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WG RRU. That's common network or where it's sports talk Saturday we had a winning season sunrise and got all these reports of are they got laid. I hit sports talk Saturday. Real this team. Brilliant exports talks Saturday on WTI. Sports Radio 5:15. We remain this morning wherever. The fourth group. All right welcome him to welcome back into the sports talk Saturday make you re here. Dare Kramer on the board bringing you this sport talks Saturday on a snow week that's doing anymore but there's really nothing worse in I really do hate this. Is waking up to like two feet of snow there wasn't that much snow but the drifting snow. There was an ice sheet underneath the snow clearly you don't consider freezing rain and freezing rain is the absolute worst I'll take it easy to know that every time over freezing rain you know it and I I actually have to talk to pay an amber about this because I'm not happy about the weather and he can change itself art let's go to the UT TDI outlined Josh Reed. Joining me now are good afternoon Josh in happy weekend. Our group. Complain you know like it's like of my first well. I don't see weekend because they work most Saturdays but no football tomorrow I'm gonna get to sit down for the first time on Sunday. On my couch and watch a football game in high definition in I'm really excited mind about some. Tell me about it I'm also in that same luck in that same wagon because obviously traveling to the builder being at you know. You are out Amal. I'm I'm very much looking forward to sitting on the couch and watching games. Yes for on the feet up it'll be it'll be fun to watch it at all fun and not have that you know sort of emotional investment I've had for the past week and a half for two weeks. Since everything's happened but you know obviously some big news yesterday in in. That's where we obviously start this morning in this afternoon in. And got his morning because I think you maybe had them the more intriguing. Idea in regards to direction that the bills could potentially go. For the new play maker before I get into your idea there I wanted a kind of get your thoughts first on the move in general. One of the things I just had Jeremy on with me last segment and asked him and I thought this is an interest in question may be something that. You could maybe you speak to a little bit as you know whether or not you think this decision was based more. And his failures no Rick denizens failures to get this offense. Into being consistently. Producing offense. Or whether you think that there are so pretty good viable options as play callers available that this move had to be made or may be like a happy mix of all for the failures and and sort of the talent that's available. Yeah careful to fit their turn that talent available because fluctuation that they were let tell that they would be avail yet. I mean at the end of the day. Yeah they do it. In all I'd just don't think Rick status and get exactly what Charlie wanted to do what brand they wanted to do going forward com. Some of the white collar let that. Was head scratching you know some of that play conflict innocent anything and the ball flight over was. A little attraction by the end of the season. Yeah I think it's. You know I think also they want. A showman. And add up the rookie quarterback you don't want somebody that. Able to work with rookie quarterback related you can trust your rookie. Franchise quarterback where and I don't know that. That was the case for I don't know that they wanted to hand in the keys in the car and go here more our future. I I think that absolutely had to and I think there's a like you said there there does seem to be a lot of play in this decision that there isn't just. One or maybe two things that that ultimately end up being the reason fur for him fired at and I'll tell you I don't sleep. I don't say I was surprised but I definitely there was an element of surprise to this move because they just. A shock me der doesn't strike me as the guy and it kind of bail on something so soon one sees it as a play caller Sasha for a guy who hadn't really done it before it in bed. Wade do you think it was a little bit of surprising move. It'll actually error Sean McDermott has always preach and Ali I just thought out take your time. He is saying he brought this our on Tuesday it is he's landing press conference that. You can't afford to that are out too long now that you have to walk that line between making eight you know well opposition. And making a quick decision because the longer you wait. You're gonna see guys that maybe you want maybe they were at the top your list finding jobs elsewhere so. You know I'd like other. And then it'll be interesting to see which direction to go out because. At the top line of spoke with Ron Rivera last year when chuck McDermott had been named the head coach and I hatch Ron Rivera. What advice he would give in shot urged Porsche on coaching. A line. Any I told him that surround himself with coaches who have been there done that. Well he'd he'd sent to side of the ball you know Leslie Frazier opposite side of the audit would were Daschle. Three interest seemed outlet Sean got a year under his belt. Yes. He doesn't necessarily. Need to lean on somebody that has a lot of experience. Leslie Frazier was the jam for this code yep and I this year about the teapot track it and obviously but I think that China needed a sounding board allegedly was that guy. Our Soviet if if if he Joseph with a guy a veteran guy who's been there done mattered the goal of the outside the box then. I know that I'm able to it. He has he does have experience you know in the NFL. And it wasn't exactly the best experiences if you look at the track record but. Either college now you wonder how much he's taken away from what he flew at the college level of interest. Attic and I think his name maybe was the most interesting to me. And you all for you laugh I don't you mention a lot of factors go away you know him being a what's new Yorker. But. Really you know what what do you see in Babel that that maybe suggests or leads you to believe that this guy's not only viable option for the bills but is a guy that. Is worthy of being I had you ought ghost but a play caller in the NFL a guy that's gonna transition from back from the college game. Well and I. You don't walk a fine line when you look at Israel may because. He's got on the Super Bowl ring he got a national championship out. But it was with the patriots and with Alabama I mean. One can argue that I can app. Those I mean if this doesn't take much you just go they'll get in the way that the bank armed. You know I think Brian would bring. Sure always preaches always preaches consistency. And. And championship caliber Wii shop off caliber it. I don't know I mean I'm a public head coach. I'll bring a guy who is one. And I know that maybe he you know he wasn't the reason that they want to couples are the reason they want a national championship but it. You want that he's got a lot of random and I keep shot. That but I think they've got a long way in Chon mine acuity he wants to surround himself who winners. Obviously Bryant able you know you got a championship. You know I find interesting too about about being able that that you know maybe goes beyond that and an and you know sort of what I see there. With him is you mentioned it that. National championship victory boy I look at him in an I look at that last game the national championship game you see a guy who had been calling the offense the same way. Built around one quarterback all season. They didn't even look like the same offense in that second half when they each made the quarterback change and I think that has. Just able to name written all over it because it's for you do it completely changed the offense for have to half. Based on the strength of your quarterback. That's to me I that really may be pause and look at him at end and that success that they had nets' second half against maybe the best defense in the country. Yeah I'll quit yet I mean. Look at the end of the day Uighur coordinators to these guys they can make decision not apply right judgment on the fly you want. How often do we talk about it whether it's here on your radio or me on TV thank. We talked about are you see on social media we talk about. You know why it is that we're not making the builder making adjustments at half time. Why is that why is that the other team that make a judgment. And that built our culture adjusting and making well I think as you brought up and Alabama looked like a completely different op the second half when they prosecute them from Hawaii and it just moved the ball up and down the field. Yeah and like I said that that's something that that I think six out to me if for whatever reason it's just the ability to change on the fly and maybe it's because of the inability do that at times this year especially coming into the second half he just saw a lot of it is just an inability to change on the fly and I think that is something that resonates with me Josh I wanna ask you to. Because you're talking about the experience and in what that might be or what that might mean. For Sean whenever he has to make this decision which I assume is gonna is gonna happen pretty shortly here but. I guess what I wanna askew is. You know is important and I always think about this when any time you're looking at an offense or defense of courted or coordinator in general is is this a guy that is. In a situation where he might be a one and done a guy that is. So well thought of that he may only be here for a year do you maybe stay away from a guy. Like in. I just don't know that bringing in a guy that's not gonna be here for two or three years is maybe maybe that's something that goes into the thought process here. Yeah I mean I think any head coaching unit and culturally bit. You know course little higher coordinator they would love and it'd be such won't be to be around for awhile. That is just doesn't happen. You know being. You bring in a guy that's gonna help you win I mean that that's what you have to do and you worry about the other stuff later down around you bring an exotic and said the foundation. Laid a foundation for successful off. And then you worry about out the worry about later. I don't know that. People applauded that if you took I think that's it very very Major League game that really did you that we that we talked about the ties with Sean I think that. Initially right now we're going through the okay included Sean out ice to what what programs that GM I Q because. I think that in any business. You wouldn't know all the people are tired and you want them to be get a third job. But I mean. In my business apart hires somebody does it help I know them apps won't be helped that I know you're not gonna work ethic and other track record I I know. So I think that where people. Connect the dots and archaic hooted Gino from the Andy Reid jury included Dino and the runner century. Eagle and from the stat matters than. You know I think that that's. Immediately what you go to our. Goalie it's wrong to do that and connect it to about three at the start until we really start. Begin this year OK which games are actually in out that it. Yeah I think that's definitely the first thing I'm gonna pay attention to where the names that got Josh freed here on the eighteenth tee hot lights were stricter. Over at WI VV channel four so Josh. I asked Jeremy this don't ask you this is well. Your take net. What firing Rick Dennison and and again I I I put quotes are put per at this is something around this answer because it could definitely change based on who they hire. But right now looking at this because of them Feyerick did some what do you think that ultimately means for Taylor is there a better. Or worse chance that he ends up being the veteran ring. That maybe is you know I guess mentoring along the rookie quarterback this team decides to draft. Yeah I think that I think unity. Add dignity and has arrived trooper Tyrod Taylor terrible awful idol I don't see a scenario where he comes back. On one of the guys it's soccer content bandwagon I feel like yeah master you draft. You're gonna hope you become for content I argued that I Kirk Gaza. 08 to me I paid him and his money got up the next 56 years. Lot of discussion about a quarterback anymore awful you'll love your guys now. I get the upside that is if you work point seven million a year. I don't know watching pretty bad court placed side I would sign up for tomorrow with a group for over 4000. Yards. And there's light at one time in the build history there was blood till 2000 cheap date at a got dropper of 4000. IAE. Josh I know. Unlike whole heart I just the you're the first person I've really come out and heard that I'd just have completely agreed with because. I just don't think nowadays in today's NFL with the salary cap that's always sort of seeming there's there's tricks to. You know how to maintain a lot of flexibility and your salary cap and I think. That. This regime that brain indeed has come in and cleaned up a lot of the pour decisions in terms of cap ramifications that you know Doug Whaley had really sort of swat just sort of you know drowned this team in. A lot of cap issues it in now that he's sort of created this flexibility. Listen you know I the thing that you have to pay attention to the quarterback position is. Is Kirk cousins the best quarterback in the league know is he a top twelve guys. I think absolutely he's atop bald guy and how you look at guys like Stafford who's the highest paid quarterback in the league. Is step for the bass got no. But in three years he's gonna be the sixth highest paid quarterback. And that's likely where hill kind of get ill fitted it slotted so I think the same I think. People have to sort of get away from the idea that there is one way to build a football team and it's around a rookie contract at quarterback but eventually. Josh you have to pay back and I think it's the team that maybe he's the quarterback first and then builds around him opposed to. Building this really expensive good team around her record written saying oh shoot we gotta get rid of some guys who we compare quarterback now. In the end at this until it Russia court acted it good. I don't you don't know it's it's crap shoot it you're still growing at night the rookie yeah Sherri can be cheap gas line. She'd been bad in that doesn't that little equate to wit and our other. Spend money and have a very yelled a global quarterback. Quite frankly. I expand our position that spend the money on. At any level and that the investment. In the quarterback that's the one position you win or lose gains on any level. I'll tell yeah. Just talking about it I've I've sub resold myself not that they needed to but I you're right Josh you just see. Either way you have to figure out at some point the goal is to Josh to pay a quarterback top money because you have a guy that has earned it or that is. At least in the conversation of burning itself. I just a lot that is left to kind of go on your Josh but overall you know I you're you're able point is definitely heard is is he your. I don't see dream scenario but if you had to hand pick someone yourself who were you picking for this dolphins according to drop why. Aha. While. I kind of like the political. I do and I understand the hesitation now lock you bring a man. A tearsheet to beat John. But as much as I like thicker current scenario. Not sure that happened. And did you bring ten you know rookie quarterback that you're gonna bring in a rookie quarterback. Then she makes sense given a vehicle for two years. And you can hook those two up and he can build the foundation that rookie and you know kind of streamline the learning curve of having to take what they trot Carson let's really build on that. And so I think it's got we got. I like gable. II can like god you're outside the box let go like he had a little bit of outside the box I don't need to see. Another creature editor McCoy it sound like oh cool it is no longer even on the table but there are some guys I pictured it would be a decent. Option as well. You know I mean it will be culture able to do at least shopping. I don't certainly you know they're better than maybe a lot of people thought airlock. A play at all this year. I'm quite frankly their offense was pretty good compared to build an account yet these losers. Yet it's it's these since he's definite interest in amity that one that has been talked about enough but. Obviously were gonna play it's time. Over the next few days to sort of us think about this this isn't so I appreciate you Josh coming on. And and share your thoughts of me on the move and enjoy your weekend itself sort I don't I it's our real long we can but it feels like it is anyways. Absolutely take character and again tomorrow. Appreciate it thanks Josh over the lament Josh Reed there at WI VB they are sports rector if you missed any of our are scant there he can headed to be your fact if the doctor. And check it out there soul I had to break when we come back to achieve an update since we since I went over to long and get to one top the hour. And then 1230 my can't Arnold join me as well so you're listening to sports talk Saturday and BG. There. All right welcome back to sports talk Saturday Nikki Reed here in the driver's seat halfway through what are three hour. Sports talks aired a show we are bringing you live reaction in from just about anybody you want reaction from Frye are. This bills movie a move to fire their opposite corner Rick Dennison. The search free new one is under way. And the opinions are also on their way so let's go to the AT&T hotline where I am joined now by my count on a Mike. Good Mora was a good morning put good afternoon and dad for joining. It'll probably make it beyond. Well there is Ben's sort of this we've got stuff to talk about you know it's like the bills' season it just ended where we had maybe some of the best story lines we've had it I mean and on my time. You know covering the team but. Here we are in I want to share your thoughts at first the move to fire Rick Dennison. The right one in your mine Mike. Yeah I think it would remove they had to make and MI pilot and there's John McDermott. In his news conference with Brandon dean it was pretty clear to me that. That they were moving on I think if you're gonna. Keep breakdown that and I think you're almost announcing it right and saying dammit and it staying we're gonna make some changes but they're not doing that. And and I sort of feel the same way about tyra I think you know public level of support and all the talk about quarterback meeting. Tyrod is on its way to opt out front with not acceptable this year plenty of blame to go around. But I think that the move that had to make. Yeah and and let's stick with Dennison in terms of the blame you just look at a lot from this offense and you see a lot of categories that they took. I mean not just steps back Mike but significant steps back any I mean big steps back. In not only their yards per carry average. The hair passing offense took a big step back. Tyrod as a runner sort of took a step back which I thought maybe in this system having him moved to the outsized. Of the pocket that maybe wouldn't see him running a little bit more than we had been accustomed to even though that was sort of a big part of his game but where do you see the biggest failure. This season coming as a play caller for guidance. Yeah I think he tried didn't pay the bill into something that they weren't we know they could run the ball. We know they block in a way hey that was a factor for the running backs and we know what Tyrod strengths are you can move peak and Rhonda. And on occasion he throws a really nice deep ball. And I think they got away from all that it was as if that they weren't looking at the guy they had as their quarterback it was like they wanted to say we can get a different version of that I. And I would tell people what I'm at a pileup with. Consistent. And an in maybe it's just semantics but I would think he's exactly who we always thought he wants. And he had those strengths and they didn't play to the strength they rarely did it. And he's not a pocket the Heidi he's not a timing guy. He's being not and so if you're gonna if you're gonna play with Tyrod Taylor what picture he's your backup. And your starter goes out. You've committed OK we're gonna play the strength there that does what the guy got up for some reason because the your starter you're gonna make amend it's something he's not a I thought he was eliminated guided began wit and whatever Rick Anderson decided to do a Kuwait some of those strengths and accentuate the negative and that's why I think he had a guy. Yeah and it's funny too because. I don't know you just look at the offense and obviously you talked about the passing game in. You know I it right from the beginning of the year on and on our pregame show on bills game day Jeremy White myself and in and I think relief from week one we'd just sort of wondered. What it would look like to see a quarterback who we just did not seat fitting this timing and rhythm based passing offense. And what you mentioned about really may be a failure to comedy Taylor. Really led to gains like the New Orleans game like the jets game like. The game that ended up sort of those games were tailored just was thrown for 56 yards or 75 yards or wherever it was. The idea though was that this often simply did not play not only to the strength of its quarterback. But you mentioned the running game as well switching to more of a a zone based rushing attack instead of that power game that had worked so well and I it. The deep thing to me Mike is maybe the most damning because think about last year might where we work. Everybody's talking Mitt parity Taylor needs to throw over the middle the field to be an effective quarterbacking. Well essentially what all over the middle to feel that's all he did really all season. So he's clearly competent passer over the middle the field last year we look he's really only throwing outside the numbers. Is it just a matter of finding someone for Taylor's career that let's just focus on Taylor nine doesn't have to be here in buffalo Mike but. Is it just maybe the difference of finding someone who can utilize all of his game instead of just segments of it. I guess I guess that would be a positive for Tyrod lucky debt. It is tough kid he couldn't appear to be very comfortable and I think he has the strength. In my opinion on Tyrod is we've seen three years but we've seen in the dipper receivers different coordinators they lack of weapons on top and maybe not the right fit maybe Roman was the best fit for him and all that in my opinion on Tyrod is whatever team he ends up with. If your fan of that team your first thought on Tyrod is who are we replacing him. It I don't think anybody seats in the long term solution so there a lot after work around with tyra I've I get haven't seen. That part of it so when I'm saying that about. Rick Bennett then and having to go you know at it brings back there's that there's an old quote they pick it from back to world war two and I think John Kennedy. I've made it popular when he was talking about the fact that. Six that has many fathers and failure than or. A case though. When a guy does well everybody's gonna get part of the credit and when a guy does poorly somebody's gonna be the guy out the door I don't blame totally on Rick Afghanistan. I just don't think he played that this guy strength. But I. Personally don't believe Tyrod Taylor is the guy we're investing in any longer to try to accentuate those strengths I just think after. Have to go another way and it it is inevitable that this was gonna break up. Mike get a lot of here are on the AT&T hotline Mike. Let's go to our perfect world dream scenarios because that's the fun stuff to talk about in I wanna know be your perfect world you know if you were tasked. With choosing the next offense according to the Buffalo Bills who's your higher in that situation why. I think it depends on what group you're gone ago. Okay and that's my big issue and I am I'm a fan of what John McDermott has done for the organization but my concern is that. Look around the leak when you dealt with a young quarterback. And unlike you the eagle birdie if that he might ballot and you know I've covered the built for thirty years I've filed eagles' perfect I know what goes on with that. And I see when they went you know in airplane and to go get this young Carson went the quarterback and they. Have a head coach is an up and the guy the quarterback and a coordinators in back and and John people oppose the quarterback coach like they're all in on it. Whole organization. It geared toward the young quarterback. My concern with strong a term that is either a control guy he's head coach there's no doubt he's an. So you're gonna go with the young quarterbacks are you willing. Turn over the amount of control you need to turn over. To hand it to somebody else because the focus of your organization. But it today traded all up and doing got wrote or even baker may feel that whoever you get the first round that you make your whole organization about that guy. Are you Sean McDermott willing to turn over that much control of your team. Someone else. And that my concern about getting a young quarterback. And putting him in there especially right away if that makes sense jog a couple of putts and they are really talented guy. But I'm saying he's also on the team with Khartoum and eight got frank Reich of the coordinator and Doug Peterson who. While there was a lot of credit that it when he got hired has put the right buttons that franchise. But he's the head coach. And a quarterback and so that it still blows through had he not Jim Schwartz he's the head coach now there are so. That might concern with gone with back kind of forgot as opposed to if you went with a veteran quarterback. I think it defensive head coach is more comfortable about your quarterback. I think that makes it a sense Mike to go and here's another factor that. You know I guess doesn't really get talked about when you're talking about a office according to Chris if you have a good offense incorporated you're always going to be candidates for jobs elsewhere head coaching jobs. What have you but I think it's important in this case. If the plan indeed it is to draft their future quarterback and whether it's to bring a veteran and or whatever your plan is to start it right away. Because there are guys in this draft that they could pack is a guy that can come and start you know week one and the one that pops in a mine is a guy like Josh frozen or I don't think Arnold that guy but I think Rosen if you if you were gonna draft rose and I think you could feel comfortable with him starting week one if you have the right off and around in my. Question here Mike is though. Is when you're considering. That offensive coordinator. Do you consider this here's the thing with people apple I agree with you that is he a guy that can come in and basically brought your offense as basically had coach. Sort of an assistant coach you know give a guy that's really going to be running you look at Wade Phillips in Los Angeles I think it's a perfect example wade is the defensive coordinator. But he's the de facto defensive head coach like. Shot it they just doesn't really handle much for the defense he doesn't he he worries about the office had all that's kinda the opposite here in buffalo but. Do they worry about. Kicking it off its accord here that's gonna be here for the long term development of a young guy meaning. Do they wanna go to guy who's may be already bad head coaching candidate that they may not have to worry about him leaving him one or two years if he has early success. I give me a good example that you made a great point about the rams and I'll go back to the eagle in this case because they do the same thing with Jim Schwartz they run the beat back. On the up and the side. John people at all had an opportunity maybe to go to the jet last year and Eagles. Found a way to block it and may be paid him a little more and kept America bigot wanna lose them because they're that young quarterback and they wanna continue to build whatnot and how much longer they'll be able to hold onto. I would say that while I agree wit that. Let yet that until you get a guy who is so good at his job within a year or two is on his way somewhere else. Well hollow Libya because they might actually have an op and work watching and while that would BA rip. I would be willing to take that if the reason the guy is out of Buffalo, New York to it because he'd been that good. As opposed to the other and I see your point like you don't want that young kid to command. And quickly be in a different system but I would also hope that if I am using an example John people have spoken to and he'd bring bait. Quarterbacks coach with him maybe somebody that is ready in a year or two to take into that role. Yet that. It out in that case I mean let the I think the offensive yes and it Pacific painful. It is painful to watch you watched it and it looked up the game that I've worked they have no op. Which on the court plan on one leg it's still by far their best player you've. Wasted these moments of this great back because you cannot throw the football in an error when you need to throw so. Again I don't I'll battle on tyra but let us find a guy who knows how to. Coach and NFL. Ready passing game in 2018. And if it means he's only there a year or two so be it. Yet and I guess I'd had a really thought of it that way either Mike you know it's one of those things where. I guess if he if he knew bringing guy and he does move on it's because he's made a wild success of the young player in your offense and with that idea I guess. It's long as you have someone else that you can bring and assertive will take off were they what kind of let where that previous court it left off I don't know that's it's something that they should think about but I don't know I just look at. The revolving door that has been the offensive coordinator position in this organization over the past fifteen years I mean they're essentially. I mean they're essentially moving up from guys after a year and a half and it operates so like hey duty continuity at that that coaching position. You're right a but it not because they had the right yeah that's the difference so if we go the other way and epic that I think that would be great you know would it interest and we. And we all do it and and got his right equipment on you we look for these connections. And maybe it's going to be beat by frank about it. They hired Rick and the I hired Rick definite yeah like you start looking. I remember we're all racquet breaking dawn oh well yet Tyrod has been backed up and bought I mean. May be Sean McDermott realize. That. I do need a guy that I. I trust his word it's not that he doesn't trust him but that guy that I know better at night I can work with better and maybe that will push in that time. And he made it pretty clear it is Detroit you know we can talk when Brandon being that can be destroyed. Eighty you will want maybe about where you find it Dorsey. Or even now lawyer whoever he's worked with before because of that thinking get it really. You know we're believed that connection with he and data than anyone Jiri make that change. Yet I think that's why it's almost important for me to to get someone that Sean McDermott already he has trust in someone that he. No is has done the job at a high level and that he feels can we can replicate that here but. You'll let's fast forward a little bit might end and let's say you are blank you are Joseph offensive coordinator. In you are now the new off the corner for the Buffalo Bills to your first task. And having to address a position group outside of quarterback. I think the obvious ones wide receiver but I I think there is some who wants to Wear this team really needs to address. If you're the new offer to courted or were you looking to address first. Well I think you gotta get the opposite line that to an end and we're blocked a wait and see what happens within cog veto that he would back but. You know I mean that'd that'd they keep saying I I think your point about and not using them as efficiently this year is nick Goodwin. But let me everything's gotta flow from Matt you've got to have tackled that'll hold up. And you know you need continuity there and I I think you definitely need to address that but. That being said it's a different op meant to be got a quarterback can get the ball out. I mean there was talk about Kirk cousins are we talking about a guy who played and succeeded. Are we talking about but the kid back there. And open that he grows in the position itself. But I I would I eye popping up on the line was it took that step back that we talked about and wide receivers just been. You know I'd just been a match. I mean let's be honest they it's just been it's been a map though. Yes you obviously have to go to that but I think you got to start up front I think it organization. It's going to be looking up front for both pop and in defense no matter who comes. I think it's a great point I think both lines are really kind of and those are building blocks Andy don't know pun intended on their but like those are really. You know aware of the game starts it's where it's won and lost and this year defensively specifically. I thought there's a lot to be desired I mean your best interior defensive tackles 35. So there's deathly some work to do in the trenches. Other than that though your thoughts here at the quarterback position and how they address this. I am under this a I don't see style but I it it's sort of feels like. That a battery in which they rookie quarterback is the move this organization takes I just at the does they don't strike me as the type. Better just going to hand over is the keys of their organizational rookie quarterback in your one. Yet and I'm Tonya it it I used did not believe in net that much people pay got to hire out the guy got hired in Iraq and you start looking around the leak. I mean that the bears have to make that move from it really John Fox is gonna coaching young quarterback I mean c'mon. You know you sometimes look at what they're doing and and you just know they have to make that move you see the one that case he got Mike on the pit. Okay here's the plan to guide you seem more CEO that he had anything any sort of I of that team. Pete Carroll he got built ballot well Bill Belichick could coach any position we opera that would be a court there let it be done everything in and week. And it Brady. I think he Carroll was that I coached for ever and and he has made that work certainly in Seattle through the years. But it pretty rare when you got the defense and got you know got you know Ron Rivera. And he had help on the opposite side and got handle it a different kind of player. But I think most of the time you're gonna you know you make shouldn't expect Peterson whoever days ago with these. Coordinator op and the guys when you got that coats or you heard Sean McDermott. That you talk about you better at Rutgers but you're gonna go over the young. If you go with a bat. I think it that much different scenario for defensive coach like Sean McDermott. You've got it. A whole organization. Bow down to that rookie quarterback and build everything around them. Because this guy can come in quite the he knows how to play in the NFL whether that Alex met Kirk cousins or. Insert I guess someone else you wanna figure out who's a veteran it's a different game. Well Mike I appreciate you coming on great stuff. Where can the folks find yet that are listening that I mean up be funny on Twitter. Yes it's very simple my catalog. On Twitter MI KE BA BA LA and hate. The ever gain. I've Anchorage jail. You know that that might thirtieth anniversary. Are bigger processor for a long time my first game covering the bill. On paper I felt there was Thurman Thomas dispersed in 1988 cover and that means so you know I had seen them in their glory time. I thought that drought police injured during a period of Buffalo Bill history. It is the most exciting moment where obviously the way it started in the way and days and I'm very happy that ban they got a little bit of the play out but. I would say it is a non playoff scene that they apply at all. I think Sean McDermott and Brandon being both understand that they got a lot of moves to make it at first when with a good one. But they're still a lot to do to build the franchise up and and hopefully they are making the right. Mike we appreciate it they trap and not enjoy your weekend and volatile ducks. Are out thanks Mike kennel out of there on the AT&T holing the good stuff from Mike if you missed it. To be up on demand shortly the BG or fight fifty. Border brick. When I come back I will take any call it a thrill fight 51885. Did you buy fifty. More Kirk cousins talked today that I thought I would attack initially have. So I will talk about Kirk cousins that I want to say you're the guy who brought up. The original idea of a threat Kirk cousins that's right now people are starting to hop on the bandwagon that. You will soon. I mean I don't eat Josh just point Josh is point it in this is one that I brought up a number of times and I really really agree with. I think it's a huge win if one of those quarterbacks turns out to be as good as Kirk cousins. That's based who which are looking for. Your looking for Kirk cousins 129. I did that. You still have six years seven years of good football he's in his prime right now. Woolsey are they're so many options there are some action I probable were about the set we didn't break our. It'll real fight 518550. To 550 you're listening to sports Auxerre and a BG. One of the things that often overlooked maybe in this whole situation with Tyrod Taylor in the bill and the 31 ranked passing offense is that buffalo deserves criticism for failing to build a team that plays he's the guy that really expelled outside of the structure of the offense then you can be involved as a runner and throwing on the moving having some speed at receiver to work too deep ball and they didn't give him any of the weapons that do and they really required him to make quick decisions been diagnosed covered what he's under development area. Joseph I know there. From weirder. Please scouting for Joseph Marino. Is with band ranks fourth that's right and he also dozens of air as well and for optimum Scotland's journal that they come out there tractor so. Apple guys doing badly he also does it's with Andy she's gotten them yet sure an accurate and that too. It real fight 51808550. To 515 Lake Erie here on sports talk serie let's go to the phones. Call your pick out the irony is that boot no brainer for the bill. I brought that Darryl mayfield Jack and he hit a look at it. I'll. Leave it out. That are out there are fixable but it orthopedic out its highly touted prospect yet deduct our group. 00 or back. There's orchard road in that there are a lot of these super start off slow its first order to purchase order or a little darker beard. It. A lot more. Sure cam and the wanting to jail say is his buster is a passer yet as best weapons to Shawn Jackson PR our saw and Jordan reed zero running game and up for it in an offensive line that has a great left side but leaves a lot to be desired in the right. I they think Kirk cousins makes sense for a lot of reasons. But I think the lack. Respect. It's respects but maybe it's a lack of wind to give him credit for a lot of what he's done in Washington that's and he is. That the people to call him. There are a lot of things said about Kirk cousins that are just not right he's on very undervalued as a quarterback in the NFL there's no doubt about it delegates former club for gonna break let's go to Gary in Westfield Gary. You're on sports Auxerre that your joints. Hey I don't think your ill. Lot of people underestimate. Her and you know be looking at Indy guitars in that forever but it bases for Bart on. Tom Brady or no one nagging a line worker apple. That game and visitors that really important not one I'll go deeper and the other Julie was. If you look back to undertake an early and apathy is. All of his throat that I remembered that you feel ripped through secret operatives. Roles were great money. And I didn't think yell at them and get veteran in there and I don't think. Peter meant. That ought to work up to number one draft picks for corporate lobbyists that are we have Julie hole. We do have a total holes scary but I think the most glaring ones at the quarterback position and here's the thing with Peterman is your right today everybody wants to go back to that that chargers game is really the big game that that tells you everything you need to know about Peter in bottom its latest. He just doesn't have the arm strength to be a starter in the sleek. There are times where he comes out and you concede. The timing abilities he can run a timing based passing off and there's no doubt about it in a spot. Stark. Fashion I don't believe he's a full time starter in the NFL and if he is I think you have a lot of things that have gone wrong for you. If they can Biederman is your starter is he a potential long term backup option for the team. Absolutely I'm very open to that prospect. What I'm not open to is this team basically giving up on trying to draft a franchise quarterback bringing in Alex Smith and saying they compete and learn from Al Smith because. I just don't. They need to at some point address the rookie are addressed the court at this by drafting someone who can take this position long term. And I just don't think that they can Peterman is fits into that profile I just don't. Hi it's me and you guy who. Watch all six of these quarterbacks very extensively all season. I'm not passing up on one of them for Natan. I'm sorry to say this I'm sick of hearing about a computer and no I'm not sorry says I'm sick of your body and Peter. Nathan Peterman is it back up in this league he has not got the requisite arms and like you had just mentioned. And also. It Nathan Peter were so good he would have started over Tyrod in the first place as the often spits him batter now that they gave him an opportunity obviously that chargers game proved he just wasn't ready for the stage. It'll 30551885225. Yet got a good break I got Albright turning next your sports talk serie a WG.