01-12 Sal Capaccio Hour 2

Bills Football
Friday, January 12th

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Guys you have to treat every game like few laughs from zone. You never know it is. You know we saw an example of early in season product you just never know when it's what could be elapsed. Hope it's not his last book you know you have the wrong play every play. Enjoy every play every game like it could be about. That's what's at Ben Roethlisberger Steelers taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars that game is Sunday the early window. 105 PM kick off that is the divisional round of the playoffs opposite obviously the titans and patriots in the AFC side of the bracket. Sell pot she'll back here with few. Spending a few hours today I'll be in Monday and Tuesday as well as we get John Murphy in the gang a well deserved break but. How do you like that command here at noon and then right around 1140 we get the news that the bills have fired offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and so we are talking about that today taking your phone calls going through the possible. Candidates are many names out there so will sift through all of that of course to quarterback situation still. Unsettled in buffalo I'm of the belief as many of you are they're going to move on from Tyrod Taylor what about other places this is going to be an interstate offseason. Four quarterbacks including the main you just heard from Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh who had spoken about retirement early in the season. That's kind of cool but now they have a running back the all world running back Aveion bella says it franchise tag me. I'm going to be. The next one who's gonna retire will get all that would my man. Tim meant to join me right now on the AT&T hotline Tim is a columnist torture of sports in Pittsburgh also works ESPN radio in another a number of other outlets there enough Pittsburgh thanks a lot but I appreciate it's been. A wilder last hour here in buffalo as you can imagine. Yeah leader you get all caught up don't think a lot of those. Situation I think that inner bands will be focusing on whatever they are eliminated or ones you've all but. They could move on from Todd Haley got the Eaton Utley is contract is up so they could have a new offensive coordinator but I doubt it. I still think they can work something out there but you know. Did your point about a lot this burger. They have butted heads at times over the years and maybe that's one of bends conditions. To come back is. Yeah I'll keep playing but I want rainy it thereby quarterback coach to be mouth and coordinator I wouldn't rule that out. I do rule out been retiring I think he will be back early one more year by hook or by crook. But each can't do is of late beyond bell retiring and walking away from fourteen point five million dollar minimum. On the franchise tag liquid this week now. There's a better chance of Jim babe I'm retiring my number from the media op at center court at the Carrier Dome. Then there is a way beyond bell retiring from the get. And we certainly know that is not happening. Writes yes exactly they are you retire one number last week and by the way out there that the Notre Dame game. You're six and a half hours through blizzard conditions too steep 49 braking point the scoreboard. And he's a a last second loss and eternal or two seconds left. That was one of the most that would be worst last possession and they have ever seen in my life. I was in the hotel in Jacksonville we just got in and I had the AFC playoff game on. On my computer and had that game on the TV I said. Boy this is nice some on the cover medical playoff game tomorrow first time in my career I get to watch JC playoffs insert these basketball and then that have been a kind of ruin my night so. There's no doubt about that it if you'll. Don't just about as much offense the Jacksonville buffalo yeah he didn't understand Syracuse I would Tyrod Taylor running the point they aren't the. Yeah that's no doubt about that I do wanna ask you about. They quarterback situation in Pittsburgh event even does come back let's say does. Is it time though for them to draft a quarterback in the first round I mean how did they go about this Landry Jones obviously still there what what is their situation in the future. I think it is and maybe out nigh eve of the start of the year you start pushing for that dropped 2018. Because there are major optimal quarterbacks and it'll be an incredible carousel. Not only has to get distracted but who moves from place to place jumps from Willie had to look at free agency. And that is going to be crazy ride to watch the quarterback this off season I want to see it for you part of that in some way shape or form. Beyond saying when he could not could I don't think years. They gonna be a back up but he knocked it not the BA regular starter at Cupertino otherwise will be loaded. The next year Q. But now they've just got too many other needs I think it obvious that they have to prepare for the eventuality that Ryan's age you're never plays again. You know we hope that's not the case with Oprah walk first. And then play again to better prepare themselves or the contrary unfortunately. So I think that need number one. Bit McDonnell has been nice pick up one available he's Israeli available and they still or what I'd and then. You know even at this point if they do you keep lady on bell or one more season. Our running back franchise tag they want to put up with his BS all the time within the next we're year I don't know they will gonna get a lot but maybe shut. I don't know but L they've got can't predict all of our. But they've got a C 88 situation they're gonna take care to have Mike Mitchell and these are showing his date so I just I don't think. They cannot take the luxury of trying to ban signed bans replacement. This year and let them tell and he is definitely retiring after 2018 helping him do that. So with bell he is once a long term contract as she. The edit what what does he want it is really really know because he does when he franchise tag. Is it about Pittsburgh is about the Steelers organization anything like that. You mean like you need to be so angry with a sort of and he glorious thing is so desperate that. Now Balt I mean what what is is this more about you know what I want I want a test my aim. My test the free agent market or is this about I just don't wanna have the handcuffs of a one year contract. You know Huard again offered fifteen million dollars to place somewhere else and 48 the Steelers he might stay with the Steelers might. But I think it's about long term security I think let. Be very careful as you what you determines to be long term security NFL. Nineties seems enamored of whatever a long term contract is I think we all know it's not what were written on paper so it better be Smart about what he get a primary also talked about how much you want to be paid up front I'll let a lot of it. A little bit like on board now regarded so far it. They'll say one thing because keeping you wanna hear it as a reporter many say something else when whatever he's dead. Taken at face right now and then and he counters himself so. He's tough guy to cover he does give a little back what they don't own and he saw that yesterday I tried to honor every nook but on the espn.com story one. He's got it and the EU in that situation. Wouldn't say look it why are not worried about Mike archer but he tried to be at least jerk. When he walked away looking not like why you're talking about this at all what chuck Colbert gonna do lined up in the second moral waking. With the eight and quivering yes and a blank check and yelling beyond your contract was caught up we're Saturday. It was done before he can competent Jack and a happening. What about their window for this team overall I mean obviously is tied into bell and then by you know you have a a good defense that you get after the quarterback there's some young parts but now wish easier Mitchell like you mentioned. Is the window opening or closing right now for the Pittsburgh steelers' Ben. Ten our. Ten then it's I thought and then robberies up my mind you'll estimates and then so forgive me. Yes Ben Roethlisberger and illustrated so cowboy can still keep the window open I like not about stuff like that but. I think it's closing because the quarterback Ingle and yet as well as in the that would not happen at the running back you know they often lines up a bit. There are a lot of good young compared more good young component and eat and there are aging ones. And hold the should be able to be replaced the Shays here. X factors definitely component there but I think all this other stuff is window dress and around the quarterback so. Yeah the window's closing. You know it's not this year than next year it's been black then after that. Hopefully you've still got a good knock lineup in place around. An acquired free agent or treaty quarterback or what really high first round pick like they had. When banking unit known as the great defense then came in and edit or really good running back. That another running back ready don't even know about Willie Parker. Good offensive line really good all that. Please do not bring up Willie Parker and buffalo radio okay please do not bring up well Parker a buffalo radio. You know at the dawn of the Willie Parker Sarah I. Well thank god the drought is over because the budget bringing up Willie Parker destructive complete fear in. You know helplessness in the bills fans until obviously this year now we have to worry about that as much from 2004. Yeah you know why I hate Haitians could you have ever doing it Seattle forgot about college openings gab spur problem yes effort my apologies. So Tim Tom. This game I mean. I I think this is obviously better like portals you know he he just I think liberals as bad if you watch him on a few allows an appeal with them. As a sideline reporter for the game last week and this guy. I don't I think maybe Chad Henne the backup might be a better option for them I don't know why they never even necessarily thought about that may be because he's had a few good games but. What do you see from that this game and what they have to do to make sure what happened to them last time they played does not happen in Pittsburgh. Yeah endless dovetailed with your conversation because. Blake portals it was bad against the Steelers the first time we were kicked in only 95 yards and one very and I anyway. Well he was bad against buffalo and they want to. You know at this aren't what they need to do better to prevent what happened while I'm happy get looked ericsson's you'd statistics. From that game that may thirtieth not like for instance. Lennar reported eight correction for a 180 yen I don't think getting away we America worked for a hundred you know. We're like we're talking up before the turn over Ben Roethlisberger knock April but Dick again in Mike brook hill. And Blake portals was we just take root for 95 yards last timeout they want to get proper a hundred decided and what what are they went very but I'm so. You know I think you Gillers and is a decent number that are gonna bring this game back to the middle of the statistics find their normal water level. But that brings the game more alike you know to a hunched down. Differential in favor of the Steelers and it does thirtieth not favored the Jack I don't they want score last possession game and I mean I steeler fans. Were under the assumption we still don't know how healthy Antonio Brown early years of the week has gone on has been more wobbling around a lot from that there was all resolve Al O'Neal looks Mondale like that adult for that much of a doubt. Yeah I wouldn't be shocked it is limited but on the eve rolls around and you like your words are about where I just. I think it's 123 to seventeen games for Pittsburgh I think that. They managed to squeak this out but I'm not 100% opportunity go the other. In got a quarterback is. Late portals and GOP in the postseason audit struggled against Sean hides certain Brett Hundley in the second act is now. This is it it's not like the dolphins game last Izturis got beat thirtieth it's in Miami everybody has urged and what to do the same thing to Jacqueline they get to Miami. ArQule is a big difference game one and Miami was in Miami got Pittsburgh and game two in Pittsburgh had gotten bored outline and a hell I don't eat that analogy all the water I think. Jack it was good they've overcome their back quarterback all year. They gave it to 39 bash is good for the first my kid being a one possession game in Pittsburgh eat out the Victor. Tim I'm ash here a couple questions about. Not the Steelers here because you have some some good insight into what has happened in New England because you've been there. And Alan and your thought on the set with a quicker sham peace. From what you saw when you were WEEI for a little while up in Boston and your family roots there as well Finley ties there. Why why what do you think is I guess maybe separating fact from fiction necessarily or. Nowhere do you see that picture between Brady and Belichick and Kraft from everything you know in the short time you are there and the people you spoke with a what you observed. Not perfect. Or all of truth is double what it was it was written by a quicker sham but not enough to impact it's even. And I actually I'll argue Vietnam they dropped here real Boston. From. Espn.com covers the Bruins in the amount bought the sports journalist Joseph McDonald we were taught about that he's big enough that broad beat Pittsburgh. Eight it will look I mean like you think that. Mike Sullivan Sidney Crosby and your brother or get along at all costs no probably not you know is to say I think I am dole brought back. That Haley Roethlisberger and Tomlin don't get along at all times. I know Europe back. Is that you know there were real wrists back and you remember Tom Donahoe Omnicom Donald Howard and Cordell I never thought I'd still got. You know to the postseason on a few occasions so I could get scored their more than a patriot wants you to believe. But I don't think it appointed an impact team and act have found on the they're on that although you'd output percent. Bigby back to keep the titans are you kidding me look like you scored at 838 to a report now going to be forty seven. You know I think a net abuse Connie comical at eight. Probably but it had been a number things before and it stayed quiet typical rock or being with such obvious optic we'll get. That's where it manifested in and when the try to grapple happened that people started to get that question but what a what I think happened. Did you think situation and obviously that we'll see what the ripple effect in the fall on his in the offseason and I I I do think there's some Dinara I think there's. Some serious some serious. Rift going maybe between egos and things like that. You know it's so hard. You guys side you know indifferent to ways in different sports through football through hockey whatever in Pittsburgh you mean when people get. -- lot of success sometimes eagles' become a little too big it's tough to manage one another. Oh right exactly and I just gave me a couple of examples there and and everybody knows about happen Hines Ward and go cower Ben Roethlisberger in the same room the other amigos they're not then. They all managed to come together for the greater good and they're pretty good at it. I just how do you handle it and you know I can't blame bella check for trying to girding himself against the prospect of one state new England and having a nice option that Tom Brady fired because she could retire whenever he wants only beta on the boats. He's the second biggest threat what are his own family so you know go out I'd get a fire really good quarterback B is replacement and bring an end. I don't fault. Well Belichick that particular because Britain it was so good they didn't need to address much else as is evidenced by the Super Bowl that they want wit the current starting quarterback. But you know when okay go ahead to what to do dropped below for the future going forward. You know of that might be the first time all this came to a bubbling wind and maybe they're shouting back and Orkut and we ceiling they're pretty good you know this year what what happened in a winning it in her ears screaming O'Brien about worked out well. You know there is O'Brien are becoming and coach Bob Brady still operate so. I'd be big a lot of this though dog walk the people give it credit for especially in New England they keep everything so but not it leads violent. You never get away with this dark feel like it all be behind art but. This time around were gonna do these are really good quarterback but you know leave audit the people are gonna question. Tim men's here NE TT hotline evolve on Twitter at Tim men's PG AH. And a one more for Allen asked about hockey because the the penguins aren't where I think they're accustomed to being right now is a lot of talk about their possibly Chris what tank could be a trade chip. Here in buffalo we have Evander Kane. Some people are tying that of course Jason botched roll coming from there there's a lot of relationships there is that a trade that would make sense you know given all the parts it might have to be included. Is that trade that would make sense for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He has a better candidate penguins being. Been talked about so often Obama's lead disappointed that it doesn't happen even I don't think it makes sense it could make ten and so far they could use this second physical presence does. The second big Winger. Up front did beyond what they have or big L but a small fast guy has. You always hear from your brother or we at least all small bout got it is that. You know maybe Cain can provide a little bit more grit and attitude you know or requests extra. Code components but I don't know what they give up Foreman to look and Republican couple tank right now it's you don't have Trevor Daley anymore and Justin Schultz had been what he what plaster because he's there for a lot. So I think you leave yourself really been on the Blue Line there I've always had a couple of tank has been moved. Is getting moved is part of a three way trade were somehow some way you get another skating defenseman puck moving offensively oriented that's been back as well being number two behind shoulders. We shall just to get healthy and stay healthy off the tech went overall at every keeps it all retired retired they played so much taught you the last two years well you know what. What they want tired after 9192. When they won back to back up there when the president stroke in 93. What it weren't tired after garlic cup final and our only known I would get a next year under one point third in the east. This isn't about to see what they're just not playing well they're not finishing in like thirtieth in goals we're in right now but the other day when they come out of the break. Tim always gets up I appreciate him many mentally good news I guess someone actually had an early top 25 for cultural next year and Syracuse Gillick snuck in like 25 believe that that's crazy. But number. What it early and I know right I am telling essence the Dino Dina why they did deal in the Dino the gang got a little lullaby as just an article I ran across the other day. I hadn't seen that yet for now I'm more concerned as to whether or not B a basketball team comedians await her dirty and I keep barely. I got a window looking at current loops but. Yeah boy that that sound optimistic to me than again I don't know how strong the he's gonna be next. Your IAEA and there I am pretty resigned to the best multistate this year so I I I I'm okay with a I. There's a good book to kids they play hard they're just not good enough that's what I think. Yeah I think that constant thing really screwed them and still know that if they lose to hit. This seat in his sock alludes to see in this year which is just an abomination. That just wiped out the rest of the year. No doubt about anybody take care enjoy the up playoff weekend obviously we'll catch up down the road. I think you that is Tim men's side there's a lot of great work out their Pittsburgh. Trip sports ESPN Pittsburgh pregame shows post game shows podcasts. Lots of does some of the USA today wire stop these people around there. We go back obviously we'll Syracuse guys gonna talk about her orange. Let's got to hurl them wading through that and agree and I appreciate higher earlier and heavy GR. We have Earl still right yeah go ahead early on the air. I think that it might well thanks for waiting thank you. The growth from buffalo and started watching in 1960 side but anyway that's the relevant. I think. They should consider and we've the last let me. Are during a position that Tony Romo either. Quarterback coach or something considering for coordinator and never been a coordinator. But you know on this that I don't get to see him. Broadcast. They're plays that you look at the. I do get to go back and watch though there is a thing called DVR. We'll ask a look at well I picked up. Idea I do here here's the here's the problem all right Michael laugh match I think I think the the idea itself of the person. Is understandable why you would say that here's the problem there is no way Tony Romo is going to leave the salary he's making as. Eight the number one lead analyst for CBS football to go becoming offensive coordinator in the NFL when he can basically see his wife three kids. All the time doesn't have to worry about the pressures of winning and losing and make way more money sell. It just seems like it isn't there is yeah of them is for being in the game. But I agree with I wouldn't do it there but it seems like they ought to ask because he's got a fantastic football mind. Well I'm not gonna laugh that you have a Tony Romo I think what that that you are obviously in our body that thanks I appreciate the phone call he had no way. Rich Gannon was just offered the quarterback's job for Jon Gruden and the raiders. Unity said. Lately a broadcaster. Making enough money here. And Rich Gannon is what is number Zia on their eyes like the fourth guy and CBS may yet he's he's down the list and he's not Tony Romo premier guy now and he decided. Else they in the broadcast Booth may get to basically be at home 34 days a week before the travel to my game get to see my wife and kids get to make. Lots and lots of money not have to worry about being fired because I a call they run pass option on forth on fourth and goal in a playoff team in that's pretty much what it comes out it's gonna JJ you're on the air JJ NW GR what's up. Good to have. I. I lived you think I remembered all the topics you'd you are getting all the let loose wait for a bit. I know you or I appreciate your way through that interview go ahead. The thug when the obviously we felt it straight yes shall. But if but I do believe that as a GMJ McCollum cable for anyway and you are also worked for for at least two years for an increase happening. And even go a long way toward getting out to be heard about version of himself if we're all that we QB right on. Got the professional he should break but regardless they eat. Yeah. I wrestled to my eye you know while out of and a ballplayer I would also that happened to him by. Pretty accurately or it would do well. But is there some is there are some. My worry here that that wouldn't be the case I mean you tell me that you don't do that that you're not gonna get the best. Prepared professional guy I mean either way he still wants the play beyond next year so he's gonna be auditioning for a job whether here or somewhere else anyway. I agree. I just I think that that in order to get them the very very fast out of out of anybody any kind of a fresh air you'll appreciate it. Whatever else it gave them a I think it would. They've got some added motivation but it would it sit there are a little boat to get the buried bare that out. My I don't disagree did any video anybody want to be appreciated anybody would be better in that situation I do appreciate the phone call. And you holding through it are we have opened segment a couple of them before we get to our next guest at 2 o'clock which is out Roemer to be EEI in Boston but. Let's talk great tennis and let's talk puppets according to let's talk quarterback. When we come back here I'm taking your phone call I open phone lines right now given if you call if you do cautions that you will get an 803055888. By 52 by fifty. South brought you here for another hour and a half taking up to show open the Bulldog at 3 o'clock and a BGR. Unity and they the end result you know we were not happy with there's you can ask players coaches staff whoever everybody wanted to be better on offense but there were other areas as well enough people are focused right now you know to hot topic people of flow offense and so we get that we understand that it's not just one person not just one player I have my own issues I think I can do better to help our offense help our defense so Sean and I honestly we're methodically going through it and we're gonna try and computers think this week when our staffs together and WorldCom which results. To how we're gonna build this thing however fix the issues we had. Bills GM grand and been on WGR with Howard and Jeremy earlier this week right there the bills have fired. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison that news coming down just about two hours ago. In case she had not heard. Had ordered WGR 550 dot com for more. Keep it right here. Throughout the afternoon for more as well we're talking about here until 3 o'clock that show over the Bulldog Miami south about Joseph glad to be with the U. In place for John Murphy today Murphy Dow Jones. The gang down at one bills drive that it's the one buffalo studios getting a little bit time also I'll be with you today in on Monday and Tuesday. We'll talk a lot more about. The offensive coordinator as we go on we'll get names they'll be a lot more I'm sure out there there's already been some. Candidates reported Alex Martinez says. It's a friend of rang gates Alomar vez Al harvest says. Top two candidates right now Mike McCoy and rob kids Hinske. I don't think that's surprising either of them I think Mike Shula Ken Dorsey both Carolina guys were just recently fired Darrel bevel in Seattle recently fired. They possibly John people live below quarterbacks coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Could be on the on the shortlist may brine gable lot of people connecting him he has a home here in buffalo still went to Saint Francis high school. Has won as was on the patriots staff and just won a national championship as the offensive coordinator with the Alabama Crimson Tide. So a lot of different names being floated around. We'll see where the bills go with this. The next step after coordinator his quarterback. Does the offensive coordinator. Impact what the bill is due at quarterback I think no. I think the bills any plant quarterback and they're gonna go forward no matter who the coordinator is. Because. You have to do it that way because think that the court Rickie take you plan on being here for ten years at least. Or what every deal made it may be of a bridge quarterback but you get the point I think the point is you wanna get a franchise quarterback they always talk about that. You ever hear someone say we need a franchise offensive coordinator those guys last three years four years the most usually. So I don't think it matters. If the coordinator comes and it's as well hi yeah I don't wanna go to that guy that you don't if if you will play quarterback to do it. And you have to make sure that the guy you're hiring. Will be able to fit into what your plan is that's how I think you have to do it. Got some good names coming up. From all you on Twitter at sell sports one of the usual suspects. In some phone calls which will get to its first collected Dave who's up next. I bigger and every GR. Space that particular call you welcome. Now my question but tyra on just wandering around. Does every trade value at all or it would anything be won't go to pick him up at a summit return. Great question. And I I think he does Dave but I just don't know how minimal it would be I don't think you're gonna get much form because. Let's look at let's look at the situation what happened last year and kind of connected last year the bills were kind of a similar situation a little bit with Tyrod Taylor we all knew that they might move on from him. And apparently I can tell you I know for sure that. His agent. Tested the waters with Cleveland and tested the waters with the jets there were other teams that I've heard of like the 49ers and some others. Inept nothing ever materialized and any of those situations so. I think that we all me included. Thought he had a bigger market last year. For him and it never really seem that way so I'm not sure how much it would be this year. Especially gave the this year there's a lot more saturation in the quarterback market so I'm not so sure but she would say yeah we like dumb. But we're just not to give any form you can release and the more time to come up. As an expense for share Ando would there be any kind of different Eric yet in the patient just. The third column of the trade on how that affect. Yeah eight to look at the trade exactly but if you're really semi slogan account like 2000009 year capped at cap I think it's about the same two to three million either way it's I think it's a minimal cap hit either way. I thought I appreciate this bill have a great day in a great job. Thank you I appreciate your phone call in the kind words let's go to bill Europe next and heavy GR. They are. Good how are you go ahead daily on the air. A couple things quick. Home of the U a leg and then this ridiculously. Cheap at you know we limited their quarterback will. Given the ownership nurses and it'll bring in the new system. What. What sort of they're committed to improving like. And our quarterback who can see Lotta people. Going forward so look just go get a free agents. And I think we've been doing that for the majority of the last twenty years you know going back and two quarterbacks recently year even remotely recently drafted in the first round loss in the manual. And I think you are like some of the guys that could be up here creators see them be fine if they brought them but I still think I hope they should draft a quarterback regardless. Whether they move up or down. On masks. I'll be determined. And I think that's what they're gonna do and here madam hang up a little banks. I wanna thank you I appreciate I mean look I. That the whole quarterback thing is just. It's the next piece of all this it's the bigger piece about this no matter what I believe they're going to draft a quarterback in the first round whether that is the trade up horse that where there. I will correct myself for the last caller who called on the salary cap stuff. The if you if you release Tyrod in you make any post June 1 release the cap hit is about three million dollars but then you'd still have. Five and half million dollars dead capped the following year that's the whole point of you can make it opposed to one released either releasing I am Archie just say. But it doesn't count until June on your books and then you only have to account for three million dollars that cap next year but then. Following year you're still gonna count five and a half if you trade him. There is a seven over seven million dollar cap hit this year but you still saving ten million dollars from what he's gonna cost you. So there are some things to consider here. Can't really treat him post you wanna think that works that way you have to be they they they don't wanna pay in the six million dollar roster bonus I think that's where comes down to. We had some questions about this to answer the questions have come my way today. The bill's old Tyrod Taylor six million dollars in a roster bonus on March 16 if he's on the roster march 16 at midnight. He had six million dollars. Paid out if he's not he doesn't obviously they have a window of about. Tony for it what 36 hours the trade of starting march 14. At 4 PM. They can work up parameters of a deal before that it is could be official until that. Then he in his rights would go to the new team and the new team would decide on that roster bonus the bills would be free and clear from hope all that made sense. 8030515. The number to call here let's go to Ian Europe next and of each year. Well. I am ecstatic about the boat firing Rick Dennison. IA. Lies what does ban that understood that you can't eat you don't know what their adjustment. But you could see. Obviously that they were working whatever we are adjusting to go out throughout dispute and was. Let that arc our first app production. I almost all of a lot leak. I applaud but it got a big lead. But that. How exciting. I have. But a bit that they don't like let it be and pet goats that work together and are committed. Only your budget is doing something. That completely different. Then what posts. People what you expect that. That has banned. So. You know the road like Butler has. Yet to really. Change everything that you vehicle. Whether beat. It would indeed be stretching it it's something here and I believe it. You know looking at art opera. How great is it that. You know in middle out it. But it just convert it yet. Going away. What that guy RTL. And I think they're all quarterback that that is rent it clear today as well. Yeah I agree with the light I'm pretty sure I've been saying that since. Draft night when he seventeen once they made the trade with the cheese adds you all know I came on this radio station and said. This move is because they're gonna draft a quarterback and when he eighteen. In fact remember exactly what I said was. These two teams chiefs and bills made this deal for the exact same reason. To get a franchise quarterback the chiefs a 2017. Patrick Holmes the bills and 2018. Your guy here. I still believe that I think that's exactly what's happening. Let's go to mark who's up next and it EGR hi mark. They felt that they like all of us wondering on the I just started thinking about today when you mention that being part of your show was the opposite party from Seattle. What about. Are appellate mentioned that but you're utilizing tailored back Eden with a guy who is successful. What Russell Wilson in terms. I quarterback who's more athletic. Can scrabble and and all of that back that's it game wouldn't you be better suited yet. Eight take Taylor Q1 average quarterback taken back here get not at the corner that work with them. And they'll draft a guy rather than going out running around it to get Al Smith are all that money you get her cousin goes on. I'm OK here's here's the problem. Mark Russell Wilson is a far better passer and Tyrod Taylor yeah. I mean I think it there I understand the comparisons people say because the athletic schism. But actually here at square one they're passing game yet he might have worked with a quarterback who can run. But he's also worked at a quarterback who is eight terrific passer in hits to threw for 34 touchdowns this year. Tilt of her fourteen. I mean I just I don't think. My whole idea that I had for about two hours here. That's OK that's OK you're allowed and it's it's a lunchtime hour that's at launch time idea right. What Jeff for lunch today. Why is that it would could be Qaeda. About the old I NS. That's all right just eat those kind of things as fast food place that make you that you do worked up a little bit in ice or think about weird stuff you know. I understand here's here's the bottom line mark I think they decided as an organization. To move on from Tyrod Taylor and it doesn't matter who the knows he has. OK thanks I appreciate it look yes Darrel bevel worked with. Russell Wilson I get the connection I get why people would basically say hey he's done well with a athletic quarterback. That athletic quarterback is one of the best passers in the league. The guy you have here. Is one of the least. Efficient passers in the league. So there's a big difference. Pocket passer you don't you know I mean let's go to Sean. Who's up next and heavy GR hi Sean. It's up to date McCall. I saw immediate thoughts and he says that you wanted to date the quarterback. In the first round who you'd think is the most pro ready and whether or not you think we're gonna stick with 21 and 22. I'll hang up. Well I hate you don't hang up let me ask you these I want a throwback you because I've I'm still doing work and a lot of these guys and I'll have a lot more work to do as we go forward come. I think the what I try to do though is Sean that there's two different parts here. Is a guy like the guys are like the guys they think they like right and there's there's always something different there the guy like last year was Patrick Holmes. You know and he's turn out to be what we think is gonna be pretty good this year. The guy really like right now is baker may feel now that could change. On the I don't know they like make me feel because he's got a lot of different kinds of things off the field around the field in the way he acts that I don't know that fits into. The makeup of what this particular organization watts I do think that. There's a lot of dots connecting right now the team with Mason Rudolph four year player. Lot of experience bigger pocket passer with some athleticism. So I think that would be may be the kind of think pro ready. I'm not quite sure I know it's not Josh Allen he's not pro ready I think he's the biggest project of them. I would think that may feel would come in and be able to do well a certain system. I think Arnold and Rosen have their own type of ways that they could succeed right now in the NFL I think Mason Rudolph to sell. There's my answer I wanna know what you think now. Personally I like Arnold about got a bunch. I probably rightly I don't know if you get to two outta get them which is where you might have to go. Yeah I think we'd have to treat future first round picks by the guy that as a battle until line. Too little we have definitely bigger than Taylor. While select Ruoff he's six foot five but you mayfield and yet he can feel it feel college but it is he'll approach like Tyrod could not all the field. That play ran into problems. I also think though I think may feel though is great when the pocket is collapsing and there's lots of go a lot a lot going on around him and that's what's most impressive to me about him. Other than his really really highly competitive nature obviously. You know so that and its first ticket. I don't I don't expect I do not expect the bills to select apple when he won in 22 I don't know what that means right now I just when we get to draft night here in April. I don't expect the bills to actually it's selecting those spots I think the mover on the board. Agree thanks I appreciate the phone call let's go out to. Who's next year DN. Dinner and a BER. Questions Soria. On his worst Terry cool and all this the guy owned the team. And Italy the other franchises. Go basically flat plate and how to train occurred there as well so I think he should be more tolerable here and. What do you mean by that though I don't know what you mean I never ever heard of a really in any. Offensive coordinator defense according to firing at the owner speaks about something. We like what you mean he needs be accountable. Sold all it was sold vocal about being and not bringing in. You don't see the arm coach now and it's not bringing in that GM now you would expect. So that he let them do their job now you're using it he brought them in. I what I. I guess I'm just confused on what you mean what is he supposed to do right now. In what you wanna hear from and they fired an offensive coordinator no owner talks about firing offensive coordinators coaches do. But the ability was. Brought it to the arbor based. Absolutely yes 100% I guarantee you I know this for a fact and in fact I know this for a fact. Any time there are big moves like that the owners are absolutely aware but they're gonna let the coaches do their job. And the GM. He does this mean as a talk to you about it. Under but I think you ought to ought to be why. But why does why don't want a radio see it's not about offense according to be fired. I don't talk to anybody about it. No can you tell me the last time any owner went. Did a public a type of press conference or radio when they fired a coordinator can you tell me that's. Maybe not a coordinator OK well then what's the point all we've heard all what changes but they are all they are. They don't have to tell you know to come talk every single time something happens in. They guarantee you they were involved in the conversations. About what quote black community even on this show. Actually he was obviously gators during the world juniors and talked about. The review in the New England Patriots game any called out the NFL he officials you remember that. I don't. OK well that's the last time but what it I don't I don't get it I don't yeah the I think you're I think you're grasping at straws and your put your bull's eye and some of them where it doesn't belong here I have no idea what that call was even about why. You have an agenda to go after Terry Google over summaries. The reason here which I've no idea why it makes no sense. Well the time out come back the EGR Sports Radio fight that these out about you with. Take a phone call here Jim is on the line next hi Jim under the GR. And are you today. How many. How many quarterbacks. Herb you know where is his logo on the most right now on on the quarterback with what number. I mean it depends on what list there's a million amount there I think that he is generally behind that Rosen. Darn old and probably Josh Allen or maybe they tomato he's probably about five maybe four and some. OK in the can't comment written how many teams there are really looking Terkel. I don't know I don't know what's the point I mean at eight it independently yes Jim I don't know. Craig to the point is is we'll lower. Are obviously wants free agency. Picks them but how many seem to build a quarter correct and maybe even Leo Coca quarterback position. On I just don't wanna give up two number ones two to go walker get a quarter. I mean there's a lot. Don't wanna give up this year is number that the two you have this year you don't wanna give up anything in the future. I don't wanna give up to beware of this year. I can see them trading. Our partial leave recorded on a few dozen. Rhetoric sort. I agree and I think it's I. I don't think forty will be on this roster next year whether it's via trade or release I just don't know what shall get for him because of his injury history now. Yeah I guess but I I I hole. I really really hope that they can now a loose ball that are number one this year cute to get a quarterback. That I just I can't see you know getting rid of you actually have a level so. I'd like this she. Defense lineman a couple lows every couple group linebackers signals. What do you want to do about quarterback then you sit at when he wanna get whoever's there than the mascot. OK I gotcha I understand that. I think they like a guy they need to trying get and I understand your thought no doubt about it and I think it's about 8030550 will take time out. We come back Alex Roemer is gonna join me Al has been on the program before he is MW EI and Boston are sister station up there Entercom and I think Alex is he's very young. And he's a Boston sports fan but I up all the people you could interview you'd say boy that's. Horrible because they're gonna be so they're so spoiled. He's really got a great head and shoulders for the way he analyzes Boston sports all of talking to him because he knows that young Boston sports fans especially our super spoiled. And he's gonna tell us to a straight about what he thinks about what's gonna Brady Kraft and Belichick and all that plus we'll talk titans patriots as well without treatment stick on the line. South by Jill back with you for another hour Al dreamer coming up from the BE EI necks and have each year.