02-09 Former Bills linebacker Bryan Scott with Jeremy and Sal

Howard and Jeremy
Friday, February 9th

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It's offers you know and I haven't had opportunity to talk to anybody else has been broke you'd put a minority if that would Amano of the they have great for me it's going to be a lot of on participate in and I'm excited to see what's it about. Sure that's. Projects immunize LA it's worth less than a week from now. When doctor Brian Scott former buffalo bill and just a moment is he's gonna roasters check in with him get his thoughts on their view of the bill should do maybe he's got an idea for. Betrayed when he thinks the brothel contract Preston brown had a great between yesterday Preston brown and Zach brown at. You see it yes the Zach brown former bills linebacker tweeting like. How would Jimmy G and Preston brown retorted wrote we should play cornerback out here is an immensely I did not. It is is it a Jimmy G about the playbook you owe me Jeff right. Five starts in the NFL. On 137. Million dollars seven kind to in New England Nestor that's five and Alastair I don't know last year and seven and overall. You know. It's. I think you've got. A free market for drop law basically you're paying him to not go to free agency are paying him because. US comptroller and errant shots made this point in it's a very good point as much as you might think mainly to the money you get for not proving anything. Man if there were not a draft which artificially keeps salaries lull. And if it were just free agency and on April 1 you could sign Josh Rosen Sam Donald and baker mayfield. Errant shots that he wrote his opinion. They be like the three highest paid guys in the league and that's right it's pretty close. Because draft and M is all well and good but if they were at the free market they would be guaranteed eighty million dollars or not run off the bench like he used to be. And the old system when you got a lot of money. On the AT&T outline is up former about global Brian Scott who mourn Brian's Jeremy White and several pap soak pot she aria. Good morning guys happy Friday happy Friday and where are you what are you up to these days. It could coach Emanuel currently I'm actually down Florida a visiting one of the title boxing clubs that are apart scratch IP. And and yeah go on with eight still part of this company called no. And exit itself on Monday this Monday night back short. Recall yet familiar face yes they're back on shark tank security on shark take wants. We you're yes this is a rerun OK it is clear that what was was experienced like. Unbelievable experience when you talk about nerve wracking so. When I when I went on out in the tank about an hour. And they are able our pal couldn't count like caucus is keep at it except eat eat but. There one of the most critics alike. You'd do so much in your life and it's one of the things I think that really endeared you to the community here muffle all you're always out there you're such an accomplished musician. You're an entrepreneur or in things like that but you know what what I learned about the teams that the team when you're here Brian. You're the only one I mean that there are a lot of guys like you a lot of musicians. I think guys that really had tentacles and other things this is the one thing you think that maybe of a one of the things you think maybe people don't really understand or know about professional athlete to maybe specifically football players. So what we did they I I think he the perception is you know because there. Collate all of for a living that you'll be able to view. What are your ass will be correct them all a lot about it it super counted across the board they had other talent passion. Don't really didn't see what god that transition out of the lead carpet including law. Now you weren't in any videos of Mary. Not now put an idiot. With a heart but at. O'Brien Scotty you're going to be one of our roasters for Fred Jackson before we talk about the roast it are you paid attention to what's going over the bills these days may. When you play for a couple teams over the course of your career once you're done did you pay attention to all the mutates into the one you spent the most time with the most recent Gaza work for him. Yes so people last week. Who want follow our argument in this order the bill looks out and the right so those those are my team and as we aren't out to each year. I think I watch CEO. While also making the play elsewhere we were a lot crop like sixty. And lying about it back to Europe without so happy that organization and a chance and title he won it. It's just deserted air you know to disparage the special moment and I'm so glad they had a chance to experience that pub Kyle. And your your experience you're here for a good gummery years and he's been here for you know such a long time his his future now we we don't exactly know what's gonna happen with him. What do you remember about playing with Kyle Adams. Rank I want that guy who who just fire using natural born leader and it's not on just. Just local because of Kirkland got to the bill wasn't the most vocal guy in the locker room. Where he'd just people on the lead by example comes to single day. No complaining no problem and he just an awesome guy. It's and for all. And notes go to see him taken that team had a meeting that. Pat I Cadillac when I heard that he give it each case he should it if you'll get fired up. Ryan I also know you have a lot of love your very very proud alarm of Penn state university we talked a lot about that. And you tied your special because you were here when everything happened obviously. At Penn State but to see where they are now on the job the James Franklin has done. I mean look at a pride as a gift for you to see that and really where they've rebounded to. It's too bad you know very proud of that currency area. I ever stop leaking light until they're so really rough patches are there her. That the thought of all joke in the locker room when it happened you know that you really part of but yeah we're down coach frank act better and this job. Hello Larry and Andy bell started to write this is the coach Franklin just an awesome guy who aren't like about it. I had a chance to some of the player Eric Barkley he just he's so humble guys that he knew you. Offers you would buy a stake in Cary with all the right just to be the best person. That is what are we appreciate that college ranks you need that it's not just about 010 losses. Which your grooming young then. To become successful real world. Before he gets a rose and ask you about that in a minute I wanna read something from your Wikipedia page right here we go. I we told JE OJ accomplished physicians says sings and plays the piano drums and saxophone participated ABC monetizable musical competition call Monday night at the Mike. You were paired with Michelle Branch who lost to Doug. Flutie and the Barenaked Ladies are in the final table we are by the way are very familiar with here in buffalo also get a slider and a major role in the feature film white men can't I'll wrap. Where he played the drummer hater in the rap group code go big and mobile being mobile wireless that'll. How is the bad how dare you you know. Act aren't my ignited the Mike went out squared off against those. And we were playing in the draw in the others though born yet. I got a call us who consider that he was still something a little area and that was odd for us and are you black. Being in Kabul the all of those who even made global it. May eat eat eat the red it's hilarious that that thought. I think given the task to introduce you Bryan at the at the restaurant I might have to come up with a joke about you who would be my best person ever get a joke about you from. Our. Probably my brother are apparently meant to track down I somehow this is not this not your first roast right brandy were you were. What was the event that we had and it's you are in for one of don't know you you were with. Eric Wood when we had you guys on stage ask too much questions and I team one year at the stat yet. Yet yet you ever that he'd hurt broke back in our RNC and the other. I'm so glad. Well this it's a week it's Thursday of next week we're Amber's gonna term apart site I guess we we could ask he's of for some good memories of friends today I. What when you when you get when you expect your time spent with Fred Jackson. We're good every bit afraid you know Fred has inspired. So it really great so you know just knowing his story here you've been through ticket to where it was. And then watching it curry eat all. From what you know or immediately ordered. How good of what I was which spam Lee the new media and just what everybody trade was bad. That program that could lean on call without any and other part of a little harder it is. Are at it and always think it back like how we're spreading it out each other guitar how each list. Nonstop high heat he battered he had all treating big threat at all are such great. We're around so just gives back. I locals now. Her let's go I mean he's you know it reading Erin Williams piece of the players Tribune and AI think. You know anyone reading that. Hearing about how Aaron Williams career was cut short you know that that's the sad part of what it in there was oppose a good chunk of story about how Fred Jackson. You know took Aaron Williams under his wing and you know you would've been a part of that is well it. It's sound it just kind of a big fans like to hear that stuff they like to hear. When the teams are closely to family when they when they lift each other up and when you can kind of peace tell they care about each other they care about playing for the team. Yet know about it in and that's when Eric Corey really start to take a turn it was my last year a little. Really got close. And you could see our boat launch an effort which as all repeat that the ice you know. On an air ticket and with it and yes it is said that decree or got cut short. We're down I'm really happy for Eric but he was actually able to see. In right this year right before and because careers they let. All last week. Even though the first part of your like yeah I'd go to router are. Out meet guys. In all but you're also really got that dot rearing its share that beauty of that letter was also. You have a foundation and earth things that you're involve anything you'd like to just kinda. Draw their promote today right now it's your chance to do that you're doing something for us becoming the rose so you'll feel free to do that you have something you want people to be aware of. I'll know all all day again just. Might be right our our company called no he USA. Hopefully you got goal here and there really hear about no. Ability to shock absorbent material better. Dispersants are shocked just to check it out on PP it's it's really pretty. I shot a shock absorbing material like that. Yet what's what's it made. Material. So it's 80 its fiscal elastic all of them are dropper right don't get caught on the artwork but however you're right it's not that it's. Material itself it's a way that it's cooked. And it's a source hyper shot by Scott what does that. It's the vibration. You know she and here extremities when you've had it. Okay so like is this something you plan helmets for football to make safer. Hopefully that is something that we're where we go OK aren't I I'm on I'm glad you I'm I'm glad you open that window up on your very thoughtful person you you very much in all this especially with what you're doing here. You know on the radio broadcasts they were with mark Kelso mark Kelso is very much into. A lot of new technologies that it and the forefront of all that for a long time where you given the state of the game in the year in use playing football and things like that. You know we would defect if it's very important at our early days I think protecting our. I think the leaked and programs have done a good job to what they're so well all right I'll never figured hey es shoulder. I'm still on the end with. With everything that is going on you know I don't have he's done right so I'd ever when people act which adjust from play out have a lot. Back question. Com and if I it may be it's maybe I would start so early on lately got a little older right. It's. Really subject acting so far out there that are really it's not just creating awareness and education about it. Brian's got an ETT Allen primed for a let's go Sony on the bill to do this offseason. Her. Just to. Keep growing your golf ball come on come on if the Bill Burton Burton guard called cookie. Oh yeah area so even though ever played hurt. We're very happy for that city for partly his first Super Bowl for the bill that next come on now dot. That was a great scene yesterday was a great scene yesterday and the steps on the and billion. You know that you know Brian just as much as anyone it would be like here if this team ever won a championship. Mayor. Here well I can't. Yes the cricket yes I'm gone back prevail are the ninth Brian Scott rival C next week at the roast. All right I appreciate it guys that greatly give my details.