on WG Margaret had. Real quickly what we're strictly as a longtime neighbors and ticket holder and a big time Rangers fan. Is this team you'll get all your first Reuters the Canon Z. Three it grows a lot of the NHL peoples of this it was a playoff team they look good grades we have more talent than last year. Our bases it was a great. This is shocking to me the way they are number one number you hyperbaric globally in all mark they do finish on a winning note. I don't like this pink and stuff there's only two teams that I know that it worked and I'm not saying that this team was taking Q but does he must be a very good thing I give her a letter. Bring their goal mark let him run this season with a legally grow over the third best player on the team all works properly you know it was in this lineup knows it could avengers displaying last night like a lot of backups come off or rookies what their kid from Pittsburgh came up and he was hot the first street gangs. To a mortgage sabres now stinks. Well. I'd really in shock that this. I look bear real quickly edit files Mo last year yet a bunch of injuries he had not many players that will work reform the last school to the last 22 games if you remember the winter break we were six point article playoff spot we magnet Colorado Argentina. Lost fumble every lot of people thought this team is going to be pushed you know make a push last year they were 514 treat the last 22 games I think that's it files. I think you they had this team 500 or better this year and we would have been pushing and I don't understand what's going shocked that this. Colorado Lester was in the same position in this gog. Bury McCain and and do change and people were shocked when they were on ordering it to the attitude things that are going on at a track that many people. Let Michael Evans and for your opening up the media guys can help you with what's going yeah. Yeah thanks Al thanks for the call I am I understand your concerns there I don't think this team is tanking out think that any team in the NHL's tanking at this point because I mean again. The uncertainty of where you're actually going to pick here on out I mean just mean you're you're wandering off the three. Picks the top three picks in the draft it's no longer just the first peck it's the top three teams among all fifty teams that didn't make the playoffs. It's just. You know this seems out tanking and I get it's been a frustrating year because of the fact that this team. Has the pieces to be successful and they just can't put it together I completely get it and I know. Why your so frustrated because it's been any year after year after year they can't put together. I don't think you should give up hope though I think that again as we've kind of been talking about I think that. Glee and all marker a nice little pieces to the future peace in middle set with the weekly the world juniors is nice piece CG Smith's Ben really good. But but again that's where we all kind of focus in on should these guys come back now you know after getting those two games are all marked at least getting one game yesterday. Now's the time to actually get these guys more NHL games give him a little more seasoned before. Heading back to Rochester and continuing to win there and then hopefully you know. Coming back but you know it was done. I don't I know released late appropriately and Allen brings different perspective too though he said he says he's entitled yes and yes you know to be going to the arena last night. I'll be honest there was a different kind of excitement going in there because I knew Omar was starting and I knew Cooley was in the line up. So I'm not seeing it to be your off season and as I agree with you I want them in Rochester especially for the stretch run. But if you wanna prevent things from getting really ugly in that building you gotta give your seat take bowlers. At some point some reasons come down to the Reno and I think right now. Those are two of the top reasons why you would want to be in the U wanna see how all market is especially after great performance last night and you wanna see if school he's the real deal. Yeah yeah I I didn't I agree with some of Allen's points there and Iger discreet but that's what makes caller so great the show you it's real fight to keep on Tripoli by fifty to fight that the are we got to get a break in so we come back we'll continue this discussion Brian blessing Jordanian 1130 he'll talks in sabres hockey else's and that it's gold knights hockey because it really good self. We'll continue on right here pre Wilson Jody B us with you on WGR.