01-13 Mitch Jones Post-Game

Buffalo Bandits
Saturday, January 13th

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Emotional mood swings these guys. This tying goal on its own monitors that the game yeah there's nothing could. I meant to go home crowd really got stuck in that game. And comes out regimen just cliche they got a lot stench. I'm guessing you figure this victory for offensively he got them. They're guys who have been kind of quiet this year picking tonight of course I know those guys pretty well you know you know western dialect most of them are. If that image as we can we tonight but while those games we've got to look at ourselves and the but it but do little more enough for. Or maybe that's the just little things they do a little preparation maybe a little extra extra about that needs features that caught not and I think as a team. The views masters aren't going to be first three you know. And how quick it turns in the sport of her five three's a few minutes later exactly coming across those and him run the special about him it's fast it's it's but fourth and the offense looked ourselves we weather cold there and got a bottle it up in the game but I have us it's got to live up. Keeping you need a few more shots from the outside it seemed like whenever I can't redeem aggregates and suddenly it's timeline and I mean different. Jeff I'm off to watch tape the stuff to diagnosed again before you ought to. But I think well again look so much there are moments off us and left side and navigation and game. I mean you look at hundreds of things went to one vote came back detectives we're gonna do something about other guys write so along those camps and some stuff like that. Lately she's. The future of the American football field. Are here and that was your goal yes. We I mean we had a run there lead heading into overtime and hello folks often on overtime and do you plan lower against stops as he looks back to the the cookie that I know. Deficit in the out they'll mail us on. And I haven't used it's going to be tough to lose our home has been children home not just this year historically it you know in nine games now. Yes it is tough on homelessness. Of course and as a team up to go is set up in the air we start though it did not with two hands and nose when asked about their run away goes an hour ago. Move on umps got home. And that's to further epochal moment I got three straight road games against good teams so. Time does he does right now I guess mentally we've looked at the schedule we wanted to get team we're gonna have to go on the road and beat good teams. Thoughts are enough to date.