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Saturday and Sunday are not days off our sports talk early candy here's. I am serious and don't only sure beats sports talk Saturday. And your shirt on WGR Sports Radio 550. Recruiters mother who was forty trying to pointers all real authority if erroneous. Polonium golf ball cap. Our great sports talk Saturday everyone make Erie here they're Kremer in the four. We've had a full day of talk and Rick Dennison tuck in bills' offensive cord. Neater possibilities. Talking quarterback talk being everything bills. And it's what we've had going on here today in that'll continue with my next guest who joins me now on our AT&T hotline Benjamin Albright. Baton. How are you this afternoon thanks for joining. I'll do all right on can't complain can't complain I brought Xian because it was about a year ago not quite it was right after the bills had hired Rick Dennison notebook and a cup weeks after but. I'm calling to you know most of the time. All takes exposed only goes after people with bad takes. You actually like Warren to Saul back in and I like this and I think it was like February or march lecture he said. Listen man you know the Rick Dennison XP or vent I don't know it's one that's gonna be a long term experiment there and awful I think we I still stands. Might his his act might Wear thin here in buffalo like it didn't Denver. You call that Manso lot I'm bringing you for an encore Mikey he's somebody said she'd get good. A unison some applause for good takes every once while in op. Well it was so out of got talent over Connecticut on write this at the but it. Well regrets now and it's a good one it's an easy one I feel like says to get what were your thoughts and you know just from afar when you when you looked at the bills this year just on paper how pour. They're not all passing offense was but that's not a huge shock to bill's fans because of what we know able we knew about Tyrod Taylor his first two years here. In what the passing offense looked like but it was such a significant step back. That what did you see from afar that that really. Indicated either Rick Dennison was on his way. Well being in a Rick Davis and his. He's a Smart guy type it in terms of its football acumen or whatever. You know it's in the book ever written. You know he he wants to run Shell Oil slipped eight and that's that's pretty much it. And it's so you know he got years of cape on the guise years Capel what he wants. Do. Yeah you know you know what common it's so I don't I guess I didn't understand why they thought that going to be great art and it was just a higher at the moment. Because stellar at the time Mike according turned down. Saw you know I I don't. Yeah was sort of I had stretcher and a lot of people here would probably considered Edison likely their third or fourth choice. Last year and you look at dish years. Field of coordinators that are available compared to last year's at this time I think the timing of this whole thing made a lot of sense to win. You know you look around at a news you mentioned Mike McCoy is being one of those guys it in the end you know before when I reached out yet there was. You know rumors that he was maybe the top candidate now it turns out. That he'll likely won't even interview for the bills job I I was just don't your thoughts on Mike McCoy having such a short outing this year in Denver. And it may be what led to ultimately his fire. Well my court not to take the bill's job because she told me it was going to take it already. So that's still at three and he won't be got them. Ought. As far as you know why you reached you know what you eat out Denver it was incredibly predictable play calling worst. You know it is just awful skit for the formation. I got referred to be kept wanted to run not. You know three wide receiver sets and do not help much power run stuff out of it and it just capers not a good fit what. Brock was trying to do rated at quarterback at Q did not into what they're playing to their strengths and not. It was just executes a bad situation all the way around and in all. Like record made his reputation as a guy who which it is all sent to the quarterback's head and each came under the temperature the opposite. Yet and I'm glad you brought up to we don't hand basically declining are saying that he won't be interviewed for the job I mean you get a sense that McCoy is going to have suitors this year former U. May think look poised time as a play caller might be on its way to the end of that. No he'll have suitors. You know it's he's a guy who's gonna. And best opportunity in these steps jobs opening up here not want to take coach can ousted. And now you know he'll have you had opportunities as far as that's not gonna specifically without server. So it'll. Opportunities I state that whatever is in buffalo you want that it that it personality on the keys. You know what he's seen on his side or something I don't know which problem. The yeah he just did not want that shut up. Which is adjusting you know and and and just just because of Powell you know in an air Dell goes on optimum Scott and we had him nine earlier in the week. In which he mentioned about the bills and I'm I'm sort of interest in your take on this that. And he fills the bills which is certainly. Out of the ordinary if if you're from Butler our bills fan. That he feels the bills are may be the most prepared out of any team in this draft. To choose a quarterback that they expect this entire year scouting. Guys the college level. What also that they have the ammunition. If they so choose to trade up they have the ammunition to do that would you agree that. And eighty this year looking at the bills that they're one of the teams who maybe are most prepared to take a quarterback. Ought to have slogan let them play at all comedic look at what buffalo did stocking up on the draft picks ecstatic Irabu the dealer that under the deal that would only Coke. There was really only beneficial to hamper this year. Did you know it's a no brainer no secret kept saying you know they you can in the middle seat and you know popular being able to successful. So thanks. So they computer bit out there is that a Tyrod Taylor. You know predictable results all Peter matadors play competently electric a way related he could even do that so it's it's very obvious that that obvious that they're out they're positioning our quarterback they've got yet all the scouting on accounts whether or not they're able to get up where they need to get up due to get the guy they want it's going to be interest in you know registering. Think whether it find that Trey Parker are not right in the mean that in a car world are getting awarded to that's of that in all you do need to get Ireland's at least 560 cubic mayfield. Yet there's a bunch of other teams sort of been that five to eleven or twelve range that you look at it each of those teams you think. Could that could tick Quebec if they want but you don't I'm also reached in your take on some of the veterans that are likely to be available maybe the most. I don't cease up. The most successful group of veteran quarterbacks that could potentially be available in I think a recent memory you know up. Up in Denver they're likely gonna be looking at a Kirk cousins. Median Alex Smith trade if it becomes available but would you agree that you know when you're looking at the landscape of the cornerbacks available in the off season this year that are veterans that its data the most impressive group you've seen in awhile. Yeah I would say that's. That's a fairly accurate statement you know it's a free agent alto appeal they'll lots you know usually the quarterbacks don't have the previous record exactly opt you know tough Attica Attica. Alex Smith will become not a general you have a you know it up there are uploaded might be an option especially you know these guys get a a project quarterback like that Josh Allen type and take audio battling it approached or back up their shops. You know I actually it when you look at you know what's available this year and end. You know that the overall product and secretly trying to draft an especially street and here's us this pretty rich two took the time the new quarterback. It's a great technique need acorda and it's also. It's a decent tying to need to play caller. I mean you look around there are some names of the college level that haven't really quite been explored yet that they think do earned her have earned. Some I at least an interview up at the NFL level. I of the group that may be our though the latter that the guys that have been fired or moved down from. You know one guides a couple of guys that that pop in my mind you know babble from Seattle. And ash Shula from Carolina who do you think. Right now as may be the best available out there and it and maybe one that would in your mind be the best fit for what the bills want to do knowing that. They're likely gonna take a young quarterback or goal for veteran. Well I think you know I shoot by you go back to college ranks it's it's you know where he belongs really. Saw it on I etiquette you're looking at its depends on what you wanna do. You know level. This case it is had to keep that criticism. Autumn the opener at Seattle for not fully utilizing. And Russ Wilson skills that so. You know I I if you were media I would look to find they're there to collegiate level innovation happens at colorectal. Beautiful lyrics of football. It generated haven't set a high schooler happening at Celso. It's a tech at this year earlier point that I I don't think really gets talked enough that it's very. I think you start to develop those that innovation your right at at at the college level an annual one guy at that sticks out to me a little bit. That is is is stable Bryant able at at Alabama guy who has an apple experience. A guy who's got play calling experience not always successful play calling experience but. I looked at this national championship game in the difference that you have from what the offense looked like. William Jalen hurts and at first half and then they make the switch going to the second half and you see a completely. Different. Philosophically different like. Not just coming out and it basically running the same place he'd have for Jalen hurts but it looked like a brand new offense that's in east took out to me is a guy that. Hey Doug what adjustments in the NFL and needing to adjust to deep changes in defense is a change in personnel that can happen during game. That's the guts me what do you think of stables. And maybe opportunities to get some interviews here at the NFL level. I think it gets on and a change like your pride they've all the guy that other people were. On how. Happy reacted previous sketchy guy who's who seem to try to learn that though it that looked at that looks to be to his credit. You know something's got to it's good for him because she's you know you guys a new Smart mind I would never really able to two to beat a guy that people wanted to beat her play caller. Got help Elliott can't become that got a course early is still at that Alabama's appear athletes or is that Bryant able. Play calling yeah I think that's the question if you're going to. The going down to it in going to be able wrote bet that you figure that out but I think though it's it's one of those things and this is what I get frustrated about with people and on the twittered icon. Is people have this infatuation width. Basically blaming an offensive coordinator or play caller. For the you'll failures of an offense quarterback in the system but really don't wanna give them any of the praise or any of these. You know wet when there are successful at a Quebec has a good season do you get that sense too that. It just seems like has offered to creditor it's just a one of those really difficult coaches. To beat because you don't really get any of the praise when their success but you do get a lot of the blame and it's Feller. And illusion. Think we might last lemon a lot spend. We'll see if we can get reconnect with then if we get an opportunity we're we're about is (%expletive) up yeah. That that's and he was in it would have been an interesting question because. There are so many options for the bills in terms of of ups its dramatic some what you wanna do. And the one area I look to is you know how do they become more. More modern day offense. Is so we utter and it's one of those things where you know you're just not gonna really know the answer that to use it to you given to this level but. Yeah I don't know there there are a lot of interesting interesting positions and there's it in terms of success in the league like. Whether or not they offensive coordinator deserves praise or deserves blame it's an interesting way to put it in before an entire we do have been back on the line now. Ben what I was kind of getting to with you is if you notice sort of the same thing that I did about. And whether you think it's fair or not that a lot of offensive corners lot of play callers just don't seem to get. The praise when things are going well offensively but they really do seem to shoulder a lot of the blame when things are going wrong. Or you absolutely committed to that point I think that. Amateur also to coordinator Christians is putting new stuff out there that nobody ever seen before that's kind of what the probable that switch yet. To the situation where. You know people. Give the players all the credit for the execution and give the court neutral point sell yourself. And you do you got quite a bit I think it's good like. I've been far let you go I'm interested in your thoughts about the playoffs obviously. Games that day. I'm exit who you have I'm I'm just hoping and in in this is a hopeful it. I'm obesity could figure out a way to defer on the patriots adjust. There is nothing less fun to me than watching the page I mean I'm from buffalo that's probably part of it but I would imagine nationally. At it's I think people are to cigarettes storyline I think people are ready for fresh new storyline this playoff season I'm just hoping that one comes of it but damage to your take in the playoffs. Well you know I like Minnesota and Pittsburgh it's your typical routines. You know I think two tickets I think that they can potentially be in Super Bowl at in my text and particularly lawsuit patriots to curl and nobody was. That they receive the same team make a little church. You know I think I think there's got to shifting in regard to all those old great quarterbacks got a call by the way so. You know I don't take over the next couple years and she's a fresh new exciting King's Speech at the Jacksonville a world of social compliment wells this year. That is for sure and that was great south IA it was it was a fun ride this year especially because it was a very unexpected but up that I appreciate Diop and on. This weekend to take the time out enjoy your weekend and enjoy some playoff opponent. I appreciate it Albright there on the AT&T hotline. We go to our next break because we will be bringing you I believe it'll be air cal cup. Who was on we've been playing a sound all all morning on afternoon and I'd I'd like to get to that full interview so we'll get to that. Next I kind of wanted to go through the slate of games and maybe get some picks. If you're down for the actor. I think he's like you gotta be down for that boring it. I thought so and out what to do is to keep score are we keep score all playoffs and we should should think we should bring it. Great start. With the with the horns great start for us our today's games angle room. Let's start first game. Eight battle between Gertz. Who is the fiercer bird the felt game or the Eagles. I'm going with the falcons because there but to quote one of the silliest funniest movies of all time gain from Zoolander here. It's about it's there's just so hot right now. Now very hard and they're so hot right now. Now and collect the Hans solo the out of debt they are the Hansel Vienna ball right now they're so hot right now you can't stop them and you can't stop them especially when nick pulls your quarterback. I mean the Eagles defense is a great test but the falcons defense is not. Nothing to joke about. I think that's true and I think the falcons window is beginning to close. Like it's not there yet. What I don't know how much longer they can maintain this level of play. From their quarterback from Julio Jones he just take its had a lot of trouble staying healthy in his career I think this year. Is the year that they can get back. I didn't think that 34 weeks gold you told me that I probably would've said no a month ago. But it's a different team that rights during the played better off inserted play better the sharing wonderful ball more consistency but it's that defense if that I've been per I've been impressed with their defense not just defense of the team that stringing wins together. At the right times and that is dangerous OK so I like the falcons I think emigrated Alec the public but the night game titans patriots. In Foxboro we got. C'mon Tennessee. Back toward their way into the Clausen and back toward their way into wild card lead is near the chiefs decided to. Well beaten cal Shanahan the way out of Winston. You know that and run into them. I'm taking the titans why because it's a for illicit up taking the titans not to win. I'm taking the titans on the batting line it's thirteen and a half all OK I didn't know we are doing this on the right. That we are I guess saying like if you're betting the Slobodan you don't bet titans are stupid. Gonna get close games playoffs it'll be close game let's go to Sunday I am taking the titans. But I think you know what. Screw up taking the titans the win. Tight covered tight overtake Serena gonna to have a game we got here Sunday's games let's go to the first. Afternoon game jaguars at Steelers brown to the jaguars were. Say samarra Pittsburgh and Tennessee. But but we the the that's what I have said I don't know might have been in my event at the patriot either way jaguars Steelers. Do you think that the jaguars hold down on the Steelers pants and spank them like they did. Now neither too now do you think. Okay what do you. I'm taking Pittsburgh can't go I don't feel confident in K I think that they played better than he did the last time these two teams that. And. I. Again I don't love the pick but I'm taken Steelers here. I think the Steelers in the Steelers in this one now this is my favorite game in the afternoon or the week and I should say saints. Vikings. This team really I love this game I hate this game because my personal favorite is Minnesota I hit and is it in basing a court. Wrong I see I you don't agree to you why I hate this games can never really are rather seen these two play next week exactly I think the two best teams in the NFC are facing each other week to suit I think the two best teams the NFL. And again that's rooms and yet it's a week too soon I and as someone that wanted Minnesota to be the team the first holes but be the first host of a Super Bowl. To play in it. It's not looking great when you draw the seats in the first part of the I've got. The saints winning. I am probably I probably should take the saints to win here. But in order to have something different from you other than your bizarre tightens it here. As a matter of fact you gave me a freebie site might as well take the risk right. A minute I'm up to the vikings here unite here and take the vikings and believing in case genome. Did you at least enough against the saints defense the vikings have probably the best constructed team in the NFL. Tiger that. Ten paste can and continue on I'm not sure that's the question I have some alarming information. Steelers tickets which there are 18100 of them left. Are going as low was 57 dollars a mansion what he builds tickets would cost way home playoff game. For small there wouldn't be 18100 left. They would there'll even be eighteen or lack there right right it's pretty wild. All right so I've got X. Falcons titans Steelers saints. In Derek has Elkins patriots Steelers vikings. Someone's gonna win some analysts but yet absolutely. OK so as they promised. We're gonna play you Eric Delco. Eric is from optimum scouting. He was not earlier in the week with Howard and Jeremy correct. It was harder no Joseph Marino was out of our treasury Eric Gado is not much of a double tease the show bulldogs a you're you're that when we come back you're listening to sports Auxerre. WGR. What effect use sports talk Saturday here on the beach yard make you re here. Here's your don't know from earlier in the week with my children doubled up from optimum scout. Okay that's I think there is right tools these have narratives like it. Eric Delco optimum seek a scouting and sporting news are you ready for another year this. I have I am just give turnout with the Senior Bowl the all star game starter starting out with its pilots are relevant again. If they hated us. Euros relevant Dawes suspects but we get a lot of shows about you during the season up. I was not that many you were on were sold complimentary you have no idea what elements of the they were real quick he's met in the Senior Bowl it just. Pretty exciting for the Senior Bowl and living for fans who want to see these guys. Play in one more game that Paul Whelan and many field goal that game. Yeah I know until that not partisans you know he's he's barely spoke at the top quarterbacks they're because he knows that. Is your goal now that you loved playing the way as you begin that then. He's going to get all of the top seniors and very proactive in getting those Richard Butler eligible so. Carson went type player award really try to excitement about the ease at which your guys. Speaker beta you'll be written up trapped clock is about how much he's changed as a prospect that the quarterback and your doctor Ella. At some who ordered the cart court but a lot of question shall be entered so I think it's built to court backed prop up other freaking second third or pro quarterback it's. Wonderful record back insight into probably the Russell Wilson rapid weight well. Yeah it feels to delete that game every year how much time I'm gonna spend looking at it is almost always depended on what the quarterback class looks. That's available right McCain so right. I'm you have in the mock draft I'm looking at that you wrote Eric mayfield to Denver five and our Joseph in sports is out of mention of how Denver reportedly requested to have mayfield I'm. They're coaches team at the Senior Bowl so why am is that pretty solid at the spoilers that stole week surely talk like that yeah. Don't who what what what at all and a couple things one. You know and I think I had the reporter there with but I know what were reported to fort that there are very suspect they. And that they want attic or the back. In what he didn't occur because of the record content. Speaker looked like their guy and I think it's got to cut at all. Understandable. And a pretzel rabbit look back Kamal. I think up until the Knuble and and the Broncos request to pick a major is great fit. What they want a UN and the Broncos organization what are ordered the agents are noted. Still look for quarterback darts could cripple whatever else the guy to create out of pocket for one they'll got more solidly built field. That was partly to a mobile processor you can cut double fuel more bacon vehicle does that really really well. Despite the shorter quarterback and integrate their belt up with a lot of play. I did Google was port five years ago with the correct that. Gotta have a mobile quarterback can feel stupid that you think Russell Wilson does really well I think a lot of scouts include the Broncos at the jet. An intimate look at that well well. Look at a sense at this point you have of how much his personality. His cocky this. Could could have if you have 15. The announces under her much at all but just what what about the how much have you heard about that. You know to the other it's been more positive than negative and I know all the cooking that raise the topic is open. Don't know I've read your your guys an opportunity right about whether. I haven't heard quarterback. Like bickering political to the mix crew speak about them behind closed or not to look at the Walt and I think that actually has rat on the field and oh cute passionate about draft. I mean I work with and no one that it included corporate personnel Iran's right out. To Oprah comes up a lot thicker repealed they'll go to a lot he'll yell too much your skin that you know because you want him and it might feel that they didn't trust him it's him. During the game. Our field but they note down because he walked away because you're gonna get him directions that. That's helped Bakersfield a dose can be killed while our team practical be bought or are a bit off the fuel and negatives. Eric Delco without us optimum scouting sporting news. Eric you with a joke about a dollar and your relevant to lost now the bills are often relevant in these conversations year to year about quarterbacks in the first round. And even with a playoff appearance they seem to be again. Albeit with the 41 pick in the 42 as it happens you made a mention in this mock draft I've mentioned already. Of the giants and you have the giants taking Josh Rosen at two. How how old. Published a possibility using it might be that the giants would wanna tree down there and and with the bills like what does that sound like at this point you. Yeah you know being that you're going Miller a few guys which is an adult correction and they had them. Shift in power control they are who make the decision at some point in the build up. It worked it gotten that exceptionally. Good and more toward what would now but now the U. What though the future and they're gonna be equipped with its. A quick look at a lot of top quarterback. In the scrap plastic over the top guys are they got a bit route I'd Dole's party one or prepared Sheen. They look or backlash they've done their homework they go really good about their Plosser at a lot of traffic. You can move up in the draft who quarterback repertoire do. There are cute just got to get a quarterback craft a matter what I would be shocked outlook and the topic around and ask giant. A lot to determine you know that shot again you'll. If they keep you weren't any per year to about Patricia typical quarterback because you extensive guide so to charge him very much up in the air right now but I know people. Quote the article that we can do that based open it into the playoffs. Next year that there help field Beckham opened its moral but the wind helped so. Repeat that he would retire and go but he got good re right now you're the coach situation now. The the connection between their new GM though and and the bills hierarchy is is obvious gentleman was the GM and Carolina so I got I wonder. Well right is it is it two lomb too obvious for that to be advantageous or is it really you know you would expect that those guys at least have a respectful. Even warm working relationship. Go to dinner I don't think it is quickly than I mentioned a little threat Arctic if you ever expect action along with. Particularly damning it to look on different planes right up the bills are played up to their order so that Israel had to feel that their vote is right now they wanna kind of bad foretell the future so. Between that and the connection is mentioned that I get to. Deployed output but you're right that connection not. A purple one that the report or the ones that don't look at a Mubarak are for all other other source other regions other team around the league that the old. I guess that their after the we're back out there are a lot of the year ago they're very active. It looked at quarterback pat hold obviously apple of their I would now of course GM's former assistant GM Chris Ballard can city. The built her a lot like that Q so it's going to be a lot to the giants go to. Doubt that they are the first out of the bill but I think built into Google particular that they're in the book at quarterback so rapidly especially with what Sean McDermott a direct this well. If if you can't predict this Eric how much would you think the quarterback rankings themselves changes between now. And the draft we we know from experience time for that's happened and maybe it doesn't always happen though so. Toyota senior bulls also ahead of us still but like how much. How how one much might it change in the coming months. Yeah I would get to the top guys who won't think too much on the that the good note guys got Knuble like this rough vocal they might wonder what country. How one of Richmond. They could go back and picked about the big believer reluctant Archie senior gold values that provides intelligent are as good talked about there Arnold jobs wrote Josh Al. Mark Jackson Bakker but you'll. The cop on the beat area formerly know what we've got to Tenneco oil. Quarterback trapped especially copper dropped about self about Ross. Achieved in the back at quote coordinator was ever gonna take a final call about which quarterback they've bought their in their career on the line. To take at quarterback what is victory he got as a compliment Quebec as a person last year as such you don't Carson went. Seemed likeable lot than that in that everyone wants. Jerk off I think a quarterback or creaking that. That might be bigamy do wrote in their carnal appeal particularly when those guys went and don't look yet at the outcome but especially if baker. And dark now with a noble to a critical that truck that was that they wanted to you know what I'm over the put my cool rearm and that it's. To be a great quarterback. I'll go from optimum scouting and the sporting news on the AT&T hotline will thus talking about the bills and quarterbacks in the this year's draft so you you have may feel that five there's some connection there with Denver wanted to coach in the Senior Bowl if he's going that high. Hock how realistic is it that the bills can stay put at twenty want to work 42. And still come out of the first round with their future quarterback Kirk. Yeah it you know assuming god. And to have all the food to pick the trap I think. Or your contract rose at a locked up until about what are you gonna have that trust with GM or not but I think both those two guys out there right now and what rewards you when you're bigger goal. In the top thirteen picks in the Broncos regret and are going to be they can make you guys who pay the bill for what little that they commit to do that look at that all the quarterback. Unequivocal commitment to political Josh our quarterback to lead by. If you guys come in right away I think both want to quarterback you recreate the into work I. Who could start right away as a rookie look at that they are they quite quite a western Kentucky you've got to build really target look at route tree at war. Who can kind of come and run away and be a better person made it into the gutter like a lot at a more help but wonder that. By neutral option for the Buffalo Bills but also our Josh on oil and he's articulate I think if people some people in the media have happened to training but. Fuel or yeah a lot of clues especially the that are franchise that is the route along you're. The charter school records. These loans sold here with apple of your co creating trooper colonel good but getting a quarterback of the future they can do excitable and let it sit for a whole year. I think it's who are much harder to be important. Better established a quarterback go up and get Josh out they'll be critiqued for quarterback gold cup that it would be very cool about that took an. But it culprit there. Bright LA news if you heard the the B control. Before you came on the the the whole tool season thing. Is that that's Allen played I expect maybe you can shine more light on this that he either here at the Senior Bowl the Columbine. The teams that will be neat looking at him in person or on tape playing and not you know not relieved shining. Are gonna see him every six foot five in his arm and what do they he's gonna drop out of the gym probably. This obsolete schools are gonna be on display in a curiously how much that it impacts his draft status. Yeah I think quarter of two with a dropped over two lap and oak trees and you certainly benefit of a being guys or the process a year ago Obama declared dropped. Talk with people Lee is well they took that at all like a puppet you know we have so. A lot of work but it was the city's top guys is that we're biased and huge community you're taking Josh are in the top quarterback prospect than. Didn't had a great year this year the work on that doesn't bode well and being successful NFL quarterback who. Start to hear a little under percent of perspective which was that it. Almost all worked out since 2000. I'd like topple a joint air and into their you don't wanna be a part of what can certainly no bad. There aren't a lot of scouts put our allies but if you look lighter burden of course went on just a mental makeup artist Iqbal. Carson went to salt coach now it's a coach. Speaks very highly committed person on the player seat he talked to kids you like him you know I am looking at you dot com slash working dark side again. The team that I think it would pull the trigger an Iran war. But one that though like she would hold a year ago. You can rent certificate for a whole year he could be a much different quarterback between banks yet images there Arnold. To think of them as 2019 and a quarterback and a lot better. More from Eric L. Return your listening. To sports talk Saturday on WGR. Here's the rest of your local. Which Michael pulled up from earlier in the week Eric dare I ask what about all the other positions. In our draft. I don't think the court again of respect it's a good it did especially go to an especially bad year for what positions. Well I would get especially duke here for a but it went. And I think people are going to be robot that on crafting a 2013 grapple well early the traffic can be a lot more that we could let his head. Well while the deployment going round more than I think it's an exit. We didn't want to political there was a lot of good in Europe and deployment done liquid Elton. But not a totally plausible postage on it but because they're on top twenty pick that in your guys on with. Talk about the tackle Michael and program. From Kyra Williams. And secondly but it we're seeing the leak. I get a little worried about the lack of great up with the white player or so quarterbacks. I have a start coming around that a lot that you don't have a great scheme election on what they account she an inner a couple of other guys. They typically opposite wind I think third and most importantly I think a lot of debt forgot about. It correct that the contract perfectly open and you'll put the Y contract last few years to grow especially paying a lot of money. All but the let your guard the pick and well the locality your cup which are huge fuel. This you're in the off season one which could how much money for a better output of one or get 34 good years left. Pretty adequate Nelson perhaps that cost what you COPEL so all of those factors kind of agreed operatives weren't classes your corporate back. We'll recruit class quarter treat people like good years so I think quarterback. Of course talk about it in depth I think opera or outside of that group nationwide will see a confident that the. So I read you right what would the league the NFL might perceive as there's a crisis. In getting college ready linemen. Guys come into play because of the proliferation of the spread offense but we we've heard a lot of this that guys just don't show up out of college dreaded play opposite wind in the NFL. Does that is that elevating the status of guys who maybe you know other years or maybe in a different era even where this crisis wasn't perceived. That would now be necessarily for trumpets are. Yeah I think it is it is. That's inflows NFL record keepers were seen in recent years are more ready could be at a belt or your past you historically. He would have taken up your quarterback to speak it at. We suck up like a robber to break out a lot of great you don't last year's play well now we expect that result of what it's taken a backseat. Yeah a lot more zone concept of warrants based up I went. Longer operative tackle back are. Because they wanna play or quite split and what are quarterbacks were protecting big gap or so political (%expletive) you a lot of the team to look for guys like both personal bullet. Played multiple walker to keep looking out patriots could break yet what do they wanna run some power built what apple byte split. To read it yet the hard part got a good people posting our level so I think interpretation about and we can no spark back out by. Bigger receivers with the you'll do about the people that got the ball back but getting guy wore big network or would that be agreed within our power now especially. With contract right up the draft partner as a part of that. Hey Eric one more thing so before we go here to get about. I would we talked few times last year and we know how it rents the bills traded down Kansas City took more homes in the bills get pretty obvious why in the chiefs' first round pick. Which still you know we have coming up. How do you look back on on that I mean there's a lot to look at every you're the draft it's really fun to do that the quarterbacks all traded up four in the first round there. And all different ways are promising but the bills do well to. Yeah I didn't go that just part of the great job adoptees and their Olympic during the few Le. Dvi public pension and they really like I think it will be well outside of regional opened Joseph Robbie backed. One of the flock I only have they are protecting this great but they get the bill after your goal and they they moved out. Which getting cut holes in that currently the bills technical from an epic at all you look at that as they could have moved. Does that this year well lapses that the public that you could you open the top row because they initially like quite a bit but that they have a good quarterback at least for replicates that. I think the built their outlook for quarterback of the future which you rather not have this draft pick up it is quite aperture Penske. We're going to look credited shot wrote and so it's always like trading down in theory even during the replica of the is getting more picture more out there but. It is the bill. Need a quarterback after a 2124. Quarterbacks go ahead of them and get tree out a way to get wants so it's always for the trip back in theory but. Don't right now. The way they play this and that got a hole and it got pitcher to. The deal talks are between eighteen. There's one name that hasn't come up here that I want your thoughts on and then we can be although with this all the back to the quarterback season kind of ended their with the bills and the maneuvering they did last year Lamar Jackson. What are your thoughts on him. You know I think the board and at the old. Move during the rap rocker knows that what three year starter who go out they come ridiculous but I think really the Louisville offense. Inequitable. And generally never felt I don't know what to handle both spoke in the playbook as well as. Like the pocket when and I think a lot of these their belt and they games are standing now thirteen. And what I've spoken with. Very open mind about Marquette they're excited get him. I think Tom Butler can't talk to implement the white or sick or some doctors say they. Is marketed it'll what Katrina throughout the we've built where you haven't talked those reviews quite yet choke. Between the come by and most horrific for him those individual private work out that late march April went to remember here. We'll put him through their offense their work out because they don't fall which wrote struggle with this here from the pocket consistently. And make wreck wreck Gordon beat. I got you covered a lot mobile quarterback. They want great athlete. Like principle of oracle support its ability to adapt is also skill set to get up well because. Can't either prospect like Mike bit if you can't that's what increasingly concerned you'd not a receiver but what are the quarterback acted after drug profit. They're great to talk you again thanks for your time. That would do it for me make you re back here in our am for studios know Eagles football tomorrow which you can hear both teams. Right here on the fifty yard will be wide of course. And we're here Kramer myself figuring to all my guests. This afternoon appreciate it makes all the calls as well figure here thoughts for our sheriff the media.