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Saturday, January 20th

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Only in your home of the Buffalo Sabres live from 716. Food in sports this is not home. You belts post game show on the Buffalo Sabres radio. Here's your host Brian cozy old. While over the sabres here on the Saturday afternoon game from keybank senator. And we welcome you back inside 716 we appreciate your patience through that extra commercial. Timeout. Rankles deal with you will be headed to the room here any moment Paul Hamilton is on his way there will be some player reaction to this. Dominating effort by the stars tonight it was they all. Stars from start to finish the sabres get one goal from samurai current pilots get live reaction we go to the room here's first Kyle post a with Paul Hamilton. But frank Kyle I'm. This appears say not enough effort tonight. Sure is. Brief the show works and then they came on the first period and just skated well noted. Competed in the we go our tonight and making it one step forward two steps back with this program. It's broken record. It's. Frustrating come. You know we get. Can find a way to work every name in its. It's. It should be our thing to do come come to work and work. Post that's that's because that's what we needed to do and then it's just we didn't do that tonight how do you convince each other to do that now. I would. I mean. It's that's knowing your question I mean. We've had stretches where we have. But you know time we didn't and today we didn't and it just it's. I don't know it doesn't make sense to me it doesn't and doesn't make any sense. I kind of lost for words are now but we'll find a way don't come to work tomorrow and don't work or a soft. Thank you Kyle Kyle post over Jerusalem we'll be able to find that we would definitely. Make adjustments but yes definitely. Definitely not the way you want to respond after Roy you give a corner way. We spent a lot of time in an RN I think that that's consuming shift. So we had to respond better man and we got momentum it and lots of red weigh in. You can do it against teams that. Teams that play that way that don't give up much and com that are that that's all it. Jason mistakes are wanting to tonight I think there was some lack of effort to time so it is this that the excuse we'll park yeah. A 100% that's sort of saying like that. The way they compete the way they battle the way they have they executes. You can tell that to mean they play and arguably the toughest division lead into the central and every team every points in part for them and they showed up and they competed they battled. Yeah they may place. Let's and they defended hard and give us much and dad says it's it's unfortunate that. Our effort was wasn't good enough to the play of the night how do you convince each other hey that's not acceptable and in any game. Yes I mean it's it's not it really isn't. New Hampshire wolf. Come to work tomorrow and have a one of those drug practices that are going to be about battles and compete and but yet it is that we should now at this point like I mean come on what. Guys have been around then and it's the way it is every coach soulful. Take pride in in telling us if we computer if we didn't and obviously tonight's. Pretty easy to see that we did and didn't. They just don't let us thank you Jason George is boy we're. Yeah I mean. That's it that's a good hockey team with some high end players. And what do they do all homeless he just created turnovers through the puck in behind us. And went to work pentium four check every through the neutral I mean there and they just they just thought compete. And that's what it takes wouldn't this in this thing. I'm like a scene earlier featured already that all efforts to compete. Well. Do you know when many others. Is it how do you convince you chose that that's unacceptable you guys have to do it together as a team. Mean we can we can see in the room. You can tell guys but. At the end of the day. So to yourself. Nobody in the week you know we can make me. Do it I have to do myself. And now I can make the next guy he can make the next guy that's at some point we will look in the mirror and Norris is only on ourselves. I mean look we can talk and we know how many. Not to go crazy and going about but I mean how how many years we've been talking about this was trying to turn the page trying to figure out what it takes to win. And won't do make us to have. We have to make that decision. To catch. George George resemblance to you Brian you aren't thank you very much Paul Hamilton their jobs George's. Before that Jason common bill before that Kyle post so. All part of our blue and gold locker report brought to you by the Dallas air quality health coverage it's our mission. Is it. It Delis care dot org we may be having some more reaction from the room so we'll keep it right here at seven wood six rankles with you following it 721. Dallas victory over the Buffalo Sabres. And guess what the hold efforts have not been good. Hands. There are eighteen home games in February and march are still a lot of games that fans at tickets to the fans that paid good money for. And the home efforts have been four overall atrocious for most of these games there's been some blips here and there but. For many of you better in your car driving home right now if not many umi capitalistic from home already vigil left early and I don't blame for his. The money spent on tickets especially season ticket holders like how can you not feel for them at this point. To feel. Like you. Been snooped into something here the excitement over the change the head coach and GM and thinking that well that was what it needed. The players last year some sense keep the message that. Well it was Dan files hood if we could get a coach that we can rally behind. That that's really all we need. Come to find out we. Knew it had nothing to do with him files of or Phil Housley or the coaches in front of it. The players in this room that has been a part of this organization now for these last few years that have been a struggle. Really nobility on their own to do what just George decide. Which is. At the end of the day you up to yourself you got to look in the mirror and how many years we've been talking about this about if you're not ready to come out and have an all out. Suffered in battle you're not gonna make if that's a judge Jordan says and I think. He's got out that's coming from a guy that has been in the league for double digit years. So he's aware of it. Just George's voice in the room for whatever impact it may have at this point it's he's getting toward the end of his career. And you know obviously it's nice time and his ability. With his career W and ends you know that we might be facing the end of Joshua is anyway but I think it's messages right. That. We've seen it not only today with Dallas but with with other teams they come in they know that the sabres are gonna force turnovers that they're going to be a mess. And they don't but it is. Neighbors and they go to work and because they have the sabres get out work that out battled. Any puck near the yet near the net and that going and at some point because at some point the sabres gonna lose a battle at some point they're gonna make a bad decision. At some point the effort is gonna get let up somewhere. Pitted at the for the net and today it went and definitely seven times. And a lot of these goals not only today but another games. Are due to that circumstance that just Georgia's just described. It was get the puck in and we're not worked yet and someone at some point is gonna make a mental mistake is gonna give a lack of effort. It's gonna do both at the same time they're gonna get out battled. And the goaltenders gonna get let out to dry and you know today. Robin Lehner was not good. That that is a discussion to have but it's was not the reason today you're samurai and are now live there. Sam mistakes are one thing that was tonight more current this afternoon rather. More and lack of effort times also. At times I think. For sure I think there every inning they are stronger in the battle. You know from a star I think. Through a little push. Serve second but. Known on your close enough of who we needed to compete with the team of that caliber. This isn't a new conversation that we've had over the years I mean how do you guys get together and decide hey that's unacceptable we have to do better than. Def I mean fifth seems like. You're really searching for. You know for for for whatever reasons not to. It's not working so I mean up candidates come from on harmonizing. So. The view there's there's there's there's there's something not to refine if if it was an easy answer. You know I'm sure I'm sure. All right here we give it to let. Do you we don't Hallie gets we've we've got a commercial tomorrow we're competing and hopefully find an answer. Scored around the net today that it zeroing out all day all night on Thursday if you made a concerted effort just to get to the net I mean you don't want your best work there. I mean I think that's been my mentality earlier. You actually think it felt. Who last seem especially when they're away from his column in the and that's what's so couple more bounces. He you know I think that forming so. You know I think. Then that's just a matter of five fining the puck come and and vice Versa puck finding me so. You can keep Oklahoma. I know it's it's tough out there and I'm sure you guys the group can understand fans' frustration to catch Jimmie nobody likes to be booed off the iceberg. Here and I'm sure you understand where they're coming from two. Yeah I mean in other tournaments so. Do we ought to be a lot better for them. I mean that they'd back us you know my three years here they've they've they've Baptist fallen. And you haven't given them the best products from the uniform. Thank you sent Cameron heard in the post you Brian back to your pocket their same Reinhardt also part of our blue and gold locket report. As the sabres fall by a seven to once scores still to come will have Phil Housley live posting comments. And your phone calls 8030550. Or 188855550. We're gonna say. Good bye to all of our local affiliates at this point if you wanna keep listening to the Paul grew into the post game go to WGR. By fifty dot com for all our flagship here buffalo stay with us Phil Housley coming up call Hamilton's take your phone call that 8030550. Seven of one Dallas the final I'm rankles heal this is the Buffalo Sabres. Radio network. Fragile office turn the puck over sabres comeback trail to public still pass nice both. Credit that they got a piece about the tough Lagos not stop by let them. Kari let in right there one of his 26. Aids in this game. That one with the and only be on the call with their Geico save of the game brought to buy it local Geico agents say 50% in just fifteen minutes if you freak like a quote. From local agent Scott cult and or Tim lynch welcome back at appall Williams belts post game show rankles you which you live it's at what six. We're awaiting head coach Phil Housley had his life post game comments when he steps to the podium in the media room we will take you there Paul Hamilton waiting as well. And after we hear from the sabres coach will also get a chance to hear. For Paul Hamilton on this seven to one drubbing the sabres. At home just not good. They have eighteen home games as I said earlier the show in February and march with a lot of fans alias at that. Our season ticket holders that at this point as we've talked about. Have trouble. Giving away seats let alone selling them that something that even at this point it's tough to do. And the inspiration wanna come down here. Knowing that you've already paid for tickets even for some it's still tough to do. And on a day like this where it's an afternoon game you're given up the majority of your afternoon to come down and it's more of a family can get sort atmosphere. It just again it feels. Really I feel very bad for all these you know the families that maybe it make this their game because it was a Saturday game. People get their holiday presence in this was the game that they chose to come to review its got gifts and you come down here and you see this. And this has been going on now for so many years that the sabres at home. Have been so bad so it's been. The repeating process buffalo home not good and one of their worst periods of the season. That second period today there's been some bad ones that second security if that doubles here on Columbus Day another bad one. The first road game of the year Brooklyn against the islanders another bad one. There's been some doozies of course some on the road even the opening period in Dallas against the stars have been bad but this one here in the second where they give up. Four to the stars the only good blip. In the entire period. Is Ryan hurts goal and then immediately the next shift. Jamie bent scores. To make it from a 31 game you think maybe there in it and maybe they'll be back incidents that exchange then. Who scores and immediately makes it 41 game letter is Paul Johnson's comes in. Few minutes later Johnson gives one in because there's so much traffic in front it's 51 and people who leave it. That second period there's a lot of empty seats in the third I'm sure there's many that left at the period two and I feel that I really do. It's tough to try to make it a nice day or night coming down here and it has not been good hockey all the watch. And Phil Housley a few home games ago after another stinker that said that he yelled they owe the fans more about that it's not been good. For these seats at home folk they were ready for Phil Housley let's take you there live now the media Rebecca Stevenson. Well. There's a lot of combination of things that went on tonight. None of which I'm very happy are prone to talk about. And you know first off you know we come out we're playing pretty good hockey. You know taken undisciplined penalty. The first goal. Room. We talked about their rush in and we didn't have coverage and you know we would like to bet that one back but the penalty who was. One that was taken you know 140 feet away from our net which is. As various disciplines you give them an opportunity you know to make it to you know maybe we could use the couple saves. And from their point in the game going into the second period. We give up the third one and then we sort of deflated and you can see it. Every puck battle. Every. Competitive situation. They want you know they had a big push and we didn't respond the right way and that's why it became 71 and at that point just missed coverages. It just selective attention to detail we talk about before in our game plan in. The DO compete in the in the battle. That we needed. We didn't rise up to the occasion and give Dallas credit mean they came to work and we didn't so. We're not gonna compete. In our game in front of our home fans which is very disappointing in and quite embarrassing. We're gonna compete tomorrow practice. You're happy in due out later. Herded out and the one you're down one but they've yet we got the period back. We get period back from that point in we are starting to come we didn't get it capitalize on their chances there they're good team to capitalize on their opportunities. Did would have liked to see a little bit more fight and and battle yep but I don't think we are playing that bad until it got to the point 30. The low point. For you think. You need personally to our team here. It just really tells me a lot of other individuals on our team and what kind of direction we need to go moving forward and and button buttons to push. You know. You were played a lot of good hockey teams right now they're in playoff contention are there fighting for playoffs but that's what I wanna see your team play that's what I wanna see your team respond. Oh. Our. I think is starting from him out it's not just relevant at several whole group. Whether it's boxer known front tied up the stick only took in goals that they get tonight. Whether it's make right decisions may be finishing checks on the fore check I think it's a combination of a lot of things. What is coaching is about process one doctor. Or half way through holes cross. Well you can only send a message in so many ways that comes down to individuals on the team they have to make a decision. To play the right way and when the when teams push we have to respond with a better push. That's. Okay. Brief comments. From head coach Phil Housley. Saying quote you can only send the west the messages so many ways it's up to the individual. Could tell there that's. That might have been going down a road and that's why. The sabres the arm in their doing his job and that but. While the effects. All right well. We appalled able to take your coming up. Your phone calls are welcome 8030550. Till 3888550. To 550 is that number in Kissimmee attacks on the AT&T text line. 55550 switching 82 wireless and DirecTV today stay connected. All season long AT&T entertainment waves. Lowrie could Samie tweet if you're on Twitter tonight. That Brian WGR. Let's get to our top shelf goal the game and we'll talk with Paul. Sabres down two to nothing. Opening up period ever to hand the stars really taken control misses a block that Robin letter. Needs to stop its young mark's second of the game at Dallas goes up by three starts quickly are they attacking. Data that would be drama letters. Nydia Markey who is on the market now twice this afternoon. They're deadly they're on the call young marks twelve with the year he had earlier scored in the first. On arrestor from the circle that cutting letter needs to stop. 645 at the second the game feels over three nothing stars buffalo may be expected to with Wright hurts gold make it 31 but. Immediately the next ship the sabres. Give up a goal to achieve better advocate for the one but that goal from beyond our his second of the game it's our top shelf goal the game brought to my players to design studio. For a beautiful she top shelf figure dream kitchen is declared its design studio. And start treatment. While we wait for fall a couple of stats final shots in the third for those that have remained in the building to see if 77. Thirty to 47 Dallas in the game power plays. Dallas was one of student savers were one of four letter made fifteen saves on nineteen shots Johnson. Ten saves on thirteen shots. Back to the media room Paul Hamilton is there. The golf ball Phil Housley is quote at the end there says he could only send the message so many ways it's up to the individual. And then he went on to talk about how they have some. Decisions to make it to the personnel on this team I'm paraphrasing that portion of it but. All of that individual. Accountability. There was a lot of that on display at a negative manner today. Well. He finally said words I've been waiting to hear. These guys have shown me who they are. And now they out. And they have done it all year and they've got her in some cases for three years. You talked to the leaders on the team which we did tonight but this afternoon rather and there out of hands they don't know what to say. Carl pole so he eat he was ready to climb out of his skinny he didn't know what to say. Why. Josh sure to set up perfectly. Mono we've been doing this for what three years for the Muppets. Yup successfully. So we've been talking about for three years so does that mean the coach is awful once again I don't know the coaches off why can't say I haven't seen an. I can't judge real housing the coach with this group to be quite honest with you because I don't care who's coaching this group there are gonna play form. In in many cases not all cases but in many cases. Com there was a total lack of effort in most cases I saw some effort I just just to fall he never gave up. Com. You know but it went when it's the you don't lose the here the year number nineteen guy your memory team guy. You know. That that's great that you know you need everybody not to give up and they're very plain and simply gave up in this game and times quick and I've never said that this year I have never once said that because I never thought it. But. You know guys are just going through the net to open talks it was such. You know that love for it and here's a great time you upon you heroic views play with your with your friends out there and everybody scores and let's see we get everybody on the score sheet and you know all that kind of stuff when it's unacceptable but. It's simply. Again they they don't know how to find it in the locker room because you know what they're not going to and it's as simple as. Yes that it sounds like Paul. From house Lee's comments that he. Now at least it be if he probably knew this already but now publicly acknowledging that. Look at it and not that he's passing the buck but as if to say look I've tried it. It all sorts of facets of ways to get through this team about working hard and not getting out worked coming artists play. And essentially saying. It's not gonna happen because by him saying well we're learning a lot about our personnel. I mean that is him essentially for him to say that publicly that's very meaningful he said it but it means that. That is essentially saying we don't have the right makeup and we have some work to do to try to fix that and that goes as he sat from the goaltender all the way up to the forwards. Yeah and it again I'm not very evaluate Phil Housley playing with guys at his disposal who. You didn't play for the last coach in some cases didn't play for the coach before that. And I'm economic evaluation of the house and out because those guys and are gonna play. So. Oh he can. Jump up and down he can do whatever he wants he can be whoever he wants. And they're not gonna get that done to play for these because you're not gonna play for these guys for whatever the reason whether to use to losing whether they don't have the intestinal fortitude to do it. Whether they don't work hard enough whatever the case may be. There are a lot of those sit in there and there's just and the players commit team meetings they can pound on each other in there and grab each other by the neck and very each other up against the wall do whatever they want. It's not gonna happen because they're the people live there in some cases don't have an inside them too to be able to do it and you know it Jason about Troy as I've said all along is a big chore is eons and you know people want him to make trades and there are scouts in the building by the way they're scouts in the building every game. What in many cases the seemed scouts so they see these players over and over again. And if you don't want Bentley you're sitting in Albany wise about your making a trade because these guys are awful. If you don't want them why do you think hockey professionals. Who watch these guys team in game I'll wants them. So. Yeah there's some guys can be moved definitely but. They're they're a couple of dynamics in place where you were first year GM. Teams are gonna try to flee some off the bat that's what you do with first year GM's it's kinda your hazing. Yeah so you're not just gonna say well on good trade so and so for our seventh welfare. When you know you can get a third round pick for armor or something like that and you're not going to be taken advantage of so all those dynamics you have to work through. And you know again I mean if some if there was a scout at this game how many players are you leaving no room going early in this building going. Calling your GM ago we got again and boy we really got to get our hands on him. There really. Writes. While breaking down this game kind of seem silly at this point but I will ask you about one moment. Probably norm going. It's three nothing it feels over the Reinhart scorers. It's 31 there's more than half the game to go. At the very least there's some thought of okay let's see if they can make its interest thing. And Paul even before. You can even have that thought the fox already in the net and it's 41 and letters fold and it's over. And that's almost on a nightly basis yeah you happening in the ranger game. It happens and you know how many times this year or do they score than give up it is so rare. That buffalo scores and 32 seconds later scores again it's always the other team and that's the mentality. That's a mentality that. If you're the Pittsburgh Penguins is that that way you're looking for. Called up the Buffalo Sabres and said you know what I'd like so and so player. You know because I I think it's really good that he he plays on a team that consistently game in game out. Gives up goals within a minute after this forum. And you know all the rest are at that we've talked about so. You know it just consistently happens there's no sign that it will change this is a team that is not mentally tough whatsoever. Something goes wrong they crack. And if hasn't just happened here with Phil Housley and Viles might have this problem. Ted Nolan had this problem. Ron Ralston had this problem. Bill that would erupt probably had this problem at the end something goes wrong they crack. Well. All their there was so much better this game we didn't have the the classic time to ask the question of hey is this a good time to go on a West Coast trip to accept that that the view but yet that's where they're gonna go regardless of whether it is or not though. Calgary. Edmonton and Vancouver. Monday Tuesday Thursday coming up here and I'm not even gonna this talk about whether it's good or not Paul they. All answer the question of hope orcas are they play the whole season on the road yeah and what's our record. Right they're gonna go out for three more road games and they played most of the season on the road already and they already and where the second worst Timor the worst team whichever. You want to decide it in the NHL. Honor honor on a pace that would get you know be almost a record for futility. So no it's not good time to go on the road now no time for this team is a good time going to work. Our Paul wealth. Thank you for your work today. We appreciate it we will talk to you on Monday night with the sabres and the place records even all right Paul Hamilton with a here on out Paul Williams felt post game. Each of the three stars. They're all from the stars surprisingly. Cling birdied three more assists. The leafs defenseman in the NHL scoring and that's of that today you started with three. That's Olindo he had a goal and a couple of assists to start number two and that he is beyond mark had two goals including. The game winner he started one. John Mark today is star but he is young mark our high impact player of the game brought to buy the lock put outdoor store high a pick here for hard working men and women. Travel a thousand miles to find a store like ours the attendance today it was a sellout announced 191070. And the sabres will next play Monday night Calgary with a 9 o'clock. Puck drop let treaty today right here on the savers radio network. Peter on hold stick their hold it calls next 8030550. Or 188550. To 550. Seven a one Dallas over buffalo I'm rankled the overlap it's at what six. More post game next this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. We have penalty share a double play. Is that no that is not enough pennies that are dropped the gloves worth remembering didn't play get a senate candidate Joseph gave it Heather doing the big one as well. And see what they get our. Click go. My pants. Heather did not do much except protecting yourself that I brought. Well Jordan Nolan at least the fight. Is at least one area where we saw little effort from savers. A couple of nice swings and there it's our Seneca poker decks of the game brought to by senator poker inside the Seneca. The anchor casino the real deal for winners only welcome back to the post game rankles you Q what are reminded you remind you that Phil Housley posting comments were brought to you. Like Paul Williams fell to a power of attorney. Here on the Paul William belt post game rankles him now joined by pat now Carl here settle at six. Pat what X calls went up and let's do it let's go to Jeff first hear the post game I just got tighter on the air. They are you know Brian you know I'm was. New York City. And I don't particularly in many games but. Our I really necessary you know. Upper decide when to keep listening to prepare in the first and third goals was really records are prepared even worse this is a future where we've got kind of think back cock. Now I don't think he just dump that TJ. All right. Let's. Go to Chris in Lovejoy high Chris go ahead. Hey guys I would that the game in the it was three nothing sabres did have all they have momentum on the power play. And you know at home you get the last change and in Dallas roles now. You began back and read the law. And receivers pounder with their fourth line. And you know. That was digging in their they have a few out working us down low and they end up giving the goal I just think ray player that can get for the coaching have to call him. We would you guys think of that. Thanks Chris I wouldn't agree that that was the game I mean to me. The game was. There for the taking the first period when put Dallas came out with a better start and dominated that first period over buffalo at night your boot you can maybe question. Calmed some of the that's the pairings or or or whatever but and at the other day that the sabres. Were outshot ten to once had a for the first ten minutes of the game. After what she did against the Rangers on Thursday and we lost it to power play goals got close with a less than a minute on a power play and the game. Train takes some of that what you were doing well and acting through to Saturday. You had a week off you had your game where you knock the rust out of the skate so to speak. Don't come out and get the door moralis an awful an injury to human all right don't hit the door pull off be the first ten minutes it gets to be worth this game was long. Yeah I mean to his point. The ship or ships following a sabre goal this year have been huge issue now slandered and out point. The game with seven to one so was it the game promising no but. I think the caller point of the sabres inability to follow up. A goal with good play is one of our laundry list of things that it's been a big issue with this team. Here we humans it to be you when we were watching the third period because they times. Just on Thursday against the Rangers did buffalo get a goal and then boom it if you went right back against the world that have something good going their way and the boom the Rangers owner itself. Yes it's finished ongoing issue not only. On the last couple games but all yearlong up. Seven while the final look ahead as West Coast trip in just a moment but let's check the rest of the sports day. We go probably final time here with pat well thanks Brian just to want gains on going right now the sabres next morning Calgary's an action. They lead the jets wanted nothing he'd give Brody is third at the season just underway in the second stanza. How to Calgary club midway through the game in Colorado the avalanche do. The Rangers won. One final from earlier today the regal the first bridge for Philadelphia they were cruised to a 31 win over New Jersey. Games set to come tonight at 7 o'clock it's the Canadians hosting Boston while the senators and leafs meeting. The title loft hurricanes or Detroit taking another red wings nick puck puck drops tonight. In Nashville for the predators and Panthers fall at the same time Saint Louis will host Arizona. Chicago at 830 puck drop against the islanders also a jerk to hang with me tonight as Pittsburgh continues out west on their road trip. Now o'clock start for awhile and lightning blocked o'clock boilers and the console be it at midseason before college basketball today Fairfield topping I don't know. 10485. And other college basketball scores top 25 action today a great one. It that look today as Oklahoma State has a two point lead on number four Oklahoma 8380 want to. Becky and over time maybe staring down the girl double OT as well number six West Virginia. Topples Texas 8651. While the break Texas Tech upset. This afternoon seventy to 52 by the cyclones fifteenth ranked North Carolina it's past Georgia Tech TV the 66. And also undergoing a second half. Number eleven. Savior in the Bernanke Seton Hall the pirates they 5755. Lead for the musketeers also the topic of the country crime bill problem. Easily gets past Connecticut wildcats he wants 61 putters over the hostages. I'll throw one more for you to the UB women who are also a great year. Waited went home 807069. Handily over the defending neck champion Toledo. And there 153. Overall six and one in back lacy or Taylor they had thirty points. So a very very impressive win we even talked so much locally about before hoops and that you be met if not a hat like that but the women are playing just as well yeah day. It's nice that wolf there are playing so well we've seen over the last couple of years. Not just the men perform but. The women as well winning the back servant just a couple of years ago seemingly you know what when now maybe not high expectations. This of much like you know many many good teams this team has been building towards is right that it that it a group together for awhile. And I know we. Became the all time assist leader in women's history for the team. So congratulations to her yet it seems fun justice as we've enjoyed the men's the conversation the women are just as good it. Play for. The news of Allan green leaving it thinking well maybe if there's an uncertain either the two basketball programs are great hands with. Coach would get jacket coach oats for the Mets that was wonderful and CB. The good recruiting classes coming up for for Paul does well so now only once you think of the people by year. You don't know buffalo for the people it's lasting and ask how's Lee's comments right at the end of this press conference which was short and I think cut off appropriately in the sense that. The sabres knew where it was going at that point. How sleaze ads. What makes you think the proper quote here but this talks about how. You can only sent a message here is it always had a message so many ways it's really tells me a lot about the individuals on this team. Yes I was very upset about the lack of attention to work ethic says that were not gonna beat Federer fans were not there organ in order worked malpractice so. Yet that's all well and good you're gonna bags in my whatever. But the fact that he says it's helped me a lot about the vigilance needs that tells me you'd much role will be very busy trade deadline it very busy this off season and I think. This is the difference between a coach in his first month or two of the season now he knows exactly. What he's dealing with maybe you know the the first month or so okay. We're still learning on the fly here we still need to come together as a team under. Under what I'm trying to breaches and you don't want to call players out either it pains in. You know. Ruffle feathers that my body were at the point of the season now. There's no point holding back. And we've heard that from Phil Housley. Comp before now what what he talked about previously about wanting to the team to play better for a home fans because there. You know pay the money to come to these games. Well I mean why hold back now it but it seems. Like the way it is now flames next Monday they've won seven in a row I know that there that they're playing right now but it went there winning 21 right now yeah BCA bureau. There are in second place in the Pacific trying to chase down Vegas. So they're having a good year yeah and they've got a lot of nice young players on its even as well you think Matthew could chuck performed. Up pretty well last season you know Johnny to throw it on John Monahan a lot of counts some eggs and they're still young but they have had some years the NHL now. That they're a team that's gonna. You know. You know top three out in their division and in. You know the fun to watch it that's right thank pat thank front. Seven to one Dallas rolling buffalo another poor outing if he banks that are incurred in 191070. Here today. I don't forget tomorrow on our flagship fund for both you listing on double BGR both championships Sunday games. Just after three the patriots and the jaguars. And then at about 640 ish feel to be the Eagles and the vikings with of course the winners. Going to Super Bowl 52 it's so enjoy the football tomorrow I'll speak with the next on Monday for pregame with the sabres in plain as we put a wrap here. On our Paula your belt post game seven what sixth thanks to our crew back in Amherst TJ law and our network producer. Powell Powell what their social media are career keybank senator pat ala Karl Jonathan Cole field Paul nailed to a reporter in the room. Our game announcers did Dunleavy and rob ray. Might as rivals like thank you for listening to get the finals start savage sabres want. Talk to you again on Monday night. Sabres have played. Calgary right here. All the Buffalo Sabres radio network.