01-20 Paul Hamilton Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, January 20th

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Golf ball Phil Housley is quote at the end there says you can only send a message so many ways it's up to the individual. And then he went on to talk about how they have some. Decisions to make it took to the personnel on this team compare treating them fortunately but. All of that individual. Accountability. It was a lot of that on display and a negative manner. He finally said words I've been waiting to hear these guys have shown me who they are. Yeah they out. And they have done it all year and they've gone through in some cases for three years. He talked to the leaders on the team which we did tonight but this afternoon rather and there out of hand they don't know what to say. Carl also he he he was ready to climb out of his skinny he didn't know what to say. Why. Josh sure to set up perfectly. Mono we've been doing this for what three years for the Muppets. Yup successfully. So we've been talking about for three years so does that mean the coach is awful once again I don't know if the coaches off why can't say I haven't seen. I can't judge real housing the coach with this group to be quite honest with you because I don't care who's coaching this group there are gonna play form. In in many cases not all cases but in many cases. There was a total lack of effort in most cases I saw some effort a jet just a ball he never gave up. You know but it went when it's the you know the here here number nineteen guy your memory team guy. You know. That that's great that you know you need everybody not to give up and they plain and simply gave up in this game and times where it and I never said that this year I have never once because I never thought it. But. You know guys are just going through the nose tip in pucks it was set. You know laughter it and it was a great time and upon you usually used to play with your with your friends out there. Everybody scores and let's see we get their ready on the score sheet. You know all that kind of stuff. It's unacceptable but. It's simply. Again they've they don't know how to find it in the locker room using a lot. They're not going to and it's as simple as that. Yes that sounds like Paul. From house Lee's comments that he. Now at least it BP if he probably knew this already but now publicly acknowledging that. Look here and not that he's passing the buck but as if to say look I've tried it. It all sorts of facets of ways to get through this team about working hard at not getting out worked coming artists play and essentially saying. It's not gonna happen because by him saying well we're learning a lot about our personnel. I mean that is it essentially for him to say that publicly that's very meaningful he said it but it means that that is essentially saying we don't have the right make up. And we have some work to do to try to fix that and that goes as he sat from the goaltender all the way up to the forwards. Yeah and it again I'm not gonna evaluate Phil Housley play with guys at his disposal who. You didn't play for the last coach in some cases simply for the coach before that. And I'm economic evaluation of the house and out because those guys and are gonna play. So. Oh he can. Jump up and down he can do whatever he wants he can be whoever he wants. And they're not gonna get better than to play for these if you are not gonna play for these guys for whatever the reason of that too used to losing. Whether they don't have the intestinal fortitude to do it. Whether they don't work hard enough whatever the case may be. There are a lot of those sitting in there and there's just and the players commit team meetings they can pound on each other in there and Greg each other by the neck and for each other up against the wall do whatever they want. It's not gonna happen because they're the people in there in some cases don't have an inside them too to be able to do it and you know Jason about Troy as I've said all along is a big chore to Syrians and you know people want him to make trades and there are scouts in the building by the way they're scouts in the building every game. What in many cases the seemed scouts so they see these players over and over again. And if you don't want Bentley you're sitting in Albany why is about your making a trade because these guys are awful. If you don't want them why do you think hockey professionals. Who watch these guys team in game I'll wants them. So. Yeah there's some guys can be moved definitely but. They're there's a couple of dynamics in place where you were first year GM. Teams are gonna try to flee some off the bat that's what you do with first year GM's it's gonna you're sneezing. So you're not just gonna say well on good trade so and so for a seventh round Eric. When you know you can get a third round pick for armor or something like that and you're not be taken advantage of so all those dynamics you have to work through. And you know again I mean if some of their as a scout at this game how many players you leaving no room going reliever this building going. Calling your GM ago we got here and boy we really got to get our hands on him. Early right. Well breaking other's game kind of seem silly at this point but I will ask you about one moments. Probably norm going. It's three nothing it feels over but Reinhardt scorers. It's 31 there's more than half the game to go. At the very least there's some thought of okay let's see if they can make this interstate. And Paul even before. You can even have that thought the fox already in the net and its 41 and letters fold and it's over. And that's almost on a nightly basis yeah yeah happening in the region name. It happens and you know how many times this year do they score than give up it is so rare. That buffalo scores than 32 seconds later scores again it's always the other team and that's the mentality. That's a mentality that. If you're the Pittsburgh Penguins is that that way you're looking for. Called up the Buffalo Sabres and said you know what I'd like so and so player. You know because I I think it's really good that he he plays on a team that consistently game in game out. Gives up goals within a minute after this forum. And you know all the rest of it that we talked about so. You know it just consistently happens there's no sign that it will change this is a team that is not mentally tough whatsoever. Something goes wrong they crack. And it hasn't just happened here with Phil Housley Viles might have this problem. Ted Nolan had this problem. Ron Ralston had this problem he felt it would erupt probably had this problem at the end something goes wrong they crack. Well. All their there was so much better in this game we didn't have the the classic time to ask the question of hey is this a good time to go on a West Coast trip. But yet that's where they're gonna go regardless of whether it is or not though Calgary. Edmonton being cougar. Monday Tuesday Thursday coming up here and I'm night in the net this talk about whether it's good or not while they. All answer the question of 04 mr. they played the whole season on the road yeah and what's their record. Spoke right they're gonna go out for three more road games and they played most of the season on the road already and they already and where the second worst Timor the worst team whichever. You wanna decide in the NHL. Honor honor on a pace that would get you know be almost a record for futility. So no it's not a good time to go on the road no no time for this team is good I'm going to work. Are all well thank you for work today we appreciate it we will talk to on Monday night with the sabres in the place records even.