01-12 Brayton Wilson Hour 2

Sabres Hockey
Friday, January 12th

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It was more. Composed Maurer ploy is I think to our viewers joining a lot of Russians through which was minds but denies these only do so I think we only played a great game twos over that's off them both defensively and we kept them on the outside mostly the other chances we had our chances. A sabres forward then lawfully act he scored last night his return to lineup after being healthy scratch for at least two games they think. Briton Wilson back here with you on WG I was one more hour to go here as filled in for the investigators today Jody Yasser anything's on the board sell pot chill Vienna from twelve to three running things for the John Murphy show he'll be on. And he's got EU list of gas which. Excuse me includes. China sea here Ben Gosling. He's also got him bends and he's also Alex primer. Gosling is going to preview the vikings and saints game. Bends get a preview the jaguars and Steelers game and then drivers their previewed the patriots and titans game as well so. Good lineup first cell here coming up at noon. And so be sure to stick with us right after the show here and you get some good football takes from Sal. Leading up to show the bullet coming up at 3 o'clock Eagles real fight 51 Tripoli by 52 factors to getting a lot of good reaction here on the discussion today with the future of the organization in also. Venus hallmark of branding glee it. Both of them should be back with the sabres once bye week is done. Because goalie in the two games and he played looked really good. And I thought that we saw mark yesterday was. The best I've seen him yet with the sabres or the air Merck's just looked really confident he was solid his movements really good he's vision he sees guys really well. He's position really good he's now flop around like a fish out of water like he was in his rookie year. Very good to see from the and it's all market it's been that way all year in Rochester self. And again with a with a question here that worked for trying to pass long. Do we wanna see. Cooley and all market back or do we wanted to send him to Rochester keep winning there. Maybe getting a couple calls up here in the air if if necessary but. I put out a Twitter poll that was that's out there can feel free to check it out at BJ Wilson WGR that's my Twitter. Handle and the poll is. So far 50%. Let both goal in all marked clean HL wants to buy which is done. 41% say bring them both back. Bring Julian hallmark background play a little bit more to 6% say just bring Cooley back and 3% say just bring Omar back in and out of another good point. That. That one. Tweeter brought out between him as saying well if they bring back Omar they have three goal is again while the reason that Omar was here in the first place is because they did have an open roster spot. And they were able to use that on Omar so they had those guys up here. And and now all. I mean you never know maybe they may be do you trade somebody enemy that's a good point so. If there's an open roster spot maybe glean all Arkansas fit then sure I think you could deathly do that but in at this point right now. My personal opinion I think they go back to Rochester I think they stayed down there I think that they just keep winning keep developing down there. Just keep doing what they're doing down there I mean they're winning right now they're back in action the heir hearts are tonight. Don't think that. Burning goalies could be playing tonight no Alina saw mark is not gonna be playing really animal Cox yearning for an excuse me for the earmarks. Are also back in the emirates lineup tonight three players have no. 18 impatient a famous camera guy that they brought back for leadership he broke his leg earlier in the season blocking shots and he'll be back leg foot one of two. And then Justin Daly is back from injury he was out for a little bit with a lower body injury. And then also Alice Neel winners first came back with the ever since playing for swinging at the world juniors by the way speaking of the speaking of the world juniors and speaking of Alexy Leonard just wanna talk a little bit about the world juniors real quick here before we dive back in two. The discussion with coolly you know mark. Sweden was I I felt Sweeney entire turn it was the best team I know that. Canada won gold in Canada was high flying naked skeet beacon score. The thing about Carolina or not oh while sari Carolinas on NHL network right now is Ohio Lleyton. Got distracted apologized like Canada. The thing with Canada is. I thought that their defense was was was good but I think. From top to bottom and both offensive and defense of my thoughts queens roster was the best put together roster out there to play both offensively and defensively. They're the best goalie of the tournament Phil Dawson saying he's it's a Pittsburgh Penguins product. He played really well. Of course rest as the mean was phenomenal on the Blue Line he was voted as the best defenseman of the tournament by the directorate. And Alice Neel Lander and markets Davidson those are the two sabres prospects are on the roster are both playing totally different roles but. Both play those roles quite well new Lander. Was horrible leader he played on the team's second line and then eventually moved up to the first line with alliance Paterson and Leah Sanderson. And new Lander was arguably one of their better forwards having views voters' top three forward on the team. Didn't he really deserved it but you know he's still played while he was making plays he was he was setting up. Passes in and you scored eight goal but that was that. I thought you enters tournament was not as expected it went well but I don't think it was eggs it exactly how I think that everybody wanted him to play I think. People saw him going and it's just like golf while he should dominate he should be at the top scoring should be a guy that's putting up points and just standing out amongst everybody. Pepper couple games I think the gaming it's a Czech Republic in the preliminary round Maurice obviously player of the game he was really good. Guiding the gold medal game against. Canada and he's one of their better forwards because one of their better players. In the game against the United States. Is some good things so I mean Neil Lander of course. I wanted to see a little bit more for him I don't think it's a disappointment necessarily I just think that you know. Could've done more but he was so good. The markets Davidson. I honestly sought Davidson in. At development camp and thought he skates well he skates well he's a he's more of a guide it's going to be a two way type but the of Saturn and but he's a good view was a good prospect in the sabres drafted him fairly high in the second round of this pastures draft. Man he was very good as Sweden's fourth line center. And the fourth line of that turn of first green I thought was the bus line of that tournament. Hands down best line it turned. Here's play out of line where if capitals prospect Axel Johnson yell beat. It was also playing a aligned with Glenn Gustafson undrafted in the end it a kid who's. Then in Sweden in most if he gets Chancy and job but I mean those three on the fourth line for Sweden. See war. Dominant throughout the turning and that's coming from a fourth line mind you. They were. Skating fast they were playing really good amble fans their transition game was on par they were they were just hitting everything. They're playing really well in both ends of the ice and mean a for a couple of games the word that line that was starting the game on the ice is an announced as the starting lineups in and starting line. For Sweden they work inquiry they were very good and Marcus Davidson and axle and you know Axel Johnson yell be allowed to sing. Act Axel Johnson yelled he's one of the better names that are out there but the two of them in particular were. Very good on that line. They were just playing with a lot of speed playing with a lot of tenacity playing with a lot of great and they were. Getting shots and creating offence while on the and the defense is on their playing solid defense not giving up many chances. Just a very well put together lying there for Sweden and I thought that both of those guys were. Very good in the tournament and talking about if you Albee and and indeed it's in but. Davidson in the Lander I toppled put up some some very good production in that turn it regardless of their role on the team. Because you lender obviously was a leader and guide that was expected to put up some production on offense he did. And shortly for them they come up and on the short end. Of the world juniors winning silver. He's a middle set obviously we've we kind of died didn't have a little bit with. Him playing really well for the United States he obviously finished as the turning and VP he was the best Ford selected by the delegate or the directorate I should say. He was the media all star he was one of the top. Best three players in the United States and he was best clearly came twice in the turner. At doesn't happen too often in that tournament and for Kate KC Mittal sent to do that was very impressive outs of the United States team put together. They too were were a very well rounded team. They just had old. Some. Defense of lapses and some games especially Damien Slovakia. Late when middle that tied it would that beautiful goal. The go ahead goal that Slovakia scored like a minute later the defense is completely. Lost sight of things they were dive and everywhere they are trying to make plays and just giving time for the for the slovaks it to make a plane actually score itself that's states finishes with a bronze I thought the could've played better but. You know middle set though stood on the turn and obviously easy MVP and that's a really really positive to see. And then at. The other two prospects who could tackle Logan in envoy tech booted obviously put it was part of the Czech team that surprised many. They come up short and a bronze on in the United States so they finish fourth but put it. For a guy that I thought the first two development camps really didn't do much in was not that good. He didn't really stand out all that much I think that this tournament was eighty kind of deceiving Greece for him. Because I thought that he certainly was probably going to go unsigned and probably reenter the draft I could see. Decent box from maybe giving them a second look maybe giving him as as another consideration for. Signing him to an entry level contract I thought he played a really solid two way game the entire tournament he was a top defensive its defense and on that team he was. Other top pairing with lead or Hyatt whose a lightning prospect and played really well. So maybe he gets another look and then local tackle Luke and in for a Finnish team. His transitional work and Hayes. Movement was on par he looked really good that there are some goals and give up that he definitely wishes he could have back. You know hopefully he can regroup and in. Find himself back in Finland come back for next year's tournament and and play even better than he did this year but Luke and in. Probably did the prospect that was maybe a little bit more disappointed with but in the end I thought all the sabres prospects that played really really good job. Finland team that really really disappointed they had the arguably the the most talented defensive group in the tournament. They had some good scoring threats and they just couldn't put anything together throughout the entire tournament sell. Next your sternum by the way if you're wondering is in Vancouver British Columbia Victoria British Columbia they'll be the sharing cities to host state. And with that with Vancouver being the primary city for all the not around games. They'll be coming up next year December Jane you know it's real fight if you want Tripoli by fifty to fight it takes for people for letting me. Rant on about the world juniors getting a little bit of I think I I know what you're probably going to say the sabres making things official with. Burning goalie and we missile mark being assigned to the Americans they've officially done that about five minutes ago while I was going off my world juniors. Little not rants but my main little spiel their self. All mark Cooley back to Rochester officially I don't think either Romer going to be playing tonight meeting Cooley will play but I mean if he plays tonight. And then he play tomorrow he'd be playing in three straight games and with the embark schedule. Just wanna bring their schedule up real quick their back at their rom. Don't know if their Holm. Tonight I I apologize for not knowing it's OK they are home they are home to take on being in ten. Now these 705 faceoff from you to come here from Utica what from deep blue cross arena. I don't know where my brain is that right now but so the heck it. The emirates are home tonight there on the road in Syracuse tomorrow night that'll be 7 o'clock faceoff. From Syracuse and on Sunday just wanna check that their on playing and sunny they're not but they are playing a Monday it's a 1 o'clock game for Martin Luther King Day. That'll be at home at blue cross arena that's when they play Utica I knew we Utica was part of it somewhere. They will be playing Monday at home against Utica while fight faceoff from blue cross arena cell. If you wanna get down to Rochester either tonight or Monday to watch the end Merck's. They're good. To speed just be in for a treat when those guys when those guys take the oasis are playing lead to some arc again not playing tonight a B Adam Wilcox in that not sure about bringing glee status but. There are three names for the ever Selby dec Milan tonight just in Bailey's one he's been out for a little bit with a with a lower body injury I believe it was. And then also returns a lot of sneak in page very familiar name with many people in Rochester. He broke his footer broke his leg. Earlier in the year very early in the aaron's been out since then he returns the lineup and also return to lineup Alexy Leonard will be its first game since playing in the world juniors for teen sweet and so you know thrill by 51 Tripoli. Fight 52 by fifty still getting some good Twitter reaction on the Twitter poll also that the discussion that we're talking about today. Still 51% saying let both leaders saw American branding beliefs in Rochester keep playing 41% say. Bring them back in and the other. All mark up. Seen here tweets in absolutely not relating to letting them come back let them compete for the called copping come next year for are the for some spots. In the NHL this season here in buffalo ease. Over. I can totally understand that I definitely see. Where your point comes there and why you would say hilly there and Ana again again I think that they should stay I think that. All marking ghoulish should probably stay in Rochester for. Most of the rest is season maybe bring him up one or twice and once or twice I don't know but I mean. Jason doctoral did say he wants to get a look at some of these players after Christmas after the new year. That measure look of all marking Cooley. And if if more bodies continue to get injured maybe they get more looks may be some other players like CJ Smith gets a look maybe Baptiste in Bailey come up again. Maybe Neil Lander I'd I'd I would definitely say that if there's any more players that will be staying down in Rochester this entire year it should be knee Lander. CJ Smith Linas hallmark and burn a goalie but we'll see we'll see what happens. I think those your four core pieces go down their and donate Baptiste Justin Daly are also down there too but I mean they've been. And the supporting this year Hutson fashions another name that could stay down there and should probably stay down there. I'm not giving up my hope and Hudson fashion and he's a big body he loves and go to the front of the net I think that. My ideal thing for him would be to put him on a power play unit where he just sits in front of the net. Skeletal Phil housing wanna earlier in the air they called up he played well for a few games and then. And then stunned kind of fizzled out. Got to tweak here saying that glean all mark need to stay in buffalo. They are ready and we deserve better as sabres fans in in with the new and out with the old cell. I understand where people are saying that you know they should stay or should go I either side of that either side of the spectrum here I understand what points are. Did you wanna see guys that are the future this team and you want this team to win now but at same time this team. Not winning right now seasons pretty much over any amateur playing really well so why you like halt these guys let them keep playing the HL live them keep winning and let them compete. We're championship in the HL so we'll see how that goes. Tweet here from Josh she says that I'm fine with coolly saying all mark can stay up if he wants. If we move liner to a team like the islanders for pick yes the islanders there has been some reports especially from Elliott Freeman. And it's 31 thoughts that the islanders meaty intrastate. Dean bringing in Robin Lehner the goaltending situation hasn't exactly been agrees with you're assigned a lock and also on. Tom strikes cell. Their goaltending situations a little different let's see here Isaak tweets in this team is going nowhere send them to Rochester so they can try and win their division and go on a big play up front. They'll be full timers in the NHL. Next season I I'd. I'm pretty confident that both of them will be here next season and and again I said and I keep saying. Date and clean its hallmark will probably be the starting goaltender here next year. I'm very confident saying he'll be the starter next year. One more before we go to break Joey rights and I would like CJ maybe need Lander for few games just to give them a taste you Lander still needs to get his game together I I think I agree I think that the next player if anybody's gonna get a look at if bot took continues this. Little. Getting these guys up from Rochester to give them a little taste the NHL and also for him to get a little bit of the valuation on the airplane. It's very very. Is very possible that we can see guys like CG Smith here we can also see maybe guy like Alex the Lander. Stuff to tell though with me Lander you know he'll it was back for a full month before going to world juniors. He played pretty decent the world juniors I think he got his confidence back at the he's got his team back let's see if he can manage to. Not beyond that silver medal slumping and get back to playing in the EH Allen and give back to his form because of we know what kind of player he can do playmaker that Alex knew Lander can be we just got to see that now in in the HL I think that. If he's still not on that on that low after losing out of the gold that Canada. I think that we could maybe see different healthy manner so you know through 551 Tripoli by fifty to 550 coming back from the break we'll Brian blessing joining us here. On the eighteenth tee hotline Brian of course is eight radio host sound Vegas. He's been. I mean he was here covering hockey hotline with. Micro the type for years covering receivers. For many many years that he goes to Vegas and he's pretty much covering the bag a school might stumble we'll talk sabres we'll talk gold nice. Hockey with him that's coming up next right here pre Wilson with you on WGR. The price if the sabres have their way it will be a first round pick. Plus a prospect. Plus potentially conditional pick in court and taste these signs with that UT now. I don't think there's a firm timeline on when the sabres plan move would vendor came most likely near the deadline but a fifteen were ready to pay an app prices month. So beat the sabres are moving now. What's happened that was a number of teams and its own interest and Kahne Carl was saying we don't know we're going to be buyers we have to play out this month after the all star break and won't knows finding the zone. Let's TS cents appear LeBron on insider trading talking about Evander Kane and the asking price for Evander Kane and train. Course the NHL trade deadline will be coming up in about a month and a half here February 26 is the official day 3 o'clock. Is the official time of the deadline. Of course we'll have live in complete coverage here on WGR. Throughout the weeks leading up to the trade deadline the days leading up to the trade deadline and of course the day of the trade deadline will be live and local. For most of the day so anyway you know through 551 Tripoli by 52. One Tripoli by fifty to 550. Joining me now on the AT&T hotline is a the buffalo personalities now out in Vegas and he is. To a lot's a hockey talk out there. Brian Campbell joining me on the eighteenth tee time hotline he's the host of sports book radio and that is hockey hotline from noon to 2 their Pacific time Brian. Thank you for joining me here and the sun is beautiful Friday. A great job capitalist in the right Gillick zebras get here. You're fired MacDonald Reuters. If they Q Brent paid by the way it was funny because I I was that I went over my parents' house guessing game elected for dinner and I was and I was talking to my dad about get you on the show. And is fun because he's just like. Yeah I remember when we used to watch a hockey hotline images it just brought it back so lots of memories when when you micro but I were working artwork in the telecast therein and do impose gains pretty much every night for the sabres. Well go on it and it it was a great run at that side where where they would go to they were better that they have always had their say about. It was great state and I try to become a cool thing. Yes leaked. You know what I mean there are heard two trains of thought of this I get old book. I don't care why you know like I got a pretty decent analogy I UQ school every minute you can at the NHL level. He only seen two years ago. Or box Iraq knock them in the next week. You watched it last night out even now I think every October we want the papers. So out of contention. So that each year why would you bet you Kabbah and people making that transition. He'll produce. Speed that don't want to as the other guys at. Our door yet. What it would be possible that you could give him now in the analogy that would you be here or here at stake. The date was may I did check the or it's the best player on this team over the long haul. Because he was weight or have you what Chicago or spoken gain so they came up and they were to go to the try to. You know we'd his way there media. And now over the course of time watching Theodore White 22 games. He called Coke circles these set up the game winning goal with a bad and Russia gave police a New Year's C. Ambilight open got off. Every minute of any urge you to get. This season should be you know who's. Took out of the gate what next year we hear back but I doubt Rochester a little be the quarterback will play up more. Daddy and with coolly I'd I'd appreciate bricks at the point that he probably would've made the team two years ago right after he got drafted just because. I now. I know I if it wasn't for him he probably would have at least gotten ten games with the team before may be going back to junior but. That Boise hearings Brian blessing he joins us right now on the eighteenth tee hot light and I also wanted ask you because we've been talking about Cooley and all mark this year I mean. It really goes to show how much Jason Bob Troy really is is high on a guy like clean its hallmark when. He talks about him in interviews with shop in the bulldogs right before the game yesterday he talks about him in other instances and and obviously during the expansion draft he treated that extra pick to keep in the buffalo and then obviously Vegas they take William Carey emanate did you just goes to show right. That. Jason Bob troll has to be pretty high on article today that he didn't even draft but he's watched and seen how he's developed and I think he's really beginning to see. That he can be of future NHL goalie for the sabres. Well there's no doubt he could mean that day he told you that that old mark the future of this C. He'll forget object. It was scary when you look at blog art that bill and Jerry it would be protected but it other than that it was going to be all mart and you know you watch. In him when we thought what the goal in my genes repeated their biggest attribute. It'll what things we watched sabres games. They're well. It all our moral stroke or their other. Guys the sabres are slow what do you attribute to carry. Physical. Like the wind crashed at bat that that's the guy they wanted to give up Bieber somebody out you carry it but they did what when Omar. Yeah I mean watching all marquis can understand why I mean that the played. From when he started as a rookie in in North America with the Ericsson the sabres. And between then and now he just looks like a completely different goaltender he looks solid position only he he sees the ice he's Smart about his game. Its ease easy looks very methodical out there like he he thinks the game at Buckley and it's very good. Says it to see that in him out and I'm very happy that Vegas didn't get the chance to take him. Well there are days like oil goes off in ego. It would be operable life at all electing to come together because he's in our years or where it's always the goal the last guy way to the border sickening series. You know they would wait to. You without your bit about probable. You go lethal like all go off when there by 26 you know you can't give up on. Brian blessing joining me here and the AT&T hotline one quick bills though that I wanna pass along geared south about Joseph joining me here and Brian I apologize that. We're gonna be stepping away from the from the sabres for just the second the bills of officially announce that the the air parting ways with offensive coordinator Rick Dennison yet that now to just came over a moment ago so obvious have a lot more starting at noon. The bills have relieved offensive coordinator Rick Dennison that announcement just coming over a little while various media reports. I had a little while ago the bills have just confirmed it within the past couple of minutes Britain. Our thank you sell appreciate the the books using the update their just turn off my own microphone and anyway sign up that Brad priest. They don't go on back there Betty you're bowed out. It yet and apparently wasn't at the bet model for the ought. To fall where you don't throw for two hour. Yeah I mean that that decision on Sunday aids the trying throw on first single that to Calvin Benjamin certainly. That hurt them so they they turned what could've been a touchdown into a field goal and. Court but still there you won the ultimate that the way that game was played event. Caught with they're like call you vehicle or app I mean deficit for only responsible for so unfortunately we have the first yeah it was sifting. Now. Privacy dreaming here and AT&T hotline talking a little bit football their but I've I've got the wanna get back to hockey here so is O'Brien with with the trade deadline coming up I know that Vegas obviously is a team that is likely going to the playoffs I mean they've they've been. Surprisingly. Phenomenal this year ten many people around the league but but with the sabres here. Obviously they've got some pieces that they can they can ship off and they can they can find some trade partners and in May be acquire some future assets that. They can use then to draft some players to restock a little bit one person in particular is a danger Cain. I know that Kahne loves Vegas I know McCain is a guide that. That has been notably is notable for going to Vegas and spending time there. And the kind of question that I wanna ask you as music a team like Vegas who is trying to make a playoff run may think about. Bringing in a guy like Evander Kane or just your thoughts in general of where Evander Kane could land. Argued became Deborah book book that basically been on the sabres played for a year out what the ducks beat Elwood sort ball. Carolina got a book to defenseman the blues could need a score. Indeed it could I get all that about what he revisionist history I don't know which would be the guy you bring into this room right now with ethical he submit that the group ahead of you know he he worked at the profile with with speed I do think they're gonna need more grit. A double life forty via bit on the ice. If there's I will play. Could be a very I I don't see that Utley and if so what are their. Are quiet. In the suburb but they'd make like BO fire that they like that have been in the straitjacket. Got into. He'll ask you to. But don't believe one thing that make these dot panther player in here you got the upper here's what I I. They're respectable by. And what your seems all but why were invited wanna walk. And we remember the city receive repeated. Goal right you know like belt level week off but quipped when they came back and bite Colorado. So they also then go on maps or road trips the schedule makers from the goal would like to incredible Aybar to start that he's still got a glut in the game. They've got a core at least seven game road trip coming up the opium ball low in March. You're gonna get a lot I think that there's a cyclical nature every chills Seagram were October November December. Our pot pot you'd get bet at Christmas. Things ratchet down gains become more expensive then get the trade deadline it bodies start to implement their playoffs files so. David it's of the belt and basically everything that's been at the but he is about you really saw. Hmm what is what is Vegas is approach gonna be the trade deadline their team that's contending for playoff spot everybody thought. Well by the stunned it probably trading off all their pieces because they've got pieces that they can trade off but also it's are contending what are they gave what are they gonna do. What are you gonna depend a lot. A couple of dot and that would be Neil would locked in Puerto beauties of this team they are so successful. And it's not diminish what they're doing what I mean blitzer and our life threatening that other people what he had a bit that you guys are quick break here number one. And there were thirteen. US pays or are they Odyssey at the I mean these are all in other deal. But complain though that the contract year so they started barges so Baywatch though McMahon. Now the two big US based coming up ordeal. And brought in question it would be. In March so prepare. He got five billion hurt the oil. Whatever look and days old and okay you're watching up you walk now you locked up but also marchers so why would Riley Smith you're good to move forward. Opening her on the open market he got six and seven billion dollars while the being here can't they taught me he'll. Into taking a three year deal may be Barack I would go beyond four. If these guys would be will lead to maybe make a little or no sure sure keep this thing together and go from air which he has to protect yet because. It's stacked in terms of future picks that are coming out and everybody's going up right now and in it's a wonderful story but you don't want to do. The rail master plan because this setup to be good very well I mean Bill Clinton as we watch sabres game night in a who we know it. Street good at bat belonged. Were rock bottom it that would say. Right Brian blessing journey here host of sports book radio in Vegas hockey hotline in Las Vegas. Brian. Next question I wanted to ask you with with the with Vegas of course is just what exactly is it that is. Helping this team be so successful is that one player is that the coaching staff. Is just it entire collaborative effort what does Ben throughout this entire year that has vaulted Vegas from being a team that everybody pretty much count it out right away knew being one of the top teams in the NHL. A big short blunt he's got a better expect you to endorse through but it project at a stroke. The wind down at. Their eyes bit. Spectacular bull ring this group together these guys have all audio all they are a myriad of things quite there's been a perfect score. I isolate the site in contract years. There boy it would spill their shoe because they felt they want wanted and it's not a light thing yeah and I predict is that bit of you know a lot locker rooms. They genuinely like each other and Europe would be a good guy to beat the this is a great role. They're all really wonderful guys that are there treat to be here. They they care reach other big dot each other's back there every night. There's another thing everybody playing and all you're getting. Report from a guy at the role just came from back to all of you every night they rallied around the plate or okay. The big open the big they were talking about. What worry organs could go late you know like there won't Oprah or well you pick the year but at opal won't the next game. But they're playing Florida and it would even bigger or could they were playbook a lot more is so right at least there are a typical. It an assistant coach got the extra personnel walk got yet you did or so they rallied around those got. It's like every night they're playing for a dollar higher against the old team and its secure its. They're like that obviously. You know that that's but one thing when you watched this. I always say that I don't know they have it's getting close to a one line the marchers want. I think they've got three. Could. Number two lines. It'll four lines that playbook of very light in her life a lot not a great book pro or fourth line. Out of the first line of the opposition and they cherry played I don't necessarily score. But just what are you panel Armey and debate is basically want why should that matter there's no drop all on the but for why they keep coming at you wait. Right now 111 last question here three brown before we let you go how party think Vegas can really take this. All right Ali. Candy. Gwinnett hearing. Sure. If I ever hear about all like that I don't will be rough deck we probably work. The fact that he's sort of low rep patrol this series and do something else that's portable wrote in all the momentum this series but when your leaders here at nineteen toward what my whole life. All I ever could really bad history. Off I went for broke series I think the thing that applicable way out their repeated the liver criminal intent. They'll be argued the injuries. You'll what beat the actual would be itself if we're told Girardi it up. I think that it would work browser. I think they'd be certain to hear somebody. I thought that separate expectation that they'll what. I walked Google Hollywood producer with a script like this particular required to throw it starts to walk without the article it. Right on the yeah we're quite awake playing for all of them. Yeah yeah mid who would have thought that the all the injuries to their goaltending group early on they would have been able to. Be at the top of the western copper sayings are now Bryant I got to hit the road here but I really appreciate you coming on vessel blocked you guys arrests this year and hope you enjoyed your weekend here. All right great Brian blessing joining me here on the eighteenth he outlined. Host and sports book radio and Vegas hockey hot line out in Las Vegas you can listen to that. Noon to 2 that's Pacific time over in in Las Vegas but we'll be right back here. Got a close things out here is south watcher is going to be joining us here at noon. You listen in to WGR. I time running out for me here and WGR thanks to the skaters for letting me fill and he thinks for Brian blessing. For joining me here on the AT&T hotline from Las Vegas. No he's got a job to do coming up a few hours here but I appreciate him joining here. And couple of big news that news notes that happened just in the last probably half hour of course for any goalie Linas Omar officially. Sent to Rochester but I mean that that tells comparison to what the bills had just done they've officially parting ways of offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. There are some names that could possibly be. Filling candidates as the new offense according eruptions since he is one of all Mike McCoy is another one of bomb. Cup the other names I saw that Alex Van Pelt would be. I mean none of these are official candidates but just means that could be consideration Ben Mac could do would be one. Also Mike Shula who is of course the Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator who was just let relieved of his duties just a few days ago assault yet thanks everybody interacting with me today. All be back on Monday and then on Tuesday it'll be mean rang gates. Carrying things on until the in theaters and injure Craig are back on Wednesday so again thanks for tuning in thanks for Chiming in talked to guys again next week Monday you're listening to. WGR.