01-13 Troy Cordingley Post-Game

Buffalo Bandits
Saturday, January 13th

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But the mood swings right back and we're only it is a funny game. This was. Obviously you know we reached we've talked all week we've talked about. This team would be hungry after getting. Embarrassed at home plate for the dignity and in the Cayman you know they think external watched her four games this year prior to this one. Had something to prove him. Stated seem like those two power play goals in the second quarter just to get a scoreboard. Game memo left is that tentative date if you were doing pretty good job holding him down and suddenly it was like oh yeah we can score. Ring a federal flood that we did a very good job I thought. You know our defense you we will you're going to make mistakes we're gonna make mistakes. I felt for the most part of tribal foot defense isn't very good. We've talked about hell all leaf over their shooters are up and you know when they fight on for. 405 and three five or Treo or whatever it is. It's an advantage for them and you know there are going to school so. Our discipline. Times you know to Santelli is that we took we you know. It costs it costs us they were three for four and sharply were two for six sleepiness in the room special teams. Special teams area. The quarter like that first quarter past appeals it's close to perfect as you can have to keep this Rasheed took a nice lead at home and then. The plate tonight they scored five around. Mean that with and we know right and. In the past this team is and Stiller are battling that the consistency yes side of things. We do about the phenomenal first quarter of it all swinging really well and guys are driving through we get opportunities and in. We stopped doing that. So I think the defense almost football players quarter. And you know we we have the minute phone can and they score five goals cost us. Seem like a lot of time and entry can only get tied up trying to set up playing and being cute and they really seem to keep him and that's what people lost Lou. Guess he figures mole show us what sectors and eventually. Yeah other pollutants there's pros and is it they're real good ballplayers that. Of course marketplace obviously here it. Sure she's phenomenal player as well deduction. And they have a good team and they were going zero or one of fourteen. You know the plan that when that much hunger violence that's expertise. That kind of feel it and kept them in the game that it couldn't get to mourn differently if he you know Steve penny get a real good job coming in and and and there. Conduct Steve. This has had a better series. There is he did a really good job. You know he was in this culture that. You know I know that it's played for her cup here's I think in this league but he's a good goalie and you know he was. And when we had opportunities to we have some uncontested shots and some maps that we did not shoot ultimately. Which for whatever reason. I don't think we shot very well should. We get a lot of opportunity. Sparks. And got us and investments on. It partners who. Yeah he got us back in the game and you know on his very capable of playing them and he's got a great shot he simply orphans which is which is homes for us. You know on bonds could play. You know. We've I think we're deep. You know so. He feels. If it's. It's just says that. If you want to be good team has again proven road to teams and I got through pretty good matchups coming up so it's time to prove him in his it is that but but we got to go back. We need 100% but we can't. You know. Some guys not doing their job and and you know it's difficult but. And all of a positive thing about this found a way to to get it to overtime we weave its struggling we. We work. As good of a team as we were last week. So boat found a way to get there. No. Which could suggest. How and when it was pretty. Excuse. It's illegal for them Monday but this'll. I think.