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Land. Mines ports talks Saturday won the job. The sports talks Saturday. You need. Sports talk Saturday. You. On WGR. Well then I'm. I got it on time if I think it's. As you can see in my breath had to find big for my headphones and now I'm here all the matters. They're Cramer here with me as well it's morning here good morning. It's called mind it's very cold cold in here. They decided the air conditioning. Should beyond the air conditioning not to heater the they think we live in Australia at the moment I'm not sure what they think but that's pretty chilly in here we've got a day of sports site. It as per usual on sports talk Terry but today a little more interest in with the news that obviously the bills. Beleaguered her office according to yesterday Rick Dennison who was with the team for just the season as the play caller so. You know I got some people. Along to date to give us their reaction Jeremy whites can enjoy an 1130 he was off fair when the announcement came on yesterday so I figured I'd let him come on in. Topple it and how he feels about the move I'm sure he's feeling positive about it looking in a new direction for the offense specifically. The passing offense but first. Within the next gut minutes or so Paul Hamilton and join me to give us a little. Bye week. That sounds right so Paul Hamilton and driver toggle sabres. No Zach Bogosian if you didn't hear he was injured I believe on practice on Wednesday. Lower body injury he'll be out four to six weeks so we'll get Paul's thoughts on how they played. And Thursday night in a 321 win over. The Columbus Blue Jackets and how they can move that momentum into the following and later stretch run. Of the season as a national and thirty Jeremy went to join me 12 o'clock Josh Reed channel four's sports director he can enjoy and he had an interesting take and the potential. Bill's higher for offensive coroner shall give him minded talk a little bit about that why that move makes eight ton of sense for the bill's 1230. Mike Carolina who you probably remember from bills pre season. He's also on MS GD does if you were watching the Rochester Americans game on TV like like I was yesterday. Mike was doing the intermission report tickets he can join me. At 1230. Bergen talk a little bills off season and we're gonna get his thoughts on Eric Anderson moves well. And I also when I begin to the nuts and bolts of the offseason with Mike as wild at 1 o'clock Benjamin Albright who. Is a reporter out of Denver he's gonna join me originally he was joining me because there were a lot of talk that Mike McCoy. The former Denver Broncos officer can courting her who was fired earlier in the season. Was rumored to be the favorite for the Eagles offensive coordinator job it is now confirmed or at least reported. That doubt much will quite will not be a candidate for the Buffalo Bills. Upcoming or new Lee. Open offensive coordinator positions along. Three hours ahead of us here we've got as I mentioned a ton of guests. Along the pipeline we also want to hear from you 8030551. Tripoli fight you two to 515 numbers to call. Your thoughts on this moved to move away from Rick Dennison after only one season I won't lie I was. A little shocked I I kind of assumed. That's. It McDermott was gonna be to kind of guy that isn't going to make a decision after just one season specifically because it's his first season as a head coach but I think. There's a bigger a lot of play in this decision more than just it's the failures of Rick Dennison during the season but. You know also the landscape of some of the available coaches this year I think you look at this year at from a play calling standpoint. In a scene in one of the deepest pools for offensive coordinators or play caller who have had not only success in the NFL but. Getting into the Super Bowl winning a super ball dark coordinators who have led their offenses. To be most points scored NFL history 5000 points for Mike for up Mike Hsu. And you look at four Daryl battle obviously a guy that. Brought his offense to be Super Bowl one time good play call and incorporate. Replied I don't. Necessarily want to be the guy that kills and for him like a lot of people in. But people just wanna say that I he threw Mimi doors like all sports history and just make sure run in the paperwork for any potential and attract. Right is find out what he would do in that situation again. Yes there are a ton of great candidates. Available at those two Shula babble that I think maybe call the most because those two that have. The most experience sure look clearly has the the ties to Sean McDermott and his time with Carolina. Rod she didn't ski the former browns coach for one season he's been in Indianapolis the past few seasons has been spoken very highly of by this coaching staff by Sean McDermott this season. Don't forget about Carolina former coral. Kerry can't our quarterback coach Ken Dorsey that's he's probably a good Canada's wealthy CIA he's a guy that interviewed. The first time around for the office to greater position last offseason the only thing that I think might. I steer Sean McDermott medals away. From picking. Dorsey he would again be a first time play caller I don't think I don't get the sense. This bills team wants to go I don't get the sense that charming girl wants to go to direction where it's the you know trial by fire a guy I think he wants somebody who's got click on experience and more importantly he wants and it has had success. With play calling it a potentially mom more than just a few years and that's why I think garlic did ski makes it taught a sense not only because of all the things. And all the quote you know sort of respect that you hear from. Sean McDermott of options and ski heard earlier in the season Joseph beat. Had a couple of tweets about yesterday about earlier in the season when they play the colts some of the words some of the things he was saying elections and ski about. How much you respected him as a coach I think those kind of things they go along way and you know. I look at a guy in in Josh free by the supper not much to pick his brain about a bright able. From the University of Alabama the office corner for Alabama he'd he's been one year there to see Steve churches Turkey Asian and Ali campaign where the two offered to creditors laster Cirque saarc goes to Atlanta obviously Kiffin goes to after you and now Babel comes from New England. So knowing he was a New England last year he moves down to the Allison moved down because they won a national championship but. He moved on to Alabama became their opt to coordinator. Led them to the national championship in one now on a pretty interest in quarterback change so he's an interesting guy he's a name that's been brought up around the league. As a guy that could get a shot at calling plays and it potentially have to be a head coach soon so. That's the guy and that's the question that you should be thinking about is do you want a guy. That is a young and up and commerce someone that could likely get a head coaching position in two to three years is that something you're looking for or are you looking for a guy like. That's why should make sense to me it's not because he's this. Great in a bit of play caller the reason I like him is I don't think the bills if he works I don't think the Eagles are ever gonna have to worry about losing him and that's one of the things. But I think you have to at least has to go in this in this decision is. Do you want a guy that is going to be. In vulgar guy that's gonna come in here and potentially turn your offer to brown but potentially leaving a year or two those are things yet to think about. There is another candidate though that the very popular name around many coaching circles for profits corner position. Eagles quarterbacks coach John. It sounds his contract is up it his Patrick is up it sounds too and the like there was some interest between him and the Seahawks. And that is Betty team in a name that I've seen together a lot. I woody suspect's. That the flip ball ends up in. See that that's that's what I would back I think he's the top available. But I know a guy that doesn't have play calling experience so it goes there is a lot that goes into his decision eagle 3055180. Date. 550. 2550. The number to call we're talking bills were talking in firing of Rick Dennison who was on your wish list. Your short list for a coaching candidates. You'd like to see the bills at least interview. Here in the coming days because this is gonna be. And it SAL mentioned this is going to be a decision that kind of comes up on them quickly here obviously you want to have this position filled. Before the Super Bowl one of the things that you can look back lash Europe. Around the tying frame that Rick Dennison was hired he was hired eight days after McDermott was hardly McDermott was hired on January 11. The added up figure out making their decision and off to courted by the nineteenth so eight days. From the time that McDermott was hired until they got that off the court so I would expect a similar time line. I don't expect him to wait very long in this I think that there are a couple as we mentioned it. This is such an interesting year to be in need of a play caller it's like the one year that it's almost. You'd almost like to be human you're gonna have does the sort of the the crop to choose from and and get plays right middle stanza I it it's. It was a needed move there's no doubt about it but I think a lot of it might have to do with the detailed level of play callers that are available to the state. 80305518085. To duplicate the you can tweet at me that make you read every GR as well I am I'm up on my Twitter. A couple of interesting tweets this morning just a little bit about. On some offseason moves is that something or I'd like to get into today as well a little bit of I don't know. It's pretty interesting obviously week or so for the bills they obviously lose that game in Jackson a lot of people with a bad teeth and not because if you don't like me felt like there was a really good opportunity for the bulls team to win that football game not only. Did into the playoffs for the first time in seventeen years but win a football game on the road. And yeah I mean pedals would have been going to new England and likely nobody wanted that to happen but. The point still remains is this is a team that's on the up and up and this is it seemed that. And has a ton of assets to work with Natalie the draft this year to protect trade partners that got courting Glenn a guy that's potentially and a could be on move you know Jerry Hughes who can beat that again Charles clay. Who could beat Michigan so a lot of stuff to talk about bill's lies today it'll break. 0551. Tripoli by fifty to fight to be your numbers. I am about to transition over hockey up on him to join me here in just one moment. One of the things that stick out to me on Thursday night. Watching that Columbus came in in action the last two days have been preaching to me because. First of all I'd love when. Yes sabres fans get an opportunity to watch those Rochester American broadcast I watched most of that Rochester Americans gain yesterday. Are Amish Chia thought it was great that they offered it during the sabres bye week. When people are still may be looking in a little bit yearning for hockey yet thought yesterday getting to watch that Rochester game against the believe it was Binghamton they played. It was good because I got to see a lot of the guys that you know Chris Baker's been talking a lot about on CG Smith. I ended up scoring a goal yesterday. Sean Malone in that second line is a really nice unit that second line and you see a little bit in the Lander yesterday and all market is at Wilcox and goal. Nathan H a throwback to name who was doing some plane yesterday so yeah I did yesterday was uninteresting but Thursday night for the sabres was may be. I laden. One of computer games I've watched him in at least a little while. Obviously going up against a good Columbus Blue Jackets team on Thursday night and winning three to one human. I think maybe the tomb positives the two best positive take away from that game his performance by Brian Cooley obviously. Didn't have scored a goal but goddess and recorded his first NHL point. An assist to Kyle post so and then you obviously look at the performance of one saw mark and you feel really good about where you wire on May be your two top prospects. ED HL level obvious your top prospect being Casey middle stet but he is. Obviously still in college guy that likely will I think there reading maybe gets to see a couple games at the embassies and if you eliminated early. Yes I I could see it I mean there's no way that he's gonna. Cancer is no way. Chances are he's not gonna go back yeah college is what she got the proof. I mean if he doesn't win a national championship because when a hobby baker. I could see Casey middle step potentially going back but I think. I think right now the consensus is around the NHL that he really might be. The top ranked NHL prospect go outside of the NHL right now so. If you consider that in you consider where this team needs lies is in that his scoring. I I could see Casey knows that absolutely. Absolutely coming back. An error not coming back but leaving after his freshman season and come and play an inch I think that's kind of a no brainer op let's go to the phones. It's crap is gonna call on hold let's go to. Why more in particular yeah sure. So this store that is one of the things I was blue look to you there was about. You know kind of you know walked talked and we only possible process alive and he talks about you know so here in the early. And there is no way to keep our after the office performers this year. On the moves that music quarterback. On that. Could potentially cause a lawsuit in Asia Barroso are really. Our home now do we really good well Dean Mcdermott because they do feel like there. Oh we need him buffalo put that being said. The department terminally. Or biodiesel apartment or you can notice but I think. I would regard to football in easterly beaches were going after a knee or back to all reports saying that. You know to build a quart mixers like most serious being weaker or older early. And probably some money that our court our you know quarterback coaching experience he has. And the totality. Our hitting about it. It's kind of corporate are available in Europe and yet I just spoke in negro actually what got you guys to understand. The game that the college possesses that's written into these. Shall it in and chemical and are you guys. Neither are most equipped. They handle. Eagle quarterback comment from from college in the in the transition into the leak and figuring out how to create an opera that work. I and in one of the interesting things TJ it is you know you sort of look around at the class of this group. And you start to see some of these top guys and it in big chuckle out of the box you're talking about and I think the most important one is have they successfully groomed a quarterback. In the early part of their career and you look at Shula I think that he checked that box early. Walt. Two I think what you're three and four and five for camp and then you look. Back pats in a battle obviously Babel has done great things with. Russell Wilson his rookie season and beyond and then you look at a couple other guys and you're right about able as you know it's a guy who worked for the patriots but comes in. And bronze college offense based around a guy who's a limited passer and all the sudden. They change the quarterback and a national championship game and it looks like a different offense so. You see a guy there and Alabama who's willing to sort of change around with you know what's being asked of him but I. I think those existing points Janine is there a guy for you. And that you're like this is my dream guy Errol. Yeah I would see it or not they want to buffalo yeah Saint Francis high school below. So it means those debt so that the that the fact is people like. Everybody continent right opportunity in this league and then he looked like an exposition like a perfect fit right there actually what comes out of these guys are looking for the perfect fit some of it a career move to support and they want their coaching job other guards a look at what is the perfect should mean. That our homework and I think that this would be the perfect fit I think. Coming into a position like this you know everything out or you McDermott handled everything else. All you need to do this well is under division. And B grade would you do you don't need to be worried about people going through this what this immediately call whether you know these things going to be gone. Or you can actually electing her organs aren't gonna be. Locker rooms not stopped and shrapnel bit act into law and repeat. What I mean. I really feel like he's probably and then come all of the people feel an early look at experience with apparently there are expected this guy really bit. Bubble actually I think you do about them. Yeah I don't vick's apology appreciated I agree guy like gable are I wanted to be TT holing quickly here. Because Paul Hamilton's not joining me as I promised I wanna talk a little bit sabres here before we get into the nuts and bolts. The moved to move on from Rick Dennison so Paul good morning thank you for joining me. I hope by your enjoying what you're at least getting to start here to enjoy your seven daybreak here. I want to enjoy it but I couldn't get our equipment worked and I wanted to you should get her ordered all work on here. Hey all schools fine with me Paul anything to what to get you going in this morning so. Let's talk about Thursday night's 31 win over Columbus it was one of those games I actually enjoyed watching from start to finish and invade. Gave up a ton of shots will talk about that element here but no Zach Bogosian. Who's gonna be up for four to six weeks is still Hosley says the Blue Jackets ended up with a twenty shots net gain Paul. But not a ton from the danger areas not a lot of great chances for that Columbus team. Is this team at least offensively starting to figure out what it is that Phil Housley wants of them defensively. Because it seems like. It at least the last month or so it there is some four. Arnold playing loosely they're not playing like they're thinking a million things are on the iso one time. Well apparently going I'm not pretty well for them to brutal winter classic it looked like they were making progress. It looked like you know. Derek they're they're they look like they're stern he used to how sleep system. And then Minnesota and a couple of games against Winnipeg in the game against Philadelphia and it was just helter skelter yeah it was all over the place. Given up chances given up polls. Not do what they're supposed to do. It or not carry out the game plan that's laid out front on this all the things came back belt were. Haunting them for a excellent well. I guess maybe they are picking it up and then not they got into the game against Columbus. Think you're right. Get there are some saves at all market to make they were really good save spec or were all pretty not to be done I've been back in the region. Tasting McCurry I want you all mighty long in the net but the thing it's like Columbus wanted to shoot from everywhere they did it hadn't. It seemed like all are able to be a lot of shots there were a lot of screen shots. But he is very common thought that was the biggest thing written him that I brought. The biggest difference is Al Amin was in the net he can be a whopper it was all over the place before and are reporting what it. You don't get out in your creed speak on the don't speak eat believe steer the rebound war he wanted to steer it and it you know average English it's very common there are not being reduced. You know that. A key hearing anything like that. But I think part of the reason they a lot of if you got a the lot of heat shot earlier works people all for a minute and not let the things so. Even though they picked you up a lot of shots and it was totally different so I will. Yeah opera the one game we did exactly what's so I'll we want them to do. But some. You don't that before where all the public popular game there are a couple of months ago they plot they do they put a really good game against a Washington Capitals at all. No in all of but it didn't last. Trouble changing the airport came out because YouTube player really good game that you sir how are you going to give out here are partners. Yeah I know that's that's kind of what I I was sort of bond a little bit at especially because it just as you mentioned bam finally coming off a good performance that you can try to build on and now they're kind of forced us. To sit back take out a short vacation and then China figured out. When they come back I want to stick with all mark Paul because I'm glad to talk a little bit about the differences that you've seen and how he's looked at least. Being more comfortable being calmer. In the crease or movement what do you attribute that to. Because you know it's sort of to me goes back to the willingness of Jason Bob troll to not rush players up to make sure that a guy like hallmark is getting. You know three out of 45 out of six. Or even some back to back situations where he's playing in every type situation do you think that this is that has at least that aspect has been key to his development. Yeah I mean they'll only its second NHL game in the past two years people would want last year now he's played one this year. They elect him to develop the Rochester he's been an all star bulk here for that and it even better this year than it was last year and has really helped that team get better Rochester to report to work. They employ like one of the best teams in the American Hockey League and he's been a big part of that and it's shoot good broke. And development EC camp. Erie people or bury parts of grueling the other night and do we learn how to play at Rochester. He would not have always been that well already started this season in buffalo because he wasn't there yet. He kept alert the pro game PS learn what the right time is to join the Russian. All politics that even the other day he either a couple of times where he missed work the situation that. These so fat he ends up back and get the get themselves back into the play and that politically but goes saluting the tricky blurred. It being a parole under Chris. Taylor the American Hockey League in. I totally totally get warfare to cover pro American very patient they're angry. It's gone on too long but just bringing people up who are ready to play I output Alex Milan area that and that. Category. That does not do the player any good bit that's what they use to do. That's the way you should go bring guys up a lot shabbat. I mean you can even put the worst line of that category he played very little climbing the American Hockey League and this seemed like it you were arrested every season after back he never really got saturating that. He probably shouldn't and and now they're they're really committed to proper development and I think people on board it's better help the stock deepening. Paul Hamilton here in the eighteenth tee Allen Paul let's stick with Cooley obviously I mentioned to start no Zach Bogosian at least for the near future. Do you suspect you know barring additional injuries to the Blue Line that the dueled Josh Georgia is just in full likely replace full time. But cohesion in the line up or do you think there is interest in seeing what Brennan goalie can do and an extended stay here in buffalo. Welcome current army air I know they were really resisted. The urge to bring him up a board that's how. Because they knew or at the time they knew he needed more seasoning even though. And I don't think anybody would so he would get admitted upcoming on a training camp we all knew that spreading to lose one of the top fixed resentment sort of obsolete so to Jason Lott journal. What starting him as one of the top six to go to buffalo right at the beginning of the year. Was about what was that for birdie and Italy could make him the very best player he can be moved forward. Know that what do what was best for him and his development. So they resisted the urge to keep keep them here and bring a mop. And knows that you think again knowing that he thought he is one of their top sixty this question about it. So Julie interest tickets he hardly feel about it now I mean he got replaced the NHL. You have Bogosian I'll you could double up here pearl while he wanted to do it. And exceed work goes he played a two game with a certain he didn't play poorly every Errol what a great game but yet. What to do for the team rate is still gave up seven goals. And again he could very well against Columbus alt solid cornerback came they didn't give up seven year old literally gave up one. Soul well. It'll be interesting to see how they want to get a little now moving forward in coming out of the break argue all bark I don't think he's he's coming back out of the break. I don't think they were taken injure recover not. Quite honestly I think you're probably better for him to leave a playoff brought in Rochester. And see what that's about and just you don't. Yet bad experience doing that but it'll be sure that they do they want to do that school or hurt do they wanna bring you back a little played a little while. Yeah it'll I say it's although the record isn't there and as the team who's really in the basement of the NHL I think. For fans anyways it is an interesting few weeks to come here and for you call before I let you go. What are you looking for from this team rather small things you're looking to see improvement on when we come back I think it's. Listen we we all know it's not realistic for any major changes in terms of how this team plays hockey that's gonna happen because they get six days or five days on the beach but. What can refreshed mindset may be come back for the second half of the season do for this team. Well you hope I would comeback for a fresh approach you're at a Christmas break camp. It were OK let me know again it didn't translate into wins and home. But the only one on the New York City trap and islanders doubles Rangers. Beat the adults seem to really good day should beat theology which. Okay good offensively. And they gave the Rangers everything make it difficult so it'll make you like Christmas break you shouldn't let you know that's not not to renovate it they did well I didn't utilized certain blogger put together pretty good mark. It just seemed like they were start to catch aren't so. You know that's work ethic yet to maybe improve but are they gonna start doing what they're coach Olson do we would go in some cases they haven't dug what's great coaches at all or do. Other dude it's so people want to just do their own thing go our way or whatever it is they were not Smart enough to know what the coach is trying to. The column whatever it is so. Don't let someone I don't know put step sort I think you have to look forests. I know I think you look for Jason botch Earl what's he gonna do I think the ball and his court right now you know he's he's got a pretty good at all what this team miss. He knows that her locker room problems are they're not there who those people are and you know he might have to make some moves better like being made and that coach McDermott made that you know what. They covered it pretty good hockey player but what if he doesn't care or trying to do here and he might have to make those hard decisions. Yup I suspect many hard decisions to come and the in the coming weeks Paul thank you for joining me this morning Paul enjoy the rest your weekend and your -- by we. Are they people appreciate it Paul Hamilton there in the eighteenth tee how and I got a break has them late of course Jeremy White joining me next we're gonna go back to football so if you wanna listen in the journey starts. On the move to move away from Rick Dennison. You'll be joining me next right here on sports talk Saturday. The bills are one or more here in Italy or backlash they've done their homework they really good about their officers at a lot of traffic over Cuba welcome the draft two quarterbacks ripped apart do spirit you've just got to get back. Perhaps no matter what I would be. Are not want helicoptered around. That is Eric Delco for. Am. Now hopefully optimum Scott Dohmann scouting that's right I. I came across air air last year I bought his scouting his full scouting report for the entire draft I'll probably do the same again this year was great. A great by the doesn't like five bucks so. If you feel like guy if you like your nerd like menial like so look on every that got every major prospect and parents they really need to speak to. A lot of their Olmert they dig deep. A lot of those guys are there problems scouting. I think that's the Twitter and affairs and so afraid the threat and out of them scouting it's good follow if you wanna take a look at not just the quarterbacks that any draft. Eligible players attract many draft eligible player. There are plenty of them and you can now go to them a podcast I'll have that. I was gonna release dates yesterday episode to episode one is up on the website onto an audio there is a folder now for intentional. Scouting not to be confused with optimal gone that we will probably at their at some point come along the podcast but up. Mark Schofield and myself mark is from inside the pilot. He'd has it podcast he's locked on patriot god has. Fear into that but. Mark is one of the very best in the industry right now Britain on the quarterbacks and he joins me. For every episode I episode two is Josh Allen and we were joined by John ledger. For balance of that one is going to be dropping here I I'd like to think today at some points. So so keep keep on the look out for that. 8030551888550. To 515 your numbers to call live mom hoping to get Jeremy White here on. In a few moments to give us his thoughts and he moved to foyer. Rick deficit which happened yesterday if you weren't around for that or you didn't hear it happen. The bills will now be tasked with refilling their offensive coaching staff obviously with no. Immediate. I think interviews lined up there was a Koppel reports that Mike McCoy it would be getting the interviewer was quote a favorite. But that has been since denied that rumor and says that he won't interview. For the job that Albright will join me at 1 o'clock we'll get his stock signed yelled what is up with McCoy because there are a lot of people. I guess horn about McCoy. Think about locally there because I IA. Don't really. Love. At all. A lot of people were like he was you know McDermott's first choice I think that's probably true last year. But I think he ends up taking I don't think he ends up as an office to courted or play caller this year. I just think after the failure and in Denver this year being fired again I. I think it's going to be tough spot to to try to find out where Mike McCoy and this year. I mean you'd try to coach Dick quarterbacking trio iPad and lynched Trevor Simien and rock Oslo the relieve. The reckoning of Brock got slowed back in Denver it's it was a pathetic group of quarterbacks that. It was a pathetic record backs and you deathly at the G at least given that in. I guess give him the benefit of the doubt their butts at the same time aim you know it. He wasn't great before and I mean you look at some of those chargers teams to Mike McCoy just didn't really do it for me but. And that's neither here and there let's put the eighteenth tee holing Jeremy White morning show host joining me now mourn Jerry Howard Jeremy how are. Maybe it started to a tribal leader. All rights are rights you know how goes it's the weekend that's that's how goes still. It's a weekend we get a lot of bill insult for you know opposite from me like Sunday's wide open and batteries wide open so. The amount impulse shorts with you know wide open. Wide open weekend that's actually kind of sums of a good radio show that on and that might that might be a bad idea. Com Jeremy so you can really get an opportunity to react real time I think sailed just had went on Burgess was going on before the on announcement was made yes or sector gonna get Sharon if your thoughts on the move obviously you know you're you're not surprised that the move right. No I'm not actually have like China which I. You know sometimes you think about saying something you don't and on Friday. I thought so little that the ultimate users do not try to make slot and a lot of crime and work. Silica could data fire audio but order. There's ever want to answer it right right an about turn there are being seriously I I I thought brought it was. Shouldn't do that. And then you know NASCAR they'll have a cute so I don't come as a surprise. And you know for everything that. We've got about how wrong we were up the bill. How but. The workers were airport Greenberger thirteen. Bob Herbert and her word that we can cut off an opera and we're we're right down yet you know kept or they'll. That he had a target had offered no other way to win it ain't so you know they killed throughout the current. But this offense was a problem pretty much from day one. And I can think back to the Carolina game asking your question how we're definitely here and are gonna stay together a whole year and it might be supply. It ain't happening usually if you think back computer records and you remove their article here that app state and a little. Go home and implement it or so. Kirk brewer and round you know I think it's. Welcome who agreed not governor delivered something we would talk about it concerning. We all the way into the draft including you know we're quarterback ultimately they would like. Because. I don't know that many people would would treat him repent and to kind of guy you want to bring that dialogue. And I think maybe that you know you look at that Greg Roman have last year is. Our two years Russians say it and I think maybe this is McDermott suggesting that he didn't want a situation like that to play out where you stick with. Dennis and only three or four weeks in to realize man there is no change your I think there was dead at least had a play. In McDermott had but do you when you look at this movie and you look at the available play callers right now do you see this movie is may be. Up more about herb Joseph denizens failures as a play caller of the season or maybe more about the quality of coaches available to replace him or maybe just healthy fixable. And yet look at what I wonder about that because they couldn't get their first choice last year economic. Dried up really quick yet so. My feeling is he wouldn't do me a little pot. Get. It ruptured. I or Mike Shula. In order quarterbacks coach and Phillies in particular idea to meet you know we all know that these guys are limited by what do cornerback dale that they. They have on the roster and I anticipate that'll change. I gotta be honest when it comes to Tyrod Taylor. You know I didn't that you're gonna figure because that it didn't if we look back Eric Greg Coleman I don't agriculture that opened fire with good luck you'll you'll want. And a year Q were they right Greg Roman dolphins just. Without Anthony and kind of tweaked its. So. You know what would it would report this tailored thing play out or your. It's been throughout Wear it well dvd and trusting him enough maybe not trusting him. And then you look at your record your career you think well I'm so. Roll and have the best trying to scheme or they ran the ball well I thought this through on their big plays. That you you know through him under the Boston after. They act so you know are the better quick follow up there I don't know. Probably. Probably similar. A scheme that they want all the fact that he had no crappy gave no counsel patent game. Not outlook report to a complete overhaul really be off. Global work at all the little debt. Better than him. It is clearly was not working in the direction it was going. Jerry white here on the AT&T hotline journey I do think though that it's interesting in what this potentially means. For Tyrod Taylor now this answer which you'll answer me now could totally change based on. Who they decide to bring in here but I would think that. You have a feeling that there's either better or worse Chansi into the buffalo and 2018 because they decided to move on from Britain's. Yeah that they've given a chance yet have any anonymity. With Taylor coming back at war at baker a guy like that. That it does not matter to me who starts at quarterback. I don't care if I Alex that it would trade epic four what I don't want to built new is it's great that that war. Alex Smith because any bill that it did to track my future or both are hoping that maybe this could be used Tyrod betrayed pieced it back. I guess he ends up being the veteran guy. Because. The bill that debt that they want a veteran. In there Peter read about that Tyrod is. And that you direct kids so I guess you're which cover up on the roster is a better guy a black. They get a different kind of veteran and current order elite don't draft which can be. It's just not a good team I don't want to go to the not drafting yeah. If they can't get what they are trying to get. I guess they have to have a plan B but I didn't. I don't want a part of Oakland developer reported an eight let it stretch the quarterback Tyrod starter that's fine. You know gloom the next guy or when he's available. It. I'm not popular biggest fan and I'm certainly not his biggest critic of people think you know don't start but. I I do. The door put them a little bit better and was back directly goes off. You know it's it's interesting because I felt this sort of sense of lake. Good feeling and pride when when Derek played the bumper of Eric L coach talking about how he feels. The bills are likely the most prepared team in this years draft. To take a quarterback whether it's. I'm having done the homework on all of their options or just having the assets to do whatever it is necessary to get in position to take one. Having in it knowing that it and knowing that maybe they're in the best position to find their future cornerback and they really have bent over the past eighteen years. Who in your mind do you look at. In think that's a guy I want to mold a rookie quarterback that is available accorsi is that a guy in college that maybe has really a finer. I don't know that maybe has an ear to what the college game is doing and how it translates to be NFL or is the guy. Like you know babble who has clearly has a history of elevating the quarterback play from rookie season to second third fourth and fifth. Don't think I would rise public. A coach and that just got hired in David Lee was well casual yet so that. David lead. Their team and they'll all we agree or. I'll how many guys that are offered to coordinators are good quarterback coaches sources they had a guy that was easy to teach. We know it particularly active eruption will open or that there. I don't know that model is someone that can put a quarterback along what. Fourth being tired you also will. Progression from rookie Q are in league NDP candidate and Super Bowl champion along the way. I like the idea of Babel a scene article but it ought to embrace more college offense Seth I thought. I can't think they had college itself but. Yeah they've run read optional public yet well it would be things they like oh here pro style when we're talking about the draft pick. I think there is no such statement. Idol series. All the teams. Are employing multiple college format you've got a diversity of Altman's. Throughout the app are good at all. Well all. A big relief guilt and there'll battle Puyallup that because it is one thing that apple did you like I don't know if you meet a better the level deep. And often around the quarterback beat you over it line metal high you know yeah I got a ski unit asking him throwing that kind of put the route right you know. Russell Wilson kid can fire these guys so it felt walking back for baker if you open like a lot worse idea particular can work. In double in front of a one yard line which was don't. Buy I don't mind it is an option and the guy in Philadelphia to. Jodi to deploy a leader named. That that it got intrigued me because I thought Peterson was a poll. Blue birdies and the retreat in a terrible decisions and they were super conservative didn't speak and then come to find out but it because the announcement. Now give him a Fulbright Carson went and he keep that guy up quite a bit give it up. Basically so eagle quarterbacks coaches you know that Alley than that Buchanon but about. You know it's funny when you said pro style and it really doesn't exist you know I I think of pro style and I think of like the dinosaurs I think of Tom Brady. Annika Philip Rivers I think you Drew Brees those are the guys that are running quote pro style offense is even in. New Orleans. Third do it all sorts stuff so you're right it. It is funny when you look back and you think about people well can you run a pro style offense it I don't think it matters anymore because they think teams have given up. On the idea of having to mold the quarterback to play a system that really is obsolete. Yeah yeah you mentioned Brady would patrons of the plane but right now a lap right and you call that concept I animal. Yeah a lot of Wisconsin college. When I think of well I think what I. I think early Peyton Manning with all cells of the plate. But. Yeah it's much much quicker passing game once defensive ends and cats are just got to be so the ball out quicker but. The position players got faster everybody bat or. A British couldn't look more of a point guard spot for a lot. You know would. Who would double that bird went about making the decision quickly goal to read that I've got to worry about. Like the ball on the field like we are what are like this but it people. It took about core rec league average. Little lower numbers in your super Aaron Gray area or protect a lot of the wasted a lot of which is gonna catch up. And you know markets that it double Decker at Mike Wooten got back. And a rock and you get when he was in Cleveland at different. Quarterback and it's still pretty well pat it out or on or. So well don't want your there with each and Campbell and it we won't big jacket open. Definitely something that often all you'll Barack. And got up at. All. Our Gerri appreciate you coming on man thinks for forgive us your thoughts and enjoy your weekend in now hear from him under. Thank you Jerry white there on the AT&T hotline I got more guests coming your way have also got some calls on Holtz appeared hanging out at all. Stick around Kazaa get to you when we come back I've got Josh Reed at the top the hour as well you're listening. Sport's top serie here and a Biggio. Believe they have the ammunition to have options on hall. Right what is trading up to get a better quarterback in the draft whether it's this. Go get it veteran quarterback in a trade or so it can happen to be able to build its quarterback containing and so they'll all options and check it's just a matter which one they won't check. That is John Clayton. On his weekly visit with my children Bulldog and talking about whatever it seems we talking about the ammunition the bills have. To find a franchise quarterback you know thrill fight 5188852. To fight until the fall before I go back to a break that Rick Hamburg Rick your and sports stocks and it will. They're Geithner conferred that was sure that. Collector's porting them looking for this option to me personally. Bomb. I hope the bill's talked a bit camera off and here are coming out you're younger guys great worker ethnic. All is what you would quarterbacks great wood off France's. A hum gold dealer Alan giddy and works well that doesn't have a huge ego. Hold hope he's on the bill wish my my court action aerial bomb and I haven't heard mention too much. I like Europe. Are going after SharePoint effort I think you're gonna give him well lead cheap because it is an injury problems. Bomb but that's not my. No answer Eric court. Cornerback Walt. Mike poultry in relation to laugh aren't I watchers can I watched all of these quarterbacks over the past few years. It all not. Just one game for each and you look at his number one action played his trigger the actor. There and I think he would be tremendous here and and I hope it around and now with the second pick in the first throw a ball first. All you got to tackle for the Michigan. You won a kid that all that is under line. All the time and that can take game over. You plug small burst and defense in the middle there and act on what those first bricks. They can get those guys. Our doctor Meyer brilliant are your kind offer early next year. Yet I it's a couple interesting points appreciate the car out yet you know I can't it is interesting because they think he's one of the guys I thought of and I think the his connection and a guy current roster nick Peter and quote them last year in Pittsburgh. Or years of bush it's that. Yet to two years ago Pittsburgh. This year he'd. Was upper corner LSU I think takes a little bit more he ended up being let go so he is currently freeagent coaches well. But I agree the I like Mac can I like the idea of bringing a guy who's who just recently in the college game I like get a deal like 803. 055185. To two by two.