01-22 Sabres-Flames Post-Game Show with Brian Koziol

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, January 23rd

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You'll whom the Buffalo Sabres. This he's come forward you know it's post game show on the Buffalo Sabres radio net. Here's your host Brian goes CEO. OT win for the sabres tonight Jack Michael blast in the overtime emitted thirty and getting it done. And a nice win for the sabres on the road and a very good response from one of their worst outing of the season back on Saturday against the Dallas Stars in which they lost seven to one. They come in tonight get a strong game from their goaltender Chad Johnson and they beat the flames in overtime to Taiwan we welcome you inside Kramer studios. I'm rankled along with Paul Hill to here we welcome you to our Paul William belts official. Post game show he'd like to join us 8030550s. The local number 1231888. 550 to 550 can send us a text. On the eighteenth tee tech's linemen number 55550. Switch to AT&T wireless and DirecTV today. And stay connect it all season long AT&T entertainment your way if you're on Twitter feel free to send me your thoughts there at Brian WGR. Well Paul Elton. That game overall the sabres. Looks like dated and had many. Moments right would say they. Lull themselves back into the bad savers that we've seen so often this year and they were skating throughout most of the game. And it was the power play although officially even strength goal but it was the power play they're really got to down in the end. But the power play have been over what 32 step and shots were 3333. It's good win for them I mean they they never. Seemed like they were letting down at all. Scored 24 seconds after they've given up a goal to make it one nothing. You know had a response immediately which is something they don't do a lot. Johnson probably had more big saves in this game than he's had all year combined. And it was like use under siege but he wasn't there when he needed to be in the only goal libido was a goal that no goaltender. In the in the league's gonna stop it was a great tip there and gave them a chance to win and they get their power play opportunity it's not a power play goal because it just ended but it was a four on threes still on Michael just ripped a shot from the circle. You know kind of his office someplace reach out why a lot this year now but it start to get it back why because he works that. And elections more players on this team work on their team via but he he goes out works at it now has gotten that check down to where he had it before. All four players on the ice involved in that goal Paul O Reilly wins the face up that was two in a row in terms of just clean wins to keep that four on three situation and to keep that group on the ice because the Puckett stayed in his own. So all Riley get the clean win. All terrorists the lion who makes the perfect one time pass of course cycle gets the shot. And opposed so is the only one on the ice doesn't get an assist is sitting in front of the goaltender so all for our future reading there. And I'll give a little also credit sitting on the bench Phil Housley even though. I see the conversation quite hear the conversation he kinda see what was going on Michael skated over there to. Toward the bench area after there was a whistle their late in that power play. And believe that there was some sorted communication with house Lian Michael kinda not only get we're okay we're gonna. We can stay out here I think Phil was probably ask you may even as good. And he kept that top tune it out for the entire entirety of that OT and that it paying off and the best players out there. Well yeah and they played the hole over time now but as you said the reason being Calgary never got the puck out and downed. So all four players were able to get in his own. Get their positions and stay there are so they didn't get. Get themselves in trouble they didn't get themselves tired and it was easy for them to play the full overtime. 21 sabres victorious over the flames they'll be on their way to Edmonton to face the Oilers tomorrow night. Similar faceoff time 9 o'clock that'll be against economy David and the Oilers but were reacting to this one here 8221. Savors victory the final shots in the OT to do nothing buffalo that control the whole time there on the power play. And they end up 3333. In the game. Power plays again officially Oprah for about that on a big impact with the man advantage until that popular to do it in. And back on census steps on the ice their right for the puck crosses the line. The flames go one of three in the game Chad Johnson was excellent. 32 saves and pol I would agree with you he made some real key ones wondering at the end of the second period. That was a big one and even throughout I would say when Calgary had their power plays in the first period when they hit three of them. They were sent a couple of nice ones there where he was able to. Come up big and he has not played very good hockey this year in my opinion and this would you say this was his best game all without question out. As I said he made more big saves in this game for the team many had made all year combined. And in my mind he starts tomorrow I think he's there to. And and it really is zero to do a broad line it has to do with he went out there performed very very well gave them his best game of the year. And I think he earned the start tomorrow and in again it is security doing Robyn Meier. But Housley will portal went in the Wimbledon then I think Google liner but I agree why not like that at this point. There's no reason not to reward him for having his best game of the year I would agree. Sabres went to one rankles he'll Paul Hamilton here let's grab a phone call here on the post game it's gonna bridal is a hi Brian all right. Bill aren't you agree that hammock need. That our morale. And right now you write that I believe he does become that actually looking pretty OK can we trade rapid manner. Bring up I believe Wal-Mart the room and under and Jack and and I think they've seen it like in right now they've won't complain about it flying and I closed court I won't won't. Well thank you thank you why why would you bring a ball mark into this month's first of all you don't need to bring him up second of all. Chad Johnson had one good game all year he Chad Johnson is not out played Robin wonder in the least. Com so that's why Leonard I would Chad Johnson and all mark be your goalies I don't you know I I don't get it at all I mean I don't know I don't understand that call at all that's. It's not to say the letters not possibly a target to be traded. But that's that's not the argument here. I think your right Chad Chad Johnson in my opinion has not been good tonight was his best game but only for Johnson it's his first win. Since October 15. There ago. October 15 balls the last time. That he won. So we're going all the way to January so. It up and hasn't been a good year for Johnson but today he definitely plays his best game. In this 221 win. Other players to bring up in this one Paul about Ryan Howard gets pummeled into the wall it's his head. And he although doesn't find the score sheet he had a couple of really nice chances in period one. He was noticeable I'm not it look at the sabres at the end of the night your score 20 so you're not gonna everybody in the score sheet but I don't Reinhardt was definitely a guy tonight that had a positive game. Well I'll tell you what he takes the biggest pitcher ever to see there and he gets right up every single time I I don't know how we gets up. I hit his head against the wall this time men and got up and was on the power play and played. He is a tough kid I mean I would like to see you work on his game more than he does. But he is a tough kid I won't give him that he has taken big hits in thirty years showing up in the NHL and he always gets up. Breasts the line and tonight. 32 and a half minutes 3226. Officially. Three hits two shots. 36 shifts we knew that was gonna be over thirty Paul with the injury to bowl you right away. In the overtime but he did you take off the overtime minute thirty which he was out there he still would have been over thirty through regulation. So heat but. He as you have you have talked to him after nights like this. And you have said that he doesn't look physically exhausted after a game like this that this is just what he likes to deal. No actual him. Two on the final what's running through the highlights here. From this Saber victory here tonight we'll go to the eight minute mark of period number one and the caves in the box for tripping the flames are on the power play. And a nice steel plate from Matthew could shock as the flames on the board first Kudrow. Faceoff dot FaceBook says it. It shocks tip good throw and you are Donna I would be assists his fourteenth. All you mentioned that was a really nice Gil play no fault of any goals and fair on that one. It was one of the best picture courtesy I mean it was it was a phenomenal player back at Sharpton. Yet Johnson's never gonna stop that in a no fault of his that all him next shift though. Sabres respond Wilson ties it of one. If it proves that the hours they. The sabres needed. And they tied this game or. Right back up at one apiece. Eight Tony for mark Toney four seconds later Scott Wilson gets its second. Little help from the flames on that Paul getting the puck out front yeah they gave me nice pass and he made no mistaking you could see Smith look up going on here I should have that. And you know he gives up only two goals in the game but unfortunately first method one to two people that he'd like to have back and he winds up losing the game back the flames get a point out of it that they they don't care to. Chad Johnson we mentioned very strong efforts he faced 33 shots made 32 assays. Including this one down the stretch to keep things tied at one. We've shootings that third stop and within seconds to go the period you're down. Looking up point 21 last quick pass up ahead as Google was in there inside Google what do I. Johnson although it might be a game six of the or by Johnson. It out on right at the end of the first we mention that right there for Johnson one of its 32 saves. It's our Geico save of the game brought you by your local Geico agency 50% in just fifteen minutes future free Geico quote. From a local agent Scott Coleman or Tim lynch. Dane Dunleavy says that might have been a game six and saved we said here's l.'s only the first for Dan was right. Yeah I say we balance. That was that was right. Know a lot of big cities by him men again I I don't I ever looked to see if he's got got the number one star of the game yes he did the up and totally deserves it I can go along with Smith as the number two and Michael number three I. Really have Kelly Rudy pick those stars and he should pick the stars all the time and every building Kazaa I would agree with those and Johnson richly deserved superstar and try and. So 11 there after that nice safe from Johnson no scoring a period soon no scoring period three. We go to the overtime buffalo and a four on three for most of the OT. Just as it expires the sabres still controlling things and it's risked the line and setting up Michael for the game winner and our top shelf goal of the game. Back live coming out of the box Rasmus. It's a plant like the one tigers. I think with a rock getting the overtime with a Buffalo Sabres. Open the western road trip with a winning jump. Kerry won thirty Indio C Michael's nineteenth wrist aligning and O'Reilly with a post or in front of the net. Tune of one buffalo net game winner for Michael's our top shelf goal of the game brought to my Clarence kitchen design studio for a beautiful top shelf in your dream kitchen is it. Clarence kitchen design studio and start streaming so those are your highlights final shot totals 33 apiece sabres in flames. Buffalo O for four on the power play but as we mentioned the OT they control things throughout on at four on three situation the flames. Go one of three your three stars Paul just mentioned at Michael with the game winner star number three. And the goaltenders two and one Smith from Calgary. Star number two Johnson from buffalo start number one and we'll give Chad Johnson tonight. The high impact player of the game honors that are brought to you by a lot for outdoor store high impact here for hard working men and women. He'll travel a thousand miles to find a store like ours the tenants at the saddle dome. 181349. And the sabres next play tomorrow night in Edmonton 9 o'clock puck drop lift pregame and eight right here on the sabres radio network. Paul final thought here quickly before we send things off to Edmonton for tomorrow same effort tomorrow and I think you're right in the game depending on what kind a (%expletive) lucky get around and that's right Paul thanks for your work that I appreciate it. Art for all of our local affiliates we're gonna say goodnight to you we'll talk to you tomorrow at 9 eastern with the sabres in Edmonton deface the Oilers. For all the on WGR come on back in other segment of the post game coming up to one buffalo they went in overtime. Against the Calgary Flames I'm Brian Coles Neil this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. Peter this time he fired its traffic in front. Okay 6 o'clock Johnson was saved and quickly to clear out its Rasmussen has delighted. Over at the close to the right of Johnson. Brass mistress a line and right there with Dan Dunleavy in the collar Seneca poker deck of the game brought to a Seneca poker inside the Seneca Niagara casino the real deal for winners only. Two to one buffalo. They win in Calgary something they haven't done. In quite awhile will tell yet the details of their last win at the saddle dome the first Q1 final check of the NHL scores we go around the league here's Dan case. All right thank you Brian around the league is brought to you by Jim Murphy Buick GMC Jimmer he Paris dot com serving Western New York. Since 1985. The Colorado Avalanche are now winners of ten straight games the cavs win again this time in Toronto four to two. Is the final Landis god and yuck upon finding the net tonight. For Colorado elsewhere the red wings blanked the doubles three nothing thinks the 37 saves by Peter Resnick the wild over the senators tonight by a score of 321 exact reason finds enough for his second goal of the season lightning shut out the Blackhawks to nothing forty save shot for under Basilan ski. Coyotes with an overtime win 32. Is the final over the islanders in the NFL patch server name the new head coach of the New York Giants today Shermer fresh off. Yesterday's NFC championship loss with Minnesota he leaves the offensive coordinator post to take over the giants. Also Todd Haley becomes the offensive coordinator in Cleveland and in the NBA in the Milwaukee Bucks today fired their head coach Jason Kidd on Damien cave with the round the league right back to you thank you Dan. It's been in. A while since the sabres won in Calgary the last time they won a meet god nor NN was the winning goaltender that's how long ago it was. The game winner TJ you had a the last called leaked 93 seconds into the game. There you go here or should handle the scrutiny games Miro shoots hands going get away with with the shut out two to nothing the final. Awesome whoo that was a long time ago but some years some great names October 18 2003 we sit. Put together sparkle quiz. Who was on the team doesn't right. 2004 receivers. Well at least we know code leak nor an in and it's it's a ten hour. Good good day and it's good memory for an assist and an assist from actress cheery in the court legal and Rory Fitzpatrick and the should. Rory Fitzpatrick of course it's almost all star Rory its android extractor amongst the names that you always bring up when this you mentioned the the Carolina series when the sabres were losing defenseman. Left in writing your like who are the six again that played in that last game. He was one of them right yet it was him Doug gigantic jet jails in -- leaner. Was the one healthy correct. I was and I think I think Campbell is healthy Hugh ray could result all of those sort of it over the thick glass that's right and gambling dude man was the one who was how beat a guy Alina was hurt so his lewd min. And Campbell the only regulars right the key was irregular got the staph infection that's right. So permits Patrick jet Doug Janet yet. It's yet the goal that Zeneca energetic at the goal Jeff Jill since tip chill sitting overnight trade and there's one more. Did they it was that one of the games they just step comment on the back and that they did every now and again. Maybe at the last one. Emmitt is I don't know who 08 and page data and nation's cash. That's right well there ego that was fun trip down memory lane. They eat would have one cup against Edmonton errant. I mean how Coca they're not. I look at it there there I mean. That the spurs game one this in the cup final day here I believe hi I'm Dwayne Roloson with their goalie right yeah. And he got hurt and Ty Conklin at that take rest of the series sabres swept them but at. It was a seven game it would that Campbell went seven games yes Campbell Fitzpatrick. Janet Jolson. Lewd main page. That was Judy. As long as we're doing us. Do remember puck. Who scored although with a playoff hero was for the Oilers that your who scored a ton of goals for them in the post season was I never heard from again it was analyzed Penske who was not a wash all. There's another and I'm thinking of he went on the plate for Chicago. And Fernando it's. Yeah and opened sunny. Not yeah well our goal ascension day here yeah so commodore scores for the flight further hurricanes in the first and Doug Janet you mentioned scored to tie things up there then hash he escorted out five seconds left in the second. It's total one is going to the third somehow behind the net. Then and then wait scored right away. Minute and a half in a make it to two Campbell put it over the glass then Brenda more on the power play the game winner and Justin what and then just packed with broad. Rod for a divorce he'll do a plane in the leak and then Justin Williams is in the Internet team. Use the captain of that team and during Justin Williams into the empty net he played for what 45 more years after that I think Justin Williams had and it had a goal and two assists in the game. Mr. game seven that. He's good. A cup. Imagine what our discussion will be different that just changed and they would wanna cup the mayor how we get there because totally scorer and then the last when things Calgary. Yes yes theft Anita and assisted by Fitzpatrick which originate at kick coverage because when I think every Fitzpatrick all I think of its. He was one of the cast and see what I think Rory its theatrical I think is that once and the fans tried. Vote in in the Ulster eventually everybody succeeded with John's got. It all right tuck. And Zambia's Gergen CIA had its share that was more of a Lothian I feel like that's as you can see that even at this and gets wasn't voted in heat was a prime candidates still go to that game I think he it was his that's here points. Day years. Now it was either Hamer and it's earnest with. And any New Mexico that's a wrap on our polling in post post game. We will talk d.s about a date for pregame sabres and Oilers from amateur wanna thank our crew here at house TJ allotment or network producer. Cowell Paula social media game cave anchor underscores Paul Hamilton with his analysis throughout. Are given out there's Danielle Avian robbery mining ms. Frankel he'll thank you for listening in the final in overtime sabres when it 21 over the flames we'll talk you tomorrow night. With buffalo and Edmonton right here on the Buffalo Sabres radio network.