01-13 Intentional Scouting: Episode 2 - Josh Allen

Nate Geary
Saturday, January 13th

On episode 2, Nate and Mark with the help of Jon Ledyard break down Wyoming QB Josh Allen.


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The intentional. Sky out. We may hear listen I'm just the angry young guys that thinks he knows. And from inside the pylon marks trophy you know just another washed up quarterback trying to access talk it. Coming do you live from Kate's mom's basement. Tears intentional scouting. Welcome back everyone. Yes that's right we made it to the second episode episode two of intentional scouting a theory here with me is always inside and how awesome man of. The year award which is actually going to be gone and it ended the year so are still aren't. It was a close race for that beyond us I mean we're number of people in the run for the inside the parliament of the year award but I'm happy to announce big victories. And by a lot there was one other person. The next six dark souls of those select on patriots. Be locked down podcast network reports quarterbacks we report an old house. You know. Are. You rings. Or you city. And I and red sports and ET scouting dust the lock arms wrapped like Steelers. Ladies and gentlemen John budget job tonight. John power user. I don't break out thanks so much traveling on I really appreciate. This is gonna be great because in this episode intentional scouting. We are going to be breaking down Miami quarterback Josh Allen who it's maybe one of the more polarizing. Figures going into this year's draft so I think he's the a good transition for the second episode era are you just your general thought out point six fight junior onset Diaz and one more polarizing figures order. I'm Mindy I'm twenty. Yeah I I think polarizing it is the perfect word for because there of definitely. Game two camps that have set up with a respected Josh Allen their people on the camp perhaps this is the NFL mindset. That look. This it is going to be a first round draft choice this is that there's a top ten talent with what he can do with the quarterback position you can build eighteen around and then there's the there's another camp which I would consider myself a member of which looks at hand. Identifies an increase assures there's some raw talent there. But there are some huge huge huge question mark that people like me want to she can answer this year just never answered at least in my mind just never answered. So polarized is the perfect court for. Edge out how much you to steer you know general thoughts from the scouting standpoint really upped his career as a whole. Yeah I don't really understand the attraction even with the physical told the kind of boggling to me because. Typically when you see I'm delighted that I feel like. It's because he put a major production are like one game that just blew everybody away in primetime early opening. Maybe maybe when he played a war again there are a world. Or corner brat you know Arabian those keen to draw one touchdown and he did you know maybe something like that how that could really that I limited. He's played poorly on big eight. Is autistic and as the numbers are that there's a couple while Rosie if you least at least eight but it. You know even somebody you'd kinda just trivial all the quarterback position who bought shot on BO. Oh boy you know they're so there's a lot of play it up or. Crazy. You know and no. I don't get I don't understand where it's it's really strange meet you and I thought oh god you act like that but. IE does have a strong arm I would we nobody cornerback strong arms as. I don't know why suddenly did one. You know captured everyone's attention and maybe some of the media over able I don't either not you're gonna. I'm it will European helping them but I IR. EOI. And we got along never be anywhere close to what his physical tools to get good. And really be do a lot. Yeah he's got that hard L Jones feel to me a little bit her for those stands to remember you know and I'll later round prospects someone that pop sometimes obviously early on armed. Taking over or injured there noted here obviously you up on that and it. Started really struggle. R&B. C at the position and similarly so Josh Allen. Uncertain and that same mold guys are really great arms for. The break our panel but no really. All. Let's. Had on this section. The podcast a load down here on wild or wreck. Josh and so let's start would you job. His off course he's let's start with the when he c.s are here I don't Allen was really are the 170 draft even though is really not. Eat and draft eligible or in the draft process that year and really every you talked NFL executives and editors are all about Allen in this sort of rock props at. I'm a small level and a lot of it is arson or or from. I'm a small. Who'll. And an sort of seize the resemblance there as valid federal sort of older analyzing. Our Dick and his small little bat. Bite you the reason that he is getting so much sort of really at last April's draft of the decides though what do you think maybe has enamored goes out the ones that were open last year 06. I'm and his arm is really kind of a special talent not eaten. He can throw the ball below 42 yards and he really has. And then you know it isn't I think that is. Some degree I guess so where her demeanor I think about art art tell Jones. You know it's funny you mention it I'll watch our show on the how was shot down a gutter talk and cargo Jenna. And also played better had better numbers are better and bigger they do and when what looked around I do. Better competition I don't really not Powell got sound even better puck dropped on the ground on them pretty badly. And and Artie got on in. I do not sure where our lead then there but I think it seemed like they like yeah let them. You don't make it look like in the enclave even though you're reliant on that doesn't make a lot of laid on a I don't think. I'm even though he even went that ignited adoration. On I think it did and I don't seem to you molded me. I'll look like that they're able to create outside structure to get out on the run. And may let you like to be argued that leg and then of course you know in his eyes in his arm. Some of the crew you can make up for angles maybe. Armed only the physical and they I would doubt you'd made or I think that one and I'll need you and what I hope. They can work until they look at them. Fast forward mar 227 team blog binder now and you see it clear regression on film but I don't landfill on paper as well as is John just alluded to some people are diminished talent around him being a big actor may be. That are in his morals that instead says oh runner though. It this year. Are you. Really rely. Our run game in a big hearted at. A much this year. I handled it but when you look at him as a passer op your sample size release aren't going to seem sort of sick right there. All season so so what sort of the low down and Josh on their. Seven. Do little dab. I think it outset it's good hitters sort of dropped water might choose sort of unconventional. Outside of the clocks clocks but I have on Allen and the first when I'm gonna talk about here. While the kid growing up there's or old video game John always. Or school you played on the piece here that you had eight people on each side of the audience out of the ball so was it on a wasn't really fall on clay boast was Mike Madden is now. And the only way to really the past was to call hail Mary or wildly out to the right and just wrote as far as you can. Ed that's would Josh Allen can do extremely well you know he has like John said only I'd say of the armed. I don't think anybody can really and I. But the problem becomes and we'll get to this I notice check it all the other stuff that goes into dean pastor. Chuck shouts of roll. And that will attract people. That would draw eyeballs and that may very will get a general managed to buy it in the first round but there's more to playing the quarterback position just rolled football to agree well. If that's all the there was to it Jeff George be the whole thing. What he's not because there's more to. And looking at Josh Allen had to build off what charm just talk about. GM's washing your line up under center bill faked his kidney to run a quote on quote pro style offense. And okay that may be true national what short of idealistic. Almost window dressing type way but when you really break down to what he did this year I went through. You can go and you you are broke down its entire game against white I think he's the perfect microcosm of all because there are some while frozen Iraqi including 100 cultural when they came over. And everything else that. Everything else is beat question you'd like check downs. Two running backs and out of the backfield he can't complete those those are off target with the guys wide open he shares down and co wrote even with his cannon of an arm if you stare down a road. A defensive back is gonna break on it and nearly two to the other way and that's what happened and so that's short of the question mark that remains. On him from me is all the other stuff that goes to be a pastor he hasn't met those hurdles and. All right let's take a look at Josh inland NFL outlook now. NFL it's. We'll stay with you mark you know I I know I've mentioned Ricardo Jones. Dot com for earlier I houses see a lot of rock outs Wyler in Allen as well I mean owe a lot more mobile. But that's sort of tall lanky. Doesn't exactly know how to use her string. It's sort of a fundamental way so as you. All mention he's coming from under senator NFL hi friends are all your I thought here's. Or Alan and what you eat what. How often SC. And and. Well I'll meet you could sort of set the stage in my second unconventional com. On Josh which is logical approach which is a guy that has the million dollar arm but he doesn't know how to plural yeah. And the issue Josh Allen's going to be he's not have a crash if she's not be playing in the Carolina. He's not gonna have a guy Ryan on the bus with a tournament is shall or she's a fungus solemn and I give interviews like jacks to issue Josh Al east Carolina he is. Third and long against the legion of boom. In Xia like that's where he's gonna have to learn how to play the quarterback position is there's no minor league in the NFL he's in the minor leagues this right. And so that's kind of what that word pin on him is. Each learn how to throw he's Smart he's conscientious engine and all that sort of stuff and yet as a deadly I think if you're an achievement tens of drafting. George Allen your hope beyond hope is that he becomes. May be in more mobile Joseph Flacco. You know that's probably his Sheila. And is that. Don't go to slim possibility of that taken places that were the first round pick I don't think it's worth a personal pick. Yeah I mean the first round pick for mis out of the questioned. Just an and it's not just because of the things you just mentioned that. I mean there's sort of a big pool work here that you're seeing. And another got a talked about wondered about her. Our was a guiding usual or it was good or at least we see and third year or his sixty years old Carter and that's second year as a full time starter can reveal a lot about a guy's character adds a leader is at his position or ask you right. Yeah I think it because then you'll have a tennis teams get someone you and they get a US and offseason to get ready for. And they can adjust Ewing that's something that we sort of solid shot watching for is already had a good year that makes him a national championship game teams and other seasonal offseason team and work out and try to game plan to huddle attack him for seventeen actually people searchable the bad. But you saw how he should of fought through about how he sort of learned. Well this season sometimes from you know not just week to week drive to drive and Watson became a better quarterback went through that process with a point where when he faced Alabama again. She was able to. Come through and he didn't seem similar sort of developmental track to Josh Al Bashir teams had to walk on on the rent it and he never developed and progressed beyond I'm the guy that always has development is not many are like one wish Sean yeah Kevin's name. And and I am glad you brought the Watson point two because it. He was well one guy that you could point to for one thing if you wanted to talk about its flaws as a passer the one thing you go back to his. This guy's play elevated to the past are level when he played his ass or is it against us on the most typical teams in the country and an Alabama is in the Ohio State like though though that's a tree that you really teach you John is seen by you know your radical I don't talk a little but hard out there but. He knew your idea it is the best fit for our pointed out early utilized skill set would give him the opportunity to develop it needs. Yeah I think it. It would ideally you know and we're talking about that a scenario that all the unlikely Egypt got a round. Mean maybe you have in my home I'd situation. Where you're behind somebody like document cynical that it really will be hesitant to pull the trigger. Almonte Burnett are aware how huge all the world but union EM. I'll look at how well reliable guy and I just opened little tired are you. Our armed quarterback. This for a long time then that's really what got you on the need to do better. You get a little wall. A look here early on during her younger. You know anywhere now. On a track arm I meant well out of there were moving progression than you do not there and our viewers like mark talked about on recognized include e-book. I'm now. How would you leave now and being able to throw leverage can only gain and you can't you tell me what are gonna gain what are ample track this time. Oh yeah ideally I'm on team player quarterback. If you've got them primarily by our on our out our show on the media ideal spot. Maybe it and Arizona you know where yeah I would I would create a quarterback Tom. There are some of his right hand down at work then they like you don't sound like the field. Know that this this or that he would buy into I think. On you'll still a lot of them are you grow worried about. What are you could or couldn't do in terms of getting into this and I think about where only the most elite lineman we're get. Will be the most comparable right of way and idiots sit on my gal make it much more comfortable I think yeah. Physical ability to do England and all but I think mentally and that. May be like now it is easier to him. To adapt to because medical like get a lot of little. Normal what do you double what is in our blood again like Kennedy you know you'd better on the plane now because I just told the Alan helping you or her. Yeah and I think he he needs to have been adaptable coach you know you look at. How much the offense changed Houston went shot Watson took over and it. And and again I totally agree with you with that you know if he's playing in the first years you know yours your teams in a lot of trouble. From a wins losses in points so. But yet. His outlook for me it's very interesting because. I I don't know that the type of guy you want to try to bold in U. You know West Coast I quarterback or any sort of specific style or really the us was this guys need be. Try to adapt to college style offense really work around him something spreads and the reason arms and fortunately. Isn't. So we're willing to due to the so let's go into and out the the bills or is the rules gains. We'll protect guys like this portion. Of course that everything's these insane in terms of the coach. We can all retire those likely on season. So and I think we can also agree that Alan shouldn't likely star or the year went. What do you see. To fit in buffalo if a lowered its easy second one of those upper third RR. Hey hey you guys know me I'm not like prone to making hearty Shelly she's little context and things like that put. The idea of Josh Howard in Buffalo's offense as currently constructed in Buffalo's offense would current talent. On that side of the ball in the focus. In this dramatic. Things that they run I just don't see. And I don't see it at all teachers you know in new you know you know that you and I talked about the West Coast offense and timing and rhythm and Ulf footwork is so important all those go to running sort of West Coast. Offensive attack and those all areas where Josh Allen needs improvement and but I haven't seen it happen over the past you know 24 months. I don't she dropped him in you buffalo. Now a year from now whenever you have run in this office with what those guys with what's was caught not just doesn't make sense to me now. As we got John Allen I could say that I'm. It's perched users type author and might make a little bit more sense. And I'll just leave the lot. Yeah I just say. No I doubt it definitely makes it worse than there is no fly ball quote beat him you're one of the worst landing spot or dot com because. Not only is that the defense reminded head coach and I feel like what those what are always. But I do go to those during the volley all law and present don't heralded Auckland and all that kind of and the Dow way and getting. Back in the Auckland and often car week in a lot of what we need a more limited and no I think that I would be or my yeah more than any. What goes on terminology all the different things at a further promote Joshua. Not. Made a lot of late on schedule and I'm I learned a or or or get the ball out quickly I windows template that I love what I did it all. I overall and I did I I think I'll be at that and actually get a hold it you know acquire all around tomorrow. On new kind of Aiken from all. In all and out of so I need to be at Roland. Yeah I I'm with you and then unfortunately I think those are difficult position with how they've sort of in their Tyrod will be called the pirate situation. The current situation really sort of handcuffed next year because they basically declared that that's overworked in. I don't. The environments your recorder at issue would be ones like you mentioned John currently on it to a player like this point. Knowing what we know letter I doubt we appreciate you coming on John. I tell the folks will be listening. I don't work as US hello. Yeah thank you guys traveling on personal and I did you radical and out of ultra or cataracts courts dot com. And then not try to show the most interest in the anybody in my clothes and they are locked on and so there are just bodies we. It among my nose and I we knew our local art on our. Prospect around now we have got a little about what you do a lot of got to talk also have a war on well. On Youkilis and that I can't believe in on gazillion other so those are probably. Allen now did you guys around I really don't always get out and the. Thanks John and now are we will be back for more I don't know I haven't thought of who we go with per episode three yet but you know you stick now around my Twitter I'm Anthony Geary WGR mark. Until they. Yeah you can find me at Marshall Field on where you can follow me over at inside the pub on dot com confirmed on. The locked on Petrie is podcast is an Eagles Andrew wanna listen to that I can't imagine they would. Also has been mentioned at the outset. Please report at 4000. Project I need quarterbacks go over there I will be dropping quarterback rankings right after the first of the year for the entire season which I'm sure it pretty well re wish. You get mad at them I don't know what you can I had a. And you know I think people are gonna feel better too because it's clear that Tom Brady he's older he's done with after he's done it's over done. It's so yeah he's all he's not he's it is plateau. He's done so it's it's a good data Beatles and it always does so it's up. Our boy that. We appreciate it joystick or opera and now another year.