01-30 Intentional Scouting: Episode 3 - Josh Rosen

Nate Geary
Tuesday, January 30th

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The intentional. Sky out. We may hear listen I'm just the angry young guys that thinks he knows. And from inside the pylon marks trophy you know just another washed up quarterback trying to access talk it. Coming do you live from Kate's mom's basement. Tears intentional scouting. All right welcome into episode three of intentional Scott Anthony Geary here with me as always Mark Schofield and markets are you right now you're one lucky son of god you didn't see the bills or are you third. It would have absolutely. Potentially eat it probably wouldn't have what it would have let everybody gains in border betting game. Big you are checked knew that we not correct in that it would have been a game of professional football played between two different teams that like that's what. The issue is and we were talking a little for we can record. You give up 88 rushing yards late portals. It's a bit of a rough afternoon. I say she hangs steroids I mentioned is saying something along the lines. Starting quarterback and in a culture for ER and then also. But I digress. And if you don't know mark of course the host of nine Baird saw in the eye and a lot on. Where he also ordered. On the NFL 1000 project is special guest of course is founder and director out and meet and he he's outing dot com draft analysts are in exports. And of course here today who look great on his job. How cramped. How are asserting you for joining us on this lovely evening where I get to top order. Doesn't look good quarterback talk who doesn't love grow in double with my fellow AFC east rather soon that's right yes. This place. Third place say it's better than last place today. I guess but in the AFC east you're basically at last place almost in England show. Yeah. Right you can just go home and you you're massage chair of the Mike off from a good. Our let's are the American west are obviously with Josh Rosen just sort of you were I initials are reports general here I'll be your star. I think we're due respect you on the field between the lines she's the cleanest. Quarterback prospect in this class is extremely clean mechanically. You look at the mistakes and he's made interceptions and things like that. You really can't find a lot of repeated mistakes. I I think he's very accurate passer accurate to all levels keys to aggregate and you rather skiing diverse and key and let him play and a variety of its schemes concerts and saturn's. And so from him on the field perspective. And that's what we're gonna start I think he's the cleanest most solid prospect in this. Calcium for use your. Not sort of off the cuff. The usually correct. Yeah I mean the you look at the good package that he adds as far as the athletic traits the technical treats the ice for the team and the mental side of things in checks a lot of box chew on Seattle potential franchise player and glued to quarterback prospect really like cal. Arrests and he is wanting to lend itself well. Josh when he equates NFL level he's used to throwing receivers open. He's used to throwing into tight windows. Solemn thing that. So with these other quarterbacks you don't see is tree Leo don't slight easing that is wanting their release sent him our. When your. College resonate in comparison. Is colleagues and the armed talent is all the air. So we've got a guy that has a mind for throwing into tight windows with all the arm around the world and really promising combination. Well let's move on fellows who are first section of course the low down to little gap. Kyle I'll stick with you and I wanna start with ease on the evaluation. We can touch on the outfield stuff but for me right now it's not really it's not my listeners are. Of a player that I think of at least grosans caliber for meeting might she be one I think he's the best. Ready pro ready number one wordy guy. In the trap but I'll admit how you know. He hasn't really played a meaningful game out of meaningful stage. So to speak out in yet tremendous amount of success at least unstick it look at statistics. Paper but it hasn't necessarily translated to significant success in terms of when. Yeah so. It's difficult. Any time you are trying to draw the line. Between. I for trees and scouting for. Translated treats purses outing for. The end result of eight clay or any team so. Who wins is something inevitably you will see people. And get upset about window quarterback prospect though he's not quote unquote winner. But I think when you look it Rosen. And the environment that he's in. Really underwhelmed with the cast he has around which is funny because the each year talk of now the supporting cast for some of the other. Prost Texans quarterback position I don't think Josh got a whole lot out here a year. And seen us in an author and really underwhelming and under or and I look at any one of these individuals. They're used to ask. Which you put the whole thing together and it just doesn't always click Nash in east consistently fighting an offensive line gives a block pressure. It's hard to do anything consistently win year in our beat out which shot Scott hit a lot. During his ceiling in nets obvious. That you find in his quote unquote the dirt only because he never played a full year. EE was always missing some kind of car. But if you try to take EC. There's there are some pretty egregious lapses in pass protection aren't there are guys aren't really. Making themselves available in pressure situations to Italy now throw the ball old ball longer and should. I I think it's important drawl outline and you're looking for. Things that you want to see from somebody at the next level not necessarily. Always the result others. Know some context there's well read honest or 2010. Touched he's in by. Was somebody like Rosen has all the tree on shown that you want a seat. I don't think you let the fact that they didn't have a lot of teen success. And neuter your excitement for his potential pro. Yes it in you got what I would go back to is is USC game and where I mean you you mentioned him getting. Battered and had a lot in enacting six to music Ebert got better. Just made it all more than a whole neck and get 32 completions and had to. Some of the roads he was able to make on schedule and on time that's what. Indian prices Meehan and Barr mentioned you know those windows as well our view on this one is what do you seen or. Three years there's another guy that I. I waiters and truly appreciate some that is all years. Game they'll gather or I we're sort of breakdown in an rock and the layer is on you'll. I know what leads you do believe he's potential French Quarter. I'll be there and a berth that you can look to neighbors first sort of the point where you started with Kyle. Which for years removed from Jared golf grow in number one overall and call from college. Cal posted record of fourteen and 23 while he was their starting quarterback for win percentages of 370. You know they get better. During coughs time as their starting quarterback Erik think you know one win team first he was a starter and so I think you know people come sometimes look to those I Parcells rules whether certain benchmarks you've got to hit actually it was a slowly going up the windows and he. Guys we've an early guys claim in environments were maybe there's a tremendous amount of talent around them where they Josh Rosen and all surprisingly. Given the that you should away. I'm not that worried about it and you look at the ten interceptions and a gross and shrewd this year. You know when. Two of them I'm court on the receiver who ran the wrong route you know they were drops in there there are miscommunication. Errors so even interceptions no you can point to always short turnaround to all those on the plus you factor in what Kyle did. The context of a lot of these throws a lot of these ways where he's facing pressure. There's a law the commercial or on to Rosenblatt. This year and over the course of three years shoulder injury but the change in offensive scheme from his fresh mutual software your I think Jerusalem laid at such a high level is pretty commendable. And so you don't look at the treat you watch quarterback accuracy ball placement touched field for defense is feel for road windows and Kyle touched on intense anticipation thrown Geisel. He's pretty much ahead of the other guys in the class I think for his ability you that there are the guys like Arnold can flashing at times. But. You know that's such an important trait to have its equally when you get the NFL on the throne widows and different defenders in the secondary and faster. They can opener is going to be close on the top and realize that it's open and happy shall much more in the National League so the fact that Rosie can anticipate and throw guys are now really speaks well as how well he's going to translate Judea and a phone and told. UK and in another play from the USC because it's their most recent game that I awash in its success in my mind is is is his ability inside the pocket. Sort of evading pressure without even really look like. He just has peripherals as or and that's what I'm. Stuck out to be a little bit is his ability or in an hour. Pressure not sort of this who ring bells are not necessarily be and that's another thing to that a OE. With Rosen and I don't think he may be or is his ability to grow on the run especially raw it was odd she is pretty darn. He's mole to an extent but he's not guidance and it beats you with. Is a sort of that overall all around package and it has just not a fun season. But everything else released X for me but I I guess we have to rest some of the concerns and shot an eight year your arsenal with Umar you know I've been old people a lot like her odd guy that may not be universally liked in the locker room by he may although I have never heard anything. About just throws out like I. You're your thoughts about it sort of no matter I guess I don't really know when polity legacies are real. All right Ed if it's so strange with Rosen because you know from where we all said the three of us sort of look at data from afar. You know he checks all the blocks as a as a as a quarterback prospect but the red flags with hands that are present and other guys are mainly off the field sort of you know innuendo that each year old teammates don't like your own guys don't like inform yes interest away from. The football field and their even stories recently that always looking to use football and make money after school which is. My blow that a college it would look to maximize it and come after you leave school that's a whole point college but I digress the English. Rose and and the thing that matters to me is I don't care Christian is like do they respect. Gets in the huddle does the intensity of eyes looking back at him that are covered go all in on every single play because she's their leader. And from everything that I've seen. He checks that auction so whether it's in oh speaking his mind about football speak his mind about playing or not winnable games. It doesn't matter to me from having an accredited in a predator and she did an option on Twitter or washing your tradition. They respect. I got this guy is meant on shoot them and should you Sheila program with three years she's been so. I don't have insurgent that I'm a factor any of that stuff into my valuation process on him well. That's how I feel Kyle your thoughts on grosans cool off the field issues or concerns or whatever. Yet you're here is being quote. You. Ice ice thinks some of the key issues that you'll see if you think back to April of last year. The beginning of the month you knew you'd hit peak track season. When people were saying that some. Front office individuals and might they might of broke owners into it. Had concerns about miles care being as Smart as he is having interest outside of football. And they need a big deal about it asked for light there was like three days. Where you know it was like all the browns the browns get a pick him because. Summed some front office folks are worried that he's got other things going off for him outside all what does that add. You know guide at Scott passions her interests and I think back to which rose and what really eased it for me was reading that Bleacher Report report interviewed him beginning the season. Where he talked about. The changes that you need coming into this season he changed his eye and actually at all he changed his sleeping. So you know what everybody took quick from the interview is Rosen said. Omen or you know Rosen said you're not shouldn't have to be a student athlete and football scene Tara to all our jobs. But if you say actually see our internal review instead of Reading somebody's out of context quote a now. He's talking about the preparation and he's talking about all of the things that she did. Coming into this season where he deliberately get eight hours of sleep. And he does it every night so that he can be and she. Physical performance at all arts and wait he changed his diet and a week that he added that he could or better. That's where the behavior of somebody who doesn't care about the game and it's just going through the motions and make. So I think a lot of this is kind of is personality will rub people the wrong way. Because he is a matter of fact he's not afraid to speak his mind. And I think that is used to be seeing you'll see a lot of our people. It in front office is they don't want somebody is gonna be in headlines for the wrong reasons. And I could be something especially in today's culture as simple sharing her and you don't off topic. So I think that that's where the concern lies for some people I think it solely because it's the you'd be all overlook. The the gifts that he has for the sake of peace in a matter of fact transparent person. Yeah I was glad we all sort of agreed that it. Some of the things being said or some of the criticisms and I think are maybe. Trying to micro. Analyze something or make some in the eighties there because of a I don't know it each doesn't like. Let's move on to his NFL outlook NFL how those. Mark the start we view Rosie in her life for whatever reason Kirk cousins is it's sticks out to me when I see month dome and he he's got a little bit. Just maybe it's that sort of almost mechanical. They. For whatever is Kirk cousins a six had a nasty I don't have an explanation is that we did. So you know I'm not sure he shared the same opinion. What I IC got lucky to have success. Yeah pretty long career in our numbers are again today wins loss is a guy who is an all around and rocket. A lot of I. Used to translate. I really think so and you know I think. You know in in this conversation that we would have we've talked a lot about. How could use on the field and no short of the red flags on every one on the few perspective there aren't really on to our meet other times we might force rose yeah it's a lot of quarterbacks that Edwards your claim with talent he had around and you're trying to some times may happen much more it's not anything that I truly worry. -- from the icy roads and I she is she's a bat riot there. I think he's oh what was that. Odds are. Are any. Sorry about. Yeah I mean that's that's what I see actually a lot about rides and note there's an athletic. And there's enough. Where if off once due this week and talk about you I'd say it's the reaction that you can you get a ride to reach us last year so. I think it would be six Somalia fell a state that people need to look past all the distraction type stuff and realize that we have here is. One of the cleaner prospects with respect to on the field out which in past years and art. One of red flags you know is she a lot of question Mark Cooper or can you run and an awful offense or who can make wonderful it was or who she'd be in your education or who can work crushing checks on the shield. So passes he knows that mark just. On upn and took your mom my dad body my bad. The whole world let's let's maybe focus an and then maybe the best suited offense. You know for me that's why I think he's my quarterback won in. Outlook. But. Because they can run the West Coast and run that and and a lot of action I think he really right. And obviously. You act totally agree on as foreigners. You reversal prospects. When's the last time we felt we had like a really clean. Personal quarterback. I thought Andrew Luck. And that and if it's been that long and that says a lot about our caliber. Of the on the fee will resonate rooms and ads in generals so. Our promptly at West Coast. That problem putting him in. Each set I don't like Oakland does it run more heat yield on. Don't eat in those wide open like Pittsburgh Arizona style. What did he really cut it oh yeah you can happen throwing all three levels the field and you really can't bull. We know where he's at he is a guy that's going to make some mistakes and learn by doing. As he does have a little bit of that gunslinger in and sometimes. But that fearlessness is what makes. All the green ones Greek. So you can't be scared by that tree so if you are a team that likes to push the ball down the field. Embrace the army in embrace that fact there's going to be some mistakes. Because as he learns and it now ups or those mistakes. Out. He he's in the kind of player based on what you've seen with his progression college. He's not going to consistent he's into him. Wares and Arnold through the scene interception probably five times. Trying to fit the ball. In between ECT in order seeking cover two where he teaches didn't read quarter sink. And Arnold did it multiple times last year it was really frustrating to see where Rosen. Grosans orient tight windows and mark alluded to there's blame to share for a lot of turnovers at this year so. I don't think you should handcuff yourself to any offensive system. I would say with his arm though I would like scene and passing offense really push the ball. More. Because that's where each shot. I think he hit. Most likely and and a lot of cases specially Tina skinny picking on top of the draft. I eighty I think he can maybe transform a lot of pretty mediocre offense is to win and you know I have. I don't really like the thing about the bronze in this way by an especially New York because I just New York probably sitting in my eyes on it is gone. I think it makes sense in your. And that's an offense with the un weapons. I'm not running game and offensive line but. And other there's a lot of interest in ways. That. You think that's what makes him exciting. Let's go when you are here bill OS. The rules gains. In a course for this section we assume Tyrod Taylor's gonna Kyle what you know relief we don't know that for sure and how does he Rosen sitting in the bills and you know is this ultimately a guy that you can allow me the art and I'll bet in ways that Tyrod does the couldn't do it. Sure because I I think. And I EC leads. How Roloson is successful. It's a very stark difference will it. How Tyrod was able to sustain his current crew trucks on the use wood buffalo where apparatus he got it leaves the pocket. He likes to push the ball. But he doesn't pro Wie is consistent accuracy doesn't get it out on scant. And one of the things that I love to look at quarterback prospects college I wanna look at. The marriage of depth of their drops in the steps in their crops. And what routes are being fair. And if you got it he likes to like this Dennis Dennis in lieu. Shanahan. Opened up a little bit and cut it loose. Grosans very successful all Indies steeper drops you can go all the way back to this freshman Tate 25. He's taking 57 step drops. He's pitching off the back foot ball out and it's a decision clean throw. Split safeties down the middle of the field. I kind of stuff lose in the if you're running this kind of offense where you want to be able to do. That kind of approach. With the with the running game. I don't see any reason why you would limit yourself. As long as these these few about where she will is that it is Al and is. Next couple years. On this secret to potentially bring in some fresh blood be ranked in to make sure that that running game does not drop off because the ranking drops off. I you're gonna have a cup problems he really guilty off. Yet and I think I think their goal is to remains sort of that run heavy team even with a rookie quarterback or with a veteran quarterback I think that's sort of the identity of Sean McDermott really want to instill. What can you know he's not on our coach and I think that he wanted to more or things are yours he gets arteries and it happens it's the end. Irate when all of our honesty is in question is focused. How do you see that if allison's back out with rose actually. And being kind of book come in this year and stairway. I think the finish pretty solid and part of that is because as we talked about with Rosen here tonight. Very scheme diverse quarterback perhaps. I think key is the morally truce he diverse quarterback in this wrapped. With respect for him to denizens office I think can be argument that company and as you rookie. You know Josh Rosen might throw with better timing and anticipation and Tyrod Taylor does right now and that was under the sort of hand shrugged as those offered it was because Taylor tends to be more this year throw a quarterback. And I'm not passing car concepts that are somewhat West Coast based. Hybrid info or are critical of the ball is and when it's post you reduced the likelihood of yardage up the characters which are central tenets of that offensive structure with Rosen you're gonna get a guy that's probably more adept at making those rose. Odd Tom and has Kyle talked about. No match in the footwork to the depth of the trop until the wrote. It's I think she's very very good you know off your bills trim and you see to those who are making moves to go up and get rose and you should feel culture that he can come in and run that offense on game one. And if by some reason at a time the Simpson gets error they made a change in offensive coordinator. It would change my position on how relationships with the bills because. She should run basically any offense obstruction around. Our gentlemen. Thank you for hanging out of course Kyle we appreciate you hopping along this is of course episode three so four. Will be up next we will be having now is a great RCS. Number or quarterback and our entire. We're we're gonna find out why. We are included asking questions to ask questions we're gonna ask some questions crowd they come along but we appreciate it console makes sense and answer on.