01-13 Vaughn Harris Post-Game

Buffalo Bandits
Saturday, January 13th

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Well you get that out of the way at least a couple of holes. A member and I want to do like it came out but I just feel hostile amazing it the other stock used to watch her brother play in. Just so excited you get before gators just kind of kicked in on me so just you come into play here I was one of the event. Pretty good coaches told us that you back and back to back in the game that's that is pretty prisoners privileges for Steve and a lot of two vehicles that Paula was an army is quality and there's a team effort. It's up to be or shoot off. For skins and quite the emotional roller coaster there I guess what were your thoughts and you have you gotten tight and that game was Thomas Jones early. Our it was it was unreal just. God who's boss my softly just the whole crowd below it and just the atmosphere was to. If you feel like I kept them in the game you know he has got three of them had a couple more scored oh. It's saves and kept them around we just that there are shots we. If you better next game. Ticker shots. Did Roger give any advice time handling the yeah there what day did you just don't read it think it's not a game and just flipped cars and can. The united of values here Obafemi came down right I got a news I was in last measure our practice. Almost Bentley came down it is nice it was. You could feel it sealed you play different. You have to keep your emotions Hartman checked we we were OK and that sensitive. You were Huggins who I tough common game like this yeah yeah I would just like the vice my brother gave me it's like really stuck to me. This I think it's not a game books more people way more people but. The speed of the game feel and always just a couple guys guys that takes couple shifts to kind of get. You'll hear all patrol late summer lacrosse is the bigger floors all it's gonna. Got used to it. I've played it's a lot of guys do in the summer. And they.