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Friday, January 12th

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Hey how you doing yourself a macho here and pretty incredible timing here. Just about twenty minutes ago the Buffalo Bills announced that had confirmed it. The they have let go of slash fired. They're offensive coordinator in Dennison. So the Rick Dennison offensive coordinator error in buffalo and after one season. And it was not a very good season for the bills offense as we know. This was something that. I think a lot of people thought was going to happen. After the press conference. Following the season this past Wednesday couple days ago. I felt that it was. Most likely going to happen. Or was it Tuesday the press conference whatever. Point is. This is not come as a surprise. And I think more than anything. Right now people are just wondering. Wait they go from here. The offense struggled mightily this year in a lot of different ways. Most disappointed me. Was not the 31 ranked passing game it was. How much of a struggle was to have. A similar to be running game that actually did wind up pretty good at the end of the year and total yards. But maybe more because of volume than anything else. So Rick Dennison out as bills' offensive coordinator. That is confirmed by the team is a little while ago we have full coverage WGR 550 dot com or have full coverage where here today for the next three hours of that in more. Had a show planned for you that I'm still gonna do which includes having various guests talk about what's going on this weekend in the AFC and NFC playoffs. But also with each one of these guests a story line developing. Which very well could impact the Buffalo Bills. Whether it be in Minnesota Ben Gosling joining me at 1230 from the start to be and you'll talk. Saints vikings end. Their three quarterbacks all of them. Who are gonna be free agents Bradford Keenan Bridgewater. Tim events from the Tribune sports and Pittsburgh ESPN Pittsburgh joins me at 1 PM. We'll talk jags Steelers what are the futures of Ben Roethlisberger. And Levy on bell and Ben Roethlisberger actually tells the team that this is his last year they're probably in the quarterback market they will be in the quarterback market again they might be anyway. Given his age. At 2 PM Al dreamer WEE I. Are an account sister station in Boston he joins me to talk. Titans patriots end. The underlying. Brady bella check craft situation how that impacts them going for a lot to get to today so we'll do that I wanna take your calls on this atrial by fifty. 888552. By fifty. On the Buffalo Bills moving on. From Rick Dennison let's put postscript on the bills' offense this year Shelley. Here's where they finished in rankings out of 32 NFL teams. Yards per game 29. Yards for play when he got. The run game. Like I said it's more about volume because they finished sixth in the league in yards per game. They were good in yards per game running the football 126. But fourteenth middle of the pack in yards per play. At four point 14. And then of course the passing numbers not good once again. Per game. 31 in the lead. Per play 27 in the week. They were near the bottom and giving up sacks per pass attempt. Thirtieth out of 32. They were near the bottom 26. In first downs per game. They were good on third down they were sixth in the league. With their third down percentage. Let me grab that percentage for the bills ready 41 point animals 42% that's a nice third down percentage one of the few. Numbers in the major statistical categories it was pretty gut. They weren't very good in the red zone red zone bottom. Third of the league. And then of course and points per game the bills 22 in the NFL this year scoring 22 point seven points a game. That is the office that Rick Dennison oversaw. For most of the year where for all of the year I guess except her one game there. Couple spot duties here there. I think he was. Calling games a little bit. Underhanded having a limited passer in Tyrod Taylor. I don't think he had great wide receivers to work with on this team throughout the year with the injuries and things like that. But. The obvious should've been better than it Wallace. We've talked about to replace calls suspect at times I'm not big into really analyzing every play calling goes and every game I think that. People just do that all the time because we live in a Madden society and imagine world everybody calls her own plays and they just scored touchdowns all the time it seems like. But. I think the well documented use of Mike Tolbert. The well documented struggles in the second half especially the fourth quarter to score points this year in the second half of the season. Second half of the sec and it in the second of games and especially in the second half of the season in those second halves of games. Lots of different to things that went into this. Will see where they go some names already being thrown about that people want the Buffalo Bills to go out and get. Or think they might go out yet. Let's go right to the ties they have. In Carolina to Mike Shula who was just fired recently and Ken Dorsey who was there quarterbacks coach who also was just fired recently. And by the way. With a all of this we do not know as of right now there has been no announcement on any staff changes other than Rick Dennison so. It could be an entire offensive staff coming back. Or it could be we're still evaluating each position coach and it also could be we're going to let the new coordinator decide that. We don't know that yet. But I think that the writing was on the wall here parade Dennison. Especially after I heard what Brandon being said at the news conference. Just this past week. This is Brandon being when asked about Tyrod Taylor and the offense and really what he said in this gave me a clue what once I heard this. I really got more Nikkei above Dennison has probably gone. We're not satisfied with the whole office is not and it wasn't just about Tyrod there's a lot of hands in the cookie jar so to speak and you know showing our we're gonna talk about everything. And we know we have to get better on offense on defense on special teams we are far from a finished product I don't know if you're ever gonna hear us say we're the finished product but we have a lot of work to do and we know that and that that's gonna get started pretty quickly after this press them. Obviously being went right to the general. Office keep it special teams overall big picture but he was answering a question about the offense when you use the word as a GM not satisfied what used those words. That's usually not a good sign for people involved. So today we had a gauge just tuning in. The bills have announced that they have fired Rick Dennison. The exact wording of their own tweet is the bills have parting ways with OC. Rick Dennison we have full coverage for you at the BG RIP dot com or have a lot more coverage here today. My name to sell pot you glad to be with you today. Also Monday and Tuesday I'll be in this time slot no TV settle cast so you're looking for that like where is that. Face for radio Sal he's just on the radio today that's all we're doing today Monday Tuesday Murphy and Donald in the gang over there it. One bills drive at the studio. In the TV side of things they get a well deserved break here. So we'll take your phone calls 803055888. By fifty to 515. Deal look at a guy like rob kids Penske who has ties. To Carolina. Who has been a head coach any play caller in the sleek. Deal look at a guy like Darrel bevel. Who. Was just recently fired by the Seattle Seahawks as their offensive coordinator. Do you look at a guy like John people up well in Philadelphia who's the quarterbacks coach what did an excellent job. With Carson Palmer. Because I think that's the next tied to this right the next step here is the quarterback. Who is the quarterback. Does the offensive coordinator. Commit to a situation going to interview room and say tell me the quarterback is before I take this job. Do the bills give that went away. I doubt it to any candidate Iraq and give it to a candidate. Just sit in the room because that Kennedy can go somewhere else. A lot of these things had to be sorted out. But just as important probably more so actually. Then the offensive coordinator is who the quarterback is it 2018. On this football team. And if you really listen to. What brand I mean as Sean McDermott said at the press conference and then here and WGR Bolton the making appearances this week. Especially bread and being talked a lot about fighting it franchise quarterback. Never once said. Tyrod Taylor is a franchise quarterback. Tara has a lot of ability he really does and we saw some of the things he did a lot of good things this year but he'll tell you he's got weaknesses work on just like a lot of other guys. And the great thing about Tyrod. You can never question his work ethic the guys in here early and often he's watching film he stretching his with a trainer he does so many good things. He gives himself the best chance to succeed on the feel about what it what he does off and I know he knows theories he's got to work around no doubt he's gonna continue. To improve. That was brand and even the press conference this past week out at one bills drive 803055888550. 2550. Right here on WGR. The bills have let go of OC re Dennis and they parted ways with him and we're talking about it with you. What do you like deal like the move I think the general sense I get from Austrians as you wanted to change here now you got. So what do you want now and what you want does it matter who the quarterback is to pair with the offensive coordinator of course it does. I'm still in the camp that I think I am firmly of the believe they are going to draft a quarterback in the first round. But I also believe. There could be a bridge quarterback between when that guy is ready. Between now and when that guy is ready meeting who I don't know Alex Smith comes to mind that's the case you're not gonna sign Kirk cousins to be a bridge. You jacket assigned. I don't know everything case Tina would be a bridge that Teddy Bridgewater would not be a bridge no pun intended on his name. A guy like Alex Smith his age would be a bridge. I think that would be the got an SMU they say Tyrod Taylor could be a rich and that is true. Because he doesn't have a lot of money at the Palin's contract but I think that ship has sale I think that they will move out from Tyrod Taylor. Unless unless. McDermott and being surveyed the landscape. They don't really love any of the guys coming out. They don't they feel may be the guys at free agency are a little too expensive or they just don't like him. Spend a lot but according to says give me Tyrone don't work for them I think that this matters here. Let's start off would dean whose first up here on WG are hiding go ahead. I thought Gloria thanks Keith I was so glad linebacker Derrick got fired I had to call. I was not happy with him all year M one step. That was query that I think you left out it was hectic less sure they want 46 touchdowns to 26 this year which issue should. So I mean next the next stop is I would but they kept Aleks Maric what is your opinion. What we had to do to get it if you take a good old and if we did it. Do you think that Sean McDermott is a grounded power guy or what we need more Cassie. Well I think first of all you want Alex Smith there would be a price to pay you can get on the I don't know what the market will be for him does does that do the Cleveland Browns now have a John Dorsey as they're GM who say we're we're going to win next yearly they're not trying to bottom out anymore they're gonna try to be better do they get into a market for a guy like Alex Smith act they can be in the market for Tyrod Taylor but. Tom I think you can I think the question is how much you gotta give up you're probably looking at. A round a second or third round pick for a guy like Alex Smith right now. You think that. That's a good idea. I don't know that's a good idea to give up that much. I do think that Alex Smith would fit very well here in buffalo for years they're going to draft a quarterback. To take over for him he would be the same situation was this year Kansas City. Which would stink for him obviously Mitt which is yet we got to per year than you're gonna lose your job but I think this. I think this team is ready to take the next step and they needed better passing offense and that would not be a horrible idea to me. Well what do you think about Sean McDermott it is you grounded power guy or are you going to open up to castigate there's been so many years since we have it downfield game that we character got this. While we did a downfield game here in buffalo with under Greg Roman a little rumor I mean they did throw the deep ball out but I think dean answer your question yeah he is a defensive coach and thanks for the call but. In most. Situations scenarios defensive coaches are going to rely on the defense and play conservative football I think by nature and what we've seen this year I would carrot categorize. Categorize excuse me Sean McDermott as a defense is a conservative coach however I think he made plenty of gambles this year. So I don't know that's up to him in this. And the new offensive coordinator what that is does Mike McCoy come back in the picture a lot of people are speculating on that because let's face it he was the bills first choice last year. Reportedly. Before they finally settled. I'm Rick Dennison at the McCoy went to Denver who has been fired in the middle of the season or later in the season. By the way think about that for second. For everybody who's clamoring for Mike McCoy that's why. My glaze that's a nice things in this league. He also just got fired during the middle of the season from his previous job. Because they were bad on offense. Let's go to DN did your Adobe GR. Eight hale thanks very well become I dislike bullets you know law. How much I appreciate your insight and not you wanna might favor guys on the radio station and not just do a great job is the bee reporter for the bills. Thank you day and I appreciate that what's on your mind by. Well you don't. Post season and the policies in press conference they talked about order banks in in the air at about drafting a quarterback can. Well the first thing debris and being brought up was that they were going to explore every Avago. It's pretty agency. He brought it up but I I really think that they're trying to get one in the because this is a rare occasion where they had this many. Accurate free agent quarterback in these guys is somewhat of a decent records Yelp absolutely Kirk cousins but Teddy Bridgewater. Looks like he's gonna have a you'll be as long as he's healthy a picker case Qaeda looks like a good prospect. You bet and I doubt that it is (%expletive) I never get a free agent market I really think. They're gonna try to draster quarterback situation. Drew. Free agency has long arc at the break the bank as he brought the whole issue of spending responsibly you know a lot of Walter camp. And dump it in so doing it this ball drastic significant though a lot of holes that they have on this team. All of it just aren't all what do you think yes. Here's the thing. Again breaking the bank that's right so I think that eliminates to meet a guy like Kirk cousins who is looking at upwards of 25 point six million dollars this year. I mean I just don't see how they gonna do that or why they would do that. I got a beast surprise have been surprised before and they've done things that I didn't expect but just the way they talk and what you said in his right. On the other they have to be more heavy fiscally responsible for. At least eight. Always put another year at least under the current situation and what the cap because they do have some dead money. Next year that gets relieved a lot. But I would be surprised they made a move like that. Let's go to Trent. Under the GRI Trent. You heard dork so I am also happy being here. That it sort of been fired. I believe you work part of the problem are you restarts are there where you know is certain but some order righted the petite but could earn their. You know our creativity the art makes something different happened. Now all soul movement forward there are are you comment about Tyrod. That why are low Brenda even Dick Durbin well they're out they're a bad word yet how honesty was there by not. Name in Colorado are saying that he worked franchise quarterback but also straight into you know there's no. Searching for ones that lets you know a bit like it that this bill is you know I Rauch credit. He would our worker but it's time to let him go soul but anyway moving forward. I believe there's a lot Beijing to Alex Smith seems to be. The obvious choice split. You mentioned earlier this guy has always been sign enough placed by young W. In order to give them the Cingular and Alex were not been addressed to quarterback who that you don't protect our shot. As a matter he's not a free agent Alex Smith you could trade forum. Right right you could lead budget senator Barack pretty major that darn it. The commitment from that union that they are not been addressed the young got injured. I don't understand what you mean what me he needs a commitment he if he gets traded he has to go to the team. Brett when he dug in other words I don't know if you don't touch you know chill out and on EQ you know. You are probably just they're I think they've come in other words I think the age of more than one year. And I would vote for them or own them listen don't worry we're not gonna bring anybody underwrote. And not ask you. Well I don't think they would tell that it's not his job to care it's not their job to tell him that he has no say in it and if you wanna for a year you bring him here for year end. That's what the Kansas City Chiefs did they stay drafted someone said go do your job that's what you do. I don't it does. Alex's feelings or any feelings of a quarterback don't matter if you think it's best to draft a quarterback you do and everybody else does their job. Preliminary march are absolutely right I mean it just to. About winning. Let's right that's an and that's what they if they stretch I gotta run here but that it has no bearing on it whatsoever what what the quarterback with thinking that's the case. Why wanna make a commitment why you're under contract you get here we're paying you you're gonna play you're making. Millions of millions of dollars and if you don't like it while I guess that's tough because that's the situation wherein let's go to Kevin Kevin your under the GR. Apple taking my call you welcome. No I'm that they were in the church for an offensive coordinator now and I'm hoping that the chance to get Mike McCoy after recess. Didn't get him last year story we are well sure I'm trying to get him and hit that element you know that. McDermott as a coach he kinda coach and probably more inclined to run the ball but you know let out in my corner with the first choice and you look at quite track record. He liked to throw the ball downfield in fact it's been rumored that probably see Denver. McDonald's because he wouldn't commit enough to go bungee getting McCoy could be got balanced at this and so desperately need. Sure I mean I don't know I. Any any coordinator could do that and you wonder what they're looking for. You wonder you know what kind of philosophy the have and again I'll say I think it matters Kevin with a quarterback is ready means the quarterback a guy that you trust in the pocket. Is the quarterback a guy that you want throw the ball thirty times a gamer is the quarterback a guy that you'd rather just have handoff and I think to meet. Signs point to them wanting to be able to have a better quarterback throwing the football and that's the case and I think they be more comfortable having a coordinator willing to do it. And then you'd think maybe that's election McCoy maybe several what are going that it could you want grooming a potential pressure on quarterback. Absolutely if you do I think you have to have a track record at least they would probably want somebody who has worked with younger quarterbacks that would probably. He'll make more sense here if they're gonna do that I think they're going to draft a quarterback but we'll see. You aware that goes eight at 30515 and number 8550. To 550 will squeeze another one here John you're on WGR John. Eight he built a bird did that budget so the idea by far the best in the bills have been a pleasure to listen you'll woody years. My biggest my biggest gripe about it was that everybody is. Got it back again because. You wanted to dictate the offense around the quarterback that might actually be coming in or. The other flip but it'd. If the opposite thing that ever happened to Cordero will teach you gotta be dictated towards the quarterback we bring in because it's going to be the situation we have now. Well we don't have a correction shall we need to kind of like planets a little better in my opinion. I have a preliminary work you'll even though I don't think he's at all a great option meaning the bar Cam Newton. But now it is is heated and and so it can bet that. It'll out of Delta's economical and it took them quite got hired. Yeah look at everything you say is right in it's a chicken and I get always this right I mean you you have to figure out here's the problem though and the reality is John. What do you wanna call a problem or not it is a reality that. You have to hire the offensive coordinator before you really got to determine who your quarterback isn't when he eighteen they have this time is of the essence here these guys are getting jobs. They're gonna want jobs they're gonna wanna get higher within the next couple weeks you're gonna want a offensive coordinator before the Super Bowl I think and from there that you have free agency a month later and then the draft the month after that. Right now and I agree upon that the that the hope that the great affordable day and that anybody I've even heard talk about this is pat I think first. So where's that leading us. I mean do we like you said dock it to good point that you wanna support suitable because if you wanna try to you know get those people. Drop it hasn't been down so worried about who we're gonna bring in but on the other hand it. And it's going to be a tough decision because you bring if somebody that you don't know where where it. Great article cornerback. Well I think that the key is to make sure that your profit according to whoever you identify John the key is that you have an understanding that. Young we have a few options here are you OK with all these options and an of that person is okay what it. Then I think you go from there and the personal have a say in that you know there's going to be coordinators who say I don't like the situation I'd rather go somewhere else but there are other guys who say. I don't give a darn because I want a job and I'm gonna do good where you give me. Night Becky. So much stuff I have a great day. Right John thanks for the kind words I appreciate it we'll take a timeout we end Ben gasoline coming up from the Minneapolis star Tribune we'll talk. NFC playoffs saints and vikings we'll talk three quarterbacks in the vikings but stick out because I'm and take your calls as well south about Joseph Rolen until 3 PM with the today the bills have fired. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. Good I just got a lot of play. I don't think anybody but myself. You know that's you know not. More conservative let's conserve river you know either way I'm I'm going to be me. Vikings quarterback case here I'm right there boy what a year he has had. I like the vikings coming into the year I thought they'd be good team actually picked them to win the NFC north but this season they've had has surpassed. In my expectation that I had good expectations for them. This year guys are able to cover them. All season long here and has then for awhile now from the star Tribune is then guess Li joins me now on the AT&T hotline to talk a little bit about the game this weekend. And the quarterback situation three guys all facing free agency that it's out of touch you here and of EGR thanks lover do on this. Apple itself a threat. Are so let's start with the game and then we'll get to the quarterback situation. On and then I. I'm what I just said the expectations I thought this was a good team I really like Mike Zimmer did last year we knew they had defensive talent. I know they had some injuries that may be tempered some enthusiasm going into the year. What were the expectations for the Minnesota Vikings. Well obviously expectations that they were all over the pork per cup worries that you have a lot of people that. But it of their defense and rightfully so how many guys they had to come back at our guys they at this. The bit about that treatment but the thing that nobody knew woods. How the operative wanted to hold up after all the injuries they have last year our running game but it'll look. Without any read Peterson and how the quarterback whatever in the tiny part of it to be Brett hurt at that. A weekend and it does not look like it's gonna be incorrectly so that mean that really added another weird things but. There were a lot of questions with opposites about whether it was going to be approaching an obstacle that defense did it seem to look at opening a hole. There really to credit the Apache server via a coordinator case keep them. But an operative line that has been able to what documentaries on like they were. Did they want to repeat of last year and in the running game be without doubt. In a lot of ways they have been good at course for more than any team in the NFL and I think a lot of the route they are in good missionary it is because of that. Is it because the Mike Zimmer weather's so resourceful as the front office so why is this team failed to sustain all of these injuries. I you know I think it. A couple of things I think the the are certainly has ordered I think. Think they've learned from some of the as the Kindle wanted to past and I think they kind of poll of salt we need to have a plan B we need to have guys that. Can in an average spot to somebody goes down we need at running back there can auction Ebert I mean certainly that was not the case. But Adrian Peterson the absolute they wanted to guys like you that they wanted line and expected play. A number different spot somebody wrote down at least you know and be able to do that shall we wrap around that but I also think some of it is. There's a mentality that might never wanted to think that that. He set when he first got Aaron that is always stuck with me is that his dad wrote the article coach. In Illinois and in eve ball set up around the system that player of your wing T. Some years at a run and shoot some years or maybe a virtual art or whatever it is that I app used to wit and based on what I have army over the use an ethnic. They've done that defensively a lot of ways and I think that that through that all lots that be has. It's your government the opportunity you're coordinator at corporate that has been a chip Kelly's system in a West Coast opera but it aren't being a bit. They they really use a mix of everything they need based lawyer I think all of that is oh the beat up. Saints vikings Sunday at 4:40 eastern time. 340 local time over there in Minneapolis why Minneapolis such good sports city such a good football city. When they were going through there their problems at the stadium years ago when there was threatening to move we can identify with that here -- flow obviously we had a change in ownership and boy did tell me about just. The feeling of the city going from that what we really see the darkest darkest depths of where the organization could be to the euphoria of today in an injured several years' time. Why it's funny because I mean you look at it at the stadium not a given that you call a brand new practice facility opening next year odd. 200 acre plot of land that they bought rubio or what airlines quarters so I mean really this is probably the first time. In the vikings history that you look at their facility and say this is stated they are slow you would asserted. In 1981 literal practice facility opened 1982 of the metrodome opened that Dominica spokesman said they are the times are looking at now like. I mean they really are kind of in this boom phase here now with with the building but it happened so when with a team played as well the focus brought here. A long time has been. We have all 27 team let's try to be the first team to play one. In our home city and yet a lot of fans I think that are excited about that culture. As you guys well well. We've been burned in the past it and and can we really. You know it's all like can we walk again if you burn out yet. And can you go out they okay this seemed like it there there's trepidation there's admitted. It's a fascinating mix or you're out and the weather's been. Is that nearly double what we can identify that is actually was sixty yesterday's can be thirteen tomorrow so you know yeah yeah that's what you live with when you're around. These parts of now or could be there then gasoline probably. Yeah I Wii is actually bend gasoline joining me here from the Minneapolis star Tribune covers the vikings what. This game though this is the toughest matchup running. The saints are really as good as any team in the league with all the different things they can do tough draw for the Minnesota Vikings but they are favored in this game because they are also. Maybe considered that the best team in the field by many so tell me what they have to do to win this game going back to lead a team they played really early in the season obviously. Yeah and I think a lot of it is going to be containing the ways the saints have changed since we won in their running game really need now as a lot of things go or they didn't adopt. They wanted to use Ella Camara that worked out of work enemy and the market group. And debt ruby wasn't competitive very well we want and I at all about it a lot great debt that it is starters you see them. Being a lot more active so you know I think a lot of the vikings can you sit down running game can continue to be as good on third downs they've been. They have about third down for Tibet to convert a percentage in the league Nike that he wanted to with all of that that you have going for you. Can you put that in that third down situations that Drew Brees but the stakes. Put pressure on him it is hard it's hard to get to breeze is one of the reached at quarterback we needed. They're able to get a restaurant and it will probably be because that got her seventh birthday and they know the cup. Why has case Keenan has so much success this year. You know I I think a lot of it has been and they found ways to use him. That other teams probably haven't I think they have done a good job boats. Saying okay did this is the strengths of your game has mobility is his willingness to. You know I need to take some chopped up you'll sciences willingness to work recording back and I think all of those things. Bit of benefit it and I think they've done a nice job or in art and went went past from the guy. It's amber heard as they would that's firmer and loyalties there was anybody Sam Bradford got so a lot of ways is ability to rework its cute benefit. And tell about it in you know think Wiki means he's not scared and he's been a starter in the past not to this degree but he. He he's he's a guy that I technical competence. That he's better than people realize that and I think. That has let him knock tricky for the moment he hasn't been afraid it. Stick out now feel that and be more than a game manager I don't think they'd be in the position he said OK I've got broker. 210 yards and not make any mistakes at the clock becomes deeper but I don't think that all that's quite dynamic enough. And you would do that in to his credit into the liked it habitable turtles loose and I think that's been. What do you hear about is the window of opportunity for pat Shermer here with being in the playoffs obviously in the the rules that go along with that teams are already hiring her had coaches. Un is a team missing out by not hire Yemen is they're still a possibility he could still get tired. Yeah I think this'll possibility immunity Arizona Cardinals. Or a couple well it's weaker are there I am I I've heard that the two but I heard. This that we're the most interest and pat server where the bears who obviously have hired. About Nagy now and in the cardinals so I think you the cardinals wanna wait. I think he's a very good candidate there right at that's going to be the question Alex. Two people wanna wait pocket and the second time a couple like things are done playing or until possibly. The off week for the Super Bowl that that's really it was question with these so Oregon or wait. Last year when one Palestinian was their guy they knew that they wanted to benevolent way or if the cardinals a way. A probably a little while pat server that you think of like he went up a bit which. Obviously continues proceed and to the point where did you know can we reported but he pot culture so. I pictured it and am I think their with the cardinals. There probably interest and the idea that we get him we can maybe bring case in a little bit to protect Reagan created so. I think he's still very strong candidates going to be questioned whether you want week. The vikings' season before it in October against. You actually just answered what was going to be the next question I was Kabila creative in how I asked that are we asked about the three quarterbacks when I was gonna ask you as. Let's say he does get the job and Arizona he can take any of those three with them is it Keenan he no matter what you just said. I think so I mean I I think affected Ian has succeeded the way ES this year. And the fact that. She probably April that benefit he still guys understand works understands that he's been a back up he's been guided. That got helped accurate off pretty epic they drafted a a young quarterback at some point double line I don't think he quit or fight settled each attempt guidance as well. No I I'm not gonna help you you can armed army 82 watney but I'm not helped get ready I don't think he'd cook so. I think for a seam and that all he would make a lot of sense I certainly think. He probably makes more sense and Bradford and you know it could be Japanese he app wrapper off because it. He's gonna have a lot of questions about that needed help beat up the America somebody's. You know paying him a lot of money so I opened it yet but Hebert ordered the guy in Minnesota next year I think it pat Herbert tired of where. Keep it could very well be going to that scene with him but obviously out in which case in particular like the simple. Well we are now you know thanks particulates are personable forty years or possibly or probably got one or whatever now. Russell Mercer. Yeah. That that would be tough to do it. So I know Zimmer has a very close relationship with Teddy Bridgewater is that you'll is that an M eighty spearheading why he would say. Teddy there or is it really just because his ability why Teddy may be the guy staying in Minnesota. Why I think it's a few things and I certainly think the relationship played buses coaches want talk about making these decisions did. In a poll we just passionate terms I do think that. Please into the in the part of that he's popular battle locker room Zimmer. An idol status but hyperbole there are lots of like a son and you have got the general manager earmark bill that trap and the and kind of putting captain's log wicketkeeper tortoise and we want it to be right about secret order permitting of course potter years before. So there are a lot of people here like nick that believe it to divert water. He's still only. 25. Years old record by November so minute that and it that is well I think he's helped beat. Definitely believe he's ready to play it I think they believe he. At a point where he could run up to be had to do it yet at Charlotte which. You'd be projecting a little bit going into the future of whether this guy can do quite I don't think there's adopt. Apparatus here and report to guy if they decided that it's cute and I I think. It's much smaller rivers and water we got a Sam Bradford and minister question what do you. And a big Bridgewater at this point would be cheaper considering everything right I mean Keenan is gonna probably command more which is odd to say now we sit here at the offseason when he eighteen but. Is that the way you really look at contracts are all three these guys look at that. Well I yeah I think we keep up the benefit you at you'll or at least regard rigor or about major new rights or shoot yet. I mean each he's been healthy ones and that has them. I don't wanna get supplies because they Hebert or what undertake the job Sam Bradford. Got hurt and in San rapper wasn't ready to really come back and in ticket back to Q so but this freedom has been. Being healthy and being durable and he's certainly has shown he can it takes shot to soak. Yeah I I think somebody at all the money I think it's going to be probably more than fifty million a year and you know could be more than forty arranged to what he stunt but. It would hurt warrant at. Ideally keeper in the the question of when his contract with whole actual article good thing. You know there's a lot of different redone that collateral lawless state that yet to order to beat back. Speaker he was at this here I think practicality. You'd. Pretty strong credence case but they have to deal with their hectic ultimately they decided they wanted to back it today. You know what we're gonna worry about all the politics here or get a deal done but they're both sides. Are back but certainly given the fact that he has played. To meet people being really in two years now would bring him back on the. All right last one for me Super Bowl it is played a Minnesota. This would be obviously unique as you know it's a goal there about what are we look at this car is tickets and crowd I mean it's just such a corporate event I mean would it be a true home field advantage for the vikings. You know I think we'll be old Oak Hill event in the Indiana fell I ended up and ask people about this summer about a week or so ago he had a spell really. Actually 1998 when the vikings have occurred in the critical of the Super Bowl it was in Miami got here and the dolphins but admitted that like rattled out of the NFL a resolution that your saying. We have to make sure the despair so that the alternate to get more ticket state typically. The at a he has he championed the ticket seventeen and app of the tickets quote speak to other so it's instead of that. That's sort of getting both the ticket global they would split evil leader to try to do as much public and to make a few of control and yet it you'll corporate appeals not quite as bipartisan on games I don't think you see them coming out the dragon ship. Plane coming up but now they're big gala or all access would not be the same but. They would have an advantage in the sense that they can practice a whole facility pick Robert quick or bad. He knew their own locker room and you know the stadium and in the dose of parity things would be their fourth of blood. I don't think it's gonna come out where you out. A true partisan environment he was exceeded like it or. They'd actually be the road team right and even numbered Super Bowl it would yeah. It's true they did they were bureau team but the NFL and set that. Yet they are. In the game they were so get used our open and the DA AFC team is supposed to practice at the vikings practice facility a lot of biking and gain and and it took. So it. It really is uncharted territory reciprocal we've ever seen it added it would be fascinating to see how that plays out in what is he had to say about it given the fact that. Yeah however you slice it it's hard to not to that there would be some advantage like when they. No doubt about it bad thing to do this I appreciate enjoy the playoff game enjoy the ride and then next year. The bill are scheduled to go to Minnesota I can't wait to see that new stadium and it's going to be pretty cool thanks for doing this today. Should be fun. No problem itself. I think you'd has been gasoline he is from the Minneapolis star Tribune column on Twitter at gasoline strip that's. To explode like Ryan Gosling I think right docile right GO ES SL ING. And then test TR I B. I was at a time welcome back more your phone calls bills of fired Rick Dennison. At 1 o'clock I get ten bends in Pittsburgh where talk Steelers jags and what about the futures of both Ben Roethlisberger and Libya and belt now. All of that is coming in the questions a lot more to get to here under BGR. I I get the sense that the bills. Would rather hire more experienced coordinator now Rick that is inspired because of us remember Dennison was a first time play caller. And I think that that might have been a a source of frustration at the end of the day when you go evaluate everything. So I feel like maybe Sean McDermott feels like they're ready to take the next step they don't want a first time play caller that's how I would read the situation Kirk thanks for holding on to be GR. I doubt particular chemical. I'm I think that. And it looked in London and beyond you know I am. Shall it came is that now when I wanna go to next to Korea. I really don't want to hear rookie quarterback those guys that can match. Pat McAfee the McDermott and I'm being. Go to CN route to make this letter out. I was vehemently for awhile who understands how to vote like a pro quarterback who. Does it have to be Tyrod what do they get somebody else. Instead of Tyrod who has been in the league. I don't know why we haven't let somebody make him you know he sat behind it until Flacco and Rick yes I get the free you know what you have done it about. I would think in Moraga highlight how about it look at any Democrat in Cincinnati. Who has been behind and the daughter he treated them that you Jacqueline. I need to hear you're restricted or understood created. And maybe you're gonna carry you get any we figure out that backup quarterback. Be willing to pay you back up quarterback Saturday. And if you Google didn't get a better idea I don't know but this is without revealing to give you a you burn and a guy let me date and that pilot injury. Panic coming and yet I compete and I think that the radiation go. He is a restricted free agent you have to make an offer then the bank will have a right to match by the way. Just say you know that is thank you very much for the call I appreciate it are we to take a timeout. Coming up Tim bends from Tribune sports and ESPN Pittsburgh Steelers jags in oh by the way. Now another Pittsburgh steeler is talking about retirement first it was Ben Roethlisberger heading into this year or whenever that was in the early year. And now it's Levy on bell saying if the Steelers franchise tag him. He would retire or he might will get the lowdown on that with Tim bands we come back and have each year.