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Bills Football
Friday, January 12th

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And yours and. We always do so we're contracted the best we can do and it. He knows a lot at stake and I think there was a lot into it so. There's really no matter what happens outside of this facility and what we're trying to accomplish. That's obviously the voice of Tom Brady. I think after eighteen years you'd probably have become accustomed to hearing his voice even here in buffalo. South of I just hit him with you today I'll be in Monday and Tuesday as well during this time slot a lot happening today. About twenty minutes before I went on the air the bills announced they had fired offensive coordinator Rick Dennison not much of a surprise. The after the press conference the other day in the end of the year press conference with rain and being Sean McDermott. Most came away thinking they were going to make a change at the position but now the changes officially turn our attention to who could be next in line. I get the sense they want a more experience play caller now after going the route of a guy who had never called plays before Rick Dennison until this year Mike McCoy was. Sean McDermott's first choice last year he elected to go to Denver. You sense fired from Denver he's open he's available rob did Hinske. Head coach topics according to play caller he's available Mike Shula. Ken Dorsey bull just fired Carolina there'll battle fired in Seattle John. Lots of different names out there Brian Cabell. From New England OC in Alabama now Super Bowl national champion also from buffalo Saint Francis high schools still lives here on the home here's families here. So a lot of different things are sort through when we talk about it we are gonna head up to Boston right now. And talk with my good man from Debbie EEI our sister station on the Entercom dial up there. Alex Roemer now Alex. You have a lot to live up to here because I I I said something about you as they went to break I want you know what it is and you tell me if this is an accurate description you ready. I I said. Alex is a very young Boston sports fan however as opposed to most young Boston sports fans. He understands. That most other young Boston sports fans are very spoiled. And he will tell you that. You do not act like you are spoiled you understand the privilege it has been a two VA Boston sports fan in your young life and you understand it. And you think that some others there do not get exactly how good they haven't is that right. Absolutely I know how lucky we he never occurred almost every year but of course I but correct the record I'm not a fan kind of a suspect. I'll okay well yeah right here you did grow up the Boston sports and right. Are now or never partnered. Or they'll lose. That age now tell me on though. The the sense this year though the sense this year around this team. Do most fans there think that this is just you know. It's in their birthright they're gonna win another Super Bowl as there is there a little apprehension this year after everything this team has gone through. What they everything. Doctors were thirteen in theory the pilot they now on the house right and there. Out and go out there are no lapping at their court a lot of. Partners like around even death. After the heat into the ground portrait tractor while Internet carrier circumstances surrounding at the between gradient ballot Jack over out Guerrero at the blacked out I court get the big. That particular story last week he had threatened the right is that a lot of crap. They're the earth and that they're now need to turn thirteen and three number one he got their look at their quite Minneapolis. Let's talk about the story before we get into the game one of the reasons why I want to have you on I think you give us a good idea you're there to be EEI you're connected in the media. You talk to people you hear things obviously. Tom let's start with the baseline of the story first and then I'll get into the the blowback of it from some people up there. The actual facts the way you know as far as a rift between Kraft and Belichick and Brady how real is that how deep does ago. What I think is gripped between gradient Pallet Jack over at present about Guerrero greedy. Personal guru is it that partners that got spotted two wanted to dot is currently reported. Your great times that Pallet Jack and Guerrero on the sidelines this year curtail is previously. I'm better accept. You know you beat a lot to report not that. What that Rick is quicker camp Brittany died humorous record the year talk about our program began to pot that the coaching now in the cleaning out in particular. Telling players not squat. I'll be struck. So yeah I think Belichick certainly enjoyed backer president he doesn't buy it committee backed the restraint stop without court than. It's real art crap that Pallet Jack. And there was an anti. For Belichick it's great rock club beat McDowell. Points would be the period circumstances around it according out of step here at your heart that are elected not to quicker Sam. The patriot all the gotten contact with one. That 49ers they did not stop Iraq while it did not look for the highest Creighton return. You tell me about what decree that would remain out of them board despite. Why would facilitate the lead quickly gathered at the make any sense. I agree with that in the fact that they could have got more for our for him last offseason and by all indications and tell me if I'm wrong. It never wanted to traded tree Jimmy drop below at all whether it be last year or this year or into next year. But let me hear it aptly write out all of the plan you know it went that that everybody else but yeah. You're gonna Rick Rockwell with credit and the optic and when it died without an eight pack or. Now if you drop while you keep them earned that year and then print that in the op heat treatment again. Certainly an Oscar for Iraq blown up eat it even with a brand backpack autumn and how does that make sense her drop well. Eight games into the EC you're if you're out on earth though it. The timing got it absolutely makes. You're bad that you're right equipment McQueen bureau reported this week the browser would have offered the number pork in the proper drop while the pot that the patriot. Never call them out. It's amazing now in blue we will also tie into Kobe recession here because. Let's be honest it gets a quarterback that I think has played fairly well any look like he was a guy that was at least a workable and doable maybe could be a starter in this league that also treated him right before that. It was that also may be the same sort of mandate or was that up more of a dollar check K you know what I got a guy here I don't wanna do them type of thing. But even further creating the right here at the plant would not take throughout the you're right if you were manipulate. Why wouldn't trade the other quarterback. On your rock there that the patent battle that highly of bricks that are hypocrites you all think he would particularly. Impressive indeed it here at the right got. Copper mine cart for but he could be all that attractive but not. I got it back up further I don't think bringing in the heat within the cart has it been weary if we knew they were possibly can get rid of it met the deadline. Yeah out like Corey yet their quarterback on your op there. So where does this leave the relationship between Bob Kraft and bill ballot check their. All those rumors circulating about the giants look like that's not really gonna happen Matt Patricia looks like he's gonna be their but. Now it does seem like Patricia mcdaniels or may be trying to get out now or do they know something is is there's something more and deeper here between. Kraft and Belichick they could resonate in the this year maybe cause a split between the two. I've definitely bank you know again I believe the crap all the ballots yet either opposite drop well or where doctors operate. Frankly that the thing right at it we're not getting rid Tom Brady obviously eat properly and their their clan the gap ballots that. As noted that a lot of the air from the player personnel perspective in the crowd that then. You know Indian and I hate the most important decision spread out and on and Erik Erik Brady out I think that. At certain content but I'd been. But you know in terms of twenty he and I think we're ballots that if he'd get over that spot you want to vote one way. The rate declined a little bit 41 there's big hop but quarterback in the league. And a pretty weak AFC. Are quicker than McDaniel a quick I would. What do what their actions I mean what aperture to adopt a lot liquidity guarantee it will hurt not Toppert. I got a great shot while he made note I wouldn't buy what did he lack there in that it picking the ballots. Alex three or joining us here Debbie ET I in Boston what can you tell me about Ryan Babel I he's a Western New York native he's been on that staff. A couple of different times I think is different position coaches and assistants. He goes back to with Belichick actually wave back in the early 2009 came back. But now he's gone he's got some seasoning we have an offensive coordinator openings here in buffalo what do you know about Ryan Babel. Quite nobody came up to the ballot that bit down about port under eight and you know I. Hardin played necessary but it might hit the army speculative standpoint. You're the guy that blocked the period when the ballot back lot experience better obviously L Arctic and leave it to the letter we went. They're all you know quite got quite hot on their players you know pop with the media. I don't that there were both got to see it doesn't matter out but they're going to the coordinator role. Is now are they there are part of a group Ryan Babel. And kind of cracked the whip like nick eat dinner go ballot that is ridiculous whether they're Edie got were being nobody got hurt as a player's career back. I get I get the coordinator but with the yoga expert about belly. But I want him I like that who are not really worked under ballots that indicate that only David as well. Let's talk a Brady specifically here in his performance this year still and the I mean in in in just watching him for myself to prepare for too late games in the year. I thought that he was just a little bit different so little bit off and it started to meet. Really was rate around maybe that the bills game Marie before that he Tina that Miami Monday night game continued throughout the next bills game so. Do you think that he's just is are you show seeing Alex when you watch them may be that he's a little bit a little bit off maybe that father time is starting to catch up to him. Al who raped and apply it wouldn't be viewed here with a great as a Blackmon do in that game winning drive it very rock is active productive. There are credible but got. Are there were about the week. Randy Perkins and whatnot but on the same page. They're behind receivers other in the neck on the and that I've 38 acting at the peak yesterday what it Brady dropped five games. 81 point the quarterback rating it number that the court Peyton Manning not equity fifteen wherever the lack bye week when he fourteen remaining that way. Became and a mediocre and the numbers are very similar for that you'd like decline Brady is all a lot like it. Alliger joining us here and the AT&T how Larry this game com or. I don't see the titans threatening the patriots at all. But you know you tell me or is there a weakness that could show up in the patriots to the titans might be able to exploit hang in there and maybe shock everybody. No I can tell you now I have been on the airlock that we haven't spent one minute talking about the game and what did that. You know like they make you Kate. And predicted it that I that meet the hatred and Tom Brady destroyed Pickler Bucky that is going back to Denver that the organ like the wire. That's not like okay yak you're gonna run back at 335 I'm the beat the patriots. Wheat that burial is terrible quarterback they've nor could it make the clay if they're down for edit 888. The games. I could have made better hit a pop while you're on the tape recorder equipped to deal. I like and I think that's right I think that's right and unfortunately the bills didn't I get the job done in Jacksonville what about on the other side. Between the jags and the Steelers obviously we know that the Steelers have played the patriots tough sometimes but the page it's always in a kimono top on them. And the jaguars with that defense is there a worse match up be out of the two who would give us the patriots the better game. And keep a closer. I think it is the Hillary jaguars have a great sense but and greater victory Parker or point four at all. Is that still back yeah I can't seem whatever quite Optiem. Horrible he's horrible I mean I just every last week watching him play I can't believe the bills and come away with that win. He stuck on my arm. You know that you are yet they collapse. On the bottom up against the patriot but my. And that but. They work baker at the way of winning that game on the page it it wouldn't drive you remember early. Ott shot it on their linebackers at greedy all. Not think about whether that's been deliberating after the day that it adequately entirely different forgot that Arnold routed healthy. The app you'll be back they did not have even against the patriot. Yeah I. I can I can even directing it or they can hang with the pat. I don't know how much you. Really pay attention you watch Tennessee football would just from a from LA you know standpoint of who might be able did. Give the patriots the best right at the patriots do get to the Super Bowl who would be the team that people in Boston just would not want to face because they think that that would be there. Biggest obstacle to winning another one. I think you're greeted playing I believe we'll be right now I spent the better. The thing I'm I'm I'm on their debt laden. Altria were joining us here in the eighteenth you are so. Year to this opening day 2018. Belichick still the Ku coach and racial the quarterback for the and the patriot yes right. Yeah yeah well who who who is who's the offensive coordinator is Josh McDaniels. Opening up next season. Now I don't think again looked at that got depth I think it'd be you know I think wherever reason. I didn't Eric. It is a mini series that EE which I don't really get back to preside over back out and get rewarded with a stop battle. Quite a bit and that but it telling rightly or reflect the COLT. Certainly he'll mcdannold doctorate and no doubt. What he got away from operating in ballot that it is not often with. What thirty. At all and besides running rapid would Hugo. In the first round like it don't got it out or else where. But felt like you're hiring a guy who clean coal them trapping people in the earth ground. What they couldn't move like I heard order that would give me a lot ot. Yeah no doubt about it I guy get it and down you know you made the point and we've all seen it just seems like whenever ballot check assistance go somewhere become coaches they do not. The not farewell and is that because they try too hard out you think to try and be like Bill Belichick. And to pat Bradley yeah I don't buy it that the gadget guy's got to keep on earth ground and couldn't tell you how were you Doug Herbert and or like when it. Ranked op Ed mcdaniels it didn't seem to have it but got guys that that the deep regret. Being with tight with the media but I can accommodate your back in the upper to repair work. The group occurred while I'm in the greatest quarterback of all time and opt out for upfront or annually ballot back without five or. I do we pilot John here I saw a circle back to the assets wicker champ he's for second telling the reaction a local media seem like some there are some out there obviously your. Trying to poke his many holes and as possible right there must be others who absolutely think that everything is pretty much true so what's been the reaction from the media I mean I know the theaters didn't like it they're gonna. Laughter south but what do you what about the media. The patent you know people in my position where little word loot from the popular vote combat. You don't have your cartel what they are here that we very are we eat a lot about the plot and knew what are up. The report. Not all that at some eat out. Our little murky but you know I find it Janet the soccer and the a lot of these matters the court you poke a hole into it. You know circling the black ink but it sort it out there that that the writer who in the course that you may a lot of nervous out pieces they're you'd get a lot of success. Our buddy house arrest the sport seemed on their Celtics what second best team in the leave first best in the conference. Bruins got to feel pretty OK right now item at its book sports scene is pretty good in Boston as usual right. Yeah I have birds are all at a Red Sox but he if he's. I mean I have a new hit single who hot but yeah Celtics a dollar a wildcard here or in your lucky enough in the great here. I've body we have a good new year I appreciate you joining you'll catch up against him right now I thank you very much out streamer daily EE I am Boston. Young sports guy there in my Austin who. Knows how could they let us know he experienced the bad parts but he's told me many times I've taught without the four known Alex for a while easily. Yet people here spoiled to just really spoiled. I'm glad some of that recognizes that. Because there are. Joliet WGR what's up. Jill. Very good. I'll go home and lie ahead. You know I'm trying to shut out my beaten what that's got you you're good now. There aren't anything and everything I can hear you that. Look at look at eight you don't let alone to move. Or have to move. Home and I think if that is true they go together. I think it. Regime I guess you call. Out their plan you know to make this quick. And after the season. I think there are we looking ahead it is like opera or chairs while it is true. I don't doubt it I don't doubt that they heard. He at least gotten at least an indication that the might be able to get a guy or somebody are. People would be interested in the job. But I yelled out my point and I was like really my own. We've got the whole by the way I'm goblet and Matt ignoble goal that you be curriculum degree. Good for him where you calling from. There are dead sorry didn't have to hear that. Yeah I wouldn't have to borrow cooling and they have very good we've been here the familiar with the war. Student ticket and ball won't matter fact we discussed and every year after you know this seventeen year drought but get credible. Well I'll tell you we won't after this year and the way it went I'm sure. I'm not hey you all. That's not the idea that hey you know I'm glad the guy you're committed to where they were. But I love this move a lot and support the move early you know and I would like it wasn't good enough. And then make the move. Didn't wait there's no doubt that god bless you of their patriots country until I got to get in the pocket but he. Thank you appreciate it appreciate you hold on their mark what's up and heavy GR. You're doing well thanks a McCord synchronicity between us as we remember how much of what went. Back when he was coming out I do say. Oh I've been spoken little speaker make a like call you every day inactive. I like may feel a lot as well I just don't know if they do because of obviously the antics and things like that. Yet but. I also look at the fact that all comfortable place where they salt Camden five years. Andy and he's as polarizing a quarterback as there are quarterbacks as a general rule can that be a little strange. I mean the greatest quarterback and bill history was a bit of an eight hole sometimes when they need most of the Ponce. He was a lot of these guys or work guys that are hyper competitive. Very needy. They're just different they're different garrido a cap. Joseph here's the thing though market here you're right on everything you're saying but when you bring up cam I wonder do we know how they felt about cam gate do we know if brain and dean is. Someone who yeah he he believes he IDC what candid to get them to where they were is great but. Do we think that do we know at freedom meter shot McDermott think that Cam Newton was. Toxic in any way for that team I don't know enemy I don't know what their feeling is other than they know that he was a terrific football player when he was there with them. Yet I think that they don't have different beliefs detailed records how orbit where the key men in the locker room and how poorly with the media at all cams. The discretion under that. Generally after gains were able to eat really. Doesn't really know how to handle those two well I just need to hyper competitive guy. A guy that just seemed to take the bull by the horns like me you'll know or my biggest thing about in the works on the money pocket. Does not freaked out and I only found seal her can't you cannot coach. Just can't see your encore backhoe arm but they failed to shell shock there it goes round and then to their deer in headlights or. That's why Abbott hit her on the local I think. Does look prime spot for young coordinator. He saw him not just sold on the idea that he that he'll see. As I get to pair up with a young quarterback Kirk a year for import my career. On the united coach but that's the way he's got the look and are always kind of all we looked at sort of have apple. Yeah no doubt about I just wonder if landing the plane earlier in the view or listen in but you know they had a first time play caller here and Rick Dennison. And I think that hurt them and I wonder given where the roster is now given the accomplishment of this season getting the playoffs. Given the fact they wanna take the next that they also want to have another first time play caller where they prefer somebody with more experience now to take those rains and I get the sense that they rather have somebody with more experience now as a play caller. And that's true uninsured and he would make sense I like a lake but he did. You know given his bat quarterback situation so that anybody who basically in the last five. What you're about her ordeal in my opinion anybody. Even patent orders. All but on the the court maybe they feel little burnt by him because there was always that. Paul knows maybe he's used in the polls are leverage and him could go on the Denver. Maybe you know you know trying to. On the money off. Who knows converted they're gonna pay a lot of money for a. Yeah I think honestly from what I've been told that the time to say you know I think that there were. Does he get dirty then the Denver I think there are some the only considerations and things like that the were going on and that was a big part of the reason why he chose to go there. Cools down I don't know that we'll see we'll see where it goes mark I appreciate it buddy. Thank you I have a good or good new year 803055888552. By 51. Half hour laughed when we come back. Mean I am old and tell you why I do realize that again last night. As I sit here and talk to you today and a BG aren't social but the bowler at 3 o'clock. This is a challenging tally here because I don't individuals or families behind these individuals this time of year. Being responsible. And making Smart decisions. For a football team is what we do what we're all about so yes there is a time element to this. And his valuations around certain parts of it that's. We've got to make sure they're there well thought through decisions whether it's personnel or anything we do dramatics. Whatever it. That is head coach Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills. Who have relieved offensive coordinator Rick Dennison of his duties here today having just about three hours ago. Shortly before I went on the air at noon. South of Roger here taking up the show with a Bulldog at 3 o'clock. So. I AM. Now playing in a flag football league for the first time in several years. And. I don't know why it's taking me so lost the move back to ball floating back into this but it was plane and a pretty good. High level competitively for a long time down Florida arousal than their big guys like that word play plated. Florida State Florida when one guy was in league play at the World League American football actually caught touchdown pass in the world ball one yearly really really good players it's awesome. Love being competitive. In myself well it's good genome. Gavel longs out there but I really wanna do so I said so many aired several months ago and one of the listeners here. Vinny got in touch me he's like hey we played only wanna join us. My chair so I actually last night was our first practice. Of the year and we we start Saturday's average games and their practice last night. As late at night went out. Practice. And the couple things number one. I don't think I'm ashamed to admit right now that I could almost not put my pants on this morning because I was so sore I mean I am sore. Because I've not done that Michael Hart edit wanna show him oust Al Soria was yesterday like during or after practice but I'm like man. They get at these out of shape necessarily I guess. Be they go to the gym I work out am I gonna stand on all that but just that the actual type of running and owning your legs are. Phelan and all that kind of stuff. When I was curious I'm like I gotta be one of the older people here right. So I said of the guys in the Tia Mike who's the oldest guy here one dudes like I'm 34. And he's literally ten or. Around their years older than a lot of other guys in the team most of them so I'm 44 he's 34. And then there's all that when he something murals and I am doing this but they tell me I'm not kill this guy in the league so we're gonna see. Host it myself while last night I was well equipped with a get it well. Ran good routes gaga passes. Show good hands. DMI swords and. I lay at their. Ice is getting to become a very good friend of mine over the next several weeks we play one game week. It's going to be fun to get I didn't never let these guys could budget guys I'll call kids the budget kids welcoming the old man. I'm done I'm the only guy that he was married. Only one other guy from rhino has any kids and is like a ten month old and a four year old but. I in my later life anyway. Kennedy on the over the looking forward to it. I was proud of myself rye house proud I I I think I. They set I mean. I did well aside practice and the guy I think they were impressed. Yeah I understood impressed by your dedication. And your team's dedication by having organized prayer oh yeah. Oh and lake it was greatly these days is less impressed with the and they know what they're doing they're the three time defending champions in this leak this adult league. And on top of that lake. They have everything laid out in the risked being to go along with everything with the play calling and you against the cardinals. But say audible ideals that night you I had these guys Siri hey how. Our mental block when it when this first happened I told the guy reached out to me I'm like. Look I mean. Easily what do you plan like going into anything and actually to have me as the backup quarterback yes they if this guy goes down I'll play Q because I've done that. But the I mostly get a play like wide receiver now my younger years I'll definitely out playable. Ways of I should put profits are now that's I I can take a break the ice right. That's okay gotta get those points I got a scar the Poindexter I like the diva wide receiver out RB the diva yeah got a big yardage you're touchdown celebrations in line. Show that one of these you and penalties that's ask but he did he said to me when he reached out to mean easily deal. You always looking for us and honestly I just wanna. Play at a team and be competitive I miss the competitive nature of my life that I and that's that was missing like. I didn't have the competition in my life I didn't have coaching anymore for last six years. I didn't have played in an in rec leagues and things like that like in serious competition not to get together for I don't know kick ball game with people at the Parker something right. And he's like all of you want competition like you're on the right team where we we go hard and we are the defending champs like three times over. And I can see why I just hope they compete with integrity you know I. I hope I hope they're not like the New England Patriots this this this I did not see a did not see a deflated football's a Nazi cameras at practice. So. I hope so but I am so I had I I have no shame in admitting that. When I woke up today I was taking baby steps that go to the bathroom when I first got up not those long stuff you normally take you don't have time I mean right. Always at the only real slow Lee for your body warmed up capital they had in the Arizona Florida and I can I can move a little bit better now. The ice packs are going to be low in this week and maybe let's go to Jim Jim you're up next on the BGR what's up. I don't think there is student thanks for taking my cup Q my question Hewitt I know we devil with that it was a great move. Because the delay of game why isn't the coach involved with the opposite corners detonator. I don't understand what you mean by isn't involved. Well I mean that we don't hear two minutes Lebanon and have to in the last game it if it's a playoff game right. Why did either allowing the output of course to call that play where the possibility of a pit. Because that's his job. Now. What what I don't I I I'm not trying to be flip but I don't understand what you're saying other than what I think you're asking doesn't make sense to me which is. Why. Every other single second of the game does that he'll let the guy do his job at any supposed to take over at the end of the game. Now all but the last two minutes are important. Yes and that's why he's the profits according to that's his job. I Youkilis on it and I do think it was a it can go you called timeout and all that making sure the play run the. What is it what is he what is Sean McDermott supposed to do I don't understand. I'm just Gigabit that would that would be offensive coordinator called for a O line possible and they should eliminate the pain at all. OK so I understand better now thank you so you mean that he could overrule him or veto a plate he doesn't like it. McCardell gotcha gotcha you know what you know what that that has been done and maybe that can be done I thought you meant should he take over the entire operation was inside two minutes. Not at Nazis. Yeah editing as far as a timeout because we wanted to run the ball. Yeah they could but they head coaches involved in the timeouts and things like that and I don't think the last two minutes of the game this this this past week. Really in the bills have plenty of time to move down the field that was the issue they used these couldn't throw John glad we worked out really I wasn't trying to be. But he said flippant or mean and that's why let you talk and explain it I'm glad you did it's gonna Jonathan and all and I Jonathan you're under the GR. Eight L player and great short hallway I'll. I didn't good quarterback on the college level but. I don't care what anyone be a parakeet started in about levels so my question is what do you what do you propagate a free agent like Kirk content or else. Always talked about those guys first buyouts and there's not a free agent yet to trade for him he's under contract for a year. Are yet Cuba what it did in the belt have enough capital trade promoted nature. Of course they do he's only gonna cost you probably a mid round pick. All of that is so you did and it out and add a bit based its huge trade for it meant part I get our content got. I yet other than anything could trade for a court college quarterback but. I'm out of the talk outlawed I mean public about their double opt flaw thought they literally have created a tribal went. Well here's the problem Jonathan. Kirk cousins is gonna cost probably over 25 million dollars to sign a and I longterm deal so you like him that much by all means I think there are there are no there are people who do. I don't know I don't think they Kirk cousins to me is worth spending that kind of money to signed to a long term deal. OK I TU Bruton. Omni. At QB it would be a lot of. Except anytime I don't Jeremy I think there're there are people who do believe that do you. From what I see I think Kirk cousins he much better passer than Tyrod Taylor he's also sitting at home watching the playoffs like Tyrod Taylor's. I had a day at gateway. As a bit about it but at top of that you're gonna knowledge bought into college quarterback though. I think at the bit as the they have become a cap a campaign stop that it that it anti anti cap space like with a look by Garrett Tyrod Taylor there all adapt itself. I think it might have an up and likeable though because he believed. They do have enough that they want they'll figure it out by the way when I say that I should of phrased it. Differently Kirk cousins is sitting at home watching the playoffs while Tyrod Taylor is playing in it it Tyrod Taylor is certainly not the passer Kirk cousins is. And as much as I think her cousins they good quarterback I don't think I wanna spend close to thirty million dollars or 25 plus million dollars for him I just. I don't know I don't think he's that. Type of quarterback you wanna make them like the highest paid QB in the league it's going to be close to that. That's what you gonna have to pay to get up and is much as I might like it if Kirk cousins came at a twenty million dollar price tag. Sure. Just don't think that's the case. And I'd kind of rather go with a young guy who I really liked I scouted that I can development what my system and put on a rookie deal for the next four or five years. Let's go to David hi David your on to be GR. And it they aren't ago thanks. So I'll look at the Dem party and then it then you know like everybody else are critical look quarterback. I greatly you pick and at any of the top four guys. I'll Lilly elect them to get that. I was actually since 2011. At the third most wins at the media Roger. And outlook air the documentary on YouTube are basically you know about all life. Are cute look like always the underdog. Even Urban Meyer called Omar there about quarterback. Well it was a Utah he only had a one division on offer. You know it Mike Singletary basically made in the vehicle that's what he's in a. He wasn't that you know his first several years and see every and he wasn't very good but he did a great job of turning his career around and I think Jim Harbaugh has some to do with that thinking Andy Reid obviously played in of that and I like really look at look I'm on record as saying David. I think the bill should make a play for Alex Smith and still draft a guy in the first round let Alex Smith be your bridge to that guy I think that's a good plan. Thank you also talked about how he got benched you know in that their grip or their verdict is still you know I still I'd built up the bill and don't girlfriend. Even though it is going to be a job you know I was a little bit and it into a hole at the convention and after. Janet yeah. Well it was C but thanks David appreciate the a phone call and I I think that Alex miceli has a lot to offer. To some NFL team will take time out come back more things number one more segment still taking your calls calls here on the EG or Sports Radio 550. Flat mile thanks for the show today. Then gasoline for the Minneapolis star Tribune. Tim bands from trips sports in Pittsburgh also ESPN Pittsburgh. Alex Roemer Debbie EEI in Boston all the interviews can be found on demanded to be GR 550 dot com. I'm a man audio brought to buy northwest savings bank make the switch northwest and get back to living. One I think. Joseph dvi sabres hard work today and updates and when he was here use. Produce and for rate Wilson when the news broke with the bills firing Rick Dennison he had to get hard to work so we appreciate that I do very much. Also of course rang gates rose hard work on the board today these guys will be back would meet on Monday. Will be here from twelve to three Monday again and then Tuesday told through your hosting twelve to three and attend a twelve to write your hosting that is correct I will be on ten to twelve. Tuesday I shall we Ali you're twelve to three today Monday and Tuesday. Rate we'll be back in ten to twelve on Monday you're on Tuesday ten to twelve so we are giving the investigators in John Murphy show peeps. Few days off here. Money's a holiday. We're not off when we worked and talk and sports. Hopefully by then we get a better and clearer picture over what's gonna happen with the office record your position the Buffalo Bills Rick Dennison fired to vacation missed that news earlier today Tony. You're under the GR go ahead. Yeah I've been listening. That on the site and thought of let it. I brought it into deeper but the city of buffalo. You got it and put a lot and I'm here and people calling and yet why anyone would want. You bet more wait what our average quarterback like. I'd go out there that are you know make they had even Kirk Barton is pretty. Why you want to. Are you like that if they don't yet. I think Biden and I I suffer through the years Kerry are. The ball. And it is gonna lead your franchise that they have purgatory. You know not bad not get a pick it QB. You're not getting knocked out any chance at reaching the typical. Which is where the bills have pretty much Ben over the last better part of the last eighteen years. And I think the problem here though is Tony you're making sense the problem is. I think that they wanna take the next step in if you start a rookie quarterback next year I think most people believe that it's hard to take that next step. Well if he had he get a guy like this here free agent by law that lets be honest the only reason you guys are available. Or not. Over vice not a free agent you would trade forum if need be available because they Patrick Holmes. They brought it on their second part of late in the let it didn't eat it. What I'd say it has built I shouldn't want to build it they. God she the first round I do now I I hear what you're saying. I do I Dubai I think isn't isn't that the point here that. You wanna drafted in the first round and maybe haven't sit behind a guy like announcement for one year. And I I like say you have quietly. All that is why wait. You know maybe like a round pick on a guy like sure I'll bet Anderson could get a guys from the vikings they've got pretty solid. You know Robert she'd be well alt create a year there. Because then it goes exactly against what you're talking about do you think case keen on is a young stud. No if you sign him you're not gonna get them for one year you're gonna have to sign him to a long term deal that's what those guys are gonna command that's the difference. Or it could be the birds in Europe the wait affect our. Would you acknowledge that you at the waist bell valuable cap space. For the next few years not just one year. When you drop as young that in the first round. You're plot it's been a few years if it doesn't hurt it ought to do it all back here at the book then I realized that hey it gonna take. Three or four years back with its young that by. I'd like and I can tell you where it stopper through those years and at least you got hope. After a few years young that that you have a chance of going is capable and it it made. And it's so much better than suffering through years of Tyrod and Alex mr. whoever we get eight if we're out. Tony thanks I appreciate your thoughts well thought out and I appreciate that and you calling even though you're not even at a bills and that's nice. All right we'll take a time not out here when I come back I won't be back and we shall the Bulldog they'll take you from three till seven. Thanks let's everybody who join in the conversation to daily back on Monday here on WG our show with a moment of next.