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Saturday, January 13th

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I GRE. Five maybe it's time to take a look inside a high school sports. In college hearing. Brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would go great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and by dent neurological. Institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour you. Good morning welcome to inside ice. Sports host Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf from Western New York athletics. They keep Al from and triple C and Brian Baker head coach. And will soon both girls coaches Roger is Stockholm. He has over a foot of Sloan is driveways so he is not able to make he's going to call Wendell. So will get to rogers' opinion on what's going on with girls basketball is that will be the theme of today's show Hadi Al. Had half athletic QQ who. I don't guys. And I'm honored to sit Rogers he does Mark Penn. Morning guys I guys still is glad you guys could make it drive was little slower than I would have like took. You take your time and should have no problems at that was truthful a thousand B what's worse this morning. You know there's talk about ice underneath this no win. I was really worried about. He'll getting in today but you take your time should be all right. I was a writer for you guys blocked four was moved on C but obviously the plug crew last night that a good job on the main roads through it was pretty good. About alienate a little longer than normal blood you know action it's beautiful out there this morning. It's it's a big improvement from. Dan I guess saw warnings watches have been canceled. So that's good news we're much euphoric it's cold I'll put me immersed in greater advocate and rode a bike and KP you hurry. If it is cold outside is cold inside the studios like DR a refrigerator rate now. If we we forgot to pay the heating bill if it is cold in here. Our essays to cope with Derek build emotional man in the control but I think going to be marketed. It really is. News and notes frank. I think it's just a few here Tony. In bowling Trace McKenzie pulled a 300 game he's with stuff for don't ya. All part of a 792 set congrats to him that's another 300. Game we've seen this year so far in the season is really just getting under way this some nice tournaments coming up February 2. There's a big win check out to dean Kaplan on Twitter FaceBook connect came close and video calling for to a 300 yeah I'm against. It took me a lot. Keep plugging away yes keep doing that keep you two balls you. Are right baseball news Jeff Ulbrich is the adversity has been named Percy baseball coach at west Seneca west. That's cool man I mean. -- and now and they they really are Jeff I don't know Jeff personally but my brother speaks highly of him he's a great idea lot of fun good baseball guy so it really is what's on the west is really attracting a lot of flow winning. Coaches and players in and it's fun to really turn in the athletic program around and from what I've met in our does a lot of work on what's a don't realize athletics he's a graduate of west some questions as frank. It's a different feeling people actually want to play. And that's you know before Ehrlich. What's at Weston have a lot of success now and now the starting to have some so good luck to Jeff and that baseball team out there and noble to good things will probably talk to him in the springtime medical. The New York State's sports writers association. They had the doubly and a first team second team are mentions all released right on Friday I noticed first team double A three guys from Lancaster bank Demi and Angel entries and and next year Adonal all made it. And to. I met Myers of course no brainer there right and he was named co player of the year for class a so congrats to him and all those guys on a great season. Yen Western Europe girls that hockey MI five so. From cash she now has 95 point so she just five points away from. The hundred point plateau that's amazing the way she plays she should have that done on Monday believe they played Monday. Checked the girls schedule out to build performed as a creature W going girls' varsity hockey and FaceBook page you'll find the schedule no problems there. And this coming Tuesday for football there's coaches roundtable at South Park Tim Billings and trying to put that together. I know the last one might and it's no. Down. Pushed that off so they're going to be their 530 to 730 at south park high school room tools sex. It's opened all coaches you can hear from coaches you know if you got. Something to say he's gad platform or for you as well so did it hook up with him doing this week if you're playing to come out there for their coaches roundtable. I'd like to get to that myself just seeing a lot of coaches. And then Tony just some news involving west Seneca east hockey they're trainer kept amateur. Carol meter. Arm his house burn down on the all you. On. That was last weekend. On this how's everything it's a total loss made so on how everyone got out the pats to. All the palaces just gone and they're looking for some help if you can help about the west Seneca east trojans. Team trainer. Can't. He's got they do have uncle Flemmi page if you go follow them on Twitter look for them on Twitter. To what senator Ed WSC Trojan hockey. We'll give you all the details here we just had you know coach print and studio right. A few weeks ago so arm you know best liked them I know that the kids on the team just bought him a brand new Kindle fire tablet. So that was pretty cool for those guys. Mom. Crystal but at least we can find its. Oh follow us Twitter you know Twitter handle. There you go on you to follow a set high school sports on Twitter. We mostly they're just we're just between stuff that we get from the reporters information innings I say that. I'm fundraisers and that but you could follow us I'm Twitter addicts. I DH SS 550. Perfect that's where our guys let's get and talk to girls basketball today on this. A little ugly act considered an ugly game but. I shouldn't complain because after this summer Coleman it's not time to build indoor sports with the kids. That's Livan has a whereas were building snow sports here yes exactly and if you need you meet Joseph common error we are. We'll let you keep the chill free of charge. It really as Clinton is Rick Dennison helping out because they hear he's looking for work yet he has. I'm sure the guys talk about their sports stocks that are of course the bills. Looked for new offensive coordinator a Nate would buy you you interest in that I don't know I don't know I don't know if after ramat. He cautioned why don't you. I didn't like coach in line love work and start points though let's. I'm blessed to have that opportunity to still be able to do that a little bit here and I am an agreement successful last year so a form I have to pick your brain at some point how to get kids to get low. It seems like they don't want to back and it's just get that stand up I do you three point stance and I try to block and we'll we'll have to do some my FaceBook live demonstrations don't meet me and you one on ones all right frank enough film. There is no. I get leverage and small book and I thought we just purchased a whole bunch of equipment for light streaming W my athletics is going to be doing a feature game each week could be girls' basketball. Maybe he'll be affable demonstration between name Tony you can come out because we're gonna do our clinics throughout the month of June. The Niagara Falls for for right or falls junior football. This could be every Saturday Mabel will have. When we have one of our guest speakers maybe Nate will be one of our speakers. And you know you become a film that that be cool will there be a grilled. I don't own purposes as to talk to chuck thinkers of our. That'd be that would help tremendously if you had a grilled there you have and so we put on that growth this kid's gonna. Yes yes they do they have to do so we'll get to that frank baker certificate that they took stakes. All right guys let's start with small schools first of all. Brian your team. He doesn't usually up at the top I have been able to follow as much lately but every now and then to do arch you know check in and of course you guys are winning as usual. I'm super happy with wherever right now as a team. We got some very strong senior leadership. You know we took a couple early losses in the season. Borrowers were reenergize recharge and over break. And now it's mostly all downhill for us for with games so their work ethics and super strong the commitment to the team's been super strong and better than that they're commending the class and the communities in batter so wins or losses are in our secondary for us but they're really great group to work with. How much emphasis do you put on academics Pelfrey team I think if somebody gets. Aaron all of below average report card do you sit down. Do you have to marine or something to help them out. Yeah our school's been real good with. Helping students that are struggling. 01 of the reasons why this was story girl's best while those I do not have many problems in that area. Our team average this year was just under 98 as everybody together. So academic we were super strong and you know that translates to the court there Smart group. And they're very very prepared you know we we study a lot of film so they they really balances scheduled between. Work in schools and sports so it's it's obviously been a pleasure to work of these guys and you know academically. Some strong students and school Obama team coaches. Outstanding achievement is it dead difficult to get them to buy and offseason training. To work on their game to at the gym things like that. I think we've been lucky. Wilson. Because we've been really strong within the last few years and I think our program and our culture and now. With the offseason program and it's almost it's it's not mandatory but. For a lot of the players in their own had it's it's mandatory because I think the success. That we've had in season obviously is creative buyers are strong season play. It seems like you've you've really developed a culture at Wilson and this has been going our and they have known you for quite some time now. And every year is the same thing so really seems like. The kids in the Wilson district are buying into. What you're teach Sheen in this like as soon as they stepbrother they know what's expected of them. And that's starts of their youth programs we have great youth coaches enough for the last. Seventeen years have been in the girls' program we agree youth coaches starting all the way down from second grade. Modified programs great we have a great leader in the modified programmers known Coastr issues all American division one player. And you know my JV coaches strong and I have always had really good committed assistance that volunteers and you know. Those those people that put the time and so valuable and you carry paying them. But for them and wanna come back and just for the kids that wanna play for them the program it's it's fun for me because I teach in middle school and I see that the younger kids and I watched him grow and now our school connects to the high schools I get to see him off threw him. It's really fun to watch them succeed known corporate and school. Nate as a college coach do you see. Young ladies developing. More due to. All the stuff that goes on in the off season the clinics the camps and if things like that. Yeah there's a time opportunities out there that I think people are taken advantage of that so you know training opportunities eight U. Tom you know we're working with your high school coach on the season. Just a bigger commitment level. On to two to the sport from kids and even at a younger age. Thompson yeah absolutely. And that's. That's advantageous to me because they're coming in more prepared. Narrow thinks so that's less that you have to work on a sparse fundamentals. You can they'll construct more on the game. Yeah you know I I. You always like when you got kids that come from good stable. Programs you know be that high school programs AU programs or our trainers are handlers are people that that they work with you know it's always good when you have people that have a backbone to. Now what you figure out who you wanna go scouts. Do you look at success the program has had over the last several years. And no because you'll want to wish trying. And going to check out a game and you know I can get anything out of it yeah I'm annual winners you you definitely want people live that know what it takes to win. No no all the hard work and all the things that you may be seen by everybody in terms watching film more. Or you're doing the right things in the classroom kind of behind the scenes you want those type of kids. For me you know I want kids that are just got to be super passionate about the sport. That account you know eat sleep breathe the sport of basketball on that that's that's what I'm looking for those kids that exuded passion for the game does that jump out at you when you're when your attending the game absolutely no room Brian and I were at the same game the other night. And even know it was there we were both kind of sweeten and tax and about it back and forth. And in other there's a certain player there that just. The passionate GS for the game in which she plays uses it who's ever I mean everybody did you concede it. Carlos bring Roger Weiss if you guys which had phones the morning rash. Morning guys say we're doing. How we're doing good judge you get to drive we done yet. I didn't know our. My neighbor don't get overworked dog mid afternoon shall. So you're stuck inside wolf anybody's listening please this is an emergency get Roger garbage plate. He's gonna need one immediately. Frank I thought by now you are a lot of improv guys near moldy all. No different than it did that to work in progress. Lori I am sorry days. Oh. You know Roger though if I get any better that day you you'll be able to do it anymore I mean. All you're got a long way to go here and. The actual work and Tony you were up to small schools low while we arrived here we gotta talk about Franklin no that's like his favorite teams we've got to talk about the Haskell girls on Roger's dominance are Iraq's laid on us. And I am glad maybe if you're leading of this stuff about you know what my activism through your ready for it. Well throughout clash stayed. Brent oil and Panama. He got the guy at school sister of Franklin well Danielle. Holiest up more I think you probably the first or second leading scorer in Western New York. Also says score. Yes she does and if you replace its seventh grade. I shared desire barring something I'm foreseeing. And to hear from about you'll take over as you all science section six liter in Western New York. Option averaging about 25 or off. Sister are seeing here LU is already a saint Bonaventure will that resolve all she ever. They're deep and whiny so law there are 35 point right out of bad and they're going Claire as do against. Mop. You're so worried apnea you Raj. Okay Matt Drudge. Panama is three. In. New York State runner up. Three years ago they were actually eliminated. In. The semi finals but the next two years in the finals all by the same team they should be one of favorites to win this state. I would guess that the Franklin bill Panama match up and the play out in this. Supposing that they do we end up as separate brackets they will play an albino that could be do that though New York State championship game. Now what I alluded to earlier. And told me I'm sure you'll agree with me on this one this is a pet peeve of mine. They're born girl who played and it's in the last couple years she's insecure here. Was also volleyball player who played at the beer state championship they won here well in this state runner up this past fall. Yeah that happened at the play basketball this year that are good there either to concentrate on volleys well. It is a fire under fair mayor pro has indicated terror. That if she adds intrigue than basketball. Secret Aaron volleyball. You could end up playing he won. A real problem what they're told me number one whatever you were doing traveled all this year. The coaches it was here and travel all places state vital as soon years will be nothing in order. I'm going to be anybody can discover that already has that. Now virtual. Just because this. Travel coaches that. You know whatever his motivation is I don't understand that I don't understand now playing basketball would ever. Volleyball chances. And out over Australia first of formal. She is purely by put the fear at all. Like what they haven't quite put a cap this year. They're a wild guess at that number outlaw. Outside hitter usually buys what age an airplane do you want volleyball. Probably a low low number. How negotiate very social inflation round number if you get my drip. And I would like. I'd love fear are especially gates. They have put out as. I've just what I feel is curled up Hillary uphill and being a part of something special. And I guess static here and they all obviously have a difficult to break going belt but nonetheless. I really think she's given up some special result he really does not. The they do. And Tony I know why you feel about. Athletes participating in multiples for. That's what college coaches are looking for they don't want somebody that specialize just want they want to competing year round. Yeah because it's still just decapitation make you better regardless solution for. Experience is experience one where the other. Yeah I mean. And the individual situation I'm not really familiar with bought at at the same point. I just think be a part of that winning program that winning tradition and being a part of a team is what high school sports is all about those are memories and things that last a lifetime and you only get one shot at those that's right. You know and he goes by really fast and saw. In that's the only thing I would say in that regard and I agree with you mean from college perspective I mean kids that play multiple sports moment and we should be your round are going to be part of a team and a culture year round which. It only is gonna make them matter whatever sport they end up choosing to do it the next level if they so choose. Yeah you want them to compete that's what it's all about I let's take a break we'll come back we're take a look at some of the other schools are small school my senior Marten. Large schools we get all that in and more and inside high school sports. We're vacuous and inside high school sports on your host won't kill and Jerry along with. Frank Wolf western York athletics meet you tell my coach. When his fastball and triple C Brian Baker had girls basketball coach at Wilson talk and we also have. Roger Weis are on the line and is cozy cabin in Boston and I'm sure he has the far your goal and an. Adjunct we will hot chocolate marshmallows. Yeah library operators says Celeste damages sought the air Sony if you'll recall how many years ago off. My. Little coral world used to be you know midway between this sub pop from the dirty laundry. And upgraded to upstairs I'll. Well we'll find out through but I got a call from Bob Kerry Beal air brand. During a break and not just social and all are and where would jump pentagon but nonetheless. Op you know while we have a silver hoops games every year right it's great being here as well some change in the Butler rituals plans. And what they want to do this year number one mentioned it change from Arabia Christian law. Occupation as high school. And it will be able. Sub whatever this Saturday as the police yet seventh two people first Easter. Other gonna have one voice she's here also are gave it one girls senior halt Saturday. I don't rather than a little down to only 24 players or recently worked girls. This could be candidate top Serb sub seniors that'll obviously be left out witnesses saw. They have not they have abide at least are gonna try as we do we don't know all the lives of those they have a girl's game this way there will be releasing gave for. Most of outstanding seniors like as they have jumping the gun and variety. Explicitly ask if you would be intrusive contributed and actually got a heads up one way or the other you'll recap objected by AM. The garage are let's get back to talk inaugural swoopes who wished talk about small schools some guys know whether it's my senior Marten. Or just throw around those are some of the teams that are catching your eyes. Down what Roger mentioned Franklin though there they also had a big win over sacred heart you know perennial large school contender earlier in the season which. I think the small schools are real top heavy there's some really good teams at the top frank Lugo Panama south western right now if you'd. You know that beat classification. Brian could talk about his league counterparts put it on new things have a great season senior patent wars he. Thirty points the other night. You guys Akron that's kind of batten you know surprising like really good athletes there appears to be athletes on their team them. You know on the back down to the seller to get alien limestone. Frank Martin always as an awesome job Morgan Davis a six foot post for them is you know on really really turned some heads down to one patient but you know. Yeah and I early easily on new friend and Akron are now on top. You know that the player we're talking about watching the other night was page and Boris skin. There was super impressive she knocked down eight threes and they came against a Diana 38 point game. How she's she's putting tremendous amount of time you're talking my off season this is somebody who goes from the game in the goes works out in the gym. After the game so she's definitely one of the top players and our league. From Akron obvious is playing well they had a great volleyball season that carried over to the basketball season they're coach Burton is doing a great job there. And you know the rest of the league you I think is playing pretty consistent. Excuse and explain while for Albion. You know throughout through our league I think assists but tightly where everybody really works hard. They talked about some of the other schools some Ellie on some he said. They're coming down or terminal at the end of the year that's too good one they're gonna actually stay the night down our tournaments or played down. Hum and then you know you've got Panama and you've got Franklin go down there and those teams obviously have great experience. Hey you mentioned. That page of course he hit a three the other night yeah us what does she think she is ready William. I don't know some. And that's who's playing a little more right and made dealers refrain from ever as they were playing against many willing themselves. I guess cities that are about it but boy Troy. Rear benefit Betty Williams is the only way you law broke the New York State record year golfer over the number of three point baskets. Single gave she was sixteen for seventeen from the floor bed at three point shots. That's consistent. Yeah it's just whether it has. How I see him our guys. Well there's a new coach obviously taken over a mount Saint Mary's France Snyder rubble no. You know everyone knows who Fran is when he took over on mount Saint Mary's and that was welcomed to the LT if you will this week by O'Hara. That was kind of a rough one for him wasn't an ugly they lost almost forty yeah I was there Francis. Boy sitting by him yeah it was a tough game we don't want you explain their though Mossad America agree first quarter and David will go sleeping giant welcome they. They had a lead for most of that for squirm played really well composed. And then they kind of lawsuit against that pressure or parents talk through I think it seemed to be Fisher their lowest again I think in the my senior mark Miette Angel Parker price division one point guard. He gets your editors and yet here at Johnson is committed eastern Michigan are ready. You know you've got the younger Parker. Leon Parker who's really counted so I'm sure I'm missing people Mattel O'Neal Nick's daughter who's really speed. And so they they've got a loaded lineup and they played a really tough schedule it played. You know regional steadily been down Elmira and down in New York City in Erie PA and so the test themselves although B battle tested by time player council resolutely a sacred heart I mean you got macular Ryan who's one of the best scores in Auburn smudge we talked about earlier gaining as smudge they yeah they were on Arab or Arab BCA wide team that Brian and I count worked with this past year. And those two were leading scores there and and for my money there to about scorers. You know in New York State. Well can you see anybody pushing on prime minister could hurt. Can I push and then I've seen him argue actually eclectic things in the game I mean ahead. Sacred heart has a lot of size com and a lot of lean mean Michaela is six foot two and chew on the sister sister's six foot and McKenzie sees is six foot saw. Announced they have a lot of size. You know as long as they can handle that speed and that pressure that you know there's been on for the last five years or so on yet they can give them Heidi I mean. I the end of the year guys that they are gonna give them Iran. Bearing in mind. Corduroy duplicate players out there but Ali contributed satellite. Three are on the bench just in case someone falls out they all contribute. Having said that and I'm Reggie Reggie McKenzie. Made because size you are similar order players from the BCA analyze. And rats Serbian told me the other night that the last few games she is really come alive and if she can contribute out there. Makes thing disinterested what. My biggest concern was would there be somebody that match up against. The Japanese girl and if you can barely contain her and force all the other want to do. You know. Take the brunt of the scoring because Israel orders up. They don't have any what you what you would call a typical great scoring leader. Like you know it's. Apple to law which Gail or Ryan and sacred heart. So and Johnson is one of the inside people if they can force or air to the outside people on the outside make a bit threes. They I think they could beat up. Oh era now. What we have for the playoffs. There are the monsignor Martin is going to be slightly different this year. The trapped six it will buy for the overall. My senior Martin's play out the special playoffs ever will have to go out state played double play in the New York State Catholic finals the rocker rob boy have been around the state to play class aid. And believe it or not I like whoever is up and it Clancy game Google be very successful downstate. Now the last four. Or five games that monsignor Martin. Well I have their own play op and whoever comes out of that will vote downstate is to be representative. In the Catholic state finals. Pretty cool stuff I Francisco and guys let's get into the large schools again my senior Martin or. Section six what are you putting guys like so far. Think orchard parks playing real well. I think the Holy See I see one is a good division you got to Orchard Park over there. You got Lancaster over there with ammonium Wozniak and Clarence. It's accurate and Reynolds are tough. As Sam Fisher obviously for your part but I think the CIC one is very talented very talented division. Really balance due David you go on each other frontier with big in the united Lancaster. This. Think Kennedy is owes them a place for kids there too so. Did there's a lot of parity and hears you speaking to you TIC word as well least fended in the mix I know. They had a coaching change there and believe it since ANC two EC AC too. Make Covina is that there's a Ryan tonight Randy we have from well north of Levy spent some time over there he's now. I had coached their racial Romanowski is pump and an eighteen points and gained twelve rebounds she's a four point oh student three adversity player. I'm just talk about their chances I know that jive talking. Will self over in the east yes two hours I think there's. The team over there but you know Amherst. Amber's is playing while they played owner really well earlier in the season. I'm so you know what those with those two their prize the top two but I think you know which ones are at Emerson Klein and hammers. They got they got some talent there too so I think cameras could be some teams but I think we're in now south gets healthy they're proud that team to beat. I don't agree Brian we are talking in the break about in south later on this year playing cardinal aero there currently one to. The polls right now and there matchup coming up in February. He that'll be a matchup of a number of future college players and future division one players. Would be fun to watch him he's got. Amare to vary inside six foot by six foot six honor you know for for ways so that's what you call that beat the bigs. Biggs yeah I hired a high BCS recruit. You sign a fresh turn yes hopefuls and is she's very talented to form which you can step out and hit three at this point she can handle the ball a little bit. The key for files problem means she's there's huge cock for them and coached oldest daughter. Hanna has really improved in impressed me a lot matured a lot at the point she's healthy now she she missed a lot of last year. And base mentioned a couple of their other key role players and about with them for three or four years when they went on that run for the state title fused backer getting back to health and you know becoming now you know more awful story unit when they do that they're going to be on the watch too. Iraq job you some of the a large schools. Yeah. I'm not good. Police chief just talked about off. It should be pretty much of formality that I. Won't solve we'll get to. 81 championship game the only gay ones scores she really being. A possible threat if they primary game this can Maurice without another one have made so our players are reassured at all. And I'll actually like it Torah. What the real bellas could have people won't solve this one may have to play that. But surely knew what they have to play the crossover game because age so is going to be a war. Got fourteen and there. At three able lively worries CI AC three in the same division. And that is you're or eight East Aurora and lakeshore. And you throw it hammered from up north debt is a vital for bet it'll be worth watching. Then there's a big game today with these store I don't believe it's been postponed but. Is it in frank you mentioned. The 10 o'clock the game was still I'm Carrie Coolidge certainly imagine their game is. We're restored golf look good or bad Panama at Lancaster game today that it has been canceled. Panama's not making up the trip but yeah I -- basically I agree with what you guys shut out there and those three games I imagine from BellSouth and and you put air force and air. And worse played hard all airline in the help answer and only lost storm by six points and they were leading after three quarters. So I was young has emerged as they are also experienced. Those are 29 graders younger wiser girl Ali and I have a Klein. They're showing at last year's. Age. 82 up. Championship was no fluke and they were one girl came as a lot of people shall shall I royal looking forward to the 82 semis and the finals. Our guys to take a break when we come back. Now we'll continue our look at the large schools talk while some of the players more of players that big guys are really like and so far. This year don't forget sports talk Saturday up next and 11 o'clock I'm sure there will be a lot of discussion. As to who could be. The next offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills will be back after this. We're back one last segment of inside high school sports talk and girls' basketball all. All right guys. Prediction time. Who's gonna come out on top who we get to see. A being crowned as west junior champions I think brains and during the breaks open when news. New coach school in Laporte might have the chance was gently using ranked Tyrod. The you know. That's my boy in there Roger who do you like don't let us start off with double and went out. Are double what they had picked days out of my head into the whoever boring is there a game. Between Orchard Park right here Clarence. Lancaster. I could see any one of them if anyone of that oil wouldn't surprise me. That in at. Ed what are we get the playoff time is our home court advantage and advantage. I don't know what it is it would appear to be an advantage for the trouble as is usually. For example of the force they'd played suffice we know that it fits of victim game. The other what it would look like an advantage only because the ones playing the eight and Jews playing this seven and well plus once you get those semi finals there is no court can they may have made a neutral court. Yeah. While mentioning double wages Soriano I just got an update the Clarence game Eddie George today is that for those interest and I'd that I cool. Are my my gut opinion I think I'm going to say I'm pulling out of hand or injury non taking Orchard Park on the delay. I'll take Lancaster. Goal for both. Or at temple I that's pretty young frank. Are you at all. The order exists and he whispered Laporte and. Like they want rides a one. They want is going to be will sell. Eight tool like. I those sports teams and as far as state champions golf. I was quite sound negative but wherever is that my senior. And rocker rob which presumably people we know where loser of VIL error. Top cigarette card game like that would go all the way in the cap which states. Any chance that we do get to champion out of our from a dissent. And the public's I mean you elect declares these Panama Franklin well I mean I like both of Rome against anybody in the state so as good as little solace days you guys dolls see a state title for them. I think there's certainly going to be added a few years ago with the with a lot of these same players as youngsters on that team. And soon couldn't well cut. It is Rochester mercy double lire. Other Dublin. Okay well that's good for that'll that'll work for wolf so I'll let but I don't. Double A in Rochester is loaded who penfield. Amanda and snowman these men might be an a but he got mercy that's lowered out there. Reject played and I don't forget bishop curry yes there goes sloshing Syria there and they're young they're going to be around for about 23 years. Okay glossy how's my little underwhelmed CIC three when I'm in a billion a two. Into taken Amber's de wanna know frank wanted to mention Grand Island is as. A team in a one which Sam Bailey and Lydia Sweeney coach Wagner and there. You know that they can be effective and Roger mentioned ten Maurice actually beat them in India. Hate to I mean it's it's going to be a battle you know and I'll give hammers the Lego they please log is there a good normally go that he Sarah. Margin I mean Easter is good hamburger really good and tortured and the good guy too but come on give it they hammers the guns still got to get out there and are thought. We didn't match and other NFL this year they're changing their format. And they get out forge exit one division I teams in the other and what happens saw. Fourteen division they play each other choices they play the outside Jeep division wants. And now so placed first supper the other what happens they've always scheduled nineteen game does that just warning. They're fortieth game that the first place it will play off for the overall lag or for a cheer. League championship. This spectacle play each other the third stroke play each other. Before shall play each other for their Ali Al respective twentieth game. And they are already able all red light up to whoever ends up being scripted a fight seemed division. Time by countless. This. That's our Britain has begun do you want. Do you want Natalie competitors I do new things notes call got to give all of that again. A lot with Beijing abortion. He's done a great job and they worked really hard the last two years and debate what you think Bobby to. Month ago mark around the studio funneled to Wilson's. Thanks. I do want to mention MB two homes that city of buffalo I do the best team in the city. Immunity got broccoli you've got nicked off the quote to Orlando always dozen nice job there there always really disciplined and that they've got a lot of athleticism young young athletes there's so there there seemed to look out for Lester and obviously it's tough in that bracket yeah and that's probably why I would pick seller. Who is quietly as rice you're given a motivation that's what he needs and that's what Gruntal Grover my team from southwestern. OK and seize on the take limestone absolutely. I got it'll have thought yet Frank's friends who do coaching and Morgan davis' top and they got some good athletic guards to. We're about to diss Roger c'mon this is your moment right here to shine frank Wheeler Panama. Against Panama iMac and I gardez stuff. Frankly all I am just look forward to that game. Okay. Yeah. Who. Car rides look a little bad words about its next stand. They won't even as the ball. And I've asked you going to be blown you out there who Rogers. You're in trouble Raja who and. We're naysayers say they air cargo everybody while. You know I am not true reality at all. But without Madeleine ball and they're very reputable and I'll let I'll give. Large. Task orders sister else. There guy game look out but not again I'm looking forward to that game there would be as good as any playoff game here currency come late February early. I area rides stay safe and warm. Maybe get a order tariff please see if anybody to deliver to. Because political reform register. Now when it's worth a call liberty it's over he's there you go I rational talk to you next week Centre court will be in studio we'll talk boys basketball. So thanks guys for common and it was great always to have you and your a lot of foreign. Brian Baker and need to tell us a lot you guys squads so the rest of the way and now we'll talk to come playoff time. We'll more girls basketball sports talk Saturday is next.